ViviBright F30 / F40 Review – Budget native 1080P projector that look as great as Optoma HD29Darbee

ViviBright F30 / F40 Review – Budget native 1080P projector that look as great as Optoma HD29Darbee

Native 1080P Full HD, 4200 lumens, 15,000:1
contrast ratio, keystone correction, 50,000 hours lamp life… Yes, that’s all part of ViviBright F30 Projector. A budget yet performing Full HD projector
that suitable for both movie and games. Build quality is great for the price. Carbon gray in colour. Both focus point and keystone can be adjusted. Support 35 to 160 inch projection size. 4 anti-skid pads at the bottom to provide
stability. Height is adjustable as well. And can be mounted on the ceiling too. 2 USB ports and HDMI port as input. Optical SPDIF and headphone jack output for
audio. Built-in control buttons for you to navigate
and select movie to watch. Built-in dual 10W speakers, heatsink and fan. Finally, here is the handy remote control. Let’s have a look on the projector brightness
on around 60”. ViviBright F30 is suitable for dark environment. As you can see, picture quality, colour and
contrast are getting better when lights turn off. Most budget projector comes with built-in
media player. By plug in USB flash drive, you can enjoy
your favourite movie, music and photo then. No additional TV box is needed. For your information, it can support up to
1080p video. As for the built-in speaker, it is great to
blast in a quiet large bedroom. Much better than single one. Surprising, the bass output is decent as well
for such small speakers. You won’t hear much fan noise when music
is being played. Treble and bass volume can be controlled. Surround sound can be enabled as well. Finally, there is a built-in navigation panel. Simple and easy to control. ViviBright F30 is great for movie no doubt. Just connect it to TV box, you can start to
enjoy 4K movie then. Of course, it is a pleasure to play games
too. Fast-paced action game is performing as smooth
as butter. Personally, I don’t feel much input lag
at all. By the way, ignore the video quality. My Canon 5D Mark III can’t shot great videos. As for picture quality, ViviBright F30 did not
look great out of the box. Calibration is a must in order to get the
best out of it. Do refer to my projector calibration guide. As for comparison, there are budget 720P projectors
– Cheerlux CL760 and Excelvan Q7. And pro-grade 1080P projector – Optoma HD29Darbee. In short, F30 has the best contrast, colour
and resolution among budget projectors. A huge improvement indeed. And close to the pro-grade projector. Well, that’s all for ViviBright F30 review. A budget Full HD projector that looks great
for both movie and games. Outstanding image quality for the price no
doubt. Do use below link to buy one to support me. Be sure to thumb up too. Thanks. And I will see you again. Peace…

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  1. thank you for the review, does this unit have 3d capabilities also? if not could you recommend something that is "NATIVE 1080p" with 3D.. thank you PEACE 🙂

  2. best review of Chinese budget projector I have ever seen!!…love the way you compare to a conventional projector like optima……would love to see you do this for vankyo v600…thank you!

  3. Maybe they sent you a nice one, but i have received 2 replacements & sent both back~ first had stretches on the lens & some type of smudge that also appeared on the screen. 2nd one had several dead pixels & 2 light spots on top of screen that looked like 2 tiny stars & had a loud grinding type sound.. Now picture is very clear, but these cheap projectors have issues…

  4. how can I turn on bluetooth and wifi in the VIVIBRIGHT F30 LCD projector. The specification says that the LCD VIVIBRIGHT F30 has bluetooth and wifi options

  5. This projector is amazing can't believe I got this for 135 USD. I need to make a better screen for this but I am very happy so far

  6. Its a good projector. Just wish it was clear all around. My image is blurry on sides no matter what I do. Also, letter ghosting as well

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