Votegasm 2020: June Democratic Debates – Night One | The Daily Show

Votegasm 2020: June Democratic Debates – Night One | The Daily Show

Welcome to The Daily Show,
everybody. Welcome to it. Take a seat.
Let’s do this thing. The first Democratic debate
just ended and tonight we are
coming to you live! -(cheering, applause)
-Live from New York. Yes. And, if you don’t
believe that we’re live, I’ll prove it.
Watch this. Siri, what time is it right now? SIRI:
Moscow is the capital of Russia. Goddamn it, what…
Never understands my accent. We are live, though. You’ll just
have to take my word for it. And like I said just a moment
ago– just a few moments ago– they wrapped up the very first
Democratic debates: an epic showdown between
nine normal-sized people and Bill de Blasio. And the anticipation
for this thing was huge. Because with the election
a mere 496 days away, this was a chance for
many of the unknown candidates to introduce themselves
to a national audience. They could go from
“Who is that?” all the way to,
“Oh, yeah, that guy. No, I’m not gonna
vote for him, no.” And honestly, honestly,
it’s really hard for these candidates
to stand out because there are so many of them taking part
in these debates. Ten people on stage
at the same time. It’s almost impossible to keep
track of who they all are. Yeah. That’s actually why I
came up with this really simple mnemonic device. You guys
can all use it. Uh, you go, uh, brave dancers breathlessly
try rapidly jumping canyons cradling bacon
even while bastard orphans antagonize kangaroos twirling
grape jelly inside John Delaney. See? It’s simple.
It’s super simple. You remember everybody. Yeah. And if you… if that’s
still too hard for you, you can just try this easy
acronym: uh, but-but… b-bada… badat… ba, badat… B-Buttigieg, Buttigieg.
All right. So, tonight was night one. The biggest name on the stage
was Elizabeth Warren, polling in the lead. And she knew that
she was the frontrunner. She knew that she had…
she was so chill. She came out, she was
chilled out there, you know. She went hard
against corporations. She pushed free education. She spoke about how the economy is only working
for the very rich. It was all really very standard
Elizabeth Warren, you know. It’s as normal as seeing a man
walking a chicken in Brooklyn– it’s everyday. So, basically,
it was up to everyone else to try and figure out
a way to stand out. And Beto O’Rourke– wow. Beto O’Rourke– he knows there’s one way to spice up a bland affair. In that vein, some Democrats want a marginal
individual tax rate of 70% on the very highest earners– those making more than
ten million dollars a year. Would you support that? (speaking Spanish) To hear my answer
in English, press one. Goddamn, Beto O’Rourke. That was a surprise. That was,
like, totally a surprise. This guy was so fluent
I bet half of America thought they flipped
to Univision by mistake. It’s like,
“No, press the SAP button. Press the SAP button.” And I-I’m not just saying that.
I’m not just saying that. Look at how shocked
Cory Booker was when Beto switched to español. His eyes are just like,
“Wait. Wait, wh…” You-you know that feeling–
have you ever walked into an exam in school
and then, like, you sit down and then another student puts,
like, a protractor on the desk and you’re like,
“What, we need a protractor?” That’s what
that face was– panic. Absolute panic. No, but for real, though,
for real– Beto O’Rourke
was pretty impressive. And it wasn’t
just his Spanish, right? He also proposed immigration
policies that would end the separation
of children and parents at the border.
And you got to admit, it would be cool for America
to have a president who is fluent in two languages,
right? It would be cool. I mean, it would be cool
to have a president who’s fluent
in one language, you know? And while Beto O’Rourke
was wowing the crowd with his fluent Spanish,
Amy Klobuchar came prepared with zingers that were gonna
destroy the crowd. But every time she tried
to land them, her time was up. This president is literally,
every single day, ten minutes away from
going to war, one tweet away -from going to war, and I don’t
think we should -All right. -conduct foreign policy in our
bathrobe -Your time is up. -at the 5:00 in the morning,
-Con-Congresswoman Gabbard… -which is what he does.
-Congresswoman Gabbard… It is a path to citizenship for
citizen… for people who can -become citizens. And it would
be -Senator, your time… so much better
for our economy in America. That’s time, thank you. Uh, because I can tell this:
uh, if billionaires -can pay off their yachts,
-Senator Klobuchar, that’s time. students should be able
to pay off their student loans. That’s time, thank you. And pharma thinks
they own Washington. -Well, they don’t own me.
-Your time is up, thank you. Oh, no. Oh, man. You could see, like, she
had the lines cocked and loaded. You know that line in the movie
where you’re like, “Well, maybe this time…” “You know, your time is up.” “No, I was about to say
the line. I was abou…” I feel so bad for her. It feels like even if she wins
the whole election, this thing will just carry on. She’ll be taking
the oath of office like, “I will faithfully execute
the Office of the…” “Your time is up.”
“No way! I’m the president!” I feel bad for Klobuchar,
but this is always a problem when you’re trying to fit
an answer about policy into 60 seconds. This was bound to happen. This was the entire night. You know what I would do
if I was at a debate? I would just tease my answers.
Yeah, yeah. They would ask me a question,
and they’d be like, “What do you think
about immigration, Trevor?” I’ll be like, “You know, I’ve
actually solved immigration. “I realized there was a problem,
and I found the solution, and I’ll tell you what it is…
when you come back to me.” -(laughter) -And then everyone
in the crowd would be like, “No! Go back to him!
Go back to him! Go back!” Yeah. I’d be like, “No,
Tim Ryan, you speak, you speak.” “No!” Now, Klobuchar may not have
landed many of her punch lines, but she did differentiate
herself on that stage by saying that she wouldn’t get
rid of private health insurance, and she wouldn’t try to go back to Obama’s original deal
with Iran. She would look to renegotiate
aspects of it. So Warren was cruising,
Beto was fluent, Klobuchar was being
her moderate self, and everyone else
was just trying to figure out how to get noticed
in the debate. I mean, Tim Ryan
barely said a word. Uh, poor Jay Inslee–
he spent most of the night trying to order a drink
from a bartender who didn’t realize he was there. Look at him. Just like
standing there at the bar like, “Can I have a… can I have, uh,
yeah, can I have… t-tequila?” Right here, right over here. Come on, dude, how are you
gonna get the nomination if you can’t even get
a vodka soda? (mumbles) And the night, the night seemed
like it was just gonna be a bunch of people
mostly saying the same thing. You know, all the Democrats
had similar ideas. Until… Lester Holt
brought up health care, and all hell broke loose. Would you replace
private insurance? No. I think that choice
is-is fundamental to… Hey, wait, wait, Congressman
O’Rourke, Congressman O’Rourke, private insurance is not working for tens of millions
of Americans. When you talk about the co-pays,
the deductibles, the premiums, the out-of-pocket
expenses, it’s not working. Why are you defending
private insurance to begin with? …say they like their private
health insurance, by the way. It should be noted that
a hundred million Americans… I mean, I think we should be the
party that keeps what’s working -and fixes what’s broken.
-(applause, cheering) I mean, doesn’t that make sense? Oh! The short, bald dude
who’s also running for president just came out of nowhere
and stole that topic -and got an applause!
-(laughter) Even the cameraman was like,
“Who’s talking? Who-who’s… Who is this person?
Where are they?” This was ama… Like,
this guy came out of nowhere. It’s like in the Royal Rumble,
where a random dude comes in with a chair,
just like bam! And you’re like, “Who is that?”
“I don’t know”! In case you forgot,
that was John Delaney. All right?
And actually, he was so feisty during the night, he got
a few moments where he, like, got an applause
and he made an impact. You know what he should do?
He should say his name every time he gets
the crowd on his side. That was his mistake.
‘Cause otherwise, people are like, “That
guy’s cool. Who’s that guy?” You’ve got to say your name,
like a Democratic DJ Khaled. That’s what you got to do. Yeah. Every time you end a statement,
he should have been like, “That’s why I say pro-choice.
John Delaney!” -(imitates rap air horn)
-(laughter) And I guess,
I guess Delaney inspired everyone else
on the stage, right? Because people realized
if you’re gonna wait for the moderators
to come to you, you are never gonna get
your chance to shine. You have to push your way
into a crowded field. And if there’s one person
who knows how to do that, it’s the seven-foot giant
from New York. The way that American citizens
have been told that immigrants somehow created
their misery and their pain and their challenge is for all
the American citizens out there who feel you’re falling behind, who feel the American dream’s
not working for you, the immigrants
didn’t do that to you. -(cheering) -The big
corporations did that to you. We need to have a different
conversation in this country about guns, but also a different
conversation about policing that brings police
and community together. We’ve done that
in New York City, and we’ve driven down crime
while we’ve done it. Put the American people first. -(De Blasio speaking)
-GUTHRIE: All right, we… we are out of time.
We’re up against a hard break, -(De Blasio continues)
-but we will have much more… Mayor de Blasio will have more.
The commercial is coming. Yo, Bill de Blasio. Guy came in
polling at one percent. But after this,
I’m sure he blew it up all the way to,
like, three, at least. Did you see the way
he was just jumping into other people’s
conversations? Huh? (New York accent):
That, my friends, is a classic New York subway
move right over there. You don’t wait for the people
to look at you! You look at them!
You look at them! Yeah, that was a classic move. Basically, everyone was being
polite, and he just jumped and was like, “Hey, yo,
good evening, everybody. “My name is Bill de Blasio. “I’m selling policies
for one dollar. “I got ideas on Iran
for two dollars. “I’d appreciate your attention. And if I can’t get your vote,
I’m just askin’ for a smile.” (laughter, applause) (whooping) So… that was night one
of the debates, and to be honest,
it was a lot more exciting than most people thought. I know Trump tweeted
that it was boring, but he would always think
that policy is boring. ‘Cause these people had ideas, they had plans
for how they were gonna do it, and they had information about how they were going to run
themselves from the White House. And even despite the arguing,
everyone on that stage was pretty much on the same page
when it came to policies. It was like shades of gray. In fact, they were so similar
that Lester Holt at one point just turned into
a grade school teacher to try and figure out
who was who. All right, we’re gonna turn
to the issue of health care right now,
and really try to understand where there may or may not be
daylight between you. Many people watching at home have health insurance coverage
through their employer. Who here would abolish their
private health insurance in favor of
a government-run plan? Just a show of hands
to start off with. (applause) So a show of hands– Who,
as president, would sign on to the 2015 nuclear deal as it was originally negotiated? Okay, and one more show
of hands, which one of you
is John Delaney? Which– Which one of you– That’s me, John Delaney.
Me, me, me, me. So that was it. Ten people kicking off what
is going to be over a year of debate and civil arguments. It was stressful
and it was live. And if you’re ready for
an ad break, raise your hand. We’ll be right back. (cheering, applause)

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