VOX LUX Official Trailer (2018) Natalie Portman, Jude Law Movie HD

VOX LUX Official Trailer (2018) Natalie Portman, Jude Law Movie HD

so from the public’s perspective this has been a emotional few years for you can you tell us what audiences can expect from the new album this is a culmination of my life’s work so far I was under a lot of stress after my accident but that’s what this show is about it’s about rebirth [Music] [Applause] don’t tell me how many are you to sleep at night for years but I was Celeste come on everybody’s downstairs it’s a weird world we live in and the way I’ve chosen to live my life don’t follow goes against some people’s views on things do you want to get a quick picture with you mom I’m worried about you you’re worried about me what matters is that you have an angle I’m scared keep it simple [Music] you wanted a show I gave them a show [Music] you

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  1. I watched the trailer and still don’t know what the movie suppose to be about… guess I won’t watch it lmao

  2. What a crap film!! They should of made it about a lesbian robot that gets repeatedly fucked in the ass and malfunctions and removes her hands to reveal machine guns and kills any son of a bitch who comes near her with his big greasy cock!! It would of been more successful than this piece of shit.

  3. I’m so over waiting on this Film to be released in U.K. Movie Theaters. I think I’m just going to buy the Blu-ray from the U.S.

  4. such a bad, bad movie. senseless plot, weak characters, poor moral and meaningless dialogues. the phrase "a 21 century portrait" is very far-fetched, it doesn't rely reality. sorry.

  5. This trailer makes me want to watch. After 50mins I still didn’t see Natalie Portman! Huge disappointment! I rather watch the trailer than the actual film.

  6. Natalie Portman is the only actress that will actually stop me from watching a movie even if she's just included in the cast… no wonder starring in it!!!

  7. Lol… I see your lady Gaga and raise you Naty Hebrew…. the Internet translator defined Vox Lux incorrectly; it should translate the title to “Hot Jew”!!!!

  8. I'm a big fan of indie films and Natalie Portman. But this movie is an inexcusable piece of crap. Boring, obnoxious and self-indulgent.  I was wondering what the legendary Christine Vachon and Killer Films were thinking when they produced this.  Brady Corbet needs to stick with acting.

  9. Hmm… DID noone saw it that it looks like the allegory of MJ life… But course it can be about Lady Gaga,. MADONNA and Sia…..

  10. Właśnie obejrzałem… Niesamowity obraz, życiowa lekcja życia 😉 nigdy nie zostanie pokazany w kablówce;) i w szerszym gronie… Tu będę wracał 😉 W Matrixie sie to nie zdarza… ktoś poprzez reklame Mi to pokazał… Szukałem na upartego i sie nie zawiodłem, tacy sami i podobne odczucia…. Dziękuję… Dzisiaj mnie zwolnią z pracy…
    Coś sie kończy coś zaczyna albo nie… Połamie psychicznie 😉 czy pozytywnie czy nie 😉 ciesze sie ze obejrzałem… prawdziwe w pewnym sensie zycie… z tej strony
    Znowu kanałami dawać sugestie innym aby zobaczył obejrzał ehhh rodzinie siostrze bratu. Tylko czy zrozumieją ? zycie niszczy chce powiedzieć… ehhh

  11. It's a Lady Gaga thing, right? Meh, sick of Gaga and cheap imitations. Is this the first time Portman and Law since Closer?

  12. I've never been so disappointed with the movie! as good as this trailer is, as bad movie turns out to be, it is just a huge mess.
    Storytelling, music, editing just whole movie is a big disappointment. I Don't understand how Natalie and Jud agreed to get involved in this movie.

  13. Having read The Guardians review on this earlier, it seems the trailer shows very little about the real premise of the movie. That said, it still looks good.

  14. Natalie Portman's personality type https://youtu.be/zwMEldIFKBI and how it influenced her acting in Vox Lux

  15. Just watched the movie on Hulu. It is the weirdest editing job I ever saw. I don't blame the actors or the director.. The editing on this movie, as to say the flow of the scenes is so random. I can't tell you if I liked or hated this movie because the answer is yes. #1 problem: The Staton Island accent the Celeste character has does not show up until she is 37 years old??? The young version of Celeste barely has a accent?👀

  16. Natalie is a great it's just her acting in singing didn't quite fit her lol if u watch this movie u will see the resemblance of The movie Star is Born and the awful acting Lady GAGA did. If u don't mind a bad ending watch it if not this movie worth skipping lol 🙃

  17. This is one of those instances when the trailer is better than the actual movie. The trailer is amazing and so well put together so I watched the film and was extremely disappointed. It’s so fucking boring. Nothing happens. Literally nothing. For like 2 hours.

  18. The acting is good (no surprise there)the story is okay, started off with a literal bang and kinda just hung in the air for most of the movie like nothing really memorable happened just typical pop star drama. Found myself really not liking the main character natalie plays her well though. The one thing that was hilariously awful was the final arena performance. I couldn't stop laughing. I mean after all the build up it was just a huge yet hilarious let down. For me at least it was just not it, like at all.

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  20. watched the movie on plane. Natalie Portman's acting is absolutely hideous in this one. So forced and unnatural that even amateur actors can do better.In fact other less well known actors in the film are more in character. Absolutely shocked that this is coming from an Oscar winning actress.

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