Voyage Astral 😮 40 TECHNIQUES (Partie 2/3)  🚀 #12

Voyage Astral 😮 40 TECHNIQUES (Partie 2/3) 🚀 #12

Herewith, the 2nd part of
this presentation of 40 techniques for astral projection. Hello everyone, I
am Romain Clement from Gaia Meditation. This video series is dedicated to
astral projection, out of body experiences and lucid dreaming. I presented in the previous video, 13 out of 40 techniques. In this video, I will present 14 techniques more, and I will present the latest techniques in the
video coming next. I will introduce each technique assuming you already have notions about the phenomenon, or that you have already watched the
previous videos from this series. Don’t forget that these techniques are
to be used with the direct method, without prior sleep, via a phase of relaxation, and with the indirect method presented in video 4, a
universal and simple method that is to be used upon awakening during the
night, in the morning, or after the afternoon nap Let’s recap the four
principles of efficiency : perform the techniques no matter what, with
enthusiasm, self-confidence, and automatism I will present all techniques aiming to induce a lucid dream in another video. First of all, I posted a link in the description linking to the group that I created, to exchange info about the phenomenon.
You can talk to me or other specialists of OBEs. Do not hesitate to join us. Do not forget to subscribe to
our channel to be informed of new videos. Without waiting any longer,
let’s start with the presentation of the 14 techniques.
First, I will present you techniques based on intention and
feelings. Let’s start with “forced falling asleep”
which is a technique I like to use regularly. I presented it
in another video. I like to use this technique
simultaneously with other techniques to increase their efficiency. At times, upon awakening, I feel too awake and i will then dictate to my
physical body to go back to sleep gradually. I’m going to mime
breathing from natural sleep, keeping my mind
alert. What’s going on at this time? I will go back
gradually to the proper state between waking and sleeping, to separate, and all techniques used simultaneously
will then be much more efficient, and I’ll then be able to separate. The strong intention on its own, may allow to reach the separation state. So there is not only strong intention at awakening time for example but also
calm and constant intention while at the throughout the day.
We also note that the right intention before going to bed, at the moment of
falling asleep, is very effective. The third technique based on
the intention and feelings is to remember the phase stage. It’s very
simple. At the same time as other techniques for example, we’re going
try to remember feelings of an astral exit passed in order to
find all these feelings. In the same lineage, we find the technique that
is to remember vibrations. To reach the vibratory state, the
practicing will try at any cost, from to remember the sensations related to the
vibration during past exits. Let’s move on to “teleportation”.
This is actually with this technique to teleport, actively in
the desired place, without using another beforehand. you will
try to appear whatever the cost in this desired place. We will use this technique mainly when we have blockages
related to the mind, to be able to visit distant places for example. The technique
next is quite obvious, it is about motivation. To generate a
sufficient motivation to increase chances of body exit he is very
important to prepare in advance, a plan interesting actions, that we want to
achieve at all costs. Our 20th technique is fear. I will introduce this technique
although I doubt that many of you will not use it voluntarily.
I will especially present it for you make it realize that she is the cause of
many unconscious duplications and sleep paralysis. This is indeed
to remember or think of something scary, terrifying, and
to imagine that this thing is at next to you. It happens in particular
frequently after watching a movie horror before sleeping for example. The
problem is that we rarely want to advance in the astral exit at this
time. The flight now. Without use other techniques at
before, we try to feel directly the exhilarating sensation of
to fly, and the feeling of freedom that is associated with him. Let’s go to the countdown.
To enter the phase state, we will try to make a countdown of
100 to 0 for example and depending on the chosen method, we will focus either
on this count or we will try to reach
shifts of consciousness. The technique of the scan is a technique
that we also use regularly in meditation.
it’s about bringing your attention to different points of your skin, your
body, joints for example, in from one to the other. It is important
to pause a few seconds, of several breathing, to
each articulation, to feel well all the sensations so
separate. Techniques based on mixed sensations
are very effective because they appeal to several senses. It’s for
that we find them regularly in the best-of best techniques.
Among these techniques, we find sure, the famous technique of the rope.
You’re lying down and you’re going to imagine a rope hang over you.
You are trying to climb that rope without moving a single muscle. After one
moment, you will end up feeling the movement of the astral arm, the rope at
fingertips, and maybe even the feeling of height. Do not hesitate
not to visualize this action. We find, of course, swimming. we
try to imagine that we’re swimming with the more detail possible no matter the
type of swim and no matter the position in which we are.
We try to feel whatever the cost all the sensations while
visualizing the place, if you wish. Visualization of the hands now. You
must try to visualize your hands to 10-15 centimeters from the face, from
scrutinize in detail while rubbing them against each other, in order to perceive
the sound of friction. The last of techniques based on mixed sensations is sensory visualization and motor.
This technique is a pure technique viewing from the start. It’s about
to imagine at any cost separate. At first, there is no
sensation. You will visualize that you are standing in the desired place. You
go walk to awaken little to small all the perceptions. try
to really touch all objects imagined, and after a while, you
will begin to feel them at the end of fingers, in the palm of your hands. You
begin to perceive, to feel movements and movements, and you
will no longer need to separate because you will be already. This is actually
of deepening techniques that I will explain in detail in another
video. In the next video, I’m going introduce you to the last 13
techniques. Some are based on hearing, others on real movements,
and others are unconventional. Yes you have already tried one of these
techniques, do not hesitate to tell me comment out under the video.
Do not hesitate either, if you liked the video, to share it around you, and
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notification when I publish the third part of the 40 techniques.
In the meantime, I let you digest everything That, I’ll see you soon, and have a good trip

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  1. La technique de ce visualiser dans un endroit et de voir et toucher les objets qui sont présents dans la pièces ba j'ai déjà essayé et ça a pas marché pour moi mes ça m'a entraîner à mieux visualiser

  2. En effet la peur ça marche très bien. Depuis que je fais des voyages astraux à chaque fois que je fais des cauchemars , après m’être réveillé, en me rendormant je fais une sortie de corps, mais souvent y’a un monstre au bout de ma chambre ou alors ça donne lieu à une paralysie du sommeil mais En astral. Comme par hasard, après ça, tu te rereveilles parce que c horrible, puis te rendors de nouveau, puis de nouveau en sortie de corps dans ma chambre dans cette ambiance horrible (ça peut se répéter vraiment plusieurs fois pour moi).

  3. Est ce que quand on réussit à faire le voyage astral , on se trouve en pleine journée ''y a de la lumière'' ou dans l'obscurité ?! J'aimerais bien que tu me répondes et merci .

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