Voyage Astral Guidé (AIDE N°2) 🚀 #6

Do you want to experience astral projection easily ? Herewith a second exercise, very easy to practice. It can be practiced by all confirmed practicioners of course, but also by each beginner. Let’s start this second very effective exercise. Hello everyone! I am Romain Clement from Gaia Meditation. I regularly publish
videos on the theme of astral projection, out of body experience and lucid dreaming. Feel free to subscribe to this channel and don’t forget to click on the small notification bell. In the 4th video, I presented the indirect method, an universal method applicable by everyone. I really insist on the fact that
it is really very important for you to watch that video prior practicing to really understand what I’m gonna do in this video. In the 5th video, I presented a first guided training. Please find the links in the description. I remind you that this exercise is to be practiced during the day, during the afternoon for example to be better assimilated.
If possible, avoid doing this training before going to bed. Some of you may feel the first symptoms of
astral travel. It’s a good sign, but for
others, don’t worry. The goal is not to achieve astral projection during this training. You’re indeed going to work on developping
the habit to practice all requested actions immediately upon awakening, in the middle of the night, in the morning, or after the afternoon nap. First of all, don’t forget that I provide a practical alarm clock: a downloadable audio file. All the info to download it are in the description. With this audio I’ll
wake you up every 20 minutes to remind you to make an
attempt to separate. So this audio was mainly designed for all
people who have difficulties to wake up on their own during the night
and for those who forget to make attempts. For this
second training, I selected for you, two other very efficient techniques to make an OBE: “Swimming” and “observe images”. To start with,
lie down comfortably in the dark if possible, stay calm. Take a deep breath and exhale slowly. Inhale Exhale Relax Relax your physical body In this guided exercise, we will repeat the procedure of the deferred method for indirect techniques The goal is
to memorize each action to develop automatism. We will repeat all these actions in due time, upon awakening, in the middle of the night, in the morning or after the afternoon nap Imagine that you go to bed
at 11pm. You set your alarm clock at 5am. It’s important to to rest well beforehand, of sleeping
about six hours. This alarm clock set at 5am
will allow you to make attempts until 7am, 8am, 9am. Choose well if possible when you start, A night where you know you will not have to wake up to go to work for example. Choose to do it before a day of rest. The alarm clock is set at 5am. You put yourself in your bed Prepare your action plan. You can even write it on a phone, on a notebook For our first example, we choose
to appear in front of a mirror, to look at each other in the mirror Secondly
action we will eat or drink something. Finally, in third action, we choose a
personal action, an action that generates enough
motivation to increase our body output success. If you mind putting an alarm clock
during the night, do not forget that you can you use all the clocks
natural during the night. You fall asleep. sleep sleep sleep The alarm rings. It is 5 o’clock in the morning. You get up. You walk and you remember that you can stay
awake between 3 to 50 minutes. Imagine that you feel that you will have
hard to go back to sleep. Do not delay too much to go
back to bed. After being in the toilet,
you return to your bed. Remember your action plan. Remember the procedure. Do you mentally say with great enthusiasm: I will fall asleep and at the next alarm clock
I will be still, eyes closed and I will immediately attempt a separation. You fall asleep You wake up. Try to appear
at all costs in front of the mirror Literally, try to feel
fully that you are in front of the mirror. Imagine that you feel this mirror, that you touch it. Try to feel the
temperature of the mirror. Transfer the sensations of the physical body into
the astral body. It’s too vague. It is not serious, we move on to separation. For a maximum of 5 seconds, try to get up. Get up naturally, without moving the physical body, without moving a
only muscle. Roll on the side, roll on your side to get out of your body,
levitate, try to feel that literally you rise from your
body. Do not ask yourself a question how to do it. Do it the way
as natural as possible. It does not work, we go to cycles
indirect techniques. We choose swimming first Swimming: try to feel that you
swimming. No matter what type of swim, activate your arms, your legs. Do it with a great deal of willpower. No matter the cost Try to visualize the place. Try to feel the water. It does not work, we
passes to the observation of images. While keeping your eyes closed,
try to observe in this void Something. Try to observe a
object, try to see if a shape whatever appears. Literally, try to observe everything
image that would come to you It does not work, we go back to
swimming. Swim actively. Visualize that you are in a turquoise water, a lake.
It does not matter. You swim. Try to feel the water. It does not work, we go back
to the observation of images. Try to observe in this void while keeping the eyelids closed, try to observe any shape that appear before you: an object, a
nobody. It does not work, we go back to swimming. Swim actively. Trust yourself. Keep the enthusiasm to succeed. 3 to 5 seconds, it does not work, we go back to the observation of images. Try to observe any shape,
anyone who comes before you. That’s it, you start having a tree appear. Do not try to see it from
near. Try to have an overview. Several trees, a table, grass, the sky. That’s it, you have a wide view. Try to immerse yourself in the image. Try to immerse yourself in this decor Feel that you are there. That’s it, you have the feeling of walking. You are separated. Start the action plan right away and put the intention to see a mirror. Immediately, turn, turn on yourself. Try to see the mirror. Walk. You see a mirror appear. It’s good. Head to this mirror. Observe him, examine him. Look at yourself in this mirror. Feel it. Next action now. Eat something. To drink. You raise your head, you see in
the tree an apple. You want to grab it, but you feel like you’re coming back into your
physical body. You try to resist. Resist at all costs. You return to your physical body. It does not matter, try to separate
right now. It does not work. At this point, do not be stubborn. Just decide to go back to sleep
and try again when you wake up. You go back to sleep. You wake up. try
to appear directly in the kitchen to eat something. Try to appear in the kitchen. Try to feel that you are
standing in your kitchen. Feel the ground under your feet. It does not work, we try to separate. Stand up, roll, levitate, roll stand up. That’s it, you feel that you have managed to get up. You feel the ground under your feet. You advance, you go to the kitchen. Find something to eat. You eat. Trust your perception,
feel fully. You go to personal action. You come back to you. Go back to bed with the intention of remaking
an attempt at separation at the next awakening. Now imagine that you are going to
go to bed at midnight. Establish your plan of action. Set your alarm clock at 6am. Keep in mind that it is very important
to have a good sleep before the alarm rings. Do not repeat all this procedure
before you fall asleep. Repeat it in the day of preference. You have established your action plan: the mirror, eat or drink and a personal action. When you will already be a little more
experienced you can skip the mirror, skip eating or
drink, and choose other actions like flying, traveling. You fall asleep. You wake up naturally around 5.30 am a little before 6am. You can turn off your alarm clock and
decide to get up immediately at that moment. You are indeed using this natural awakening
to use the deferred method. You get up, you walk. you can re-read your notes, review the procedure, review your action plan. It’s important to keep the enthusiasm,
but not to have an overexcitation. Remember that when you wake up, at
moment of separation, if the separation occurs, stay relaxed and calm. Try not to be too excited. You go to bed. Emit the strong desire to achieve a
separation at the next alarm clock. Add the intention to wake up
motionless, eyes closed. If a movement occurs at the moment
of the alarm clock, it does not matter, make attempts at any cost,
no matter the cost, by going directly through
the cycle of indirect techniques. Skip the separation step. The goal is to go back into a state of drowsiness
between waking and sleeping. Remember, the longer you wait
to perform the techniques at the moment of the alarm clock, the more you reduce your chances
to achieve a body exit. You fall asleep. Sleep. Sleep. Sleep. You wake up. You have moved. It does not matter, do not lose confidence. You know it’s not a
mandatory condition to make a body exit. Go straight to the cycle
indirect techniques: The swimming: Swim. Operate your hands, your arms, your legs
operate your whole body. Try to feel every movement, the water. Visualize that you swim in a lake for example. It does not work. Image observation Try to observe any object or any
no one who comes before you. Do not try to imagine these objects. Stay as objective as possible. The 5 seconds are past, we swim again. Swim actively. Little trick: try to focus
your eyes in the middle of the forehead or the third eye. It can increase
the success rate. Swim at all costs We swim. It does not work, we go back to
the observation of images. We swim again. Remember we’re going up
4 cycles maximum for a minute in total. Swimming does not work either.
Image observation The minute has passed, we are not obstinate. We decide to go back to sleep always affirming the desire to perform a
new attempt at the next alarm clock standing still, eyes closed. We go back to sleep. Natural awakening, motionless, eyes closed. That’s good, we try to appear directly
in front of the mirror. Try to feel everything. Separation. Get up, ride, levitate. Roll. It works. You are standing in your
bedroom. Find the mirror Once in front of the mirror, look at you
in this mirror, touch it, feel it. Next action: eat. Find something to eat, to drink. Personal action. We could not go to the end of the action
personal, we return to our physical body. Try to resist. Too late, you
have returned to your physical body. Try to come out immediately. That’s good, you managed to get out. Deepen your feelings. Palpate, examine everything around you. Do not examine objects over 5 to 10
seconds. Move to a next object, touch it. Try to feel the
objects. You realize your personal action. You return to your body. From now on, you will repeat
yourself the procedure. I will simply give
the alarm signal. You will go to bed at midnight. Put the alarm clock at 6 o’clock. You sleep. You are deeply asleep. The alarm clock rings, it is 6 pm. You stayed awake for 3 to 50 minutes. You go back to bed. Affirm your intention
to make an attempt at the next awakening, and stay still, eyes closed. You fall asleep. You wake up. You go back to sleep. Reaffirm the desire to make a new
attempt at the next awakening. You wake up. You return to your physical body. Remember that with this method
deferred, there will be many consecutive natural awakenings, so many possible attempts
to separate from your body. Repeat this procedure during the day if
possible, in the afternoon. Avoid practicing it and at the moment
to go to bed. It is important to develop
automation. Put into practice this procedure of
automatic way every time you wake up, instantly
awakening moment. remember that the longer you wait
to perform the actions, the more you reduce your chances
to achieve a body exit. You can come back quietly. I hope you enjoyed this exercise, that he will have helped you better
memorize each action to be performed when waking up, in what rhythm and
with what intention, no matter the cost, with a lot of enthusiasm, of trust
and with automatism. in case you think you have trouble
to obtain successive natural awakenings or in case you forget
to make attempts do not forget that I put in your
available an audio file: Practical awakening The instructions for the
download are in the description. Use only in these cases. Otherwise, try to train naturally. I will try to share with
you soon a little recap of this indirect method so you can watch it during your waking period at
middle of the night before going back to sleep. I will also try to make a short list different mistakes that can be
meet when practicing of the indirect method, the obstacles
can meet most regularly especially when we start. Do not hesitate to tell me if
you liked this exercise, if it has borne fruit and if you wish others
workouts like this. Waiting,
See you soon! and good astral journey!

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