W/O Ram (Wife Of Ram) 2019 New Released Hindi Dubbed Full Movie | Lakshmi Manchu, Samrat Reddy

W/O Ram (Wife Of Ram) 2019 New Released Hindi Dubbed Full Movie | Lakshmi Manchu, Samrat Reddy

I won’t let you go alive from here. I do not fear death. I have already once outwitted death. Very good. But this time you won’t succeed. Hello. Ambulance. Listen. Tell driver to get my car ready. Yes, sir. Keep checking the readings every hour. Okay, sir. Call me only in case of emergency. Sure, sir. Doctor, I need all details of the case. Hey! Is the car ready? Yes, sir. I am asking for case
details and not car details. Here. Medical report and other
details are inside this. Good. Since last three days
he is working in night shift. Therefore he is little frustrated. Some people around here
are struggling with death.. provide some updates on them as well. It’s a married couple. Husband died on the way to hospital. He had skull injury. And what about the lady? It’s difficult to conclude
about her condition right now. But she was six months pregnant. Perhaps she fell on her abdomen. Therefore her baby is dead. We have removed the
foetus by operating on her. I want her statement. Right now she is unconscious. If she does not gain her senses,
she might go in coma. Seems like you are a new recruit. How did you figure out? Because you are being emotional. Hey, Ravinder.
– Yes, sir. Go home and come early
in the morning, okay? Have some rest for now.
– Okay, sir. Where do you live?
– Tarnaka. Okay. Go.
– Okay, sir. Where is my baby, mom? Must be in ICU. It’s a pre mature baby. Shall I go and see him. No. I won’t go. Other patients must not go in ICU. Is it a girl or a boy, mom? I am sure it must be a girl. I had prayed for girl child. Is she like me or Ram? I am sure she resembles Ram. Ram must be very happy, isn’t it? I can see her after few days, right? Isn’t it strange, mom? I awaited my baby for so long
and now I can’t wait to see her. But no problem. I am Ram will together see her. What’s the matter, mom? Is my baby not well? Don’t worry, mom. We’ll get her treated from best doctors. I am sure she’ll be absolutely fine. Why is Ram’s phone and watch kept here? Where is Ram, mom? Please tell me. Where is Ram? Let’s go right now. I want to see Ram. Ram and your child, both are… No! What’s has happened to them? When you fell, he got badly injured. And your child… What? What has happened to him?
Is my daughter alright? Diksha, please calm down. Ram’s soul will attain
peace on seeing you alive. No! This can’t be happening!
– Calm down, dear. What has happened to Ram, mom! Calm down, my child.
– Tell me. Where is Ram? Mom, please take me to my Ram.
– No. Mom!
– Calm down, my child. Hello, sir.
– How’s the condition there? The matter is slowly settling down. Please don’t call me in regards to this. Let the matter settle down completely. Hello? I have managed to arrange two millions. I won’t be able to pay the rest. Have suffered heavy
loss in business, sir. No problem. Yes, sir?
– I am sending cops to your house. Okay, sir.
– To arrest you. Sir, listen! Prepare your wife to stay
away from you for few years. Sir, please listen to me. Sir, hello. Are you listening, sir? Sir, please. Listen to me. Please, sir. Please don’t do that. Hail Lord Ganesha.
Protect all, oh Lord. Hello, sir? Give me the change. Sir! Are you listening, sir? Hello? Hello, sir? Hello? Sir, please don’t arrest me. I will pay the amount
that you have demanded. This way, sir. You were supposed to come at 12. We are policemen, doctor. We are 24*7 on duty. We always fall short of time.
– Please come. Is the accident that
occurred because of selfie? How is selfie possible in dark? Come. Let me show you. Sir, listen to me.
I didn’t mean to say this. Look here.
– Sorry, sir. Smile. Did you see? This is a picture taken with i-phone. Darkness doesn’t matter, it’s
screen works as flash light in dark. Did you understand? Yes. I did. For having a selfie you just
need to have a phone with camera. Light is not required. Now come with me. Sir, you didn’t understand me. I… These new recruits do not have
the manners to speak to their seniors. Mahesh! Come here. Sir. Teach him. Doesn’t know a thing. Come on. Hello, Diksha? He is S. I. Satyam. He needed some information, therefore… Hello, madam. Put a board there of selfie not allowed. It will be done tomorrow.
– We weren’t taking any selfie. It’s a murder. Murder?
– Yes, sir. I know very well that
Ram is been murdered. Is it? Who murdered him? I don’t know who he was
but he was in a shirt with hood. Madam, please elaborate. That day when we were
returning from resort.. ..we stopped our car in mid of road.. and were gazing at the view. Suddenly a man came there
and started arguing with Ram. I tried to stop them, I even
made a call to police control room. But he snatched my phone and threw
into the valley and then he pushed me. After that he strongly pushed Ram
and he fell into the valley. Yes, sir. I too saw him. He was driving at the speed of 120kmph. Who are you?
– I am Ravinder. How are you related to them? Sir, he is the one who
called and informed police. He is a cab driver. Oh. Do you have license? Yes, sir. And RC?
– Here, sir. What is the number of your vehicle?
– TS 09 TV 8555. First go and trace this vehicle. Sir, the car is in parking lot. Parking? Yes. I have parked the car there. Hey, sir is not asking about your car
but the speeding car that you saw. I didn’t notice the number of it. It was driving at a high speed. Do you remember the colour? It was dark so I couldn’t see anything. You turn blind at night
or were you asleep during this incident? It was red or blue… Now he is going to
say all colours of rainbow. Sir, I was too tired. Nonsense. Hold this. Give me the pen and paper. Just a paper. Madam? Yes.
– This is your accident spot. It looks like this, right? No, sir. It was single lane and not doubles. Charimaar is two way road, right No, sir. It has single lane. Yes, sir. It’s single lane. Then why didn’t you tell me before! Idiots. Madam… And you. If it’s a one way lane,
how could you drive from wrong side? Sir, diesel was over so
I was looking for gas station. You drive a cab but
do not keep diesel in spare. What if you find no gas station?
Are you going to drag the car? Very smart. Call the cab service office
and get all his GPS records. Then we’ll know if he was
actually present during accident. Please, sir. Don’t do this.
I am a family man. Family man, right?
– Yes. Then shut your mouth. Sir, I and my husband
halted there to enjoy the view. Madam, being a pregnant lady.. ..how can you halt at such
isolated place during dark? You said that a man
wearing hood attacked you. Then you tried to call police,
then he snatched your phone.. ..shove it into the valley, pushed you.. ..and then he killed your husband
by pushing him in valley. Do you doubt anyone? No, sir. Madam, I’ll take a leave. We have registered your complaint.
We’ll start with the investigation. We’ll keep you updated on case. You rest now. Doctor, take care of her. Shall we leave? Sir, report is ready. What is to be done next? It’s a great achievement. I’ll make sure you get awarded. Why the award, sir? Such murder cases shuts
without getting solved. Sir, listen to me. There is no point
in troubling our self.. ..to solve such murder
case which happened in jungle. Are you out of your mind? ‘Not now. I said don’t play it now. Why don’t you listen to me?’ ‘Not like this. You are doing it wrong.’ The wedding is in next
week and not next month. All arrangements should be apt. Thank you, madam. Would you like to have coffee? I tried calling you making
times but it was switched off. That day I had lost my phone. You are still not well,
you need to rest. I won’t be able to resume
job for next two weeks more. So what was the need to come all
the way to office for informing this? You could have informed me on phone. I wanted to inform you personally. I’ll take a leave. By the way, why had police come here? Sneha’s murderer is been traced. They were here to complete
some formalities regarding it. Some workers had killed her. Sneha was very close to you, right? I’ll leave now. Who is it? Hello, sir, Diksha here. Who Diksha? Sir, I had told you about the case
of my husband’s murder near the valley. Oh, yes. I remember you, Diksha.
Tell me. Sir, have you got any
information about murderer? Not yet. It will take some time. Tentatively how much time it would take? Can’t say anything. Such cases take time to get solved. I am busy right now,
will call you later. If you want I can come
and meet you in police station. Not required, madam. We’ll call you if there
are any developments. No need for you to
come at police station. Then let me know who I shall talk to… Look. We are trying at our level.
– Go to sir and talk to him. Okay, I talk to him.
– Sir, my husband is still an alcoholic. Your threatening hasn’t had
any effect on him. – You shut up! I had told you not to drink, right? Then why did you have alcohol again? He drinks everyday and hits me. She is lying, sir. She hits me.
Look at this, sir. There are bruises on my back. Did you see, sir?
There are no bruises at all. Liar! Drunkard!
– Shut up! I am warning you for last time. You know the punishment
for keeping drugs, right? I have heard about it on television. I’ll falsely allege you for keeping
drugs and get you arrested. Got it? No, sir.
– Take him away. Come on. Put him in jail,
only then he will realise. Come home, I’ll show you. What is it, madam? Is inspector Satyam in office? He has not come yet. No idea when he will be coming. Please give me your number,
I’ll inform him. No. I’ll await him. Fine. Madam, I have already told you that you
don’t need to come to police station. We’ll keep you informed on phone. It’s been ten days for murder. Therefore I thought of meeting you. Have a seat. The thing is, here in Hyderabad.. ..there must be nearly
nineteen thousand cases. And policemen are few. When will I get tea? Get tea for sir. Listen. What is the
ration of citizen to police? 670:1, sir. I am answerable to 669
other people along with you. Salute, sir.
– What are you doing here? Hey, take him away. Go. Madam, if you had not
been a common person.. ..I mean if you had been
recommended or you were a VIP.. ..then there would’ve been
three policemen at your service. It means 1:3 VIP, police ratio. So, how much time it
would take to solve this case? You’ll get answer for this. Madam, as you’ll get out
of police station, turn to right.. ..and then go straight.
– Okay. And first… no after second right… Oh yes. I remember. Take third right.. ..on left you’ll find
a man sitting under a tree. His parrot makes the predictions.
You can ask him. When I don’t get any clue, I ask him. No tea yet. It’s here, sir. Serve hot cup of tea to madam. Poor lady was waiting since long. ‘Hey, Chari. Wait for another day. And make the report of no
clue found and close the case.’ ‘Ram, you throw your
clothes anywhere in the house. I have told you number of times
to put them in machine. That’s the reason I don’t follow you
because I wish to have scolding from you. It has laptop inside, be careful. I know. Ram, why you take sleeping pills? You sleep well, right? I want to have sound sleep. Sorry, madam. We cannot sell a sim card
in the name of dead person. Our license will get cancelled. There must be some way out. This sim card is very important for me. Okay, madam. I will try
but it may take four to five days. ‘This isn’t good for our baby.
So calm down. I’ll get the juice.’ Excuse me. How can I help you, Ma’am? I need to book a room.
– Sure, ma’am. What type of room
will you prefer, ma’am? The room in corner there upstairs. Oh. The valley view.
– Yes. Sorry, madam. It’s already booked. So can I have a look at view from there? Sorry, madam. Guests have checked in ten days back. In fact they are not even
allowing the staff to enter. Ten days back? Yes. Right. October 23rd. Give me your number. Once the room gets vacated,
I’ll inform you. Yes? Excuse me. Sorry, sir. Sorry to disturb you. What do you want? I just need to see
the view from the room. I checked on reception,
they told that room is occupied. They suggested me
to seek your permission. Thank you, sir. Mosquitoes enter if
the door is kept open. You are certainly
not here to see the view. What do you want? Nearly a week back,
a person was murdered there. This one? Yes. He was my husband. So, what are you
doing here after a week? I learnt that you
checked in on same day. So? I thought you, must have
witnessed something over there. If I had, I would’ve informed. You are right. Had police come here for investigation? And therefore you are
investigating on your own? It’s dangerous. Isn’t it? Single woman. Alone is standing in
a room with a stranger. What if something goes wrong? It’s not safe. You are the wife of
the person who was murdered. Will you be able to recognize the killer
if you confronts him? I am asking will you
be able to identify him. He head was covered with hood. Thank you, sir. Mister? Is there any
CCTV camera installed around? You want camera?
– Yes. You won’t get camera here,
purchase it from shop in the city. Oh God! ‘Let me check the bank account of Ram.
Maybe I could get some information. There is nothing here.’ ‘Let’s check facebook account.’ Hello.
– Hello? Oh, Hi. Hi, Anil. Who is it?
– I am Diksha. Ram’s wife. Oh. Hi, Diksha. How are you? I am fine. When had you last met Ram, Anil? Never after college. Is it Bhaskar? Had you noticed any change
in behaviour of Ram recently.. ..when he used to come to office? Is this the number of the
car which hit your bike? – Yes. Madam, sir is not here. You be seated. I’ll find out whose car it is. Sir, greetings. Sir has not come yet. Wait for him. So I’ll inform you
once I get the address. Madam, tea. Hey, listen. Satyam sir has asked
to serve you with tea. I cannot refuse him. Madam, if you aren’t having tea then… Thank you, madam. Sir. Chari!
– Coming, sir. Yes, sir? Oh. Sorry. Madam, whatever questions
you have about this case.. ..Chari will answer them. For any doubt or any help that you need,
Chari will help you out. Look into her case.
Idiot. Madam, actually we haven’t
found any clue at crime spot. If we get some more time… Girls don’t care for their husbands.. ..while they are alive
and look at her when he is dead. All are not fortunate like you, sir. After getting married,
you too will agree with me. Did you find out anything, my child? When had you last met Ram? Ten days before the accident. Diksha, I didn’t notice any changes. Hello? Hello? I saw everything. Who are you? I was there at the place
where your husband was murdered. Where are you right now? Hope you know that there is a temple
behind Mathura Nagar bus stop. Yes. I am there itself. Be there. I’ll be there right away. Hello! You are the one who called me, right? You were there at the
night when murder happened. What did you see? Didn’t you recognise me? For two weeks you kept
me away from my family. You lost your husband forever. Your baby is also dead, right? Do you remember who I am? Sujata? Yes. I am the husband of Sujata. You NGO people incited my
wife against me and ruined my life. I lost my wife and
you lost your husband. Hey, wait! Don’t run. Stop. Do you know him? He said he had some
information of murder. How can you believe such ruffians? Use your brain and think first. What shall I think about? Earlier I had much
for myself to think about. But now I have only one objective. To find the murderer of my husband. But what if anything
goes wrong with you? What could possibly happen to me? I might get killed at
the hands of such ruffians. ‘Just a day before murder,
nearly at the same time.’ ‘Seems like there is
some restaurant in R K Nagar.’ You need hookah, madam? You won’t get here. It was raided by police a week before. Madam, it’s for two thousand bucks. How about one thousand bucks? Okay. Five hundred bucks. It’s imported. Foreign brand. Just a single puff will
get you high for hours. Madam, please buy it.
– Hello? Madam, sim card is ready. Are you at home?
– No. I’ll reach within half an hour. Half an hour? I’ll get late. Rather I’ll come in the evening.
– Okay. Has he sent you here? I mean the guy on your phone desktop. You know him?
– Yes. I know him. How do you know him? Fifteen days back he had bought
five packets of cocaine from me. Are you sure it was him? Yes, madam. I am very sure. One more person was with him. This guy was inside the car. I had sold the stock
of fifteen thousand bucks. But they didn’t have so much of cash. Spending money in club
will certainly lead to beggary. Club? Yes, madam.
They were heading straight from club. How do you know this? They had stamp of club
printed on their wrist. Dealing with such people
is my daily job, I know everything. Which club was it? Ignite. ‘This number is not valid.
Please check.’ Yes, madam? Manager please. What? Call the manager. Ma’am, is there any problem? There will be a problem
if you do not call him. Manager Krishna?
– Yes. Him. Okay. Sir, she wants to meet you. Excuse me, madam? Tell me. Manager Krishna?
– Yes, ma’am. Okay. Let’s go and check. Check what? CCTV footage needs to be checked. Didn’t Rohan inform you? He didn’t inform me anything about this. Idiot. Stupid. He said that he’ll inform you. Anyway, I want to check the
CCTV footage of October 22nd. Come on. Ma’am!
– Hey. Oh My God! Did you just touch me? Sorry, ma’am. Please don’t get angry. I am sorry.
– Why shouldn’t I be angry? You have misbehaved with me. Being a manager you
think you can do anything? Just hold on. I’ll call Rohan right away. I’ll make sure you lose your job. Sorry, madam.
– Just hold on. Today it will be your last day.
– Ma’am, please don’t call him. Hey! Stay away from me.
– Ma’am, please. Stay away! Ma’am, I didn’t have
any wrong intentions. It happened by mistake. I am ready to show the
footage that you wish to. Please don’t call him. Please.
– Sorry, madam. Let’s go. Time between 6 and 7 pm.
– Okay, madam. Camera number seven. Twelve. Hold on. I need to see this footage again.
Rewind please. Okay, madam. Pause. I want to speak to this waiter. Okay, madam. Tell me. A girl is inquiring about Rocky. She checked the footage of October 22nd. Who is that girl? I don’t know. Shall I finish her? No. Bring her to me. From those two guys,
I know the one with jacket. Who is he? He comes here once in two months. He drives a blue coloured car. Do you know his car number?
– No. But whenever he comes here,
he sits on the same place. Do you have any other
information about him? No. But there is one person
who knows everything. Who is he? Show me who that person is. Who is she?
– Escort. Hey! You played good drama at club! Tell me honestly who you are. I am asking you. Whom were you inquiring about? Seems you won’t get it straight. Now quickly tell me else… Hey! Aditi?
– Yes. Please come in. Come. You look beautiful. Thank you.
– Come. Have a seat. Would you like to have anything? Water?
– No. Thank you. Come. Sit. One hour timer is set.
Ten minutes is the grace period. And if the time exceeds,
you’ll be charged. Come on, have a seat. Listen. Just stop. Are you afraid? I too am like you. Oh. First time? Drink? No. Thank you. This drink will make you feel better. It’s your first time, isn’t it? May I? So? Let me know if you
have any special demand? No. I am just really stressed out. Close your eyes. Close your eyes. Do you like it? Usually for first timers,
hands work better. Hold my hand for some time
and you’ll feel comfortable. You know why? Because it makes you feel intimate. It’s okay. Sometimes it takes long
to adapt to new things. But remember. Time is passing. So? Are you married? My husband died ten days ago. Sorry. But shall I say you something? I admire you. You were quick to accept the reality. Life is to be lived on our own terms. You are very beautiful. Look at me. Now you’ll forget all your miseries. I don’t want to forget him. Then what are you here for? My husband is been murdered. Murder? So what do you expect from me? You know the person
who has killed my husband. What!
– He is your client. Oh. Get out! Please.
– Get out. Please. Listen to me for once. I am ready to pay whatever you demand.
– Get out. Please.
– Please. Shut up and get out. My life is destroyed because of him. You won’t understand my pain. I am suffering every moment. He must b punished for his misdeeds. Please. I want to know about him. Stop this nonsense
and get out from here. Out! You are threatening me with this knife? I am not threatening you. Are you crazy? If you didn’t give me the information,
the next cut will be on your face. Unless you don’t tell me about him.. ..neither would I leave
nor will I let you go. Tell me! Good evening, ma’am.
– Good evening. Your SIM card. I have risked a lot for this card. Thank you so much. Please don’t let anyone know
else I’ll get into big trouble. Okay. Good night, ma’am. ‘On 24th October he checked
in the club of Bangkok.’ ‘On 23rd made a kill and
flied to Bangkok on same night.’ Hello, madam. Hello, Chari? Are you in police station right now? No. I was going at blockade.
What’s the matter? Okay. I have got a very important
thing related to Ram’s murder. I want to get all those
evidences to police station. No. Don’t go there. I’ll reach your home in few minutes. All the information that
I have gathered is here. I knew that I would
find some or the other clue. I found this paper in Ram’s trouser. The content is almost washed out but I got this information from it. I… Chari, look at this. First he went to Hookah bar from club
and from here he went there on 22nd. From the footage of 22nd it’s
been known that they had a fight. Then I found out that
this guy’s name is Rocky. Ram had a fight with Rocky only. He lives in Bangkok. But I don’t know what’s his business is. But according to me,
he is into export business. And he keeps visiting India. Here are the details
of his visit to India. Last time when he had visited India,
he was here from 19th to 24th. And during that period,
Ram and Rocky had a fight. And Rocky texted Ram
‘you are a dead man’. And he… He killed Ram on that very night. Look. On 24th he travelled
to Bangkok by 2am flight. You know how did I figure it out? He had checked in the
club of Bangkok on same day. I came to know about one more thing. He drives a blue coloured Volvo car. I couldn’t trace his
address but look at this. If we examine everything
from his arrival to departure.. ..even if we cross check his travel,
back to Bangkok on 24th.. ..we can figure out the connection
between these incidences. Look. These are the
facts I have gathered. Now it’s your turn to take some action. Everything is fine, madam.
Except one thing. We cannot arrest him
on basis of these evidences. But why? Madam, because these
evidences aren’t sufficient. Even if we present them in court,
we cannot prove Rocky as murderer. With this Rocky will get alert
and he will destroy other evidences. Let’s forget the court for now. First we need to find
out if Rocky is a murderer. For that I have a plan. What plan? If in front of criminal if
we discuss a crime committed by him.. ..he gets cautious. From his reaction we could make it out. But how will we get in touch with him? If we contact him by phone,
he might come to know. But what if we use skyp to message him? Madam, it’s 23rd and not 22nd, right? Oh no. Shall I delete it? No problem. As it is the
fight at club happened on 22nd. If he is the culprit,
he will react on both the dates. Did you see, madam? He is trapped. Now what are we supposed to do?
– I tell you. First we shall… Hey. He is getting impatient. No problem, madam.
This is the way every criminal… Stop, Chari. Hey! Who the hell are you? What information you have about 22nd? Don’t try to mess with me else
I’ll make sure you die horrible death. Shit! Sir, I was going to call you. First listen to what I say. Somebody is trying to blackmail me. Someone has texted me on
skyp regarding that incident. Yes, sir.
A girl was found inquiring about you. What?
– Why didn’t you tell me before? Who is that girl?
– No idea, sir. But you need not worry. Sinu is being watchful over this. The find out soon and
keep me updated on everything. ‘The number you are trying to reach
is currently switched off.’ Damn! The phone is switched off. Sir, his phone is always switched off.
– What? Sir, maybe the battery is over. Here. Give him the charger. Listen. Do one thing. Both of you go and soon
find out Sinu and trace that girl. Go. Hurry up.
– Okay, sir. All the details of my
investigation are in this, Chari. Whose car is this, madam? Must be his car. He had posted it on facebook. This the same car in which
he escaped from the mountains, right? I am not sure because the headlights
were on for almost a minute. I was not able to see clearly.
– One minute? Why did murderer waited for a minute? He wasn’t waiting. He was trying to escape
but the car banged on something. Then he turned his car and escaped.
– Is it? You didn’t tell us this. This is not even mentioned
in the case file. I don’t know about it.
– Hold on. This is transport database. Only police men are
allowed to access this app. With the help of this number.. ..we’ll be able to trace
the owner and his address. Here it is.
Sterling Heights, Flat number 203. But what’s the plan, Chari? First of all we need strong evidence. There must be some clue
related to Rocky on crime scene. Bracelet, ring, watch, if we could find
anything it will be very useful for us. That day you said your phone was lost. Since last ten days I am
searching my phone on that spot. But I didn’t find it. If somehow we could get
the finger prints of Rocky.. ..on your phone then we
can make a very strong case. Your husband and Rocky
had got into tussle, right? Then we can easily trace the
DNA of your husband from Rocky’s cloths. DNA? Madam, our DNA can be traced from our
finger prints, hair and many other things.. ..as like car,
bike, our cloths, our cell phone. If we could find any of these things,
we can get it tested in forensic lab.. ..and could get a clue
by which we can make strong case. Alright. Then we already
have address of Rocky. We could find some
clue at his residence. Having only address won’t help. We need a search warrant. Search warrant? You said that the car banged
on something on the mountains. That’s the evidence. The place where car was turned,
there the soil must’ve got red. There is no red soil
in entire Hyderabad. So we can get those red marks on car. Then on the basis of it
I can issue a search warrant. Yes. We may find some
evidence at Rocky’s place. So I’ll start with my job. Bye. ‘If somehow we could get
the finger prints of Rocky.. ..on your phone then we
can make a very strong case.’ Please come, sir. Hey? Sir.
– What is all this? Sir, she hit me and escaped. Then you should’ve called us! She wrecked my phone. And car? She punctured my car. She is very dangerous, sir. Rocky is repeatedly
calling and nagging me. I said that you have detained the girl. Such a problem this is. TS 10 880033. What’s this? The number of her vehicle. Blue coloured bike. Quickly call RTO office
and get every detail of this number. Sir, we have found out who that girl is. I’ll take care of her. We have got her address.
You need not worry. Hello? What are you saying! I’ll be there right away. No one knows anything. God knows what’s going on. How can anyone come like this? Does anyone know? How is this possible? God knows who did it. You know anything?
– This shouldn’t happen. We need to talk about this. Diksha, look what happened. Someone has broken the windows. Madam, come on, let’s check inside. Madam, please come. Everything is been messed up. Chari, go inside and check. Yes, sir. Madam? Madam, do you suspect anyone?
Have you received any threats? Madam? Seems like he has come to know. Come to know what? Seems like Ram’s murderer has found out
that I know everything about him. Who can it be? Alright. Madam, you need to come to police
station and register a complaint. Where are you going? After that we’ll
start our investigation. She is already intimidated.. ..and you are adding to her troubles
by her calling at police station? Uncle, there are some legal
formalities which needs to be done. What formalities? I too am ex-policeman. You must register her
complaint here itself. If you want to inquire about anything,
you can call her before 6 in the evening. Listen. Take down her statement
and also call forensic experts. Move back, come on. Madam, everything is fixed. Thank you so much. Bye, ma’am. Greetings, ma’am.
– Greetings. You need to sign this. Madam, you found the phone.
Why didn’t you tell me? It was lying out for fifteen days. There aren’t any finger prints on it. But let’s take a chance
and test it in lab. We might get something. Till then I’ll visit Rocky’s place. If I found any marks on car, I’ll get
the search warrant issued without delay. I too will accompany you. No. You can’t. Chari, I too will come with you. Madam, this job is mine. I know it’s your job and
your duty but for me it is… Fine. Let’s go. Hold on. I’ll take my bag. Sure. Madam, you wait here. I’ll check. Greetings, sir.
– Are you the security guard here? Yes, sir. We have received many complaints
regarding security issues here. What are you saying! Are there CCTV cameras installed here? They are everywhere, sir. Why are you following me?
– Sir, I… What if anyone trespasses the society
or someone gets murdered? Is this the way you guard society? Sorry, sir. What happened?
Did you find any evidence in car? No, ma’am. He is very clever. He has serviced his car,
have washed out all the evidences. But now what shall we do? No need to worry, madam. There must’ve be very few service stations
of this brand of car in entire city. I’ll get the details of all
cars serviced after 22nd October and also will get the search
warrant issued from police station. Oh. Today I am going out. For many days? I’ll be back by tomorrow evening. It’s my engagement tomorrow. Oh. I completely forgot. Congratulations.
– Thank you so much, madam. Can you tell how much
will I get for this? Not much. Only thirty thousand. But thirty thousand is too less. Excuse me. Hello?
– Hello, madam. Hey, stop making noise!
It’s an important call. Hello. Hello?
– Hello, madam. Can you hear me? Chari? Tell me, what’s the matter?
– Hello, Kailash Jewellers. Your voice is cracking. Since I am travelling,
the network is week. I want to tell you
something very important. I have made a list of all
service centres of that car. I’ll start the inquiry once I return. Thank you, Chari.
– Okay, madam. Please be reasonable. I have something very important to do.
I’ll have to go. Wait for some time. You may leave after
the program gets over. Please. Hey! Get him! Stop!
– Get him! Diksha, are you fine?
– Grab him! Stop!
– Grab him! Stop there. Stop! He escaped. Hey, get the car. Quickly. Ravi, get car to hospital. Quickly. Okay, uncle. No. First take me to police station. My child, you are bleeding profusely,
you need to reach hospital. No. First take me to police station. Why are you been adamant? You are bleeding profusely.
– Uncle, I am fine. Stop the car,
I myself will go to police station. Let’s go to police station. Madam. Diksha?
– Madam. Control, Diksha. What’s the matter, madam? Excuse me. Just a moment. Tell me.
– She is fine. You can meet her now. Please don’t complain about me.
– Bloody smoker. Are you fine now? What’s going on, madam? I got to know that you started
investigating the case on your own. You think you can investigate
better than police? The name of Ram’s murderer is Rocky. Ram and Rocky had a fight at club. This is just an information
and not evidence. I do have evidence. On the day of the incident,
I had called police station. You can go to control
room and check the phone log. Rocky snatched the same
phone from me and hurled it. Hold on for a minute. This is my phone. Don’t touch it. This phone has his finger prints on it. Also this ring certainly
belongs to Rocky. That day Rocky had donned
black coloured jacket. Go and check that
jacket at his residence. You’ll find my and
Ram’s finger prints on it. As I told you before that the
murderer’s car banged to something.. ..while he was trying to escape. Left side bumper. Check his car’s tyres. Check his shoes,
you’ll find re soil on it. Are these evidences enough
or do you need more? Congratulations, madam. Great. You must be in pain, have some rest. Your investigation is wonderful. Will you have tea? No.
– You take rest. I’ll have a cup of tea. Sir? Satyam here. Why are you sounding
like a siren of ambulance? Since I and ambulance
serve same purpose of saving people. Has my son again got into something? Murder. Last time when he visited India. Do you remember anything? Case has become very complicated. Just hold on for a moment. Hello. Aren’t you ever going to change? You sound like my father. It’s your father here.
Have you murdered someone? Murder? No. It was just an accident. Idiot. Have you got any evidences? I haven’t yet seen any evidence.. ..but the way she is imploring,
it seems to be a strong case. Check the evidences and then call me.
I’ll tell you what to do. Okay. Sir? I checked all the evidences. Everything that she said is correct. Where is the girl? Don’t worry about her, she is
in our custody, she won’t go anywhere. Then what are you waiting for? Call me once you kill her. You’ll get the money
delivered at your home. If that’s what we are supposed to do
then we need to kill few more people. Who people? The waiter who witnessed
Ram and Rocky’s fight in club. Cab driver. Constable Chari. There are 2 to 3 more people
who know about this case. Tell me what shall we do? Seems like this time
Rocky is going to jail. Pin down the matter immediately. Do whatever it takes. I will try but can’t assure. How much do you need? Fifty? Sixty? Seventy? I’ll talk and try to convince
her to take back the case. Okay, sir? I don’t know.
Do whatever it takes and close the case. My darling, I’ll do anything for you. Now listen, you silly.
– Yes. Cancel the car that you have demanded. Why? I am going to get you even bigger car. Is it? Thank you, my love. Hang up.
– Bye. Madam, aren’t you asleep yet? You did a good job,
you deserve to be in police department. Shall I get you a job in police? You tell me are you going
to arrest Rocky or not? Without any doubt, madam. But there is a little problem. Problem?
– Yes. Money. Your husband had borrowed
seventy millions from Rocky in cash. The way you have an evidence of
Rocky being your husband’s murderer.. ..according to Rocky
he too has a proof.. ..that your husband
has borrowed money from him. No. That’s not true. It’s a sheer lie. Ram has never borrowed
such big amount from anyone. How would I know this, madam? Only Ram can confirm this. If you file a case against Rocky,
he too will file a case against you. Rocky is a rich man. He will get bailed out in two days. But paying his debt
will lead you to beggary. This is utterly unfair. Indeed. Therefore I
spoke to Rocky’s father. He is a wise man. He is ready for out of court settlement. He will not file any case against you
but he will pay you extra ten millions. Compromise, madam. It’s the best offer that you can get. Shall I take it as yes? Rest you leave to me. I’ll handle it. I want to meet Rocky once. He is in Bangkok right now. If he takes a flight now,
he can reach here in four hours. Else I’ll file a case against Rocky. Tell him he can also
file a case against me. Then we shall meet in court. Hello. It didn’t work, sir.
The girl is very stubborn. Call Rocky soon, she wants to meet him. Tell her that he cannot come down. Pay her ten millions
and dismiss the matter. I myself will receive him at airport and
within thirty minutes I’ll send him back. It’s my responsibility. Fine. Call him. But take care of him. Hi, Chari.
– Madam, how did you get injured? I am fine now, got discharged
from hospital in the morning. Come. Have a seat. Tell me. How was your engagement? As usual. I went there,
put ring on girl’s finger.. ..after that we had cake
and then all celebrated. Everything was very plain. But I heard that a lot of
things happened here in my absence. Yes. Lot of things. I didn’t want to trouble
you therefore I didn’t call. Would you like to have juice?
– Yes. I appreciate your creativity, madam. Why? What happened, Chari? I was helping you and you fooled me. What are you saying? That phone was lying here itself, right? And there were no finger prints on it. Then from where did finger
prints appear all of a sudden? You said that finger
prints can’t be traced easily. Therefore I sent it in lab so that
it gets clearly highlighted in report. Okay fine. Forget about finger prints. When I saw the car there
wasn’t any dent or marks of soil. And now the car has dent
and marks of soil as well. What’s this magic? Chari…
– I’ll tell you. You again went to Rocky’s
flat after I left. ‘What happened?
Did you find any evidence in car? No, ma’am. He is very clever. He has serviced his car,
have washed out all the evidences.’ Hello, madam.
Which flat are you going to? I read the board outside that
a flat is to be given on rent here. 208, second floor. Oh.
– Sign it here and then you may go. Thank you.
– Okay, madam. Second floor, 208. The security guard identified you
and told me everything. Why will I plant
evidences against Rocky? I also have found Rocky’s
finger ring at crime spot. Kailash Jewellers,
Road number 11, Banjara Hills. Hello, madam. Can you hear me?
– Chari? Hello, Kailash Jewellers.
– Tell me. Your voice is cracking.’ You traded your gold
earrings to buy a finger ring. Then I got suspicious
and I started investigating. You were attacked twice in a day and
you were saved at both the instances. It means either the
attacker is an idiot.. ..or you already knew
that he is going to attack you. First the finger prints
of that person on knife. I wasn’t able to understand anything. Then my mind started churning
and then I understood everything. Your first attacker was
the one who saw you at club. He was Rocky’s man. It just took two slaps to make him
reveal the truth that he is innocent. Then who is the culprit? Is there anyone else
involved with you in this? Who is he? Your police department, Chari. I got to know about fake
evidences and transport data.. ..from your police station. ‘I’ll plant drugs in your
bag and get you arrested.’ ‘The number of the car
which hit the bike is traced.’ You gave me the address of Rocky
and also explained me about DNA. ‘Here it is.
Sterling Heights, Flat number 203. There must be some clue
related to Rocky on crime scene. Bracelet, ring,
watch, if we could find anything. If somehow we could get the
finger prints of Rocky on your phone.. ..then we can easily trace the
DNA of your husband from Rocky’s cloths. Madam, our DNA can be traced.. ..from our finger prints,
hair and many other things.. as like car,
bike, our cloths, our cell phone.’ When I learnt about DNA,
I sabotaged my own house. ‘Call forensic experts.’ I had a box kept here. It must be somewhere around.
Look for it. Also I met an ordinary burglar in
your police station who helped me out. ‘Madam, if you do
not wish to have tea…’ Hold it this way. I made that thief attack
me with same knife.. ..which belonged to Rocky’s man. When number of fake
evidences can be built.. ..to save criminal
from getting penalized.. ..then what’s wrong in creating
fake evidences for the sake of justice? What’s wrong in it? You are gathering evidences
and I am creating them. It’s sole purpose is
to penalize rocky, right? Madam. When we get injured, we go to doctor
and do not start treating on our own. It’s simple. For treat ailments we go to doctor
and to solve crimes we go to police. When you people fail to help.. ..we are left with no option
other than helping ourselves. Madam, everything has
to follow the protocols. Shall I tell you one more thing? If I destroy all evidences,
I will get ten millions. That’s what Satyam has said. Satyam doesn’t mean
entire police department. Some day he too will get detained. Rocky is a criminal,
he has murdered your husband. But you have turned into criminal
by creating fake evidences, madam. What you are doing is also a big crime.
Remember that. These are sleeping pills of Ram. After seeing you here,
I too got suspicious. To avoid any type of bustle,
I added two pills in your juice. For next two hours you can rest. By the time you wake up,
my work will be done. No. Sorry, Chari.
– Don’t do this. Sir, whenever we attack her,
she somehow escapes the attack. But this time she won’t survive. Rather it’s better if I kill you. Idiot. Hang up. Due to husband’s death she is in trauma. Be careful while talking to her. By the way, it will be better
if the matter get’s solved today itself. For safety I have placed
a gun below the table. If required use it. Where is the money? In the car, sir. Hold on. Give me the bag. Put your hands up. Put your hands up. Turn. Turn around. Go. Diksha! Welcome. Please. Come in. Please be seated. Ram and I were good friends. I am sorry. But I have heard lot about you. I have heard that you are a best cook. Ram had told me. But he didn’t mention
anything to me about you. Because our friendship
was of different kind. Will you? Our misdeeds are not
to be shared with everyone. Ram and I were good
friends since college days. Yes. I am not lying. If you were his friend
then how can you kill him? That’s what I am trying to say.
How can I kill my friend? Stop pretending. SI Satyam said that Ram
had borrowed money from you. I knew that you’ll do
anything to hide the truth. Therefore I called you
here so that settlement is done. But I haven’t killed Ram. Then how did I find
evidences against you? I don’t know. Someone must’ve lied
to you for trapping me. I know. You know? Yes. Satyam had told me about
the evidences of Ram’s murder. I am here to get to
the bottom of this matter. You know who created those evidences? I. You created evidences? But why? To make everyone believe in my story. What story? What’s this new confusion about? The confusion of cab driver helped me. I assured him that the car which he saw,
belongs to you. ‘Red or blue.’ Then I made a story.. ..that someone drove
in the car and attacked us. I used car as a pawn in this game. I leveraged on your travelling
information posted on facebook. Oh. It means you haven’t
done this to gather evidences. No. I made such story in which even smallest
of the details were taken care of. I made sure that there
are no CCTV cameras in that area. I met many people to ensure
if there was any eyewitness. I also met a filmmaker in the resort. ‘You are not here to enjoy the view.’ In fact I met one of
the criminals of our NGO. ‘Were you there on the day of accident?
Please tell me everything.’ No one knew anything
about that accident. I knew you had a fight
with waiter in restaurant. But I made everyone believe
that you had a fight with Ram. ‘Actually I was late
in serving the meal. Your husband shouted at me with anger. If anyone asks you tell
them Ram and Rocky had a fight. Okay, ma’am. I used these stories to
gather evidences against you. So it means you know
that I haven’t killed Ram. Even then you created
fake evidences against me. You called me to India to entrap me. But why? To kill you. Have you gone mad? I said I didn’t kill Ram. Then why do you want to kill me? Because you raped Sneha
and then killed her. Are you out of your mind? Those rapists were the workers. They have already
been sentenced to prison. And how do you know about this? You and policemen cooked up this story
so that you are spared. Only you and I are aware of this truth. What is she for you?
Why did you do all this for her? For the sake of humanity! She was a girl. She too was a human like you, Rocky. Stop this unnecessary fight for women! I agree that I made a mistake.
Just forget it! I will help you to
find the murderer of Ram. With this your heinous crime
of rape won’t get justified. Is it? Okay. Then hear one more truth. I wasn’t alone who raped her. Hey, Sneha, are you on the way to home? Yes.
– Get in. I’ll drop you home. Never mind. I’ll take the bus. It’s getting dark, I too am going home. Get in. I’ll drop you. Come on, get in.
– Please come. Come on. This isn’t the regular lane. It’s a shortcut. What happened? I’ll check. Okay. Ram. Please come. Car is punctured. Tell me what to do. Girl is excellent, we won’t let her go. Do you have Stefanie?
– Yes. Then get it. Tyre needs to be changed,
please step out of the car. Tyre is good. As like you. Hey! Excuse me! Hello! Just for ten minutes,
make me your boyfriend. Please. Okay. For five minutes? Hey. For two minutes. Please. I am being polite and
you are being coquitos. Leave me! Ram! Don’t shout. He is next after me. Leave me! Let me go! What are you doing? Your turn now. Hey, hope there won’t be any problem. My father will handle it. You go. Hey. She is on a run.
Grab her. Don’t let her escape. Hey, stop! Hey! Listen! Hey! Rocky! What happened? Look. Blood. Seems like she is dead. She died immediately
after hitting the ground. If I had told you before,
you won’t have enjoyed. But what shall we do now? Relax. Hello. There is a small issue. Handle it.
– Okay. Now tell me. Yes! You wanted to kill me
because I raped her, isn’t it? Now what is wrong with you?
Speechless because of shock? Don’t forget that your
husband was also a man. And you wanted to kill
me by creating fake evidences? And therefore you did all this drama. Now did you know? Did you come to know
now what had actually happen? Now what will you do? A dead person cannot be killed, right? Do one thing. File a rape case against your husband. You work for NGO, right? I have even better idea. Publish it on all social media sites
that your husband is a rapist. He is named after deity
but his action is most malevolence. What happened? Left broken heart? Had you killed Ram
as well if he was alive? I am Ram’s murderer. That day when I was travelling
for some work of NGO.. ..my phone got switched off. Next day I came to know
what happened with Sneha. Ram and I immediately
rushed to hospital. Her post-mortem was to be done. Ram took me to resort so that
my mind gets diverted from Sneha. What happened? Are you still thinking about Sneha? She was a very brilliant girl, Ram. And she was about to get engaged
with her lover in few months. She had such big dreams in her eyes. Poor girl.
– I understand your feelings, Diksha. But now you are pregnant. You shouldn’t get worried
in such condition. It’s not good for our child. So, calm down.
I’ll get the juice. ‘Hey, Sneha! Stop! Hey! Stop! Here. Now what’s wrong? Why don’t you keep your
phone aside for a while? These are yesterday’s messages. I just read them. Diksha, I can explain. Look. I didn’t wish to do this. Sneha compelled me. Otherwise it would have never happened. Please try to understand.
It won’t happen again. I promise. If I get exposed,
my career and life will be ruined. It’s not only about my life. But we both will suffer equally. What will you tell
our child when he is born? That his father was
a rapist and is imprisoned? No need to get so emotional about Sneha. Hey? I am talking to you. Who are you calling?
– Hello. Police station? Give me the phone. Let me go! You fool. I am trying
to convince you since long. Don’t you get it?
I will kill you as well. Don’t I take good care of you? Don’t compel me. Else I’ll forget that you are pregnant. Diksha! I am sorry, Diksha. I got eccentric. Please. I swear on my unborn child. I won’t do this again. We’ll live happily together, Diksha. Please save me. Diksha, what are you doing? Please listen to me. Diksha, please don’t do this to me. Please listen to me.
We didn’t want her to die! When Ram was falling off the cliff,
he said we. Then I realised that there
was someone else as well with Ram. And then I turned that accident
into a fake murder case.. ..and got you entrapped. ‘Madam, it’s not 22nd, write 23rd.’ Now I understood.. ..how you created those fake evidences
and got me entrapped. You knew that Satyam
is a corrupt officer.. ..and you also knew
about the deal between us. So you negotiated with
my father and called me here. Now what’s your plan? From centuries girls are facing this but
no one till date have attained justice. People always blame woman. Have etiquette, dress properly.. ..they are not allowed
to stay out during night. But never the monsters like you
have been taught to behave like humans. You killed Ram so are
you going to kill me as well? You thought I’ll let
you step out alive from here? I do not fear death. I have already once outwitted death. Very good. But this time you won’t succeed. You fired at him to kill him. And to save him, I fired at you. Not just big but now
I’ll buy a very big car. S I Satyam called you and Rocky
for settlement by going against law. Seventy millions were found in his car. As the deal didn’t strike,
S I Satyam killed Rocky.. ..and he also tried to kill you. But you killed S I Satyam
while defending yourself. And I am the eye witness. What you said was absolutely correct. Sometimes it is required
to carry treatment on our own. Listen. The food is ready. You have it. I am going to market, okay? Okay. Please, uncle. Don’t do this. Please, uncle. I beg you. Please. Don’t do this to me. Who is Diksha? What’s the matter, doctor? Please go in. He is calling you inside. His head is badly injured
due to falling off. He has suffered heavy blood loss. It’s difficult to
say anything right now. Your mother had told me to
take care of you while she was dying. It was my duty to keep
you away from troubles. But since last two years
I am committing such grave sin.. that God has now punished me for that. God hasn’t punished you but me.

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