WALK THE MOON – Shut Up and Dance (Movie dance compilation)

WALK THE MOON – Shut Up and Dance (Movie dance compilation)

Silver Linings Playbook Reality Bites Something Borrowed Love Actually Charlie’s Angels Dirty Dancing Big Reservoir Dogs American Beauty Happy Feet 2 13 going on 30 Slumdog Millionaire Save the Last Dance Alice in Wonderland Kick-Ass Pulp Fiction (500) Days of Summer Flashdance This Is the End Grease Intouchables (France) Tangled The Replacements Pride (UK) Blue Valentine The Wolf of Wall street Grind Ted Beetlejuice American Pie Blast from the Past King of New York Clerks II The Mask Mamma Mia! New Year’s Eve The Proposal American Pie: The Wedding Footloose Magic Mike Get Smart West Side Story Ferris Bueller’s Day Off Scary Movie The 40 Year Old Virgin Hitch Risky Business The Breakfast Club Penguins of Madagascar Mermaids Nothing to Lose Billy Elliot Shall we Dance Hairspray Napoleon Dynamite Puss in Boots She’s All That The Heat Rush Hour West Side Story A Night at the Roxbury Burn after Reading Step Up Dirty Dancing The Sound of Music Silver Linings Playbook The Ugly Truth Scent of a Woman Beauty and the Beast Pretty in Pink Grease The Perks of Being a Wallflower Along came Polly White Nights Cry Baby Tropic Thunder The Blues Brothers Mary Poppins Footloose (2011) Friends with Benefits The Sweetest Thing Coyote Ugly Saturday Night Fever Center Stage Rock of Ages Little Miss Sunshine Disaster Movie Bring it On

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  1. Honestly if I had only five minutes to showcase modern humanity to an alien race with no knowledge of earth, I'd show them this video for the first 3:18 minutes and use the remaining time to answer follow up questions.

  2. Any montage/compilation that can carry off 'Mary Poppins' has my utmost respect.
    My mom took us kids to see this on the big screen when it was first released!
    Great bit of edit-ing.

  3. You have a great video .I'll be back to see more . Thanks for sharing with the world.If you have a chance check my channel out.If you like hit subscribe.Let me know you did and ill say WHAT UP?! HOLLA AT YA BOY!!!!! Keep up the good work! Take Care God Bless!

  4. I throroughly enjoyed this. Pretty solid edit. I loved that everything was on beat and great song choice. Hats off to you 🙂

  5. oh-you so need to win an Oscar, and Emmy, a Tony, a Golden Globe, a peoples choice, a SAG, and another award out there……phenominal, fun, entertaining, perfection, seamless and just plain nice.  Thank you

  6. Easiest thing is to just click on closed captioning and it puts the movie titles at the bottom of the video. Some go by pretty quick.

  7. This is the most expertly edited in-sync incredible music video I have ever seen in my life. Each clip flows with the song, matches perfectly, and is the precise length for the segment chosen for it. Bravo!!

  8. I wonder what the percentage of those 8 million views is me? The BEST musical montage on youtube, bar none. The best editing. You should make movies. I'll be back.

  9. This is amazing!! I noticed that this dance montage actually goes with any song. I was listening to The Weekend – Love to Lay and it fit PERFECTLY OMG

  10. Real hip hop is hard to find now a days – I only see you and this new artist out of Chicago named "Hunnid" keeping hip hop alive. Be sure to check out his channel and keep up the good work!

  11. I have this video bookmarked as "instant happy place". If I am having a tough day I watch it and it has never failed to make me smile…2 years later. Thank you for making it!

  12. I come back to this video every few months, particularly if I can't sleep. It's one of my favorite YouTube videos, and I dread the day that YouTube decides to pull it for some stupid arbitrary reason. (Hopefully that won't happen, but it's happened to a lot of my other favorites, so… *knock on wood*)

  13. Hi!

    My friend Odessie and I are putting together a dance vid show for Vidukon, which is a convention in Cardiff where we basically hang out and watch vid/AMVs/compilations like this, and we'd love to include this vid if that's OK with you! It's not for profit in anyway, just a bunch of nerds in a room having fun! Let us know if there's an issue and we'll pull it.

    Many thanks!

  14. Omg!! Super well done, this video makes me smile so much. It has really nice memories tied to it, and it’s just so lovely. Well done!

  15. Hello!

    We're excited to let you know that we are planning on showing this during the Con.Txt 2018 Singalong Vidshow panel. We think people will really love singing and dancing along!

    Thank you,
    Cinco & Corbae

  16. If it hasn't been said already: activating the closed captions will list the movies on screen for each scene shown.
    Also, this is totally enjoyable. It made my day.

  17. this was a nice attempt and i enjoyed it, but Uptown Funk is still my favorite. Each beat and each step was practically spot on throughout the entire compilation.

  18. WOW if the person who made this isn't in the "Buisness" he or she
    I never get tired wstching this video.

  19. If one was to make a list of the best dancers in film, I doubt Cameron Diaz would be someone most people think of.

    But man, I think she's the only person to have appearances from three different films in here. Clearly she has skills.

  20. This is a great compilation! Each scene seems as if they are dancing to the song. It has a universal beat that you just get right into. Thanks for this!!

  21. Just the latest of many visits. I can not get over the PERFECT editing on this. Feel good fix taken care of. See you later.

  22. it's 2019 and I still watch this video at several times a year, it makes me so happy!
    thank you for this beautiful work 🙂

  23. I literally show this to everyone I know, if someone is down, this is an automatic uplifter! So insanely well edited, perfect scenes used and It is just perfection.

  24. Still…..and I mean STILL the best edited video on YouTube and my go to feel good fix. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Ms T.

  25. Wow, – who knew the only movies with dancing prior to 1970 were "West Side Story" and "Mary Poppins" – If you cant tell ia am being an ass, well then i will ask outright – HOW COULD YOU DO A DANCE COMPILATION AND NOT HAVE GENE KELLY OR FRED ASTAIRE??????

  26. I'm rewatching this with my two teen daughters, they love it too. I think this is in my top 10 favorite videos ever.

  27. One of my favourite pass times is finding videos like these and trying to match up different music. The one that i find matches up perfectly is Yours4Sure by We are Leo. If your interested:

    Keep this video up and then use a different tab and find Yours4Sure (Or Spotify if you have it). Make sure its the 3:49 long version and play the song. Then unpause this video at exactly the 6 second mark and it should line up pretty well. The lyric "So Come On" about 7 seconds into the song should match up with the words Shut up and Dance on the video.

  28. I. Love. LOVE LOVE this. It's one of those purely joyful things that makes me wish I'd grown up dancing. This is so SO energizing. I love it.

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