Wall Street Is Afraid of Elizabeth Warren | The Daily Show

Wall Street Is Afraid of Elizabeth Warren | The Daily Show

As the Democratic field gears up for the first big vote
for Iowa and New Hampshire, everyone’s focus has turned
to Elizabeth Warren, Massachusetts senator and aunt
who writes “I love you” under all
your Facebook pictures. Over the past few weeks, Warren has shot
to the top of the polls thanks to her support
among college graduates, Hispanic voters
and kids who ate lunch with their English teachers
in middle school. But there is one demographic
who hears “Elizabeth Warren” and immediately
shits their Armani suits. Newly-minted Democratic
frontrunner Elizabeth Warren– she has got Wall Street on edge. Some would say
in a full-blown panic. Headline after headline with ominous warnings
about dropping markets, investors running scared
from the prospect of Elizabeth Warren
being our next president. WOMAN 2: Some Democratic donors
on Wall Street are reportedly threatening
to vote for President Trump or sit out
of the 2020 election cycle if the party nominates
Elizabeth Warren. I think Wall Street
and especially the banks have every right
to be extremely concerned about a Warren presidency. Look, I’ve got to tell you. When you get off the desk,
you talk to executives, they’re more fearful
of her winning. I mean, I’ve never heard
anybody say, “Look, I…
She’s got to be stopped.” Yes, Wall Street bankers
are more terrified of Elizabeth Warren than they
are of a surprise gust of wind. “Oh, no, my cocaine! Wah! “Deep breath. (inhaling through nose):
Deep breath, deep breath.” (laughter) And it’s not surprising.
It’s not surprising that the people
of Wall Street are afraid, because Elizabeth Warren
has proposed some of the most progressive
financial policies in years. Things like
breaking up the big banks, increasing taxes
on the ultra wealthy, and-and… -(applause and cheering)
-Yeah. And making it easier for normal
people to join the Illuminati. That’s, like, a big thing, yeah. Some dude’s just gonna come
and like, “Sorry to interrupt the orgy,
but what’s the Wi-Fi, guys? My aunt’s gonna love
these pictures.” Now, it’s kind of hard to take
the Wall Street crowd seriously. And not just because they
still think Bluetooth is cool, but also because this
isn’t the first time they’ve predicted
the end of the world. Everything that Obama
is promising is destructive to our economy and detrimental
to the stock market. I think the national economy’s
in for a bad thing if he wins. If it’s Obama, Larry, I’m… I-I’m scared for this economy,
I’m scared for this country. Numerous economists
and business leaders, they are thinking the economy
and the stock market will tank if Trump wins in November. If Trump wins,
you will see a market crash of historic proportions. Yes. For both Trump and Obama, analysts claimed that
the stock market would tank. But do you know
what actually happened? The exact opposite. It’s been going up
for ten years. Because, you see, in many ways, the stock market is
a lot like a penis. Right?
There are many situations where you swear
it’s gonna be down, but surprise, surprise,
it just keeps rising, and nobody knows why. You’re like, “Dude, seriously?
At Grandma’s funeral?” “I’m not controlling it!
I don’t understand why! It’s just happening!” So, the one percent
are clearly not excited at the prospect of Elizabeth
Warren winning the White House, but according
to these billionaires, they aren’t just anti-Warren because she’s threatening
their wallets. No, they don’t like her because she’s also hurting
their feelings. The battle of the billionaires
continues after Leon Cooperman was brought to tears yesterday
on CNBC. Cooperman was and has been
very critical of Elizabeth Warren’s
proposed wealth tax. I don’t need Elizabeth Warren
telling me that I’m a deadbeat and that billionaires
are deadbeats. The vilification of billionaires
makes no sense to me. People can not only see
the emotion on your face but hear it in your voice when you
talk about this, Lee. Why? (crying):
I care. That’s it. -(laughter, aw’ing)
-Wait, are… are you crying? You’re a billionaire
who’s crying because Elizabeth Warren
is criticizing billionaires? Would-would you like a tissue? Get the (bleep)
out of here, man! -(cheering, applause)
-Are you serious right now? Let me tell you something. The only time you should
be crying as a billionaire is when a ghost teaches you
the meaning of Christmas. -That’s the only time.
-(laughter) And I’m-I’m disappointed
in this, I’m not gonna lie,
because of all the things that ever made me want
to become a billionaire, there’s no–
I wanted to become a billionaire because I thought the whole
point of becoming a billionaire is that you never have to give
a shit about money ever again. But these guys
over here are like, (crying): How will I afford
to throw a birthday party -for my yacht? (sobbing)
-(laughter) But clearly,
the one percent is terrified at the idea of Elizabeth Warren. She’s the billionaire’s
boogeyman. In fact, she now even has
a starring tole in a new Wall Street
horror movie. ♪ ♪ The year I turned 26,
I made $49 million, which really pissed me off,
because it was three shy of a million a week. ♪ ♪ WARREN:
It’s time for a wealth tax! (screams) Start asking the people
who have gained the most from our country
to pay their fair share! Just two cents. I did a lot of bad shit!
I’m going to hell!

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  1. Obama 2008 raised the economic Titanic, this very intelligent black man understanding his black history, Black Wall Street Raleigh-Durham North Carolina 1898, Black Wall Street Tulsa Oklahoma Harlem hellcats Google it . It's black history so true the Black Spirit of survival even through hellacious pain. The black man rise the greatest thing that ever happened to America was black American Pride. America has never gave black people but without us what would America be known for other than guns hate racism and ignorance need I say more. We just took a great president that happened to be white and black , treated him like shit and now trying to act like this mental midget named Donald Trump brought America back the world knows that is not the fact but America have lied for so long about what we and black Kevin brought to America the pull up the slack Obama just happened to be white and black when will we forgive such treachery that was done for 260 years two that were black people but still we forgive you. What will it ever take for the black man to pay his due, to a bunch ignorant white supremacist that never understood when they're racist game was through.

  2. The one percent can fuck off, the majority of this country is not the one percent. Fuck those rich people who have made mad millions and billions over a decade of pure profit.

  3. Something tells me that the billionaires are not scared of Warren…at least some of them are not. She gets a pretty good and positive coverage by CNN and Washington Post, unlike the real threat, Bernie Sanders who receives no coverage or only negative coverage. By portraying her as the main threat and not covering Sanders, they are promoting Warren, who is a lesser threat. So, it appears to me that what they are really saying is, billionaires are scared of Warren wink wink.

  4. I know Elizabeth Warren is a good person and all there's just something about her face I really really do not like or trust.

  5. I hope people realize that they are not nearly as terrified of Warren as they are for Bernie. They can handle Warren.

  6. One definite constant in finance is endless "a broken clock is right twice a day" prognostications of doom and gloom. It's so boring.

  7. Making Billionaires cry is always the goal!lol Damn greedy bastards! What a waste of life they are! How in the world can you be greedy when you cant even spend all your money in 10 lifetimes!

  8. MOB mentality, if YOU can't work hard and become a billionaire… Billionaires shouldn't exist
    Nice to know where the nation is headed

  9. I'm calling BS. If anyone does some research you will find Warren is a team player for the status quo. She is a centrist disguised as a progressive. Thats why she backed Hillary in 2016. A person doesn't go from Republican to far left progressive….🤣😂 People are to dam gullible.

  10. Just a small note on this, and why you can't exactly take anything wallstreet says "seriously" in these cases: They're not scared for the economy because it might hurt the COUNTRY, but because it might hurt their own wallets. The economy will be fine.

  11. She's not even a leftist or a democrat. Just like Bernie she's a green in disguise. I don't 100% trust them but I like what they say and that's a good start compared to everyone else we have running.

  12. Oh please, what bullshit. Several billionaires have donated to Warren, and execs from numerous financial firms AND RAYTHEON!! These people are not afraid of Warren, this is all media crap being done to manipulate public opinion to think Warren will actually do anything for us. No billionaires or investment firms (investing in the scam of PRIVATIZED war companies, healthcare insurance companies, and the related companies that also grift via overbilling to embezzle federal money) donate to Bernie.

    And a few weeks ago we saw that Wall Street and others were okay with Warren, but then they realized that the "peasants" could read, and we saw that this meant that Warren was on the side of the corrupt establishment, so now we are seeing Bill Gates and crying billionaires and corporate hack Noah pretending it is Warren they fear. No – it is BERNIE SANDERS! Warren's proposals are weak versions of Bernie's, and her wealth tax affects far fewer of the super rich. smdh

  13. A billionaire or millionaire has no right to cry when AMERICANS out there RIGHT NOW are crying because they don't know how they're going to pay the bills, how they are going to afford their medical bills, or how they are going to find a way to not get evicted this month. HE is crying ???? GTFOH man. HE cares? Nah man. He cares about HIMSELF. PERIOD. what a g damn joke. I can't believe this trash. Billionaires hoard their wealth & don't spend to put put it back into the economy & half they time they avoid paying taxes through tax evasion. This man is crying???? Seriously??? GTFOH. WHAT A JOKE,

  14. Im out here at 32 years old woman …a paralegal… Who CANNOT afford a home, cannot afford the $50,000 to fix my teeth or the $35,000 to fix my finances teeth. I work 4 jobs: 2 full time 2 part time and spend the rest of my time caring for my disabled 35 year old dance who suffered a stroke 6 years ago. We can't even afford to get out of dental pain. We live below the poverty line & don't even own a tv, can't afford heat or air conditioning & this BILLIONAIRE IS CRYING?!? I'm crying because I can't take care of my own man. I can't even get us out of pain. What a damn joke. GTFOH man, there are MILLIONS of Americans just like us who struggle every day just to put some food on the table. Where are HIS 2 cents?!?

  15. Wall Street may pretend to be afraid of Ms. Warren, but that is to divert attention from how terrified they are of Bernie Sanders.

  16. No one covers Bernie because he actually means what he says. Warren, on the other hand, is just an opportunistic liberal going with the wind.

  17. " I care." Sure. you care about your money and noting else. Heaven forbid you have to actually pay taxes like the rest of us.

  18. Billionaires are just billionaires because the took billions from the people who are workers. Time to take the money back.

  19. Comment Summary: ~30%=people making good fun of crying billionaires, ~70%=Bernie fans angry that the Warren video they clicked on isn't about Bernie.

  20. This dude, he highlights Warren with a video about how the rich hate her while she has 9 multi millionaires who have donated to her campaign while Bernie Sanders refuses to take any money from billionaires and millionaires and has taken 0 from billionaires, your bias is just absurd sometimes.

  21. Awe, those POOR Billionaire CEO's and Wall Street Executives!

    WHEN will they finally catch a break?! 😂

    Nobody is suggesting that we suddenly start taxing the wealthy at a higher rate than everyone else lol these candidates, like especially Elizabeth Warren, is only saying that everyone should have to pay the SAME amount, regardless of their personal assets or income.

    The people who make the least amount of money pay the highest tax rates in America, while the fewer than 100 total Billionaires pay ZERO, thanks to the, "business-friendly" GOP.

    In truth, they have actually budgeted in to their expenses annual campaign contributions and political donations, and of COURSE they expect a return on that investment!

    So, the Republicans who have been the biggest recipients of that money make DAMN certain that their DONORS get the best benefits. While everyone else has to face the possibility of deciding whether to sell their vehicle or their house should one of their family members gets sick or injured.

    But, unless she comes into the White House with a wave of Democratic congresspeople in the next election, it's highly unlikely many of her policies will end up becoming law, so these Millionaire and Billionaire Executives can hold their tears for now, it's not like they'll have to stop cheating the system anytime soon. 😂

  22. Good. It's about time Billionaires actually paid proper taxes. What the hell are they complaining about? They won't be able to afford that 26th yacht? Boo-fucking-hoo. Moronic babies.

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