Watch any movies at 60fps using Smooth Video Project(SVP)

Watch any movies at 60fps using Smooth Video Project(SVP)

GREETINGS EVERYONE This is a tutorial on how to watch movies and any videos at 60 fps using smooth video project(SVP) SVP is a software that uses frame doubling interpolation to convert any videos to 60fps through GPU rendering Normal movies are usually at 24fps or in some case 30fps The movie becomes very smooth and watching at higher framerate is amazing Let’s install the software All links are available in the description I have already downloaded it so i won’t download again the folder Max group fix comes from another zip which we will come back to, later Lets extract SVP pro full.rar Follow these steps for offine installations Copy the extracted SVP folder to C:SVP Run svp-cracked.exe Just tick all the boxes Lets download the crack while the software installs (Max group ) Links are available in the description Extract it Copy SVPmanager.exe Go to C:Program files(x86)SVP4 and paste replace the exe Before replacig make sure that SVPmanager.exe is not opened Now lets launch SVP This will analyze the system and adjust settings according to it Now that we have installed lets watch a video and make sure you open it with media player classic (mpc) You will notice the smoothness in the playback and fluidity cause now its running at 60 fps If you want to remove the upper and lower shades in the video just go to svp red box means that option is selected Remember that the settings are applied only after you close the SVPmanager window there seems to be certain lag only because i am recording the screen but there is no lag during normal playing The movie just gives a whole new level experience and the effects are enhanced with smoothness. After watching some movies at 60fps you will never want to leave this software. And the frame lags can be easily noticed without this software. Just try it and you will know it 🙂 Lastly, It is normal for the device to heat up due to GPU rendering. That’s it for today guys and don’t forget to post your reviews in the comments. And subscribe!!

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  1. lol this is not NATIVE 60fps its just a trick ill paste this info i got from the web to make it simple for those who are not avi nerds. Motion interpolation or motion-compensated frame interpolation is a form of video processing in which intermediate animation frames are generated between existing ones by means of interpolation, in an attempt to make animation more FLUID and to COMPENSATE for display MOTION BLUR. Dont understand check this out

  2. Hi, when i try to start the “svp4-cracked.exe” file, it says i don’t have access to it, and it will close right away, can anyone help me?

  3. I do not know why, but my tests showed that the 3.17 version is better than 4 pro. The picture quality of version 3.17 is much better.

  4. This is not working anymore.. i have tryed the svp 30day trial was working, but this one plays same fps as original file no matter what you do.

  5. I'm getting sluggishness and the playback showing nothing but black screens when I have it playing full screen. Plays fine when viewing in windowed format. Any advice on how to fix this error?

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