Watch Hologram Effect Tutorial for After Effects CC (No Plugins)

Watch Hologram Effect Tutorial for After Effects CC (No Plugins)

– [Instructor] Hey
guys, Flat Pack FX here, back with another tutorial. And today I’m gonna show you how to make this hologram watch effect. (upbeat music) So stick around, you’re
watching Flat Pack FX. (upbeat music) So today, I thought I’d make a tutorial on something slightly different and make this hologram effect which I took from the game, The Division. Now, you can use this effect on anything, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a watch but the same principles apply. So, for my footage, I just
picked up a few things I had laying around the
house, like this glove. Just a black jacket and then this watch which is actually a heart rate monitor. And all I did is, I just
drew a tracking marker on it, which I’ll use to track my
effect onto the watch-face. But I’ve also made this
clip available to download if you wanna follow along exactly with me. Alright, so with that, let’s get started. So the first thing you wanna
do is download three files. The first is this video
clip, which I’ve already pre-comped and already graded for you. And you need to do is
download and pull that straight into After Effects. The next is this hologram effect image that I’ve already pre-made for you. The last is this watch image
which I got from a website and I’ve also got a link in
the description below for that. Okay now, for those of
you that are gonna use your own footage, I’ll
just quickly show you how I actually shot my clip. Now, in my case, I actually
shot this using my iPhone and I just laid out the
green screen on the floor and just held the phone
in a stationary position and just held my wrist out. And just did some very
slight movements with my hand just to sort of help sell that effect. The other thing I did
was with my watch-face or whatever device you’re going to use is it just helps if you could
draw something like a cross or put some stickers on the screen and this will help you
because can use this as a tracking marker
when we come to actually tracking the watch-face. To pull a key, all I did
was, I just used key light and I just added the curves on top and then that just pulled my key. And then for my background,
I just used this image that I found online of a road. I just added a little
but of a gaussian blur and then added a bit of
curves to help match it. And then the last thing I did was, I just added a colour
grade with a bit of a flare over the whole thing. Now, like I said before, I’ve
already rendered out this clip for you so you can download
this completed clip and then just import that
straight into After Effects. So once you’ve shot your footage or you’ve downloaded my clip, all we need to do is take our video file and we’re just gonna right
click and then create a new come from selection. Now, the very first thing
we’re gonna wanna do is do the motion track first. So we’re gonna want our
elements to actually stick to the watch-face. So we’re just gonna do a simple 2D track. So I come over to the tracker. If you’re tracker isn’t
there, all you need to do is just come up to the
window and make sure track is selected. And then all I need to do
is just go, track motion. Now, for this, I’m also gonna
add on the rotation and scale. And then, all I simply
need to do is just select two points that are very
distinctively different. Then I’m gonna scale up this middle box. The both of them. And then I’m gonna come
over here and click this to analyse one frame
forward just to make sure that we’ve got a good track. Once I’m happy with that,
I’m then just gonna start the actual tracker. So while that’s running,
I’m just making sure that these don’t move around too much. So we want them to stay in
that same position each time. Now that looks pretty good
already, so I’m happy with that. Next, I’m just gonna right click down here and I’m just gonna create a nail object. And then, with my layer selected again, I’m gonna come up and edit target. And I’m gonna select the
nail four and then hit OK. And then I’m gonna come down
here and just hit apply. And then just hit OK. Alright, so that nail is now
tracked to our watch-face. Alright, so I’m gonna minimise this. Next, I’m gonna bring in my
actually watch-face image and I’m gonna put that on top. And all I simply wanna do is, I’m gonna go to the ellipse tool and I’m just gonna draw a
mask while holding shift to create a perfect circle. Now I’m gonna move this
mask over my watch-face. And I’m also gonna add
a little bit of feather. Something like that. I’m also just gonna decrease the expansion slightly. I maybe a little bit more feather. Increase that expansion slightly. Alright, so that looks good there. Next, I’m just gonna roughly
drag into the position that I need it and I’m
gonna make this a 3D layer. So now, what I can do, is
if I hit W on the keyboard or I go to my rotation tool, I basically want to
select each of the axis and try and line the watch-face up in a three dimensional sense. So I want it so sort of
appear like it’s sitting flat on the watch-face. So once you think you’ve
got it about close, you just wanna scale it down. Alright, so once I’ve got it in a position that I’m happy with, I’m then just gonna parent
this to my nail layer and that’s gonna track
it so that it looks like it’s stuck to the watch-face. Alright next, I’m just
gonna duplicate this layer. And with the bottom one selected, I’m just gonna come down to generate and the add fill. And I’m gonna make this one black. Now next, we actually want
the watch-face to animate in. So with the top watch-face selected, I’m just gonna go to the scale
by hitting S on the keyboard. I’m just gonna across,
about half a second in and I’m just gonna create
a key frame for the scale. Gonna go across a little bit
more, create another key frame. And then another key frame here. Now with my first key frame selected, I’m gonna make this scale to zero. And with this middle one selected, I’m just gonna make that slightly larger. Then I’m just gonna add
motion blur to the layer and then the composition. I’m also just gonna right click this and just go down to easy ease. And that’s just gonna sort of
give it that bounce effect. Alright, so that looks pretty good there. Alright, now I’m just gonna
repeat this same process, so it animates out. So I can just copy these
key grammes in reverse, so it sort of animates
out like that at the end. So once I’m happy with
that, the next thing is, I’m gonna select my
layer, come up to effect, down to stylize and I’m gonna add a glow. Now I’m gonna set my glow
threshold to be about 36. I’m gonna set the glow
radius to be about 113. And I’m gonna select this
to be A and B colours and I’m gonna change my A colour to be the darker, sort of, orange. And the B colour to be this,
sort of, lighter sort of orange. And I might make this
one a little bit darker. Maybe a bit more red. So something like that, alright. So that looks good there. Next, I’m gonna right click
and create a new composition. I’m gonna call this one hologram. And I’m gonna set this
one to be HDTV 1080 25. And then just leave the rest as default. And I’m gonna select my hologram image and just drag this into the composition. Now this is the hologram
image that I’ve already pre-rendered for you, so
I’ve made all these elements and just rendered it out as a PNG, so we can just duplicate
this to save a lot of time. So for those of you that wanna skip ahead, so you can just skip this
next part where I show you actually how to make this. For those of you that wanna make your own, or wanna know how I actually made it, here’s a very quick
demonstration of how I did that. So the first thing I did was
just create an orange solid. So basically just grab the rectangle tool and I set the fill to be
an orangey sort of colour. And then just simply drew out a rectangle. So something very basic like. I’ve also decreased the
opacity to about 40% and then I simply duplicated that layer and then just squished
it down and moved it into a little side piece. And I set the opacity to
be about 80% on this one. Then I duplicated that
one and moved another one to the other side and then I
simply duplicated those again and just scaled them down
to make this sort of square, which I set off to the side. I then duplicated this main layer again and then I just came up to layer. I just changed the solid
settings to be a grey. Now the last thing I did was I
created this dots composition using these dot images that I got off line and I layered them and
slightly offset them from the main layer. And I also decreased the opacity of those down to about 20%, so I slightly
offset them from the layer. So it looks something like that. So that brings us up to where we are now. So now that you’ve imported
that hologram image into this composition, next, we need to make the actual text. So I’ve already pre-made
this text for mine. But all I did was, I
went up to the text tool and I just simply typed
out whatever I wanted to be on top of this layer. So, in my case, I’ve just
written Flat Pack FX. And I came up to the character menu and all I simply did
was just change the font to whatever I wanted it to be and I set the text colour to be white. Now the other thing I did was,
I then added a drop shadow. So I came up to effect, I
came down to perspective and then I added a drop shadow. And the drop shadow, I
just changed the direction to be around 220 and
I changed the distance to be about seven. I, then, selected my layer. I came up to edit and
then down to duplicate and with my bottom layer selected,
I deleted the drop shadow and then I slightly off-centered it. And then I hit T on the keyboard
to bring up the opacity. And I drop this down to about 20%. Then all I did was I grabbed my top layer, I came back up to edit
and I duplicated this. And I just moved this off to
the side, I double-clicked it. And I just changed this to be a number. So, in this case, I
called this one zero one. And then I just set that
one into the grey box. So like I said, you can put
whatever you want in here. This can be whatever your text is. And, in this case, I’ve just put numbers but that can be whatever you want, again. So once you’re happy with that, I’m gonna select all my layers, I’m gonna come up to edit and then I’m gonna simply duplicate. I’m gonna drag these layers on top. Then I’m gonna move all
those layers on top. I’m then gonna select those layers again, and I’m gonna come back to duplicate. And drag these ones onto the bottom. Gonna drag these ones down. Now you wanna try to
leave an even, sort of, spacing between them. Now with those layers selected again, I’m gonna come back up and I’m
gonna duplicate these again. Drag these to the bottom. And then move this down. Alright, so that’s what
we should have now. Now, next, this is actually
when you change the text to be what you want. So know I’ve just changed
the text to be what I want. Also, keep in mind, you’re
gonna have to change for both layers, so the under layer and then the layer above. So now that we’re happy with
that, I’m gonna right click and I’m gonna create a new nail object. And we’re gonna use this nail object to animate these layers. So, I’m gonna select all my layers and I’m gonna parent
them to this nail object and I’m gonna go about half a second in. Gonna bring up the position key frame by hitting P on the keyboard. Then I’m gonna go another
couple of frames in and create another position. Now this one, I’m just gonna hold shift and I’m gonna drag these
so they’re off-screen. Then I’m gonna go to my second key frame, I’m just gonna bring
these up slightly here. I’m gonna repeat this process for the end. So gonna create another key frame. And I’m just gonna drag
this down slightly, so in the middle part,
we’ve got a slight bit of movement there. And then at the end, I want them to completely disappear again. So I’m gonna move them
completely off-screen. Now the other thing I did was, I selected these two middle
key frames, I right clicked and then I created an easy ease. So between these two key
frames, it should move directly to the next key frame. So if yours does this where it goes down and then goes back up and
then starts moving back down, you need to change the
key frame interpellation. So I select all my key frames and go to key frame interpellation
and I need change this to be linear and then hit OK. And that’s gonna get rid of
that movement in between. So next, what I actually did in mine, was I selected a layer that
I actually wanted to pop out during the animation. So to do that, all I
did was I right clicked and created a new nail object. And I moved that nail
object over the layers that I actually wanted to animate. So in this case, I wanted
to select the options. So I highlighted those and I parent them to my nail six. Then with my nail six, I
parent that to nail five. Then all I did was, I selected
the area that I actually wanted it to be highlighted. And this time I hit S on the
keyboard to bring up the scale. And I simply just created a key frame, went along a little bit more and then just scaled this up. I just selected those two
key frames in reverse. And pasted them in. So we sort of end up
with this effect of it sort of highlighting one of the layers. And we can speed this up by
dragging these close together. And I also created an easy
ease for these as well. Alright, so if we play
through what we’ve got, this is what we should have now. Alright, so once we’re happy with that, we’re gonna come back to our
watch hologram composition. And we’re gonna drag our
hologram composition in. Now, at the moment, it’s not lined up. So we need to make it a 3D layer. And we’re just gonna do
the same thing we did with the watch-face. So we’re simply gonna try and move this and match it to our composition. Alright, so once we’re happy
with the placement of that, I’m then gonna parent
that layer to my nail. So that’s then attached to the watch-face. Now, we can worry about
timing later but the next step is then, I’m gonna come
up here and I’m gonna grab my pen tool and I’m simply
just gonna draw a mask. And then I’m gonna draw another mask along the bottom. I’m just gonna make some
slight adjustments here. Then I’m gonna go down to my masks and I’m gonna se these to subtract. So we can only see what’s in the middle. Then I’m simply just gonna add a feather. And I’m also just gonna
decrease this mask layer here and I’m gonna do the same for this one. So we just, sort of,
cutting off those edges. Alright, so that’s what
we should have there. Now I can go to my watch-face and I’m gonna copy the glow effect and I’m gonna paste it onto my hologram. Then I wanna come up to the glow threshold and I’m gonna adjust that to 22. I’m gonna change the radius to be about 57. So once I’m happy with that, I’m gonna select my hologram layer again, I’m gonna come back up to edit and I’m gonna duplicate it. Now this time, I’m gonna delete the glow on the bottom layer. And I’m gonna move this off to the side. And I’m gonna come up to effects and I’m going to add this gaussian blur. I’m gonna set my gaussian
blur to be about 53. And them I’m gonna hit T on the keyboard to bring up my opacity and
I’m gonna drop this down to about 13. Now if you can see, it’s
actually just creating a little bit of glow on the wrist itself. So that just helps sell the
effect when actually comes out. Now, if I just play through that, that’s what we should have now. Now overall, that looks pretty good but I can just adjust the timing. So there’s two factors
to the overall timing. There’s our actual watch-face
which is animated here in this scale function that we created. And we kinda want that to come in before the actual hologram appears. So if we go to end of
that scale key frame, and then all I need to
do is go into my hologram and it’ll take me to that
point in the timeline. If I select these two position
key frames on my nail layer, all I simply need to do
is just drag these back. So if I go back, you can see it actually
animates the watch-face, then the hologram comes in. So you can actually re-time
this to be whatever you want. So you can have them
come in at the same time, you can have them delayed. It’s up to you and the effect that you actually wanna create. So I can do the same at the end here. I can just drag these ones to go quicker. So there you go, guys, that’s
a really quick and easy way to create a really simple hologram effect and you can take these same
principles and expand on them. So if you have computer
screen, you can do the same sort of thing by using these same steps, you can create a hologram
that comes off your phone or off a computer screen,
whatever it is you wanna add to your production. Thanks very much for watching, guys. I hope you’ve learned something. And remember, Flat Pack FX is the flat pack anyone can build. (upbeat music)

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