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  1. I believe God smiled each time one of us did that night. I thanked him over and over and ran through the house acting like a kid at Christmas.

  2. These people were just wrong on so many levels. And it looks like they plan on repeating the same mistakes in 2020

  3. You noticed in the beginning the anchors were all lighthearted and making jokes but; as the night went on not so much.

  4. This black man with a Bachelor's degree and pursuing a Master's degree voted for Trump and will do it again in 2020.

  5. These people are propagandists for the left. TRUMP is right, they are TRULY the enemy of the people!
    Trump 2020 and beyond! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  6. Florida as it turned out wasnt a must at all, with Michigan Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin all flipping. Lol

  7. All the networks were just an extension of the Democratic party. Think of it. With every concievable disadvatage going into election day, TRUMP won a very lopsided electoral victory. Simply the greatest upset in American history.

  8. Good on you you tube dragging out old videos to keep us all in the past but at least you got Trump winning

  9. CBSN got humiliated with their predictions lol they couldn't have been more wrong, & that's why this video is only 19 minutes long.

  10. It's funny how a good portion of blacks still hate the fact that hes president but yet their unemployment rate is at a historic low!!

  11. I never get tired of watching the liberals meltdown over the Trump win. 2020 will be a landslide for Trump!

  12. Im just watching this years later and what that old woman said at 16:40 and the way she said it makes me sick. Imagine if she said that with that tone about Black or Hispanic people. White people are treated like crap by the media

  13. I have never answered a poll. People that waste time taking polls are usually load mouths that will talk to who listens to them.

  14. Hillary was going to make her bank account bigger and bigger nothing else just that Trump 20/20 get out and vote people never vote Democrat Democrats hate America the American people first and second amendments but they love them some illegals want to give them everything for free but the American people get to pay for theirs

  15. Norah O'donnell: the Trump Victory party, they're calling it.
    Yes, Norah, they are aren't they,? How silly of them, we know better, we are the civilized ones, we even have Charlie the Rose.

  16. HILLARY – "She has so many paths"…
    TRUMP – "The key question is what are the realistic paths"…
    Wow, bias much.

  17. Trump haters and Clinton lovers it’s disgusting they call themselves journalist when fact is they are just a part of the DNC, and an arm of Clinton’s campaign. How can folks get an objective, fair and balanced view of what’s really going on. After the msm gave Obama a 100% pass just because he was black and liberal, made the country sick, and Clinton paid the price. That and the fact she was the most corrupt and evil candidate ever to run for the office

  18. You know I gotta say – I think CBS's coverage was the best out of any of the major networks. It all had a very good feeling, positive vibe about it. It didn't feel divided or biased. I'll probably watch them November 4th next year.

  19. the young turks is pretty entertaining from election night too. Early: smug and pompous. Middle; whoa, wait, what is happening here. Late: WTF!! GD Dems! — funny stuff

  20. Definitely one of the best nights of my life! I love watching these video’s and reliving that wonderful night!

  21. Just Love Watching and Listening To These Leftist MSM Bobble Heads .. Little Did They Know Tums and Wine Sold Out To TDS-DumboRats .. The MSM and Their Foolish Polls Were All Wrong .. Patriots Were Confident Trump Would Win .. Trump Was In The Lead All The Way o The Bank .. Clinton Didn't Even Make A Concession Speech .. Trump 2020

  22. Lame, this is the first 20 minutes of coverage, not a recap…………skip it. They get up to maybe 20 electoral votes and that's it.

  23. 5:10 "like being in the delivery room waiting to see if it's a girl or a boy." Awww, it was a late-term abortion of the girl, just like they do in China. A little poetic justice for the baby killer.

  24. Anyone who hasn't seen it should check out "RT" network's election coverage towards the end and watch the host, Bill Shultz's reaction to Hillary Clinton when she didn't make an appearance at the end of the night. It's one of the funniest election-night meltdowns I've seen, lol!

  25. Trump landslide coming 2020..No matter how many lies main stream media tells.No matter how indoctrinated the sheeple are.Trump Landslide.We must as patriots save America once again.

  26. LOL.. "no secret Trump voter, Florida looking good for Hillary, Clinton has so many paths to 270, Hillary can win without Florida but Trump cannot.. " I D I O T S ! ! !

  27. Notice the high energy and excitement and happiness in the beginning….and it all slowly drained away as the night goes on. Zero attempt to have a balance from both parties on panel.

  28. Watching this 2 years after, it is apparent that these are actors not reporters. To all who watch these people on a regular basis, they think you are stupid and you are if you believe anything that comes out of their mouths!

  29. Absolutely amazing to watch these know it alls who know NOTHING! I don’t like everything Trump does but I voted for him once and will vote for him again in 2020! Go Trump! I wish all of these people were forced to watch this every day to see how foolish they look!

  30. One of the mantras that dominated the pols that election night was that while Hillary could lose Florida but win the election, Trump could not win the election without winning Florida. But, as it turned out, the complete collapse of Hillary's "blue fire wall" made Trump's victory possible even without the Sunshine State.

  31. CBS just cried and cried like little kids lol I love it and btw you know they slanted because they started with criminally and ended with her in their opening

  32. I'm a happy deplorable. It's been 3 years. Media and the Far Left have continued to try to take it away from him.

  33. The people who escaped Cuba, or their grandparents did, surely don't want a Socialist Government. That's a step away from Communism. I was a young kid during the Cuban Missile crisis. Remember being scared. I can't speak for other people but I'm against the Socialist movement. If I can get to the polls in 2020, I will vote for Trump again. Him being against people coming to this country don't make him a racist. I've never heard him say anything about people being here legally. That includes the different races of Americans. We're all Americans.


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