Watchmen With Attitude [FAN FILM]

Man why do you guys keep falling from
the sky? What’s the matter Chris? Too tired from being the Ranger of this world? Never Damien, no!!! It’s my chance to finally defeat you. I think it’s time for you to leave. Another masked hero, huh? I’m no hero. Wait who are you? I’m nobody,
and everybody. Uh thanks a lot for your help and all, but
we just don’t get rid of our adversaries like that. We don’t just kill them! You prefer blasters and swords? But I didn’t come here for him. What’s going on? I’m
the good guy here! Are you? Why are you doing this? You people think you’re doing
the world a favor, dressing up and fighting like this world is your arena.
It’s heroes like you that empower monsters to keep attacking. That’s absurd. You
earlier asked why they keep on falling out of the sky? It’s because your very
powers invite challenge, and these encounters produce misfortune as you are
well aware of what just happened to your nephew. But that can’t be my fault. Give
up the costumed life Chris so no more innocents can get hurt. Once you stop,
everything stops. And what if I don’t? Then Damien will lose more than his
uncle today. No! You’re the monster here. I’m through watching from the sidelines,
it’s time to stop you all! Bring it! Stop this now! I get what you mean, but
monsters will keep on coming even without costumed heroes. And it’s my job
to be here when that happens. Look at you and your naivete. I don’t want to hurt
you! “Good joke. Everybody laugh. Roll on snare
drum. Curtains.” Uncle? Even the best heroes have flaws, that’s
what makes us human. But it’s not a reason to crucify us over. Damien are
you okay? I think so… You’re wrong Chris. But for now, my watch resumes. Hey guys, thanks again for watching this
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