We Are Animals — Gay Short Film

We Are Animals — Gay Short Film

Scientists at the National Center of Disease Control released the results of a study which shows that the lifestyle of some homosexuals has triggered an epidemic The “Gay Plague” is the center of a political storm – the Moral Majority claiming AIDS is God’s punishment for the gay life style AIDS is breaking out into the general population This isn’t just a disease we’re talking about here! These people are capable of murdering people when they (indecipherable) 50% of Americans favor quarantine We’re putting them in a nice, comfortable place. Just isolate them! [Secretary Larouche] We have received proof that the free world, once again, is in danger The radical group of homosexuals, known as the Pink Panthers, has rallied together, more determined than ever, to destroy the means put in place by our scientific and medical communities that keep us all safe and healthy. Although we have created a protective quarantine, no one is truly safe. [fence squeaks] [leaves crunch underfoot] [man coughing, footsteps] [man] Hey, you’ll help me… [struggle] Help me! Selfish pig, you’re just like the rest of us! [Guard 1] Identification? [Guard 1] Arms out [scanner beeping] [Guard 2] He’s clean [music plays] Several members of the Pink Panther have been arrested for vandalizing property throughout the quarantine zone, spreading their hateful message of fear and lies. The authorities have transferred the detainees to a nearby clinic for immediate neutralization It’s not what it looks like! [Other man] I should have known you were on Celibron. I know exactly what you’re going through. You’re doing a really good thing I can’t eat, I can’t sleep, they’re fucking poisoning me! [Other man] These things saved my life [Other man] Do you want to get better? Yeah [Other man] Then do this Yeah, (indecipherable) [Peter] So what’s it like? Will they cut it off? You’ll be anesthetized [Peter] Mm-mm. I wanna feel everythin’. Mmm, even pain We can’t do that, that’s…inhumane [Peter] Since when did that stop anyone? I-I’m sorry, the government requires that every patient be numb from the waist down for this procedure What do you feel down there, nurse boy? I could smell you a mile away Body’s strong… It’s resistin’ those pills …How did you know that? D’you ever break the sodomy law? The what? [Peter] Sodomy, sweetie. Mmm, sodomy. [Peter] C’mon… Everybody knows these clinic staff are a bunch of fags. [whispers] My nose never fails I don’t know what you’ve heard, but you’re wrong! I’m straight [Peter] So is spaghetti. Till you get it wet [slurps?] and hot I need to take your blood pressure [Peter sniffs him] Strapping to the wrong limb You’re about to be castrated, doesn’t that bother you? [Peter] Hell no. Mmm, turns me on. Always wanted to sing soprano [attempts to sing high note] This isn’t a game, people are dying out there because of this! [Peter] I live out there. I see what’s going on. You’re a freak [Peter] Might be hard – I mean difficult – to do the procedure, if I’m, uh, y’know. [Peter] Oh yeah, how’s that feel? You just gotta squeeze right there [Surgeon] Where’s the scalpel? [shouting, cursing, several ‘Fuck you!’s] [Peter] Get up. Get up! [Peter whoops] [Peter] Open this, or you’re next [Peter whoops] My fellow Panthers! [Peter] Once we get that (indecipherable), I promise you that we will stab at that opposition, in its cruel, ignorant heart, and we’ll be victorious! [Peter] (indecipherable shouts) Your breast (?), stripped for their dignity, under the guise of a disease, an epidemic, that has nearly wipes us out [Peter] I’m talkin’ about extinction here. Life and death! We too, are capable, of creating the ultimate revolution. [cheers] (indecipherable) of swine, we appear before you without our meds! [more cheers] [Peter] Can’t go back, got nowhere to go! [Peter] Better run, sweetheart, better run! [Peter] I’m gon’ getcha boy! [Peter howls] [Peter] You can’t go back. Government’s declared you a renegade I can’t be a part of this [Peter] Yeah? You’re here, you’re queer. Just do it [Peter] You felt something, didn’t you? [Peter] The pills are wearin’ off, you’re regaining your libido Was that your plan? To hold me hostage until the pills wear off? [Peter] A man’s not a man until his pills wear off. I’m doin’ you a favor What’re you doing? [Peter] Freeing the beast [Secretary Larouche] And so, [clears throat] in response to this act of aggression, we are launching a new effort; a policy that will eliminate the homosexual problem once and for all. A final solution, if you will- [shouting begins]

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  1. well 5 years later…
    but this shit is so amazing and intense.
    damn son.
    one of my favorite short film of all time.

  2. I'm gonna edit this comment Everytime I re-watch this
    Edit 1: helloooo
    Edit 2: I'm back againnn
    Edit 3: oooofffff still so good
    Edit 4: heyyoo

  3. ให้ตายสิ…มันดีมากเลยอ่ะ ดูจิตๆลอยๆคว้างๆแล้วก็โดนกระชากมาดูความโหดร้าย นึกว่าน้องจะหนีจดสุด แต่น้องคงทนไม่ไหวเพราะพี่ผู้นำคือหล่อและเป่าหูเก่งมาก55555555

  4. They slayed yassss sis this is it 🐺🐺

    And bitch you can’t eliminate lgbtq 🏳️‍🌈 dumb ass

  5. i've watched it about 15-20 times and its still a poetic cinema..
    Edit: i need a part 2!
    Edit 2: here again 🖖🏼 (30th July 22.19)
    Edit 3: im here 🖕🏿🏳️‍🌈 (9th August 16.38)

  6. I'm suprised that the news person didn't say,"We need to pray away the gay!"

    But I absolutely love the gay! I want a movie!

  7. some uneducated bitch in my history class deadass, in front of everyone, fucking said "i don't care if you're gay just don't touch me"

  8. So , why the fuck isn't this a movie yet ?? I will deadass give all my money away to see this become a full-length movie . This is such a cool & interesting concept & with today's world , this would definitely get super far in the industry .

  9. This is absolutely amazing!! why are the goods always short? They should be full movie!!! I mean I’m glad it even is a short film but damn, this as a full on movie

  10. i havent seen this in like a year and i still love it!!!! i wish it was a full length movie, its by far my favorite short film out there

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