We Talk to the Cast of The Mandalorian

We Talk to the Cast of The Mandalorian

– We won an Emmy for
the Star Wars Show for an “Arrested
Development” parody we did that Ron was involved in. – No. – So first of all,
thank you for our Emmy. – You’re welcome. Hey, I’m Tony Hale. Welcome to The Star Wars Show. These people are
very, very cool. This is the Star Wars Show. – Hello, and welcome to The Star
Wars Show, the only Star Wars show on the internet coming
to you from behind the scenes of a mystery shoot. – Speculate about where
we are and what we’re doing all you want, internet. We’re not telling.
– Oh, no. I’ll tell them.
– No, don’t. – We’re making a
mayonnaise commercial. – No, we aren’t. – Or are we? – Let’s go to the news. D23 Expo took
place last weekend. And it was filled
with “Star Wars” news and information
that will surely keep you theorizing on the
internet for months to come. – On Friday during
the Disney+ panel, Lucasfilm president Kathleen
Kennedy took the stage, along with surprise guest Diego
Luna and Alan Tudyk to talk about their new
untitled series coming to the streaming service. – And while they joked
about not having a title, they did reveal that the
series is in pre-production. – We also learned that the
new season of “Star Wars– The Clone Wars will be coming
to Disney+ in February of 2020. – Oh. And Ewan McGregor’s
back as Obi Wan Kenobi in an all new live-action
series coming to Disney+. – The untitled series
is set eight years after the events of
“Revenge of the Sith” and will go into
production next year. It’s only set eight years
after because that’s how much older he’s gotten
in the last 20 years. – Mhm. Yeah. It’s science or something. That’s not all. The cast and crew
of “The Mandalorian” took the stage to reveal a brand
new trailer for the upcoming series, giving us a look at
this gritty new live-action show which debuts on November 12. – Then on Saturday, Kathleen
Kennedy, J.J. Abrams, as well as the cast of “Star Wars– The Rise of Skywalker”
took to the stage to reveal a brand new
poster for the film. – The poster shows Rey and
Kylo engaged in a watery battle while the face of the
emperor looms overhead. – More importantly, attendees
were treated to a reel showcasing moments
from the entire saga culminating in
new, never-before-seen shots from “Star Wars– The Rise of Skywalker.” – It was intense. One minute, the
crew was watching a party on top of some rocks. Then the next,
C-3PO’s eyes turn red, Kylo and Rey are
fighting on water, and then Rey goes all dark side
and has a double-bladed saber. – What does it all mean? – We’ll find out soon
enough when “Star Wars– The Rise of Skywalker” hits
theaters on December 20. But you can watch that reel
right now on starwars.com. – Darth Vader, who had a brief
voiceover cameo in the “Rise of Skywalker” reel,
was also present at D23 Expo during ILMxLABs
“Vader Immortal” panel. – Guests were
treated to new looks at concept art for the
upcoming Episode II as well as new footage
and learn that you’ll be able to train in the ways
of the force with Darth Vader, like being able to
force lift objects as well as throw a lighted
light saber at an enemy. – It’s everything
I’ve ever wanted. For more on “Vader Immortal– Episode II, including a look at
the new creature the Darkghast, check out starwars.com/sws. – D23 Expo attendees were
also the first to learn about the new Star Wars
themed vacation experience coming to Florida. – Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser
is a first of its kind immersive experience taking
guests aboard the luxury star starship Halcyon as they embark
on a two-day journey amongst the stars where guests will
interact with other characters and become active
participants in an unfolding galactic journey. – I was so excited for you. Hopefully, we can sneak
Kevin onboard like we did for our cruise episode.
– Yeah. I hope so.
– Ah, that will be so much fun. – Guests were also
treated to a glimpse at the new attraction coming
to Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge– Star Wars Rise of the
Resistance, including an escape from two giant
AT-ATs and a light saber coming through the roof. – For more on all the Star Wars
coming to the Disney resorts, check out starwars.com/sws. – And for more breaking
news from around the galaxy, keep it locked to starwars.com. – We have a lot of news. – I need a nap. [MUSIC PLAYING] – If Forky had to answer– Forky, what is Star Wars? – Oh my gosh. Well, first of all, he
would break it down. Because he would go,
a, what’s a star? And b, I don’t even
know what a wars is. So don’t even put
those words together. So he’d have to just get to
the basic of a star and a war. And then once somebody
described to him, oh, well, a star is the sky,
and a war is like battle. He’d be like, I don’t
want a part of it. – You’re–
– –watching– – –a–
– –Star– – –Wars–
– –Show. – Hello, sir.
– How are you? – Giancarlo.
– Hey. – Hey, oh.
How’s it going, man? – Man, it’s so good. – It’s so good. What’s up, dude? – Good to see you. How come you get to be on
this side of the fence? How’d that happen? – Because I told him
I know Dave Filoni. And so they let me–
– Oh, right. That won’t get you that far. – I haven’t seen you
since celebration when you stepped out on stage. – Since April. – Can I just ask you– like,
if we’re going to shake hands, can we just– can we do? – Oh, boy. – Yeah! First time anybody’s ever
asked him, first time today, first time in the
last 15 minutes. – First time in
the last 50 years. – You got to watch the
trailer for the first time with the audience. How did it feel? How did it look? What did you expect? – I can’t wait to get
done with all this press so I can go back
and really watch it. There was just such great
energy in the crowd. And I just remember
some flashes. I kind of black out
when I get adrenaline. So I have to go
back and watch it. But was it good?
Did you like it? – It was wonderful. – See, I didn’t pay attention
because I was watching the people watching the trailer,
knowing that I could watch it online finally, like
repeatedly, over and over and over and over. – It is exciting because I
want the fans to see this. We’re all very proud of it. And we’ve been
working hard on it. So it’s really exciting
when they see it. It’s also relieving
because it’s less things you have to keep secret. I’m always super
thankful for that. So I can’t wait for
episodes to get out. – Listen. – I’m listening. – You’re an IG droid. – Apparently. – I don’t know how you were
when you were a kid, but I was kind of obsessed with IG-88. Was this a cool
thing for you to do? – Yeah. Just to be involved
in this was amazing. You know, IG-11 I
like to think is made in the same factory as IG-88. I think– – 77 better or 77 worse? – 77, more– I mean, it’s like,
you know, like there’s a Trans– like the
later Trans Ams were kind of like kind of cool. But the earlier Trans
Ams were like, those were the ones you want. You know, you want the
“Smokey and the Bandit” one. – Yeah. – You know, that’s
how the IG-11 is. – Once again, you are a bad man. – I’m a bad man. I think he just like
looks so intense. I have the greatest costume in
the whole world, my goodness. Thank you so much. My first time
seeing the trailer, too, just like you, and very,
very– excited that the through line and the moral turpitude
of this particular show has held up. It’s strong. – This is like if you
had a $250 million movie. That’s how that looked. That did not look like
something that you’re going to be watching in your
home on your television. That thing looked so amazing. – The aesthetic of this
thing– we started off with Trooper buckets on spikes. – It’s a cool image. I mean, and that’s something
that I’ve always wanted to see. And like a lot of it just
comes down to that, for me over the years, is I’m a fan. And I would like to see
some of these things. And I hope people
want to see them, too. And if you grew up
a “Star Wars” fan, we all like a lot of the same
things about that universe. And John and I definitely
have so many things in common. You know, we are
just having fun. – We got to see more
glimpses of other characters, more glimpses of other places. Can you tell us anything
about Cara Dune yet? – I loved putting
on her uniform. I loved wearing that every day. And that’s big. Because when you put something
on everyday for months on months, in the
beginning, you’re like oh, this is amazing. And then at the end,
you’re like, get it off me. And at no point was I
like, get it off me. – Gina Carano was like, oh,
you’re sounding so sexy. And I was like, nuh uh. And she was like,
what do you mean? I was like, that wasn’t me. That was Werner Herzog. And she was like,
oh, ha, ha, ha. – To be fair, Werner
Herzog did sound sexy. – He did.
He did. Always does. It’s almost like all of
the derelict background characters of the bar in the
very first Star Wars movie that we ever saw in the
movie theater is now front and center, just sort
of like the edgier background of the world
building gets to come center stage, which means bring
Werner Herzog into the mix. – You’ve gotten to play
in some very big sandboxes over the last couple of years. How did it feel to be
directing an episode of a “Star Wars” show? – It’s one of those
experiences like you just know isn’t going to happen. So you don’t even bother
dreaming about it. So when you turn
up, you’re like, oh, this is a dream I
didn’t even know I had. And it’s come true. It was just very
surreal and strange. We shot the whole thing
in a very similar style to the original films. And so that stuff keeps it
grounded in the universe. And then you know, we had like
a lot of practical effects and a lot of creature design. And all of that– just to be
on set around that stuff– there’s nothing like it. – The “Star Wars” trilogy–
for me, as a kid– I always wanted to be there. I went, wow, this is amazing. It gave me courage. It taught me how to be
respectful, how to be a man, how to face challenge. To be in this particular piece
that pulls all of these really vivid and incredible visuals
and emotions from a story that is galactic, man,
it’s like I’ve stepped into an iconic franchise. And I’m so proud to be here. – This is no big
prediction, but I think this is going to
change what a lot of stuff that’s made for television
or for streaming is going to look like. And I got another one
that I can say, hey, let’s Carl Weathers up there.
– Yeah, man. Yeah. Thank you so much, Carl. – Nuh uh. – He did that one. He initiated that one. [SQUEEKING] – I both can and totally can’t
believe you got Carl Weathers to do the Predator handshake. – It’s all in the wrist, baby.
Just tap it in. – Cute. Also, man, there was so
much news in the episode this week that we
totally forgot to mention the costumes that were on
display on the show floor. – Yes, that’s right. Not only did we get to see the
trooper exhibit from Comic Con, but we also got to see the
all new Jet Trooper, which has a jetpack as
part of the armor, as well as the
costumes of Cara Dune and the Mandalorian
from “The Mandalorian.” – It’s super cool stuff which
you should definitely check out right now on starwars.com. – And because there was so
much “Star Wars” last week, we want to know
what got you hyped. – Let us know using the
hashtag #StarWarsHype. And we’ll feature our
favorites here next week. – Remember to like the video,
subscribe to the channel, follow us on Twitter,
Facebook, and Instagram. And do your dad a favor
and turn out the lights when you leave the room. – Thanks for watching. And may the force be with you. – You’re opening the door. You’re yelling outside
to your friends. The air conditioning is on. What, is he paying to cool
the whole neighborhood? – You’re just– they can
see your house from space. – The man’s a saint. That’s all. – He’s just trying to
pay the electric bill. – He’s just trying to– you
don’t know how hard he works. [ENGINE REVVING] [BEEP] – Hi, I’m Kathryn
Hahn, and you’re watching The Star Wars Show. – I’m Randall Park, and you’re
watching The Star Wars Show. – I’m Kat Dennings, and you’re
watching The Star Wars Show. [BEEP] – –the Emmy-winning
Star Wars Show. – It’s Emmy-winning.
– It’s Emmy-winning. [BEEP]
So they say. [BEEP]

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