WE WROTE A NEW NDP SONG! | “The Singaporean Life”

WE WROTE A NEW NDP SONG! | “The Singaporean Life”

There are no more seats, come on. Na- Okay guys, so today I’m just gonna do something very special. I’m actually gonna write a NDP song, a National Day song. I kind of got the melody down already.
I’m just left with the lyrics. But here’s the twist, I’m not gonna write the lyrics fully.
I’m actually gonna get help for the lyrics from TSL Office! And-
Sorry. But uh, it’s going to be fun. So, I’m just gonna find my first target right now. Aha, I got my first target! Okay, ready? Let’s go! Why is he filming? What’s going on? – Can I sit down?
– Are you gonna serenade me? What? – Praveen?
– Wait, what’s happening? – Can I talk to you for awhile?
– Me? Oh ok. Hafeez, dont act la. What is this?
– Be right back. – Sorry?
– What is this? There’s no phone call. – Okay so-
– What’s the plan, fam? – Well I have a guitar with me.
– Yes. I wanna invite you to this very special- Koala- K- Koala- Koalaboration- – Koala-
– Collaboration. – Collaboration.
– Collaboration, alright. So actually, I’m writing a NDP song. I kind of got the melody already, but I need help with the lyrics. – Okay, so I know a guy-
– No no no, I know a guy too and you are the guy. This is some intense pressure. – Are you serious? I’m gonna be a lyricist?
– Yes. – We’re gonna actually record your part and it’s gonna be in the song straight away.
– Really ah? – Ya, straight away. – Straight away, yes.
– My voice is- I didn’t sign up for this! *3 seconds of Leah making random noises* Seng Jueh, I hate you! – Wait, are you asking me to sing it with you?
– Ya. So it sounds a little bit like- Let me tell you something. – Oh, I need to write after that?
– Ya, you have to write after that. – Like, “On the streets and I can’t even see.”
– Ah, something like that. Wah,very nice. Okay. – Do you want to talk about reservist?
– I haven’t gone for a single one though. We living here in a small country. Everyday I take MRT
But damn sian, there is no more seats. Nice! Actually, there are no more seats. Gotta be careful. We try the whacking approach.
So, I’m just gonna play and then you just try to come in. So I’m just gonna start with Ali’s part. – Everyday I take MRT. But damn sian, there are no more seats. Come on.
– Na- Okay, I got it. Sit next to him I suddenly feel like spotlights all on, you know.
Then, *tu du* then the person press the button then the judge turn. – The only girls that look at me-
– Woohoo Is the cai fan store aunty. Oh no, this Singaporean is suddenly sadder and sadder. Try, try, hum it with me. One- – I’m not prepared to sing! I’m not even wearing makeup and you just ask me to sing.
– I don’t care! Walao, got CO- Oh my god! That was WALAO in my face. One more time. – Walao, got COE-
– Want to buy car also no money. – Oh my god, you are a genius la!
– Okay nice. – Front, left, right, back.
– And mid. – Where got mid one?
– Mid as in middle. -Where got middle one? Middle is front what.
-Pak! This is how… …SG is? I’m really bad at this! – Ohh-oh-ohh, all I see, life hits you right where you don’t wanna be.
-Ooh, nice! Every morning go through ERP- -but then I got no money. Good good good! You’re nearly there! – I asked my girl, “BTO ai mai?”
– Okay, okay. – Can can can, but let’s try to rhyme it with ‘-ee’
– ‘-Ee’? ‘-Ee.’ Like, ‘we,’ ‘me.’ – I wanna get married.
– Perfect. – She wants a diamond ring, I xiao worried.
– Perfect. Before uni, go NnnNnNNSsSsSSsSs. Before uni, go NS- -sometimes make me feel like want to down PES.
PES, PES, PES, PES, PES. Chey. – Cut botak, go NS.
– I think it’s cut BOtak. – Cut BOtak.
– Ah. Cut BOtak- – Cut BOtak, go NS.
– Correct! Alright, so we are done with the lyrics! And I really don’t know how it’s gonna turn out to be. But, uh, well, Yuri is actually editing the video right now. She’s gonna compile all the lyrics that I gathered from all the TSL peeps. And, uh, I’m really excited because I really just wanna know how it’s gonna turn out to be. So let’s check it out!

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  1. If the lyrics " weather sibei hot " , can change to " weather very hot " , would be better . It will sound much better , I personally feel .

  2. Wts this is actually better than most of the recent years national day song man. This should be 2020 national song.

  3. Wow it’s so good! The lyrics the voices the guitar are so nice. I totally love the lyrics it’s meaningful like the adults are going through(if I’m not wrong)!!! Please make one for next year Ndp!!! The lyrics are so Creative!! Good job TSL and those that are participating in this. Thumbs up!!!

  4. omg the song is rly rly great 🙂 i lurv how cheery it is and the super relatable local references hehe keep up the quality content!

  5. This song sounds like a promotion for chicken rice (ads) in Singapore. Even if it is (knowing it is not), This would be the best ad i will ever hear. Very creative and talended! Would definately go to Singapore in the future 👍👍

  6. Nice sia. I am studying in Perth but will be home every 6 months. Singapore never fail to amaze me and thanks to you guys make me feel back at home. Not only that, I feel proud to be a Singaporean.

  7. omg was gonna comment "i wish this was up on spotify!!" and then i watched till the end and was like YASSS omg i love this song! gonna download! 😀

  8. Was Super depressed before I come into YouTube. This song made me felt less lonely. Thank you. Awesome creation!!!

  9. 7:56 woah woah woah. Is Julian married? He is wearing a ring!

    I know he isn't it is just some fashion thing but like just a joke kay?…or maybe he is?

  10. I can listen to this song a thousand…million….billion times, its really an awesome song, and most of the sentence are truly truth.

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