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  1. It's 2020 and here I am still rocking out to Weezer! I love these guys. So many great songs. Oh and don't forget to try the fish.

  2. 'Till Vincent keeps going in there… everything's so usual…
    The thrill is when Jules come in there. Eventually, not alone.

  3. Recuerdo el Win95, en esas épocas era el único vídeo musical que tenia en la PC, la repetía muchas veces xD

  4. Mr. Myiagi in the video when he was younger!! Mr Myiagi- Weezer San, Show me, dance on the floor.
    Weezer- but Mr. Myiagi, We are singing.
    Mr Myiagi- okay, I will then. 😂

  5. Testava os kit multimídias dos computadores com os videos clipes que vinha no CD do Windows 95. Lá em 1996. Além desse vídeo, tinha também da cantora Edie Brickell com a música Good Times. Que lembranças.

  6. I always enjoyed this song, but the only part about it I don't like is the small riff starting at 2:51. I never liked that part of the song.

  7. Sitting in the 2020's, reading comments from the 2010's, on a platform built in the 2000's, while watching a video from the 1990's, set in a show from the 1970's, which takes place in the 1950's. never thought I'd travel back 70 years that fast

  8. I got here from looking up the infamous Fonzie dance, & it's such a "cool" 😎 video. I like Weezers 50's style rock music. To include Happy Days show is a plus. 👍🏻Aaayyy. & Pat Morita!! Baaa-haa-aaa

  9. What's with these homies dissing my girl, why do they gotta front, what did we ever do to these guy to make them so violent? Ooh ooh but you you know I'm yours, and I know you're mine <3

  10. I just discovered my CD-ROM can play Video, and now it turns out if I plug my phone into the computer, there's a whole network of these!

  11. Eventhough Nirvana beat Weezer to the whole setting your rock video in the 50s thing, this video is still Great! Yes I'm aware that Happy Days is a 70s show, not the point I was getting at

  12. The only cast member actually appearing is Al Malinaro. The other casts members are from clips of the show or are stand ins.

  13. "its ok to eat fish cause they dont have any feelings " PSYCHHHH they fam dont try the fish . I owe you sir lol for w.e you "lost " from me un promoting trying fish . energy is energy ,

    might sound silly but means a lot to me .

  14. I had this blasting on my iPhone yesterday, and no one at work's ever heard of Weezer, or Happy Days. These kids were spellbound as I, like a wizened Kurt Loder, spun tales about music from an simpler time.

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