Weird Popcorn Topping Taste Test

Weird Popcorn Topping Taste Test

There’s gotta be better things to put on
popcorn besides just butter! Let’s talk about that. ♪ (Theme music) ♪ – Good Mythical Morning!
– Mythical Beasts, in a world where a question is like a movie trailer, two guys
on YouTube with nothing to lose will have to risk everything to find the answer to
that question. But — lurking in the comment section beneath their video is an
evil troll bent on destroying every Mythical Question with one bad comment
after another. And it’s up to these two ordinary guys to go to extraordinary
lengths and win over the heart and soul of the troll the only way they know how: by
giving that movie question an answer. That’s right, Mythical Beasts: coming to a
theater near you or to this YouTube video immediately… is your answer! We ask you to ask us questions on
Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and the like… – and you guys came through for us.
– “The like” is my favorite one by the way. Ryan Spurlock asks, ‘What do I do about that
pesky kid kicking the back of my seat in – the theater?”
– Pesky kids again. – (finger snap) It will happen; you need
to be prepared. We have your answer; take notes. Fact: Kids can hear
frequencies that are higher than older – people can hear.
– True! – It’s kinda like a dog whistle…
– But a kid whistle! …but for kids. And here’s what we’re
gonna do. All you gotta do is find an app on the internet that — well, on your
phone — that emits any frequency that you want; set it like Rhett did, to where only
kids can hear it; next time there’s a pitter-patter on the back of your seat,
let ’em have it, Rhett! (high-pitched frequency) – Ooh! I can’t hear it!
– Now I don’t — I can’t hear anything. – But those kids can!
– Maybe if you’re under ten or so, you can – hear it right now.
– Kick my seat again! Oh, you leave it on until they stop. Kick
the seat again? Activate it. – (whispered) Ohhhh!
– It’s back on, it’s back on, back on. We don’t wanna punish you for watching our
show, but if you kick the back of my seat, I’mma keep running this frequency. What
is it? – This is 19,250 hertz.
– Until you stop kicking the back of my seat. You can kinda zero in, I’m just kinda
guessing what would work. That’s my answer. It doesn’t make a scene,
and it’s highly effective. However, the side effect is it does affect
all the other kids in the theater, and they may not be kicking a seat at that
moment, but you know what? They probably – need to be punished for somethin’.
– Oh yeah! That’s right, so bring it on! – Next question!
– Alright. This one comes from Paola – Vázquez…
– Paola. Paola Vázquez. “Sometimes regular popcorn
seems a bit boring. What are some ways to – eat popcorn in an inventive, tasty way?”
– Challenge accepted, because — listen — butter? It’s fine, but what if you have a
jacket stuffed with lots of other toppings – like I have?
– It is time to move way beyond boring – butter!
– All right we’re gonna present some options to you, and we’ll let you decide
what you’re enticed enough to try next time you go to the theater. The first one
I’m gonna present is: ♪ (jingle) ♪
The Loaded Baked Potato Popcorn! – I recommend purchasing the popcorn…
– Yeah. …’cause you don’t wanna be a total
jerk. Yeah, you can bring it in but that’s not
recommended. And then you gotta have your jacket, and
then you gotta have a little… – Whoop-a-dee-whoop-whoop!
– (chuckling) Oh, okay. …some cheese. I went to a party with a
loaded baked potato bar: blew my mind! – I was at that party.
– It was amazing! – Well, it was cool.
– I was like, “This should be happening – in a theater!…”
– It was tasty. – …”All I need is some bacon bits!”
– So you’re treating the popcorn as if it – were a baked potato.
– Yeah, and this is during, like, the – commercials before the previews.
– Yeah, ’cause you’re making a lot of bag – noise right now…
(crew laughs) …but it’s cool, you know? It’s at the
preview parts. – And you got some chives…
– Those are good. …Or whatever we chopped up to look
like chives. – (laughs)
– And then right here you got the “Boom – Boom Bag!”
– (laughing) Oh, that’s why you have – scissors in your front pocket.
– (laughing) Yeah, you got me. I always – bring — Oooooooo!
– Oh look at that. That’s appetizing. – …scissors to the theater.
– If you wanna do — Oh, whoa, whoa! – Oh!
– (laughing) Can you — what? – (laughing) How did that happen?
– Can you not see what’s happening, like – it’s like “brrrrrrrrr!”
– It’s dark in here, man! It’s the theater! Now, that could happen, but most
theaters will clean all that up, so… – Then you just, you throw it —
– What in the world? Oh, it went… – It blooped!
– …it went right into your… – It blooped right into there.
– Okay. – Then you just toss that together, and…
– Okay, that’s gonna make a little noise – too.
– …the previews are happening now, no one really cares, and then you and your
date are like… – Right, right. This is when everybody…
– …”Hey, baby, let’s do this.” – Oh, gosh…
(crew laughing) – Oh, please.
– This movie’s gonna be great. – Oh wow, it’s good!
– Alright, so that’s it. Loaded Baked Potato Popcorn. Whatcha got? Okay, this is a great idea. I’m totally
into it, but… – It tastes great.
– …I feel like you can take it a few more layers, if you know what I’m talkin’
about. ‘Cause what I am talkin’ about is: ♪ (jingle) ♪
– The 7-Layer Dip Popcorn! Mine also involves purchasing popcorn from
said theatrical establishment. – Yeah, don’t be a jerk.
– But what you’re gonna need is you’re gonna need a buddy with a jacket or a
large T-shirt… – Heh!
– …because what you’re gonna needa do… – Boom!
– …is off-load all of your popcorn into your buddy’s clothing, okay? So make room,
and you’re just gonna really… – Awwhh, yeah!
– …you’re really, you’re really… (drumming noises)
– Hey, that’s hitting the Adam’s apple! – If it’s a tribal movie…
– Whoa, whoa. – …you’ll fit right in.
– Uh-uh, uh-uh! – Whoa!
– Brrrrrring it in. Woo! Okay, all that did nothing. Okay! So, as
you can imagine… – Nothing to see here! (laughs)
– …in a seven-layer (laughing) popcorn, there are indeed seven layers. And you’re
gonna wanna start with beans, my favorite. Really get that one the bottom there,
’cause it’ll catch a lot of popcorn. Oh yeah. Let ’em see it go down in there. You know what beans coming out of a bag
looks like. – (laughs)
(crew laughs) – I don’t wonder…
– Do you really need to relive that? Then you gotta to have your buddy offload a
layer of popcorn; he’s your Popcorn Buddy at this point. Black olives! Popcorn
Buddy, come in, be ready. – I’m pregnant with popcorn. Here we go!
– You’re very good at that. You’re gonna come in — make sure you keep flattening
it out — pico de gallo. Oh, that’s real – nice.
– Oooh! Look, adds a little color and a little
texture. Popcorn Buddy? Now I like to put “guac;” that’s one of my
layers. That’s short for “guacamole.” – Of course!
– Made from avocados, I hear. – Alright, Popcorn Buddy coming in hot.
– Okay. This could be a little — you might wanna sit on the back row (laughing)
for this… – (laughs)
– …(laughing) because your Popcorn Buddy – is gonna have to continually get up…
– “‘Scuse me, gotta add another layer!” – “Sorry!”
– …and push the popcorn into the next layer. Sour cream, we know where that
comes from. (laughs) No, I don’t know, I – mean, that makes no sense.
– (giggles) Oh gosh! And the Popcorn Buddy comes
back. Don’t get too aggressive! – (laughs)
– Now I’m gonna come in with some cheese: – everybody’s favorite.
– Running a little bit low, here. – Really unload on this last layer here…
– Alright. …as I come in with jalapeños. Now! The
key to enjoying a seven — (laughing) there we go. Popcorn buddy still got some,
that’s great, get it all out. Now… (both laugh)
– The key to enjoying a good seven-layer popcorn is getting all seven layers. So,
if you don’t have a spoon handy — which, who takes a spoon with them to the
theater? – Got some scissors though!
– You just take your hand, put it in a scooping motion, and you wanna get all the
way to the bottom layer. When you feel beans, you know you’ve gotten there.
(both laugh, crew laughs) That’s why I put beans at the bottom,
’cause they feel distinctly different. And then I’m just going to pick that up, and
you can see all seven layers in tact right there. There’s a couple of things you can
do at this point: I just like to take my – mouth and rake it over all seven layers.
– Right, right, right. – Oh, that is so good!
– And it’s not noisy, it’s not distracting, – it’s like a party in your movie seat!
– This makes a movie great. Now my next idea, I wanted to go fancy.
And when I think of fancy restaurants, the first thing I think of is: ♪ (jingle) ♪
– Surf and Turf! I mean, those are the most fancy
restaurants. At least when I was a kid, it’s like, “Oh there’s seafood on top of a
steak! That’s crazy.” – That is really fancy.
– So I didn’t put this in my jacket, but I’ve got some burger, ’cause this is —
a.k.a. steak. Ground steak. (both laugh)
– (laughing) I think you can just call it ground beef. “It’s ground steak! Hmm,
very fancy.” (laughs) Yeah. And then you just throw
some ketchup. That’s not ketchup dude. That’s cocktail
sauce. It’s surf and turf; it ain’t making – a hamburger.
– Oh. (crew laughs)
– What was this? This was my idea! – Want some ketchup?
– I always put ketchup on my burger and then I put tartar sauce on my
“shrimpicus.” – Hm.
– So I’m throwing some shrimp on here. – Hm, whoa, that is a strong… wow.
– And then… People are gonna know that shrimp is
happening somewhere in the theater. – Ooh! Wow.
– They’re gonna be like, “I didn’t know – this place served shrimp!”
– …and then we got the tartar! I’m – really gonna look at where it’s going.
– And this is a way to impress a date, let – me go ahead and say —
– I mean you’re impressed. I’m very impressed, but if you break
this out on the first date… – Do you want crabs?
(crew laughs) …the person that you’re with will be
like, “Oh my goodness, he is so fancy! – He’s gonna be successful!”
– Hey, date, check it out! “He makes these kinds of decisions; he’s
going to be successful.” Now, if you just want to go “surf,” you go
light. If you want to go “turf,” you go down, and then if you wanna go, “Oh yeah,
this also is a popcorn dish…” You eventually can get back to the
popcorn… – You wanna bring that out.
– …you have to breach that top layer of surf and turf. And then — I don’t think
the tails were taken off of the shrimp, which is — y’know, in some cultures they
don’t do that. So it’s a way to seem – really fancy and cultured.
– Fancy restaurant date happening, awesome other adjectives that make this seem
amazing. Now, my popcorn, my last popcorn, is
actually very complementary, ’cause this is like a dinner situation, and I have
a… ♪ (jingle) ♪
– …Dessert Situation. – For real?
– Again, it starts with popcorn just like the rest of ’em. And for this one you’re
gonna need to take a bag of chocolate chips: keep them close to your person and
they will melt on your way to the theater. – You okay over there?
– ‘Scuse me. You’re gonna want to get this close to
your body, like in the thigh region… – somewhere where there is a lot of heat.
(crew laughs) (laughing) So where your body’s givin’ off
a lot of heat. D’you want me to — you want me to give
you a cut? Oh no, ’cause I just wanna — what I wanna
do, is I just want to pour this… – Oooh.
– …chocolate all over my popcorn. Now — listen — there’s people all
across the globe right now watching, saying, “Hold on, they were acting stupid,
but this looks a good idea!” And I don’t wanna have to make you sit
here, but what you’re going to do, is you’re going to do this during the
previews, and because these are actually chocolate chips, they like to solidify at
room temperature. So you’re gonna need a long movie, or else you’re gonna need to
go into another movie (without telling anybody), but somewhere 2 to 3 hours
later, this is what you’re gonna have. You’re gonna to have what I call “The
Chocolate-Popcorn Monolith.” – Whoa! Look at that.
– But this is a big thing that you and – your date can share.
(crew laughs) Now, the way I do it, is I take a bite —
now, you could get a kiss out of this… (crew laughs)
– But let’s not. – Now, hey, take a bite baby!
(crew laughs) I’m not your baby, I’m your Popcorn
Buddy. (crew laughs)
– Okay, if your Popcorn Buddy is there, then the way it works with a Popcorn
Buddy, is you just… – One at a time… Oh, wow.
– If it was a whole group, you just pass – it down the group.
(crew laughs) Pass it to strangers, ’cause they’re gonna
want it. It is so incredible. Let me get another
bite of that. It’s so good. Our next questions comes from RE Wickham,
who asks, “Rhett and Link, what is your advice on how to deal with obnoxious
people texting on their phone in the movie – theater?”
– Okay, well, most of the issues that you run into at a movie theater are because
the pre-movie orientation video doesn’t – cover enough things in a direct way.
– Right. So, what we have done, is we have
developed our own pre-movie orientation video that we are inviting theaters across
the world to play before movies, that we think goes a little bit more in detail to
get people to behave exactly how they – should in a movie theater.
– This will do the trick. Your attention please. The show is about
to begin. Well, after way too many trailers that you’ve already watched
online, but eventually the movie you paid for will begin. Please silence your
cellphones. Now. Like, right now. Not after you finish that last text to Donny.
Why does Donny need to know your Social Security number and the name of your
your second pet at this exact moment? Off. Now! We do urge you to make one more
trip to our concessions stand for an astronomically overpriced package of empty
calories, but: please do not audibly rustle the package during emotional parts
of the movie. Save that for loud action sequences and swelling musical numbers.
Once the movie begins, please do not talk at the screen as if the characters can
hear you. If you are on a first date, don’t do that thing where you pretend to
accidentally put your hand in the popcorn at the same time. It’s pathetic. If you
think that the movie is too quiet or out of focus, don’t bother telling our
manager, Dave. He will definitely not be helpful. Revealing plot points seconds
before they happen on screen will result in a public flogging using velvet rope
from the lobby. If you must use the restroom during the film, please wait to
stand up during a sequence featuring a secondary character doing something
negligible — like when the old lady in Titanic brags about her drawing, or
literally any time at all during The Hobbit. At the films conclusion, feel
free to just leave all your greasy trash wherever it is. In fact, empty whatever
you didn’t finish directly onto the floor. It’s so dark in here. No one will ever see
it. Thank you for your cooperation and enjoy the show! So make sure to ask your local movie
theater operator to play that video before – movies.
– Thanks for liking, commenting, and – subscribing.
– You know what time it is! – I’m Hannah.
– And I’m Anna, and we’re from – St. Francis, Wisconsin.
– (both) And it’s time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality! We’ve got videos on Facebook that you can
only see on Facebook — our Facebook. –
– Yeah! Click through to Good Mythical More, we’re going to open your mail with
Candice, play some wooden basketball… Click through there, click on the “i” if
you’re a mobile user, it’s that convenient. Let’s see if Candice can hear
the frequency. ‘Cause she’s young. – She’s younger than we are.
– I mean she’s not ten, but… – “Freeze frame!”
♪ (music) ♪ ♪ (outro music) ♪
– I’m really gettin’ defeated. – Yeah!
– Ohhhhhhhhh! You see? That’s winning being imprinted in
Candice’s brain! – Ha-ha, yeah.
– She can hear frequencies, and she can – sink a shot.
– I have young fingers.

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