Welcome to YouTube Comedy Week

Welcome to YouTube Comedy Week

DESTORM POWER: Whassup, world? It’s your boy, DeStorm Power. And welcome to Comedy
Week on YouTube. Let’s go! HARLEY MORENSTEIN: What’s up? I’m Harley, aka the sauce boss,
aka the grocery store gynecologist, aka the
supermarket superintendent– ERIC WAREHEIM: Hi, I’m Eric
Wareheim, and welcome to Comedy Week. Comedy for dads only is all
here on youtube.dad. FREDDIE WONG: Hi. I’m international superstar
Jackie Chan. Welcome to Comedy
Week on YouTube. JENNA MARBLES: Hi, I’m
Jenna Marbles. Welcome to YouTube
Comedy Week. I’m on a [BLEEP] spaceship. Blast off. What are this? What are this? Did you see that? HARLEY MORENSTEIN: AKA the
Chuck Norris of chicken nuggets, aka the Elijah Wood
of Easy-Bake Ovens, aka the Snoop Dogg of Salisbury
steaks– GREG BENSON: Hey, I’m Greg
Benson, of MediocreFilms. You’re watching comet
week on– Comedy Week on YouTube. I thought it was comet week. BENNY & RAFI FINE: Hi, we’re
the Fine Brothers. And welcome to Comedy Week. RAFI FINE: You better
be [BLEEP] excited. BENNY FINE: We’re not
supposed to swear. Mom will kill us. We’re also Jewish. TOBY TURNER: Hey,
I’m Toby Turner. And you’re watching
Comedy Week on– I’m sorry. What is it? You, YouTube– it’s on YouTube. This is on YouTube? RANDY SKLAR: Hey, there. We are the Sklar brothers. I’m Randy and– JASON SKLAR: And I am Jason. RANDY SKLAR: That’s Jason. And you are watching
Comedy Week. It’s like “Shark Week,” only– JASON SKLAR: Funnier. RANDY SKLAR: Well, I think
“Shark Week” is– JASON SKLAR: Although “Shark
Week” is pretty funny. RANDY SKLAR: –so funny. JASON SKLAR: It is
really funny. RANDY SKLAR: So this is like
“Shark Week” only less real, or more real. JENNY SLATE: Hi, I’m
Jenny Slate. And welcome to Comedy Week,
where the biggest joke is my mock turtleneck, plus more. SARAH SILVERMAN: Hi,
it’s your Jewish friend, Sarah Silverman. Welcome to Comedy Week. HARLEY MORENSTEIN: AKA
the Jeff Goldblum of Jamaican jerk chicken– GRACE HELBIG: Hi, I’m Grace
Helbig, and you’re watching Comedy Week. Who knew? JOE PENNA: Hello, I’m Joe Penna,
MysteryGuitarMan, and welcome to Comedy Week. Tonight we have comedy. Tomorrow we have comedy. And then the next day, we
have some more comedy. And we’re just going to– just comedy, just really
comedy is all you get. So if you’re looking for
non-comedy stuff, this is probably not the best
place to be. But welcome to Comedy
Week, if you’re looking for comedy stuff. NATALIE TRAN: Hi, I’m
Natalie Tran. Head on down to Comedy Week,
and nobody has to die. MARK DOUGLAS: Hey I’m Mark. TODD WOMACK: I’m Todd. MARK DOUGLAS: We’re from “the
Key of Awesome”, and you’re watching Comedy Week. TODD WOMACK: We love you. DAVID KOECHNER: Hi. I’m Dave. Do you like to laugh? Well, you’ve come to
the right place. This is Comedy Week
on YouTube. TAY ZONDAY: I’m Tay Zonday. Welcome to Comedy
Schwarzenegger of shawarma– this is Comedy Week
on YouTube. Show me your [BLEEP]. SHANE DAWSON: Hey, it’s
Shane Dawson. Welcome to Comedy
Week on YouTube. I’m here ironically. SHIRA LAZAR: Welcome to Comedy
Week on YouTube. We’ve been waiting
for you creepily. ANTHONY PADILLA:
Hey, what’s up? We’re Smosh. IAN HECOX: I’m Ian. ANTHONY PADILLA: I’m Anthony. IAN HECOX: And we totally
mess up our names. ANTHONY PADILLA: And we
just lied to you. IAN HECOX: We’re liars. ANTHONY PADILLA: It’s Comedy
Week, bitches. WILL.I.AM: Yo, whassup,
Planet Earth? This is Will.i.am. And you’re on YouTube,
the shit that we search everything on. And right now, it’s Comedy Week,
May 19 through May 26. But we all know this shit’s
going to be on YouTube forever, so it’s really Comedy
Forever on YouTube. KASSEM GHARAIBEH: Hey, guys,
it’s me, Kassem. And you’re watching Comedy
Week here on YouTube, so keep it locked. JEANA WELLENS: Whaddup. JESSE WELLENS: Yup. [LAUGHTER] JESSE WELLENS: You didn’t
say PrankvsPrank. JEANA WELLENS: All right. Whaddup? We’re PrankvsPrank. JESSE WELLENS: And welcome
to Comedy Week. PHILIP WANG: Hey, everyone. I’m Philip. WESLEY CHAN: I’m Wesley. PHILIP WANG: And we’re from
Wong Fu Productions, and welcome to Comedy Week. Pointing at you to finish
off the line– on YouTube. WESLEY CHAN: On YouTube– Comedy Week on YouTube. BRITTANI LOUISE TAYLOR:
Yo, yo. It’s Brittani Louise
Taylor, and you’re watching Comedy Week. Hot! MIKE LAMOND: Hello everyone. This is H-U-S-K Husky here,
and I took one minute away from playing video games
to bring you YouTube’s Comedy Week. RYAN HIGA: Hey, I’m Ryan Higa
and welcome to Comedy Week. Insert punchline here. DISTANT FEMALE VOICE:
Hey, Ryan. Put a punchline there. [DRUM INTERLUDE] RYAN HIGA: Like a funny,

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  1. Non-cringe list:

    De storm
    The Fine Bros
    Barely Political
    Tay Zonday
    Shane Dawson

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