WESTERN Movie: Burt Lancaster in VENGEANCE VALLEY [English] [Full Western Movie] [Free Classic Film]

WESTERN Movie: Burt Lancaster in VENGEANCE VALLEY [English] [Full Western Movie] [Free Classic Film]

[Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] I got a story to tell yarn about cow country help hunters cattle and men I was working for the strobe II ranch learning my trade trade of worn leather saddle blisters and Brandon honors trade with some songs some fun some play was as good a job as a man could ask for only sometimes coal so much distance you thought you’d never get back but for me a young kid it was a fine time memories are mostly good you’re up there on top of the world the air was clear thin the only sound was the wind and the parties we were in the business of growing beef always moving the cattle looking for new feed they were those new bald-faced her fruits not like the Longhorns why on the spooky but friendly critters gentle is a gun seasons melted away peaceful from spring to summer fall than winter cows had to look out for themselves in the snow the winter dirt soon was a man on horseback could get around they’d go out and locate the cab spot him for the spring roundup they’d come back from the winter drift cold and worn out our Foreman was owned a Brighton he knew what he was doing we all liked him and there was his foster brother least Roby their father owned the ranch the night they got back the trouble began that’s what comes from working for someone you’ve known they’re lonely see my wife is wounded Jenn coming down a couple times with your old man how do I look oh just fair I’d say cold weather always seems to bother him hi gentlemen way to find that I just go home and see for yourself can I borrow your razor count I don’t want to scare her in the back keeping you busy doc good night Desmond glad to get him all day with that girl that used to work at the Eaton house Lily I wouldn’t know her name what’s her trouble though Oh small variety about that big arrived a couple hours ago they tell me you wouldn’t go that’s right I don’t take calls like this until I hear from the father that isn’t likely [Music] there’s no right lending cowboy get out and walk over here so I can see we are get out now [Music] Owen thank you yeah put that gun down it’s a friend [Music] what are you doing here helping nobody else would come so I heard Housley want to see you I’ll be home as soon as she’s asleep who’s he her brother dick fasting from out of town you spent the day looking for the man Lily all right you got company Lily [Music] Pence’s and beautiful good color to the doctor wouldn’t come Jen came instead don’t you even think about it Lily not now I’m really pretty lucky or I couldn’t face up going back to the restaurant to work mrs. Burke offered us work out at her place when I’m ready for it we’re grateful to sounds critters say it here and now but you’ll have a good life boy I’m sure he will Denny I’m sure [Music] Coffee thanks you’ve seen me before there’s been a change somebody washed your face got you in your dress arch and a table in my own room I paid every day now it’s an improvement how was the winter well we stayed alive and we kept the cattle alive there’s no need at the ranch didn’t see our nearest neighbor in nearly five weeks we missed you [Music] I brought Lilly some grub Oh [Music] who was it [Music] goodnight [Music] you live in these fights around him who’s the father [Music] that’ll be Lily’s business wouldn’t I’ll find out sure I’ll find out if it takes me a lifetime fine it’s a nice country to live in [Music] who was that oh and a bride her husband’s foster brother 80 that’s right how much $500 he brought this food too why you’re wrong he’s good there’s no one else around here like him not again and he keeps his aces a kicker and he draws to it every time three times mr. kicker it’s a game of chance boy we’ll play again sometime I ran your own thanks on it’s paid for you pay for a coat I appreciate it this is the first time you saved my hide why don’t you grow up boy Oh kid it happens I sleep good your wife was there she have any idea happened before I met Jen even so she wouldn’t understand you know what she’s like why should I know what she’s like well that’s right you don’t she’s what all the others weren’t she’s everything I ever wanted for myself it’s been a lot of time let’s get back to the ranch right Dave right you move away [Applause] you’ve brought only $500 that’s right don’t you need it not that kind that wasn’t Grubb money it was get out of town money I’ll ask you one time was it yours point that gun to the floor son and turn around I’ll be other times you’re a conclusion jumper my friend I don’t like it at all I’ll handle this myself done not as long as I’m sheriff alright count you’ve scared me twice tonight next time you point a gun at me shoot it [Music] well welcome home boy how are you right you look fit son how are you all good how’s the leg got the miseries same as every wonder for 20 years even boys hello is the will ability but you might want some hot coffee arch thank you same old dishwater you do on Anita just kidding watch your language how’s the bad stomach on some days I doubt if I’ll make it to sundown why don’t you stop beating your own cookin all right stuck here can’t help it watch these cigars in from Pittsburgh Kansas City place sure isn’t going downhill fast how’d it go as the foreman I just took orders you got a wife waiting for you I hadn’t forgotten I’ll look in on him night good night son nightly or it looks trim nobody could have worked harder this winter he’s had a lot to make up for he’ll cover maybe general something do it anyway can handle it alone now well it sounds like you’re giving notice so on release married now Jen’s a fine daughter for you I’m just crowding the place if you’re not comfortable here well I’m not forgetting not you’ve done everything you could to make him along you picked me up I was just a just a stray off foul mouth and flea-bitten fifteen years ago in a long time a good time now it’s time for me to go you really mean it and I want to push on try my own wings Olin how do I say this when I took you it was for Lea I couldn’t get around outside and raise my own boy so I picked you to do it for me what I didn’t know then was that I needed you to need you now are attached I was just hitting it for a reason here Jen will you hurry up and come on out I don’t know why all of a sudden you can’t get dressed in front of me I’ll be two more minutes the top of all winter that’s a long time I know that better than you you mean you’ve missed me of course [Music] you’re beautiful do you think so me do you really mean it first time I saw you you were wearing a pair of split britches and you helped me come out of the back country you and arch second Sunday dress I ever only first when I boarded my mother’s funeral and then I used to bury my father that I burned it now you’re a lady of fashion well that’s that’s what it says and goatees ladies book [Music] I haven’t done many smart things in my life but marrying you is one of them we’ll be happy nothing can stop us honey [Music] Oh [Music] mr. willoughby morning on nice to see a real man back again Thanks morning real man wake you up or were you waiting for the Sun to hit your dumpling cheeks you Sunday men haven’t lost you sleeping so long you’ve forgotten what you go to bed for mr. Willoughby’s butter in the foreman all right all right I slept late why is it that when a man’s out on the range all by himself and eating his own cook and he looks forward to getting up for breakfast of course when he’s home he lies there and has to figure out if it’s worth the bellyache gotten up for you ain’t done the contract with the South Podesta leave anytime my cooking gets so bad that you’ve got to go hungry I should give you your time before you know what gave you the miseries that’s telling mr. Orry no offense sir yeah mr. Willoughby accepts your apology I do I’m sure there’s no hard feelings how about another cup of coffee sure I have to move your sir taking the census again yeah I like to see who comes and who goes [Music] hello hub I got your letter a week ago you’re a mental how’s Lily she’s doing all right who’s that ha ha [Music] brothers ain’t you I’m gonna kill a man before I leave here anybody special or what I do I don’t know the man yet but I will keep an eye on me the name is fasiqun where are the horses behind the depot [Music] asking boys were looking for Lilly I [Music] heard she’d been taken in and given a home by a widow woman name of mrs. Birk who owned a ranch near body [Music] looking for Lily where her brother’s I didn’t know Lily had this much family never said a word maybe she’s ashamed of us not Lily she’s not that kind she’s in her room caller so you sent for him the reasons over there [Music] I didn’t ask I didn’t ask for you to come here we’re this kind of family we don’t waste any love on each other before amongst ourselves we’ve even shadowed each other we got one tie their blood relations go away go away you want to marry owned a bride Lily and I want him and I don’t want you I’ll manage myself without any help [Music] they brighten or something if you can’t talk when I get through them you’ll write the no that’s no way to break a horse I get out I’m gonna write or make you a toy did you have to use that whip oh it’s touchy stop being such a farmer a good whipping never heard any filly come on all those authorizations come in all but mrs. Burke’s I’ll ride over cut me a horseshoe oh you want for yourself [Music] hi Lily hello nuit good day ma’am how do you feel feel good why I just wondered that’s mighty good to hear well thank you well I just asked because cuz you look real fine Lily [Music] just fine [Music] your breakfast mr. Willoughby’s best i can out-cook him with my two arms broken businessperson will train recipes write me a note authorizing us to cut out your catalan roundup and bring them home then wondering if I was being snubbed you only think it’s snub you as a mother I get paper and pen thanks Owen but I’m alright again Lily yeah that’s what who is it I wish I could find the words to thank you for bringing me the money but I can’t you’re gonna try I hate to see you fronting Polly I’m thinking of ouch I know you go on standing in front of Lee protecting him fighting his dirt rub off on you baby I’m thinking of Jen now she’s done for me that’s why I can’t tell so we both keep it a secret Lily they draw and you should I’ve been afraid of a lot of things this past winter what people would say about me how I’d raise a baby I’d keep us both alive well now it’s happened I’m not afraid anymore I’m not glad it happened I was wrong I know that I’m just not afraid of living anymore [Music] they’ve right here in the house [Music] start walking to that shed over there why you won’t get hurt if you don’t break for the house go on [Music] what is this you bought your ticket you’ll see [Music] Dave right so you’re set for Big Brother why don’t our mom enough to pack a gun when I visit my David that money was yours tape right oh it was a baby’s gonna need a name yours you want another helping come on pull the trigger first you shoot me and then you gotta shoot you it because he saw you then you’ll have to shoot mrs. Birk and your own sister because they’ll see you well come on pull the trigger quit it all you’ll do it I don’t think he’s got the guts put that down that gun down Big Brother yo use it you gotta kill somebody be careful when you poke in the belly yeah that’s enough whatever you say Lily alright hub this is still our tents I’m in enough trouble for myself for my baby you want to add murder to go I’d take them in its shell if you need someone to sign the complaint I’ll do it all right Lily you got the right come on go on here the laser W is for sale how much will they’re asking $35,000 cash for it that reminds me you owe me some money I generally do watch Joe Benson told me yesterday at the bank that you were overdrawn don’t worry the old man covered it for you thanks still trying to fill those inside straight huh I always forget what you told me hey have you been spending our money no that’s a joint account how much do you draw $500 said you drew it in gold yeah it makes a nice click in the pocket of that I’ll see you later I gotta get ready for work some cream there [Music] you don’t believe that story about the 500 day no I don’t well look honey there’s certain things that you’ve got to understand I don’t like arts knowing everything that’s going on and I can understand your not wanting him to know that five hundred dollars is a lot of money and it’ll like taking it out of the account either but well it it was for a lady’s honor stop it Lee stop it I know all about you and Lily oh and how much you’re thinking of uh honey and five hundred dollars was to help Owen out I don’t want arch or anybody else to know about it but now that the fat’s in the fire I guess I’ll have to tell you the truth you see Owen got in trouble with lily and the least I could do to help him was what do you know how much I think of order the least I could do to help him was to give him the money you’re a liar they’re a mean contemptible liar [Music] you’re all alike you and Arjun leave you could be a little pack of liars well I’m through I’m leaving slow down all what five hundred dollars you gave Lily I know where it came from no wait a minute Jane checking him again fighting with Lily’s brothers you’ve known all about her Allie from the start it’s just a lot of talk I’d pay it no mind Owen why can’t you be your own man these misunderstandings happen all married people have a quarrel once in a while I guess I hate him Jim you and I are kinda in the same things arches all the family weekend with him we belong to something shouldn’t we give them back a little bit in return oh and what can I do what can I do stay around Farraj alright but all I’ll do is stay [Music] mornin mr. ticker [Music] Hey hey Owen what fellas you a couple of hard cases Robert name up fast ask two of them release clan is gathering do they know you’re still alive do you think they’ll find out well not for a while the sheriff’s got him locked up how long week they’ll try again well tell them well Lily might she doesn’t want to but they’re they’re kind of hard to handle well what do I do you wouldn’t do it let’s see there’s only one way take Jenna and get out stay away from here begin all over again because you’ve won this place out and all your friends with it sure it’s either that or get shot with me God the ranch is yours nobody can stop you thinking that but don’t say it to me alright Richard want a you about me what’s two orphan boys record out on the ground if you ride with a shorter underfed string you might as well be afoot now here’s a horseshoe of enhanced sheep a real Saturday afternoon bargain sound of limb own body rune he’s been burned so often he looks like a brand book just give me an offer I’m a got about 12 brands what do you say Lee oh I say a good round doesn’t that means twelve unhappy customers ruin I pass all right anybody else away I got a pedigree comes with this one aim your prize yeah let me take it open the gate boys [Applause] [Music] [Music] he likes a call at a leak Owen you know better than to ride a horse that way through town on Saturday that team of Wilmots took a few and almost ran away well don’t blame me blame the horse he whistles and everything follows can’t you hold your breath a minute I wonder if the fasiqun boys are comfortable who cares let’s go look enough pick me up later at this alone oh all right thanks quiet John get ready for round tough job how’d you like a sign on 30 a month in me ha ha ha not me I sleep in a soft bed every night help ya I’ll bring in the fast consume cookies better push them into their cage with a stick troublesome pair one in science might be catching I understand the judge gave you boys a week judge stinking justice of the peace well maybe next time we can arrange a real judge clawhammer koknal next time will be different well Lily’s doing all right without you boys why don’t you leave her alone I don’t see no missus in front of her name well that happens not to a sister of ours all right act like jackasses you’ll be treated like where’d you get out the sheriff will put you on the train himself show your faces after that and you’ll be back right here for 6 months you’re scared just say the word and a lot of some credits for this place by the way I’ve decided to go on round up a bit not so easily for some things and some people you can’t run away from well I’ll think about that when I get back you ought to think about it now hold it there’s a Cheyenne in that tree caliper yeah that thing jumped in your hand how did you get it so fast practice so you ought to try it haven’t got the time Lee the old Cheyenne camp yeah remember the night we roll the rocks down on them I remember when arch caught us and the lickin we got I’d sooner Van Sciver the Cheyenne’s a couple of fool kids playing with Indian we had our times didn’t we [Music] good morning arch good morning Lee what yeah I’ll get to that okay pioneer horses just been here well I’ll be ruined tried to push the wind broke gelding off on us but no one caught him up ob never quits trying alright you know I got to thinking last night come on man tell me why he would walk what started me was that I saw a horse and rose that I’d like to own I’d be kept talking about price before I remember that I’m strapped by him we always got money for foot horse oh I don’t care about the horse I probably own too many no watch the point is a man my age with a wife with a father who owns half the county has to hold off buying a horse because his wages won’t let him afford it oh listen Lee you haven’t been able to trust him in it now that’s in the pass are CH you were right but it’s done I’ve been a good hand to sweater everybody yes your hair you think I know the cattle business maybe not as well as you were on but well enough to make money and it hurt of course if you need more money you’ll get it let me tell you when you came home with Jan last fall I thought it was another piece of foolishness like all the others it wasn’t Jen was something else something right that’s why I put you on the top hands wages I’ll raise them on no arch that’s that’s too easy either I’m your son entitled to your trust with the ranch or anything else or are not it’s one of the other well do you want I want to be part owner of the ranch arch I want to share in it unmarried and settle down now why here’s where I’ll live and raise my kids and die here’s where I’ll help take over from you when you had enough of the business I’m not just camping here for wages I’m here to stay arch I’m your son I’ve been thinking about it to warn you not mourn you you’re my own blood man has a debt to that oh you’ve got no debt to me arts yeah Nolan began the day your mother died you got it coming to your Lee for doing without her uh-huh well we’ve managed so Tyler beginning to feel like one I’ll go in town tomorrow and draw up the papers now on half the ranch is yours my half go to Owen wanna die Hamilton flying H kneeling dog iron sand lazy s double Oh Frank Peter box pitchfork Frank Martin let’s see a box F double F that’s right mm well you carry them in your head for you got 40 different brands the biggest chef or the ever saw we’ll have to move fast talk to you minute on Joey eyes back up in the mountain Jesse looking for the last of the horses well he finished the tally this morning they’re all in there’s a small jag of our cattle up their brands are still here Dover but I could tell there was hours couldn’t stop cuz I was trying to turn the horses and by the time we got him headed downhill I was miles away they want to pick him up today well I aim to this morning they’re gone well they’ve probably been rounded up or the other crew already hope they was drove the other way you trail him as far as I could let’s go try again ue I’ll come with you just happen to get my gun here we better get Owens to [Applause] [Music] take a look at the shoe you see the two clocks on the inside and how its built up this rider signed his name for us [Music] – hostas and false tears these tracks go straight for a while [Music] got dark on me here and I turn back to place to cross they went across you think like a cattle rustler let’s stop on the other side [Music] only one horse came out of the water here I was right this horse is a decoy they either went up but downstream uau look below yeah [Music] there ain’t even a horse down this way but has been here and they’ve been driving some steers ahead of them [Music] here’s where they come out let’s head back its place yeah let’s go over and have a look [Music] [Applause] [Music] here he comes two of them you looking for something horse near blame at water and Trump there’s it stick up come here notice that caught and built up inside of that shoe who owns the hosta twist never seen it [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] here’s another one it’s fresh what about it what about why whoever all that horse drove for bust is fuck you say yes dear sir you can talk if not iron accountable get on your horse and get out of here everybody figure you butcher that beef and bury the hides but I can’t prove it so I’m gonna do the next best thing I’m gonna show you what you buy into every time I drag out cattle II was hurt you are pretty good saloon find a herb how are you without a bun [Music] [Music] now we’re gonna take forest is you elect him why go to jail for stealing his cattle you talking as the new half owner you’ve got a roundup to go to so if I how are we gonna make it if we’re in jail you’re coming Yui you’re still forming [Music] you’re gonna keep meeting going to the sheriff think back away sir did I put a gun on you did I shoot the knife out of your hand am i driving up your stairs I got no partners he’s your Foreman said the true put a good price on your beef hurt you can’t buy me off don’t try it wasn’t a 250 dollar beating all right it’s a deal I ain’t done with him yet long as I can look down a gun barrel I ain’t done with him [Music] come on into town with me I’ll get you the money I can’t sit a horse look at this hand fix and get it Frank [Music] ain’t you dancing tonight son I’m drinking tonight mister be careful that Applejack don’t put your lights out see no one start bleeding again Genta them the house [Music] too tight the tighter the better you seem to be getting a lot of trouble lately trouble you don’t have to you know you can stop them from saying those things about you and Lily oh I don’t mind I happen to like Lily there here let me help you thanks Jenna Owen you can’t make it up to Lily by yourself Lee was a friend I want to see Jen alone wait Owen stay what do you want I’m leaving in the morning honey big roundup I’ll be gone a long time I know that well I gotta say goodbye don’t I well goodbye then oh no not like that not anymore leave me alone oh it’s easy enough to lock one man out as long as if somebody else to take his place and ruffly drunk enough to see double to see you here with Jen [Music] sorry you had to see that I wish I could help ya [Music] just knowing you’re around helps there are things I’d like to say what would you say [Music] I’d say I haven’t got the right now I’d say it’s too bad [Music] [Music] what do you want I want to talk to you how’s the hand still sore it’s a mouse still sore I guess you don’t have much love for Dave right lantern will come I hear the fasiqun boys are getting out of jail soon so I still be looking for Papa I got them figured hey bright will be dead in another few days nah he’ll be gone round up nothing gonna be hard from the fine Oh a couple of saddle tramps like them would be picked up in no time at roundup no in order for them to join they’ll have to have a letter of authorization from some well-known brand like yours say they better try to keep them up jari well if they try to join the Western Division but if they ride to the Eastern Division present your letter they can get in I’ll be with Eastern likely is wagon captain East and West divisions meat dump they to finish up the roundup yeah to finish up you know everybody should have made that check much bigger that was a bad feeling you took yeah an awful big Jones Western Dewey you’re with me Stu Miller West or your East hungover I feel fine how’d you make out with packet yesterday I bought the stews good price $250 just for cattle yeah I’ve decided to take your advice Owen I’m getting out of the country after this Rhonda you starting all over again working for a living yeah just like that what about Jin I’ll send for when I’m ready she’ll join me the next morning the day we left Sun war when your shoulders but we didn’t feel good this time there was something under your wishbone that said we were in for greed [Music] seems like they were just coming home from the winter drift we turn around they’re off again how do you feel about another month with me scare you you’ll wait for him alone this time what’s wrong jail something to do with Lee I can’t talk about it I’d sounds final it is final [Music] I was going to leave without telling you where are you Jen can’t I help you you can’t always make it up for him I always have till now that’s part of the trouble look maybe it’s my fault maybe it never could have worked I’m Restless here I’ve been alone so long I’m used to it we’ve never lied to each other we don’t have to start now are you running away from Owen because he loves you you’re a good woman Jen your life should be rich and peaceful but if you run away from it now you will spend what’s left with better memories and doubts wait’ll they get back I had something like what Owen said it’s good advice Jen [Music] spring roundup is a cow hunter and the winner they drink the aim is to get him back to the hold range size that there’s the calves and make a tally brain crop and dehorn I was with Owen in the Western Division we worked hard and the hours were long he didn’t measure time but a day by the greening of the grass was all planned well and work went even smooth [Music] get on what about our guns get inside I’ll throw them on a back platform after train starts you were gonna kill a man remember I ain’t through yet next visit that’s right no more [Music] there have tended to stare what do you want be neighborly I’ve defined the man you’re looking for daybreak why do you care I run a business it’s the business are moving cattle fast over long distances mostly in landing weathermen right Dave right bothers me why don’t you level on them then that shouldn’t bother a man like you and hey I’m looking for some of the shooter who’s got a right to you found him here’s the setup Dave right sound around them I can get you into it illegally once you’re there you’ll have no trouble finding him go on in this train hits the top of bench bread it’ll be slow to a walk we get off there I got three horses waiting if I’m sure we’ll be surprised to see us yeah [Music] [Music] on the other side of the mountain Lee was with the Eastern Division [Music] and cut out all of our brand it’s local turn them over to mr. Jenkins here right [Music] that alarm [Music] and out over [Music] [Music] [Music] referee that brand [Music] every no bar I take it back it looked like mine satisfied he’s yours Jenkins [Music] what brain-o bar see that pair with a pack horse behind Hardison they brought this claim to represent an outfit near you [Music] yeah they’re from our part know he’s two riders yeah I seen him alright I’ll assign to your wagon no no some of the boys having a very friendly feeling for that brand well if they’re wrong ones all set up whistling well you can’t do that they got a right to that stock we’ll keep a closer look out of the stuff they cut up meanwhile assign them to another wagon somebody who doesn’t know him I don’t want him around me well that’s fair enough [Music] in Lee’s division the work was the same as ours they make the Colemans snake them out of the drawers gather them push them toward the middle [Music] [Applause] [Music] hey first of our stock we’ve seen yeah they’ve really wintered a beard anything on the home range yeah looks like a bonus for all hands are chilled be a rich man so will you you’re a partner now ain’t you that’s right I was forgetting well I got a have a summers work laid out I’m heading protection to restart are you gonna get your be from Texas all the way home to Montana come up with something you kind of beaver in quarantine you know if you move to New Mexico the same thing I’ll have I reckon you’ll just have to stay put in Texas and that’s no life now son you must have heard of rail boats I’m just gonna lock my herd up an airtight boxcars put a bag of that clean Texas air in each car and unload Montana [Music] say my name is stro be I I don’t think I got your name Oh Dave Allard I am I gathered you’re sending your crew back to Montana with your stress while you head for Texas to restart that’s right well I could save you the trouble I’ll have three thousand double wintered steers for sale at the end of random good shape you’re picking them up every day look at them they’ve got our brand what price fourteen lay down to what mountain meadow 14 we just made a deal I’ll have to find the nearest telegraph station and it’ll take a few days till I can cover a check for $42,000 that’s all right [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] here’s some hot coffee well thanks mr. Willoughby why don’t I save my money and buy a nice warm store I can sit him I’ve seen them stores they’re drafty beats washing away sure does come on in out of the weather friend what are you a stirrer West Division West names Ehlert Dave right thanks I needed this I need a horse too I wanted to ride on through tonight my feet you’ii get the man of horse way a headed for I left the East Division for a few days I’m looking for a telegram mr. Tanner a ‘no man could miss anything and thence i don’t know where i’m drowned or not well it’s a telegraph and i’ll meet in place the wet mountain meadows you’ii change the man’s saddle while he finishes his coffee say is that your brand that’s right I just bought your herd I tried looking for a telegraph to get my credit and shape a wire boy you must be mistaken mr. drove me on the brand yeah that’s it three thousand double winter steers delivered it to meet in place Trobe is the owner ain’t he he can sell them there anything wrong not a thing friend not a thing well thanks for everything [Music] I didn’t think you could plan that far ahead you reckon that’s why Lee made his bid to be partner that’s why sell the beef and get the money to clear out what’s she running from less people he has to answer you always stand up for him don’t you and you’re loyal to a man who you loyal everything about even as false even his son it’s funny what you just said about arch I’ve been feeling that way a long time about somebody else Bob Lilley [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] day by day and hour by hour the two divisions push closer together sold it on and leave for the showdown [Music] [Music] I am are you feeling around babe oh I don’t know how are you oh spoons the silk what’s your count two thousand yards good a little over a thousand well that gives you Alex 3000 and some to spare it was Alan man you’re gonna sell the hood – that’s right so it is it be new starch but see since he’s playing the canal of the Panhandle and buy more stock the deals going through how much is formally and I’m a partner I pay half your wages remember give me half my orders your orders head – keep your nose out of my business and let you steal arches cattle I’m a little hard of hearing Lee day after tomorrow we start for home it’s a big herd but man the white could get run over you better tell al it was a mistake to forget about it your orders are still to keep your nose out of my business wait a minute Lee I don’t get it you don’t think you can pull this off with me around me [Music] [Applause] [Music] let’s get out with the cut oh and figure this one out I was working down by the river past the last of the wagons don’t make sense what well pass in one of the wagons I saw those too fast goods sure no mistake they’ve been around only stood there talking with the rest of the crew needed a shade they’ve set what clothes like us Lee knew it and didn’t say anything and he isn’t worried like he should be oh and you know I’ve been thinking about that deal I made with Dave Allen yeah I admit I made a mistake like I always do and I haven’t got you around to steer me well I’m glad to see the light flea yeah yeah well I better get down to the depot stop Allard before he gets you involved in that deal fine you go ahead what will you come with me I’m pretty busy here would it be much more convincing with you around all right I’ll tell me what going Lee and I are going over to the Telegraph we won’t be long all right [Music] remember now we don’t blast tilde pride gets to that folder yeah I’ll remember it looks like this is our last round up together on oh I try to pull a fast one on you by grabbing that outlet deal but I couldn’t so I’m going anyway just like I told you I would fine I’m leaving you in a win right down the line or leaving everything arch French Jenn you it’s yours that works sure you thought this out good you’ve been trying to tell me for years how to do the right thing you gave me the straight line about getting away from here beginning all over again I just kind of hate to do what that’s all maybe it’s because we’ve had a lot of fun together we have a third remember that time in Kansas City when arts took us to the Cattlemen’s convention I played cards with a big texan defeatable five cold poker drones right that’s when I found out what good of kicker was yeah we sure had a lot of good times that’s what I miss I miss him too no matter how old you get is that part of growing up you never forget I’m glad you said that all I’ll remember that when I’ve gone through [Music] now [Music] where’s Owen went with Lee over to the Telegraph you hear that somebody’s in trouble take some in and go see go around the other side try to sneak up behind him I’ll cover you [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] wait I’m taking you in Lee we’re gonna settle up not a chance we’re gonna face arch and telling the whole truth for once come on oh you’re forgetting I still got my kicker I always could out draw you own I’ll spot you then but it won’t change anything come on out what do I have to come in and get you that’s the whole story ouch follow me it was in front of me four years old I refused to see it I lied to myself new line to make it easier for me you didn’t kill him I did a long time ago day I looked away and hoped he’d change hoped he’d work out I’ll have to tell Jen I’d like to tell her myself [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music]

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  1. Ooo amigão, isso aqui é Brasil postem filmes dublados ou legendados em português, eu acho uma falta de respeito com nosso povo, nem todos nós temos condições e obrigação de entender o Idioma inglês, parem com isso, um filme bonito desse e não se entende nada x nada.!!!

  2. It's the only movie with Burt Lancaster in it that was disappointing to watch. Generally bad acting all around and a very dreary story line.

  3. O Ator Burt Lancaster (IM) é Sucesso de Bilheteria,Excelente Western .
    Super Postagem Galera do Canal Grjngo – Western Movies .

  4. Yeah "The GOOD Ole Days", when Men were Men & Women were Women😂. I hate Tech: I wanted to live on a Farm riding Horses all day;. Its a Good Respectful Hard Work, & Clean Living👍. Minus the Bandits, Greedy Neighbors & 😈govt Land grabbers😝

  5. Почему нет перевода ? Где перевод ? Сделайте перевод !!!!!!😘😘😘

  6. Why not make sure that you are truly saved by Jesus Christ and practice this way.
    Remorsefully confess with your heart your sins to Jesus Christ who is God and tell Him that you right now are repenting of your sins and you want to be born again of the Spirit from above. Tell Jesus that you are remorsefully sorry for breaking His commandments and that you are begging for forgiveness from Him. Allow His blood from the cross to wash away your sins. After this is done with your heart successfully the Holy Spirit will come to live within you and He will rebuild you from the inside out.

    Look for signs that you are living righteously. Things like spreading the good news from Jesus, getting other people saved, a craving for the word of God, reading the Bible, etc… These things are known as a calling and fruit bearing. If you're not bearing fruit then keep doing it. Sometimes it takes time to get saved. Read Matthew chapter 13 from the King James Bible. God bless!!!

  7. Burt and Robert Walker really click together. The good, the bad with the ranch and a woman at stake. Great scenery, filmed in Coal Creek, Colorado.


  9. Huge Burt Lancaster fan but I never heard of this movie, 'Come Back Little Sheba' and 'Atlantic City' two favorite Lancaster movies.

  10. Hard to believe this movie is almost 70 years old I watched it as a kid great Western and Burt Lancaster was always great.

  11. To think that as I was watching the girl and the baby in bed at the start i couldnt help thinking of the number if little babies like that who were killed, slaughtered in some abortoir in the world in those few minutes!

  12. Nice classic Western is a change from spaghetti Western, more realistic especially with Burt Lancaster at the helm.

  13. GREAT MOVIE! But, In Real Life the Father would have Turned on Owen. No matter how Nasty, Dishonest, Cheat, and a Liar his NO GOOD Son was.

  14. Robert Walker was a good husband and father… he just got treated badly by his wife Jennifer Jones.

  15. This is how I'm Erika became great during that time till the 1950s after that up and down mostly downhill until Trump now things are getting great again thank you Trump Mega country!

  16. Wonderful western movie. Burt Lancaster was one of the best movie actors of all time. I love westerns so much I started to read them, along with my mysteries.

  17. I love these old westerns great movies I wish they made more, the last great western was Silverado I love that movie….

  18. The only thing worth watching these days. No nudity, no cursing, you can actually sit back and enjoy these type movies with your kids.

  19. Hugely enjoyed this movie, great Western, thank you Grjingo. @hard yakka, etc. Actually the production values in this movie weren't that bad. Regarding the one shot kills: The first rail between Texas and Montana was circa 1870 and by then rifled barrels were very common. The shot into Hub Fasken (Ireland) was likely made with a Winchester '73 after cowboy pulled up his horse, not that spectacular. The 'six gun' deflection shot into running Dick Fasken (O'Brian) on the other hand was, and would have required high expertise and maybe some luck, well… by anyone other than Daybright played by Lancaster of course, an actual Scorpio having certain talents. As a kid I witnessed a man rifle shoot a running rabbit at sixty plus yards, took the top of the rabbit's head off clean, this wasn't luck. For a certain breed of men… yeah, one shot kills are the only way.

  20. Thanks for the movie. It teaches a great truth. As parents we want to make something of our kids that they are not. Thanks.

  21. AT 43:22 Ridiculous, no horse could leave a shoe print that perfect, the front of the shoe must leave the print disturbed or distorted. That was done by some one putting a shoe down and taking it straight up. These movies always make people who don't know anything look like they really know something.

  22. Burt Lancaster never fails as an actor and his name on a cast list guarantees at least one great performance.

  23. Great western. Very authentic, costumes nice, ranch settings nice, beautiful scenery, good story. Thanks for sharing.

  24. GREAT WESTERN with Burt Lancaster. A realistic style with adult themes and alot of narration explaining how cattle droving is done. The mountain landscapes , cattle and horse riding scenes are spectacular. You really see how the cowboys worked. The acting is damn good too with a minimum of studio cheese…..

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