Western Stars – Official Trailer

Western Stars – Official Trailer

♪♪♪Change.How do you change yourself?We’ve got a hundred
year old barn
filled with the best kind
of ghosts and spirits.
We got to play
for a few friends.
You never know what’s
going to happen
with new music.♪♪♪Its easy to lose yourself
or never find yourself.
The older you getthe heavier that baggage becomesthat you haven’t sorted through,so you run.I’ve done a lot of that
kind of running.
♪♪♪I’ve spent 35 yearstrying to learn how to let goof the destructive parts
of my character.
And I still have days
when I struggle with it.
♪♪♪ We all have our broken pieces.Emotionally, spiritually
in this life
nobody gets away unhurt.We’re always trying
to find somebody
who’s broken pieces fit
with our broken pieces
and something whole emerges.A certain kind of
magic took place.
♪♪♪The music began to take on
a life of its own.
Life’s mysteries
remain and deepen.
Its answers unresolved.So you walk on…through the dark…because that’s where
the next morning is.

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  1. The truth Bruce has that ability to express hurts n pains love n loss noone can run from believe me I know n that's why mite feel it more that When he reaches Deep down guts of Something in the night or There goes my miricale Either way Gets your attention same time he's help us let the Yael yawls out as they once said let it out Bruce's abilities are incredibly Best of the Best ever expressed in different tonages Roy Oribison Slim W. Had inner being And Bruce has multiple inner beings made Magic clayshey ? Thank you Bruce Musicians sacrifices are hardest folks don't know That Road takes you away from family n same time road becomes Family millions along side waiting-for the moment a night Bruce does his best n ban hisd wife to give you n me everything musically possible
    Thanks Man I also know he misses Me , Clearance Clemons n Me . Danny Federici

  2. I have been walking around with so much baggage in my life. And oh by the way, I'm looking to move back to Tucson soon. Could the timing of this album and film be any more perfect? I think not. If this isn't a sign, I don't know what is. God love you Bruce. This is REAL.

  3. Even though his label is Columbia Records! But it's ok for WB and Columbia Records!
    It would've been make sense for Studios and Record labels!
    Universal Pictures > UMG
    Sony Pictures > SME
    Warner Bros. > WB

  4. I would like to now add "Therapist" to Bruce's long list of credentials. Oh wait…he's been my therapist for over 4 decades.

  5. ‪Hi @springsteen trying to connect for a Make A Wish answer for my dear friend Caitlin. A Facebook video is attached regarding her father’s guitar pic collection. He has sadly passed away but his daughter is seeking to complete his collection. Thank you!‬

  6. I feel Mr.Springsteen's Faith! Hart! Love! Bruce's song writing is a gift to all ! I love this man wish there was more like you !

  7. Que você tenha muita saúde para viver muitos anos,porque música igual e voz impecável só a sua.♥️♥️♥️♥️

  8. I think Bruce is so special it's kind of beyond words. There is no other modern American performer I would say that about. And yet I have to say that first song was a lot better when it was called Gentle On My Mind.

  9. Was incredibly fortunate to have gone to the world premiere last night at TIFF.

    This entire movie was a philosophical exploration on the purpose(s) of life, healing and regression.

    One very memorable line: "chances are, if you love me, I have treated you wrong or dismissed you altogether. I am still workin' on that."

    Can't wait to see this again

  10. Had a pleasure of watching this movie at Tiff today, absolutely loved it.

    Please do yourself a favour, watch this in a Dolby theatre. It would give you chills.

  11. I can't even express how much this collection of songs means to me; it's been my true constant companion for three months.. out here in the deserts and Canyonlands of Utah

  12. We all have broken strings, but I try not to think about those kind of things. I think about how your eyes get swampy in November and June. I think about how I once thought you were perfect and hung the moon. xo

  13. The man might have demons he's had to wrangle, but the music itself has never failed to push us toward our better selves. I feel very grateful to be able to call on his voice when needed

  14. Dammit, he's going to make me ugly cry again – like I did reading his book, like I did watching his Broadway special on Netflix. I love this guy so much!

  15. I'm so inspired by the way Bruce is still so engaged with his work. A lesson for us all. Find your sweet spot and explore it for as long as the road goes!

  16. As incredible as Western Stars is, the reviewers say the live performances of these songs will take your breath away. I’m begging Bruce to reconsider, and to tour in support of this stunning record, which has touched so many people so deeply. Btw: Chasing Wild Horses, Western Stars, Moonlight Motel: these are as good—as affecting—as any songs he’s done. Thank heavens we will at least have the movie!

  17. Please do not ever pass from this world. The soul you put in your lyrics is the only music that makes me feel at home in mine. I don’t have much but if I did I would pay to meet you just for 20min. Thank you for all you have done. You are truly a legend and your name will forever live on.

  18. Hey bro. I remember when you took the pic for “the river “, at franks house. He is still a good guy . You are still the most amazing singer in history !

  19. Η Μουσική της καρδιάς

    Νότες αγγίζουν

    το αύριο

    Φωνές μαγεύουν

    το σήμερα

    Ήχοι πετούν

    στο χθες

    Γιατί τραγουδά

    ο Bruce

    και η φωνή του μαγεύει

  20. He is looking like the Marlboro.Man.. very depressed and not the man full of life he once was… but his music and poetic narrative are compelling.. it’s hard to see how much he’s suddenly aged

  21. es un artista que dejó huella muy buena canciones yo tenía muchas canciones de Bruce Springsteen mayor parte de mi juventud escuchaba su música y todavía me trae muchos recuerdos

  22. A natural turn down the stream of the river of life. Only once or twice Bruce produced music that seemed forced and calculated. Don't beat yourself up too hard.

  23. Easy to say with a half a billion or more dollars ,give everything and keep the minimum then credibility ,we still like the boss for is almost what he is ,nobody's perfect me first.

  24. The more I watch this trailer and the more I listen to the cd 🥰 the more excited I get for this movie 💕🎶⭐️🤠

  25. Tutto il mio amore x questo meraviglioso uomo. Mi emoziono come un bimbo quando lo ascolto. E lo ascolto tutti i giorni.

  26. Awful. Posing w/a cowboy hat—bullshit. Bruce, don't let them rip you into a fake idol-crafted-for-teenagers image. The live videos from yr shows are how we know you. If you video-act out your songs, at least have a sense of humor about it, instead of that standard musicvid slow-motion quick-cut posing crap. Edit it yourself: any non-agent-consulted mistakes or fuckups'll show you're human, right? Or hell, is every casual-seeming mistake just a trumpery of carefully image-calculated these days?

  27. Oops, I didn't read the fine print. Says you co-directed. Why are you doing this? This overdone over-doing? You're NOT a commercial!!! Oh well, maybe you been watching too many music vids yrself. I gotta say though, in some shots the cowboy hat makes you look like Napoleon ;+}. Look—I know you're concerned with mortality, we all are as we age (I just turned 68), but if it concerns cinema, wouldn't you rather be a character actor in a good movie? (Don't start off as the star, though—too expensive-ticket-sales-oriented.) Like, I dunno, maybe the successor to Midnight Cowboy or somethin? (Hey, ever sung "Everybody's Talkin'"?)

  28. Remember seeing his concert, Born in the USA, at Wembley Stadium in 1985. He played 3 hours non stop. Excellent . look forward to seeing Western Stars.

  29. Κάθε στίχος και κάθε νότα είναι ένα ολοζώντανο κομμάτι μιας ιστορίας που διαρκώς εμπνέει ανανεώνοντας τη θέαση των γεγονότων και των συναισθημάτων.

  30. OMG…. so heavy handed. My wife and I laughed in the theater. Talk about melodramatic. I realize he's the "Boss", but this trailer made me wanna quit before it was over.

  31. "Forced and calculated". – Sorry, man but the Ronstadt Documentary made a heartbeat faster. This Bruce film was a disappointing yawn.

  32. it's already touched my sole,just the ambiance of the trailer….bruce has always written about certain times /periods of his life and hes told the storys in concert and brought the fans along with him as he told the story.storys we all live as americans /humans and now old folks do not have to say i only like the music of my past/youth when here is an artist who's writing about our present experiences getting older…no,,hes not a caricature of his younger self.always preforming songs written about his youth….hes doing what hes always done ,hes bringing us along on his journey through life.a life that we all live on one level or another…. and i look forward to the movie.

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