This video is brought to you by Squarespace. Squarespace! Welcome to Cinebattle, the show were two guys challenge each other to see who’s the better filmmaker. And the candidates are: Jordy Vandeput who likes long walks on the beach and is addicted to World of Warcraft. In the blue team, we got Yannick Theunissen. Yannick thinks he’s the Lord of the Rings and he hates to catch stuff. So welcome back in the studio, guys. So for today, as you can see, we’ll be doing another quiz. But today’s topic will be budgets. In total, we’ll be showing you ten different clips, both movies or music videos and you have to guess the closest to what the actual budget is. Okay, and then the closest wins. Gets the point. That’s it. Alright. Any bonus points to be win? Well, I’ll give you two points if you can say exactly on the dollar how much it was. Do we have to shout? No. You only have to write on the paper. Okay. And now we’ll count down and you both show the answer. Alright. I’m excited. Let’s do this. Alright. Hey guys, sorry for interrupting this video, but I got a quick announcement. So last week Yannick and Jordy recreated one of your guys effects, but in one of the upcoming videos, they have to edit with your footage. So in the description below there is a link where you can send your footage to but make sure each footage is not graded, there are no effects on it. It has to be raw footage straight out of camera. It can be from any type of camera. Just send it to us and we’ll make sure that they use it for the upcoming video. Lil Nas X Panini, 2019. We did a copycat about this. Yeah, we had a copycat about it; about the hologram, this one right here. It looks high-end. It looks pretty high-end. I think it’s really nice. I’m gonna guess. It’s a big world. The music video industry is a big world. Yeah. Is it in dollar or euro? Let’s do dollars. Okay, you guys can count down together and then show the answers. 1, 2, 3. So Jordy has $7 million, basically. No, no, no. I don’t have $7 million, Lorenzo, I’ve got $7, 513, 785. It’s gonna be that quiz. It’s gonna be- Yeah, it’s gonna be that quiz. So, guys, the correct answer is $400,000. What?! That’s right. If you want to know more about it, Corridor Crew did a video about it. They did the whole breakdown from start to end. $4 million. $400,000. Oh yeah, $400,000, yeah, that’s a bargain. So, I’m the closest. Yes, so you get a point, Jordy, congrats. The second one: Blair Witch Project, 1999. Budgets were much smaller back then. Yeah, this one, of course, looks very cheap. You would think just give some teenagers handycam and that’s it, but it is still a fictional film. Camera equipments: $0 or let’s say- Just write the number and go on with it, Jordy. I’m trying to calculate this, Yannick Jordy: I’m trying to win.
Yannick: Calculate in your head. Okay, shut up! All right, 3, 2, 1. $10,000. $10 million, so.. What? $10 million? Yeah, $10 million. The correct answer is $60,000. Yeah, I knew that it was a very low budget. That is super cheap. Oh, it was a film student project, wasn’t it? They had a screenplay of 35 pages, but the dialogue had to be improvised. They shot for 8 days. They had 20 hours of footage and they edited into it 82 minutes. It’s 1-1. 1-1. Next one: Paranormal Activity, 2007. It’s a horror movie. Yeah, I know it, Yannick. Of course that is just a segments. What was that? Entirely shot handheld? More or less. You know which movie I really like? Cloverfield. Have you ever seen it? That one is also shot completely handheld, like, it seems like one of the actors just filming. You know what I like? I love it. Drinking tea. Completely off topic, but I like drinking tea. 3, 2, 1. You have $20 million and Yannick has $75 million. So the correct– You guys are off by a far. So the correct answer is $15,000. What?! Yeah. And again you have– Basically, they use found footage which they mirrored in the later films. The biggest thing is they shot on a home video camera. And almost all shots were stationary or tripod or handheld. So, basically, the technique they used is retro scripting which is where the crew or director tells the whole story to the actors and they just have to fill in all the blanks in the dialogue and etc. Well, the more you know. The less you care. 1976. It’s a good year. It’s a good year. Look at him go. I love the movie. Oh, yeah, I should stop singing or we get demonetized. Look at that. Such an epic shot. So, guys, did you like the movie itself? Of course, I love the movie. That was movie time. Star Wars just came out, right? ’79, no? ’78? ’76? ’77? Just write your damn number and go on with it. Damn it. Here we go. Bang, 3, 2, 1. $20 million, baby. $10 million. Well, it’s $1 million. Yeah! 2-2. You’re off. You’re very off. You’re very off. Yeah, but you too. Yeah, they shot most of the movie handheld with friends and family. That’s it for the cost, basically. Okay, let’s go. Next one. Ho ho,ho, guys, time for a little break, okay? You know what? I want to start my own restaurant. That’s right. Where the food is very affordable but high quality. Very tasty food and you get your food very fast. So that’s why I’m making a website with Squarespace. Look at that. I started out with a template so that I got a basis and, from here, I can just change it to my needs. For example, let’s head over to the pages. What is in there.. The menu, of course, super important. We need a good menu. Let’s just change this part right here. Edit. Maybe we can change something about the design. Oh, yeah, we can add it to simple. Oh, this is really cool, I like this more. Let’s just add a Christmas photo right here, which I can simply do. Upload image. There we go. A nice Christmas tree within my menu. Alright, save this page. And also, I’m gonna change the name of the website. Very important. A slideshow! I like that. Let’s upload some photos. Here they are: my beautiful Christmas pictures. Beautiful! Squarespace is always there for me to help with anything that I’m stuck at. You know what? Let’s go to the help setting right here and just ask their award-winning support. So many people are gonna come to my restaurant. A Christmas restaurant where the vegetables are free. Look at that. Alright, guys, you want to start making your own website, then make sure to click the first link in the description below or use the coupon ‘Cinecom’ at checkout to get an exclusive 10% discount. And, now, back to the Cinebattle because I’m winning. Alright, this isn’t Fury Road. No, this is is the old one. Yeah, the old one. It’s like that super old one. I’ve honestly never seen this film. I’ve seen Fury Road, which was great, I loved it. But I saw Mad Max. This is a really thinking game, guys. You really have to think well. You have to be an expert for this. Okay, we gonna– Yeah, show it, go. $5 million. $1 million. What did I write? Yeah, $5 million. $1 million. $1 million. Well, actually it’s $400,000. No, yeah, $400,000. The movie was scheduled to be filmed in 10 weeks. But eventually, because of some problems and a biking accident, into 14 weeks. 14 weeks, okay. Oh, Star Wars. I already know this one. It’s a New Hope. That is the first one. The very first one. Do you really know the answer already, Yannick? Yes. I’m gonna watch it first, to get a sense. Wait a second. Wait, wait, wait. Yanick has been working on some Star Wars CopyCats. I never– He has been doing research on this. This is not fair. I never looked at budget. No? No, I’m just the Star Wars geek so I know these things. This was big budget. More or less. This was pretty big budget. So you’re going for, like, the double points, basically. I’m hoping for it. I’m hoping for the double point. If you got it correct, then you’re cheating. No way that you can guess this on the cent correctly. Well, I’m not– If you’re, like, really a fan, I guess you know already. So it’s actually $11 million. I was doubting. 11 or 15. This is a lot, yeah. So George Lucas received orignally $150,000. After writing the movie itself, the studio gave him a budget of $5 million which they increased to $8.25 million and then, because of editing problems and etc., it became $11 million. Buried. Yeah, you would think this is cheap because the entire film plays back within the coffin. Yeah, with Ryan Reynolds. Yeah. It’s a great movie, actually. I love the idea of being in such a small place, you know, just in one space and doing the entire film in there. Of course, what’s the budget? What’s the budget? What’s the budget? Well, they have to build that entire thing. Right? It’s a set, they have to build it. That actor has to go through something. He needs money, that actor. He probably got a lot of ton of money, so it’s not like for a million. No, no, that actor got at least got a million, then for the production, let’s say $3 million. I’m going for it: $3 million. Yannick? 35. 35. Million. 35. Ryan Reynolds isn’t cheap. Well, you’re wrong because it’s $2 million. I was thinking about $2 million. $1 million for the actor and $1 million for production. Almost got an extra point. I was thinking to write down $2 million. So they shot the movie in 17 days, and as you saw in the clips, they used a lot of the natural light of, like, the zippo and the cellphone. So the next one is the second one of Paranormal Activities. So they saw the success of the first one. Now they got a better camera. It’s HD now. But still the same principle. And why spend more if it sells anyways. But you’ve got like– Now these are visual effects. It has more visual effects to it. I did counted a little bit more. Yeah, me too. $1 million. $2 million. Well, it’s $3 million. I was thinking $3 million this time. I should have done it. Last time, I was thinking $2 million. I wrote down $3 million. Now I was thinking $3 million. Michael Jackson & Janet Jackson – Scream. Yeah, have you.. Is this child-friendly? If you would see the visual effects, I would say $10,000 for that guitar. No, I’m so far off. You think? I’m so far off. Okay, let’s see, come on guys. $30 million. How much? 30 million? Damn. Damn. Actually, Yannick, Jordy got the right answer. It’s $7 million. Oh yes! Oh yeah, we’re not gonna throw paper and this music video was listed in the Guinness’ Book of World Record as the most expensive one ever made. Okay, I’m a huge fan of Home Alone. Everyone knows that. I have no idea what the budget is. However, I do know that the– No idea. Oh man, I love this film. Look at him with the spider. Marv. Can you please write your number. $1 million. $1 million? It’s on 1990. It’s $18 million, Yannick. 18? 18. This was a big film. I don’t know. Yannick, come on! Almost there. Yeah, Home Alone $17 million. initially a Warner Bros production but when the budget grew from $14 million to $18, they no longer were interested so 20th Century Fox took over. And 20th Century Fox made some good money off from this because this thing sold like crazy and became the #1 Christmas movie and my favorite movie. I love this movie. Yeah, I’m bad at guessing. No, it’s not guessing. I’m bad at calculating the budgets for movies. Yeah, you’re really bad at it. Yeah. So, guys, that means that Jordy won this Cinebattle. Oh baby. Oh, baby. Hi-five, Yannick. So that was it for today. You won’t be voting since Jordy already won. Thank you Squarespace for sponsoring this video. Thank you for watching and, as always, stay creative. Come on, Yannick, again. And, as always, Stay creative. Smile, come on. Smile. Ho ho ho, guys. Let’s take a break from the.. Ho ho ho, guys. Let’s take a break for the video for a moment.

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