What Does Every Ben 10 Alien Do? | Ben 10 Aliens’ Powers EXPLAINED!

What Does Every Ben 10 Alien Do? | Ben 10 Aliens’ Powers EXPLAINED!

Hey there, as some of you
might not be fully up-to-date on Ben 10 lore and history, I have made this video to help
people understand who all of Ben 10’s aliens are throughout the first four shows, and what
they all do. Oh, and by the way, the next video I am uploading
after this will be a video giving the entire Ben 10 history and timeline in a short amount
of time, so if you don’t know all of Ben’s aliens, or you want to refresh your mind on
some of them, this is the video for you! Let’s jump right into it! Heatblast
He’s the guy with the fiery head. He can shoot fireballs, melt anything and
can fly on a chunk of the ground. Diamondhead
One of Ben’s most experienced aliens and another classic. He is made of crystals and can change the
shape of his hands and shoot sharp crystals. He can also pull out big boulders out of the
ground and move them with his hands! *Wildmutt
Just a dog who can’t talk or see very clearly, but has great agility and can smell things
very well. He also has sharp teeth that can cut anything. Four Arms
Ben’s strongest alien, at least for now. If the name didn’t make it obvious, he has
four arms. Grey Matter
The smartest alien, but also one of the smallest. Stinkfly
He can fly and shoot slimeballs from his eyes. He also smells bad. XLR8
Ben’s fastest alien. Upgrade
He can merge into any technology and control it. This includes vehicles, computers etc. Ripjaws
He has very sharp teeth and needs water to survive. Ghostfreak
He can control someone from the inside, turn intangible and phase through things, and he
has tentacles underneath his body. He escaped the Omnitrix at one point. *Cannonbolt
He can turn into a ball and roll around. Very clumsy and fat, but also pretty fast! Wildvine
He is a plant that can control other plants, can camouflage in rough situations, has black
pods on his back that he can use as explosives, can regenerate any part of his body, and he
can grow sharp spikes on his body if he’s ever tangled in anything. It’s a shame this one didn’t get used
as much. Upchuck
He can eat any object and spit out energy balls that destroy things. The downside is that he is very clumsy. Eye Guy
Eye Guy has eyes all over his body, giving him a 360-degree view at all times, and he
can shoot energy beams from any of the eyes. EYE think this one is pretty cool! *Waybig
One of, if not THE most powerful alien in Ben’s arsenal. He is the largest alien, and one of the strongest. He can also shoot powerful cosmic rays when
he crosses his arms in an “L” shape. Ditto
Ditto can clone himself as many times as he wants, but other than that, a pretty weak
alien. *Swampfire
Swampfire was the first alien that Ben transformed to in Alien Force, and he is awesome! He can shoot fireballs from his hands like
Heatblast, he can throw seeds on the ground to tangle people in vines, and regenerate
like Wildvine, and he can use his feet as roots in the ground to hold on if he needs
to. One of my favourites, but a pretty smelly
one, like Stinkfly. Goop
Goop is a ball of slime that can take any shape and can’t be damaged in fights against
his body. He has an anti-gravity projector that controls
him, and he can also shoot balls of acidic or adhesive slime as projectiles. *Humungousaur
Another one of Ben’s strongest aliens. Just a big dinosaur that’s very strong and
big. *Big Chill
He can fly, turn intangible at any time he wants, blow cold air to freeze anything to
ice, and even phase through people or objects to turn them into ice. *Echo Echo
Just like Ditto, he can clone himself as many times as he wants, but with the added feature
of sonic sound waves that can kill someone with their volume. In his ultimate form, Echo Echo is one being,
with little sonic speakers that can do the work for him. Chromastone
He can absorb and shoot energy from his body and can survive touching electricity or other
hazardous things. Jetray
He can fly really really fast and shoot lasers from his eyes and tail. Alien X
Debated to be Ben’s most powerful alien, Alien X can do anything he wants, as long
as Ben convinces these two big alien heads to agree with his requests. As you’d see in the show, their stubbornness
can make this alien more of a liability than an asset. Brainstorm
One of Ben’s smartest aliens, and can shoot electricity from his brain. He also has sharp pincers. *Spidermonkey
One of Ben’s favourites, and it’s clear why. Spidermonkey has four arms, can shoot webs
from his tail, or his mouth in the ultimate version, and can swing around pretty well. Nanomech
Ben’s smallest alien. Lodestar
He has magnetic powers and can throw different things at each other with his magnetism. Rath
One of the aliens from the Aggregor series. You’ll understand this in the Ben 10 story
video in the description below and card above. He can shoot water from his palms and can
also absorb moisture from anything. Terraspin
He’s a turtle that can spin like a fan and blow anything away. Armodrillo
He can shake the ground and make earthquakes due to his screwdriver-like hands. However, he’s not the sharpest tool in the
shed. NRG
He’s a super-hot energy-obsessed alien in a big metal suit that can shoot rays of hot
energy from the three holes on his head. His suit is also very hard to open or break. AmpFibian
AmpFibian is a water and land-based alien that can electrocute anyone and can turn intangible. Electrocuting when he’s halfway in the water
though, will shock him. Fasttrack
Pretty much a ripoff of XLR8. He runs fast. Chamalien
He can turn invisible. Not much more than that. Clockwork
Clockwork is another of Ben’s best aliens. He can slow down time quite a bit, rewind
time to see something that happened in the past, travel through time as he pleases, and
he can age anyone or anything into dust if he wanted to. What a cool alien, wouldn’t you say? Juryrigg
He is a crazy alien that likes to break and fix things. If only he could fix this god-awful character
design from Ultimate Alien! Spitter
Spitter can spit out a gross slime that can be acidic. Eatle
Like Upchuck, Eatle can eat anything and shoot out a blast of energy from the thing on his
head. Just not as cool as Upchuck to be honest. Feedback
One of Ben’s favourite aliens, he can absorb and shoot out electricity through his cords. Shocksquatch
He can shock anyone with powerful voltages if he touches them, eh? Bloxx
Bloxx is Lego. Yes. Gravvattack
Kinda like Lodestar but way cooler, Gravvattack can turn into a planet and also levitate objects
into the air and orbit him. He also looks awesome and is pretty strong. Crashhopper
Crashhopper can jump very far distances and is also very good at climbing. He isn’t the strongest with his fists though,
I can tell you that much. Ball Weevil
He may be a small guy, but when he spits out a ball of green plasma and it impacts something,
you know it’s gonna explode! Pesky Dust
While Pesky Dust isn’t the physically strongest alien in the bunch, he can use his dust to
make victims fall asleep, and he can enter and manipulate their dreams to get information
from them. Weirdly specific, but AWESOME! Mole-Stache
This man’s moustache is the greatest thing I have ever seen. He doesn’t really have any powers, but his
moustache can lift a truck! Kickin Hawk
This alien is one of Ben’s best hand-to-hand fighters, and he sure can kick! His power is literally kicking his enemies
away with his very powerful legs. Toepick
This is one of the interesting and infamous aliens. Toepick’s power is literally scaring his
enemies with his ugly face! Even Alien X’s can be scared by him! I know, isn’t that awesome?! Astrodactyl
He can fly, shoot beams from his mouth, and can hit people with his energy whips. The trifecta of awesomeness! Bullfrag
He can shoot his tongue out and looks very cool! Atomix
He creates and manipulates nuclear energy to beat his foes, making him another underrated
gem in the Omnitrix. Gutrot
His power is literally farting on people. Whampire
Whampire can mind-control people by shooting mind-control things at their foreheads. He can also fly, and create sonic explosions. He doesn’t do too well in the sun though. The Worst
Ending this off on a terribly low note, we’ve got The Worst. While he doesn’t look too good, The Worst
can actually withstand any attacks and is basically an indestructible punching bag for
his enemies. He doesn’t serve any offence though, which
can make the fight pretty awkward. And those were all the Ben 10 aliens for your
pleasure! I skipped a couple here and there because
some of them were pretty dull and unimportant, but I hope you enjoyed this video nonetheless. Again, be sure to stick around for a few days
until the next video, which will be a huge one, I’m basically gonna give the entire
story of Ben 10, the first four shows, in a quick 10-15 minute video, so any beginners
of the show can understand it better. This video was just more of a prequel to that
so we’re all on the same page going in. And if you came here from that video, I hope
you enjoyed both videos! Either way, be sure to tell me what your favourite
Ben 10 alien is in the comments below, and be sure to follow me on Twitter and join my
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see you guys next time! Ciao!

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  1. My top 10(ah ah no ok) favorite Ben 10 aliens from best to worst are:Alien X
    Atomix/Atomix X
    Ben Mummy/Snareoh
    Honorable mentinos:Clockwork, Wildmut, Feedback and Gravattack, Artiguana and Stinkfly

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