What Happened to Kid President? | Kid President Travel Show E1

What Happened to Kid President? | Kid President Travel Show E1

– In July Of 2012, I made a video with my little brother. I only meant to make one
of them but it was fun. So I made another one , another one , another one and then another one . We just kept making them. And it kind of led us on a wild ride. ♪ Here we go, here we go, here we go ♪ ♪ Here we go, here we go, here we go ♪ ♪ Here we go, here we go, here we go ♪ ♪ Here we go, here we go ♪ – Kid President, give
Kid President a big round of applause. – Were we go. Five, four, three, ahh. Let’s do this. – [Brad] After countless web videos. – I’m Kid President and I’m on a mission to make the world more awesome. – [Brad] Celebrity interviews. – What’s this called? – The pencil sharpener. – The – I kissed Beyonce! It was magical. – [Brad] Television show and a New York Times bestselling book. We just stopped. – What happened to Kid President? – We need Kid President
more now than ever. – Kid President. – Kid President. – What exactly happened? – Where is Kid President. – [Kids] We hope you feel better. – [Kids] Kid President,
we need a president. – Where are you? – I heard he’s been really sick. – Maybe he was on a trip and
then he got lost in the forest. – I think he got abducted by aliens. – Whatever happened to Kid
President, I don’t know. – Guys, I heard Kid President died. – Well, I’m not dead. This is Kid President,
Robbie Novak in the flesh. Just because someone’s not on YouTube, doesn’t mean they’re dead. A lot of people they call me Kid President but that was just a character. In the videos I was pretty wild. I would dance and do stuff, crazy stuff but in real life I was
honestly pretty shy then. A lot of people then would come up to me, like, hey give me a pep
talk or give me a corn dog. I don’t wear suits all the time. I don’t really love corndogs. Corndogs rule! People will mail them to us a lot. Mail someone you know a corndog. – No way, it’s a corndog. – It got pretty gross. People ask a lot, how can
I become Kid President? And I’m just like, I don’t
know man, just get yourself a Brad and you’ll be set. That’s what I did, Now you see Brad is my brother but sometimes I call him Brad Chad. Good old Brad Chad, he
wanted to put something on the internet that got
people to listen to kids. And it worked. – Let’s move. – So my idea is maybe we
could just bridge that divide. Child like optimism and grown up cynicism. And also I just really wanted to spend some time with Robbie. There were a lot of reasons
why we stopped making videos but for one the only
times that me and Brad could really spend together
is when we were filming. It got tough and me and Brad. – [Brad] This was so Robbie
could focus on school and family and friends. – It was a whole bunch of fun
be we stopped making them. Just stopped. – So just before we
stopped, I ended every video with a cliffhanger. – Brad’s hand would come
in, I would get a letter. – Oh, some mail. Mail. Some mail. And the letter said,
you’re voice has changed, are you going to be Kid President forever? – Kid President. – You’re Kid President. – You’re not going to be a kid forever. – Voice is getting deeper. – Or what’s next? What are you gonna do? – I don’t know, uh, I
see we’re out of time. I, uh, left something in the stove. I’ve answer it next episode. Until that next episode, bye. I’ll answer that next video. – We never answered. – I don’t know. – I guess you’re just
going to have to stay tuned since you happen to next. – Truth is I didn’t know
what we would do next. – That’s how life works. – Are we done? Did we do it? Did we make our Space Jam? – What would be your Space Jam? What will you create that
will make the world awesome? – Where do we go from here? – What are we gonna talk about now? – Uh, I didn’t think about that. – Let’s just stand here
until they stop watching. – That’s a plan. The biggest reason we stepped away was so Robbie could just
go back to civilian life. – I mean it’s been awesome. I’ve gotten to be with my
friends and play soccer, video games. I’ve been running. Got to be in drumline, percussion, band. Brad, we’ll he’s been
focusing on some writing Coming up with crazy ideas. He made a karaoke backpack. It’s literally a backpack
with some mics in it. – [Brad] Everywhere you go is now a party. – It’s pretty crazy but it’s pretty epic. – I’ve been spending time with my family. I have a wife and two kids. – It feels crazy. I get to be back. It’s been a while. Hey, we out here. We’re back at it again. It’s going to be great. It’s going to be awesome. – Robbie doesn’t really
know this but we’re going to be going on a big trip together. – All right, so what we’re doing here, is just packing my bags. – About asking the questions,
I wonder how we can make the world more wonderful? I wonder who we can help? He doesn’t know all the
places we’re going to be going and has no clue the
adventure we’re in for. – I don’t even know what to pack really, Brad won’t tell me where we’re going or what we’re gonna really be doing. But it’s okay, I guess
we’ll just have to see. – So I can’t tell you exactly
where we’re going every spot. I can tell you though there is a kid who is making the world more awesome. – I know that we’re going to go meet kids who are trying to make
the world more awesome and that’s all I need to know. – Aside from coming back to the internet, the other thing I’m really nervous about is breaking the news to Robbie that this road trip will
be happening in my minivan. About the vehicle. – We’re taking your minivan aren’t we? – Yeah. – Minivan.
– Minivan. It’s ready. I don’t know if this
minivan can handle us. This trip is gonna be awesome. Gonna meet amazing kids. – [Brad] I’m excited
to spend time with him. For us to just be together again. – I’m excited, I’m really excited. – [Brad] And there are
kids all over the country, all over the world who deserve to be heard in the same way that Kid
President was celebrated, there’s so many kids all over the world every day doing things
that deserve to be heard, that deserve to be applauded and that deserve to be supported. – We’re gonna have a lot of experiences, have a lot of fun and it’s
just going to be a good time to try make the world more awesome. – [Brad] Everything
else with Kid President was just the beginning. – [Robbie] Hey Brad are we there yet? Are we there now? – [Brad] Go back to sleep. We’re back.
We’re back. ♪ Back ♪ ♪ We’re back ♪ ♪ Baaa ♪ We have a whole lot of
awesome people to meet. – Some great stories to share. Follow along with our adventures and we hope to see you on the road. ♪ Soulpancake subscribe ♪

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  1. Yeah the guy needs to live his life. He peaked at a perfect time and had to ride down the hill slowly and I respect the hell outta that

  2. I used to be so excited every time the teacher would tell us we were going to watch Kid President. ❤️❤️❤️💞💞😭😭

  3. #kidpresident I remember watching these in class in like 4th 5th and even now in 7th kid president is wonderful

  4. he has grown, matured alot, and not like always on YT and it's actually cool to see him happy living his life being a teen i mean we are only kids and teens once right

  5. i remember when i was still elementary school and at the end of the day before the bell rang we would watch kid president

  6. Can we please make the pencil sharpener dance famous? Lol. I want to see grown ass adults do this for the bandwagon.

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