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  1. How can setting that is infinite be expanding? I still just don't understand that concept. Its already infinite, how could it be expanding outward? By definition it encompasses everything already. When people say "the universe is expanding", are they just talking about the universe up to our particle horizon?

  2. It’s amazing that we know this much about galaxies compared to, say, the ocean, or the origin of the nucleus. Edit I know we don’t know everything, it’s just cool how we know how far galaxies are, it’s like if a group of tapeworms realized there are so many other hosts other than the one they live on. That is a weird analogy

  3. Is a volume of empty space actually a volume? Could you fit, for example, an entire universe in an inch squared by making smaller particles. They would only be smaller relative to our particles and from their own perspective wouldn't they be a full sized, wouldn't they.

    I'm curious because in other videos you mention dark energy being measured by gram of space and I'm unsure how you can measure a gram of space. How can you measure space with nothing in it. Is there some sort of fundamental scaling limit?

  4. How can something break the laws of physics?
    The particle horizon is something we can never catch even if we move at the speed of light because it will move away from us faster than light eventually.

  5. Imagine the expansion acceleration rate of timespace being related to the amount of mass of all the black holes being in that timespace ^^, hence the inflation

  6. If possible at all,if one would travel beyond the edge of the universe they would cease to exist since the laws of physics acting In anything natural do not exist beyond our uinverse,so forget about seeing what's beyond the universe

  7. If there is another universe other than ours, Then it might also be expanding constantly. So, there might be a time when both of these universes run into each other.
    Also, what is between the two universes?? There must be something!! But what???

    My mind is totally fucked up and I feel so helpless and puny. Fuckkkkk!!! I cant even imagine a genuine theory!!!

  8. i think on the other side of the universe there will be nothing im no genius but if you think about the double slite experiment they found that when you don't look at the photon of light it is a wave.on the other hand, if you look at the photon it turns into a particle. (crazy i know) so if humans can not travel to the edge or beyond then there will be nothing. fun answer you will out of the laws of physics space and time so you could live forever because time would not exist.

  9. I have so many questions… If we were able to achieve super luminal speeds would we even notice IF we were in a 4D hypersphere? Can we observe a dimension we might not be apart of? What if we are apart of it? Is that consequential to relativity when traveling that fast? So many more questions…

  10. A way to summarize this video in 30 seconds would have been to say we dont know if there is a edge to the Galaxy or not. Its easy to assume its infinite but who really knows lol we wont know until we can travel light years away 😥 i hope im still alive to see that day.

  11. If the universe is expanding then it has to have a center right?
    Earth is A and some random star beyond cosmic horizon is B
    So if the space is "running" away from A then is it also running away from B in the same direction or in every direction? So if A is in the middle and space moves in every direction so it does from B. So are we moving away from B and getting closer at the same time? Surely Earth isn't in the middle but where is the middle? If we could find it we would be able to travel towards it and it would make us go faster because that central thing would be pushing thing towards us.

  12. Outside the edge of the universe there is space. Someone or something legged that cosmic egg of our universe once upon a time.

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  14. Man, you are so cool and smart. If I had one unselfish wish that a genie could grant me, I would wish that you could meet Einstein and palaver with him.
    But then… a genie couldn't exist in the same reality as Einstein's theories, so… sorry, man, I tried…

  15. The universe is all there is so must be infinite in space and time.
    The Big Bang is nonsense. many scientist say so. It requires a miracle!
    The pope says its true, so it must be false. He was wrong about Galileo!
    Mathematicians have ruined science.

  16. It almost has to be a four dimensional hypersphere. That is the only way that one can have all parts of the universe expanding at the same rate. My estimation would be the observable universe is less than one percent, meaning our universe is very big. How I get that estimation is another story all together, but it also has to be very old, no older then that, no way older then that. Anyway it is all a crazy thought, but it can be calculated if we look at how much energy is in each field.

  17. If universe is expanding at speed of light, earth observer is moving away from the light source at speed of light, thus how will the emitted light catch up or reach earth observer?

  18. We think we know the dimensions of the entire universe but we arrogantly think that our " observable" universe ( with our technology) is infact all there is which is stupid. We think what we see is the outer limits but we havent got a clue

  19. Hope someone can answer this. Why is the cosmic event horizon closer than the particle horizon? The rest makes sense except that. He just moves on.

  20. How can quantum uncertainty result in quantum tunneling? If a particle "passes through" a solid object doesn't this mean that particles could travel vast distances in an instant under specific conditions? If you were to define momentum so precisely (like in the creating a blackhole video) couldn't you just make so many possible positions that the likelihood of traveling this far would become *likely*?

    How can particles travel like this without traveling faster than light? Is this bypassing that law because the momentum of the particle is never tehnically faster than the speed of light?

  21. In practicale .
    If you look at a human cell system closley in microscop you will realize they looks quite the same has the universe in structure and that all things in universe has 1. Cycle 2. They dieing or actually transforming.
    Means in persoective if you look from a distance even our entire universe has its own cycle & it could be in a round buble shaoe bext to other billon of other glaxies bext to it that also in a giand buble system and even this one next to other mega galaxy bubkes etc .. thats mean its has no end to it .. ir thst all is a dream
    Nit even exist . Metrix dreamers

  22. Event Horizon is taking your Boat and the next island on the horizon, the other is math when you do Calculus on DMT.

  23. If the universe is expanding due to dark energy, I would imagine that it could be expanding into an infinite void that needs to be filled acting like a vacuum on the universe, thus causing it to expand.

    I would say the odds are infinite that there is an infinite number of universes expanding in this void.

    Due to the void being infinite the number of universes in the void would determine whether or not there are universes near us.

    Wrap your head around that.

    For me, the term infinity is impossible for me to grasp.

  24. Maybe outside of the uiverse there is something like virtual particles? Quantum states that have no real impact, pure potential without reality?

  25. its round everything else is. i had a dream about the edge long before i saw this. and its making new space so you cant go beyond what is not in existence. but will nevr know. i seen it its cool. we are all connected in time and space . space is the water of time. boom. blew your mind….

  26. infinate, the word entered the public's vocabular when the only space tech. was within this solar system, and the telescopes only saw a quatitative # of other galaxy's. The concept of infinity came from letting the mind speculate on the nature ( of ) the Universe, hence each one ( of ) us is the center (of ) the Universe. Old astronomers debated weather the earth or the sun is the center ( of ) the universe. Sonny, if you ain't then for defence ( of ) the Earth, ( it ) better be ! The sun is the center (of ) are Milky Way because all other space matter seems to revolve around ( it ).
    ……. Just by saying, "what is the true nature ( of ) the Earth, the Milky Way, and everything ( in ) the universe is the true nature of the Earth, plus all living and inert
    propertys ( on ) and ( in) it. Like asking about the nature ( of ) a friends friend or a potential employee, etc.. There ( inner ) nature, mental make up. and i suppose the buddy system, i.e. Heath issues. Their (outer ) nature starts with the last layer of skin exposed to the Earths true nature. and would include all of Earths true nature.
    …….. ( of )?
    Leads to the Question: What is the TRUE nature ( of ) the Universe. Sure, just as the Earth, all matter alive or inert ( with-in ) the universe, BUT what is in OUTER SPACE ? ( Out side) the Universe ! Its other half of its TRUE nature.
    …….. Collosus, ( AKA The Enterprise ) has been to the end of the ( inner ) part in a couple of locations to find they were bared from this reality. This ain't no fucking Joke ! As i said before in
    the comment section of Videos on the Moon, Collosus was built there. now you do the logistical math, and imagine all the ( things ) required to build such a vessel. Then, You have to have enough balls to honor the dead, as you ( ? pretend to ) do on Earth, STAR WARS ain't no fucking joke either. Add the Galatica Fleet, and don't leave out the "Lost in Space" crew.
    ……. Now once again, pre-"Naval Research" Captain Nelson, Who advanced to Admiral, had people on the moon in the day when they ( T.V. studio & ? hate think it was the navy ) openly hid in plain site on the "Twilight Zone"
    ……… People of Earth also salted part of Mar(s) before the trip to the Moon with Mr.Nelson, Buck Rodgers type vehicles out of the land of Asyria, they were of pre-american heritage, spoke as, looked as, Caucasian americans ! The land of "Point"
    Spear head country, The Concrete, ( stone ) Portland, and perhaps ground granite ARROWS
    Mark the location where these vessels took off from. america had not yet even fought its Revolution against England.
    ………TIME BANDITS & The hot tube time machine, screw up the actual facts. That this Earth is a vessel itself, and failed in transit to ( ? i may have known once, but i have no idea now.) "Somewhere over the Rainbow"
    ……. A battle between the Sabines ( saboteur's ) and the ones that felt survival was the only way to live ( duh ) was fought, and now it is call "The Battle between Good and Evil"
    ……. Here is the thing that people don't get, GOD FORGAVE US OUR TRESPASSERS. no brag, just fact ! we were give permission to traverse through the ( sector, for a better lack of wording ) by GOD !
    THAT'S it, that's where were at ! and please understand, GOD does not love each and every one on Earth,That is just a dumb
    thing to teach the children. Why would the Good people of the Earth ignore the Evil, and surrender the fight ? I don't get it !

  27. (KJV)(Hebrews 9:27) And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment

    (KJV)(Revelation 21:8) But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers,
    and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.
    (KJV)(Mark 9:44) Where their worm dieth not, and the fire is not quenched"

  28. (KJV)(Psalms 14:1) To the chief Musician, A Psalm of David. The fool hath said in his heart, There

    is no God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good.
    (KJV)(Job 4:17) Shall mortal man be more just than God? shall a man be more pure than his maker?
    (KJV)(Romans 6:23) For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord"

  29. What happens at the edge of the universe stays at the edge of the universe. 😂 My opinion, which is as good as anyone, is that there is nobody outside our atmosphere. We have looked and searched with nobody answering our signals. 👽

  30. Well explained! I'm wondering though, if, sometime after the Big Bang, our universe cooled down, and (I think) the Higgs field emerged, did the expansion slow down rapidly?

  31. the universe can't be infinite. If the universe were infinite how could it be expanding? Your argument is invalid

  32. If the edge of the universe is the inverse to the singularity of a black hole then that which is beyond the event horizon of the universe would be not a singularity but a diametrically positioned all encompassing pan-plurality. The singularity being a point that is everywhere and the pan-plurality being the diameter of the universe that is quite literally nowhere in spacetime (to paraphrase Cusanus) because spacetime itself breaks down "inside" such a pan-plurality just as it does at the singularity of a black hole.

  33. If wee like back to home after bilions years of traveling in one direction!?Is that means that wee newer can back to home again?

  34. according to my calculations  the universe ends at ( >'09x%+mc-pie ) or ( infinity – 1/3 infinity x half infinity – which is 3 feet behind you 1 foot to the right and 4 feet high – sometimes –

  35. I can't imagine what lies beyond observable universe!!!

  36. I think the only way to go out, is in. Through alignment of the "Colabi Yau" compact dimensions, by manipulating the Higgs Boson particle to 'unwrap' itself from Colabi Yau.

  37. "Let's talk about the edge of the universe and how wer wil get there"…

    What the hell are u talking about we can't even get to mars haha.

    This is 100% science fiction!

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