WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS … | The Martin Garrix Show S4.E1

WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS … | The Martin Garrix Show S4.E1

We’re at EDC! I think this is my sixth year of EDC.
Unbelievable, good to be back! Gabe: Fireworks just got cut. I’m gonna kill myself.
Right now it’s cut for the rest of night. Martijn: Really sucks for Gabe. He spent a long time programming the firework show Now they cancelled all the fireworks. Stephan: Everything is going up until now pretty good, apart from the wind. That sort of f*cked up the fireworks and
a little bit of smoke for the lasers. But we’ll see how the show ends up, but stay in touch. [Music playing: Martin Garrix, Matisse & Sadko – Mistaken (feat. Alex Aris)] Isabelle: Do you still get nervous or
are you so used to it now? Martijn: I don’t know, I always get nervous before
I go on. But great to meet you! Isabelle: Great to meet you too man! It’s so cold, but I’m very excited! Let me see your hands in the air! One, two, one, two, three, lets go! Thank you EDC, make some noise for yourselves!
See you next year! Thank you so much Of course I’m bummed because we
were supposed to have fireworks, the lasers would be more visible with less winds but… Under the circumstances, this was f*cking insane!
Gabe: We did really good. We did really good Martijn: How did the lasers look?
Gabe: Yeah, they look good, but I mean there was just so much f*cking wind, but it looked good. Martijn: I’m happy, since you said …
Gabe: No it was just crashing, it was just Martijn: Cuz no one told me there
was no CO2 and stuff either. Gabe: There was nothing…
No, we were not allowed to use flames We were not allowed to use … Uughh Martijn: I’m f*cking stoked though.
Gabe: It was f*cking dope, but just uughhh. I f*cking love you. What were you doing?
Martijn: I watched the firework render on my phone. Gabe: Dude, I was just like alright cool this is what we’re gonna do. I’ll see you tomorrow,
I can go this way quicker than you now! See you buddy! [Music playing: Dyro & LOOPERS – I Know U] Here we go, here we go! So sick! This was the most fun Wet Republic show we ever did! So Menno is bashing I always wear black, he’s basically saying I should wear outfits like this all the time. Menno: Call me [Music playing: Martin Garrix & David Guetta – So Far Away (feat. Jamie Scott & Romy Dya)] Updated Garrix lab. So we’re back home with an interesting week. Exactly one week ago, I was in Las Vegas and I was there for ten days, I did crazy shows. We did EDC, we did OMNIA, we did Wet Republic and then The last show on the last night I was there, I did a stupid jump and I landed completely wrong In the air, I already kind of realized I jumped to hard
and because I’m small, I stand on the riser Which makes me look taller for the crowd No secrets And my foot landed just on the side of the riser and Slipped off, so it turned and then my whole body weight Here on my right ankle and
I fell I hit my head to a glass wall. Knock on wood Very happy the glass didn’t break and it was just my ankle that was f*cked and then my security carried me to the greenroom and There we we had our first look at the ankle and it was just straight up… It didn’t look good They were like: “The ambulance is here in six minutes.” But for the crowd it looked weird, because I was in the booth, I jumped … And I just disappeared. They didn’t see me leave, they didn’t see me get up. So I felt bad for the crowd. Kind of pissed my team off, but I went back in the DJ booth On like a chair and I played “In The Name Of Love”,
“High On Life” The big Garrix songs So I think I played another 20 minutes and then I realized my body was like Shaking and full-on sweating So yeah, it was time to go to the hospital Right now it sucks cuz I have my first show on Friday and I can’t put any weight on On my foot because just doesn’t take it well. So I’m thinking like a f*ck. My shows are very energetic. Can I still give that energy with just one leg? But guess we have to find out I think Right now we do the MRI scan. Let’s pray it’s just badly sprained and not torn. If it’s torn, I’m really screwed. We have about 40 shows coming up. Don’t stress. Mom was stressing again.
Mom: 8:30 is 8:30 I was already at his house at 8:00 AM,
he made me wait for 15 minutes. You don’t let your mother wait for 15 minutes. Well, I’m little less portable. It’s going to be alright.
Yeah, how does it feel? The swelling is gone, but I can’t do anything. I can press it a little but I can’t put any weight on it. Does the recovery take long?
I’m worried because the next show is this Friday. That’s a bit soon.
I don’t think you can already jump. At least not on that leg. Sander: So we’re getting an MRI scan done.
He had an ankle injury about a week ago in the States they already did the X-ray and we need an MRI to see if
there’s any damage to the ligaments. Which you can’t see on an X-ray and hopefully we can get a better prognosis for the coming weeks to see
what he can and cannot do. Don’t know if it’s good until we see the results,
but the scanner worked. Luckily we have two feet. We just had an MRI scan and hopefully later today we get the results. See if it’s sprained It’s badly sprained or if like my ligaments are either ripped or stretched very badly. I don’t even know what ligaments are but they said let’s hope it’s not those because then I’m f*cked. Next show is Friday. I have two legs so I can still do a show, I think. This really sucks. I’m in a wheelchair, on these things you know Going to the toilet usually takes like one minute, now it takes like five. Showering is f*cked. Everything is f*cked.

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  1. So glad Season 4 of The Martin Garrix Show is finally here! The last couple of months have been crazy for me, with many great shows but also my ankle injury. In this episode you'll see and find out what happened in Las Vegas…

  2. I was in the crowd at edc! So sick seeing the behind the scenes and REZZ ❤️. The wind was crazy that night and it felt so cold due to it too!!

  3. The fact that the girls are standing out there with ‘GET WELL’ lettercards is crazy. You’re such a beast, Martijn! We love you!

  4. Funny story. I fractured my foot during his set at edc this year lol he broke his a couple of days latter. Did I leave? no did he leave? No lol

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