What If Hollywood Doesn’t Happen? – Joe Wilson

What If Hollywood Doesn’t Happen? – Joe Wilson

Filmmaker/Writer/Comic Joe Wilson: For me it was always about the work. I
really…you know…I really loved it and I wish I could have done it more but I didn’t. Film Courage: How long have you been in Los Angeles? Joe Wilson: 22
years. Film Courage: And in a couple of months or a month…? Joe: In a couple of months I’m leaving forever not
by choice but some family members need some help and my wife and I are gonna be
that help so leaving Los Angeles it’s the place I’ve lived the longest
actually my whole life. Film Courage: So how does that feel to you do you is it sort of like
you’re seeing those years flip by and your mind like a TV show like it’s … Joe: it is
a combination of regret and and kind of the realization that maybe things not
working out for me in the entertainment industry maybe was for the best because
I think the timing of how if I if the success came the way I thought it was
going to come at the time that I thought it was going to come when spec sales
were huge and people made money fast I I guess I I feel like I’ve just gone
through like the longest training program anybody could ever go through to
learn how to do a bunch of shit I didn’t know how to direct or write or act or do
stand-up the way I do now from having done it sitting down to write a book
having done all these different things made the writing easier and better room
and all that stuff because I’ve been doing it I you know I I wanted to come
here and be successful and buy my wife a house didn’t happen
so when things don’t work out the way you want and you improvise adapt and
overcome and that’s what I’m gonna do moving to
Albany New York which is not a entertainment capital that I know of but
locations will be easier to get I do have a line on actors play short is
something I can continue doing graphic novel as I don’t know how many more
issues in it I guess I had a lot of fun I met a lot of people some of it was not
fun but I guess overall I wouldn’t have done any other way cuz I had to know
like I had to know what was gonna happen she said regrets earlier oh yeah what
were their regrets oh good too many to number I guess I should have
tolerated some fools more and yeah a bunch of stuff but aren’t you glad that
it forgive me I don’t know where you wanted before you went to Boston we’re
still ok but were you still in yeah what if you had stayed in upstate New York
and we’re gone back I don’t know you know what were your travel line was and
you worked for a company and they pushed you out the door because they’re hiring
people from oh sure somewhere else or they’re closing that plant or something
so what I’ve essentially happened to the company that I was working for in Boston
I was very lucky that the company I had a day job with in Boston had a company
out here so when I I said I’m moving to Los Angeles if you guys want me that’s
where I’m gonna be and they were like you can work in the other company’s
office for Boston so I had a job that I flew with so that was great and then
they pulled the plug on the company fired everybody
well once I got out here um but what was the question so I guess the question is
what if you hadn’t come here wouldn’t you be more regretful for had not
because you’re still with your wife oh yeah no we’re not trying to some people
don’t oh yeah I’m I know people have died you
know in pursuit of this some people died from suicide some people died from drug
overdose some people died from lifestyle you might say and I guess I guess what I
didn’t know and there’s no way you really couldn’t know like I did stuff in
Boston and he you know was done live there’s no you know this video of it but
most the time it was like it was theater it was something that was done for a
live audience and that’s what it was meant to do and then when it was over it
and it and that was it it didn’t exist anymore except for in the minds of the
people who saw it I’ve heard from people who remember the stuff I did in the 90s
when I was in Boston and performance art stuff installation art and like all that
stuff is gone none of it exists anymore but they remember it and you know if you
make a movie and it’s successful and when people see it and they’ll remember
it sometimes movies become apart people’s lives they buy the DVD they
watch it on a regular basis something out in the background it’s the movie
they go to when they’re feeling shitty that is something I sort of got to
experience with vampire Moe the you know I did have people contact me who said
that they you know life wasn’t great and they were kind of down
and they enjoyed the humor and the characters in the story in it and it
gave them some place to go for a while and that’s why I feel like to some
degree storytelling is a service you are in service of other people’s stories are
for other people and that’s who you’re creating for I mean you could create for
yourself but if they don’t see it then it doesn’t exist what do you think that
you should have tried more of or maybe maybe there’s nothing you know I’ve
changed directions a bunch of times when things weren’t going right I’m like you
know when things with acting and stand-up weren’t going great and I was
looking at writing screenwriting and I hadn’t written anything and I’m like man
do I have a learning curve and I’m like I gotta back off everything else take
classes really focus on on screenwriting and and learn everything that I can
about it I never lost the question again what what do you think that maybe you
should have tried oh I guess I probably should have mm I think I should have
kept doing stand-up I think I could have should have kept spreading myself out
then the way I was and find finding ways to deal with that chaos which I enjoyed
to some degree but the more I met a lot more people doing stand-up and when
you’re a writer and you meet less people because you’re at home reading and I was
in a few writers groups and there were always a nightmare I just it was almost
like competitive notes like oh yeah you didn’t like my screenplay way to like
give you notes on yours it was garb I remember one screenplay that this guy
wrote and had very specific terminology to the x-games to all these special
things you do on a skateboard on a BMX bike and all this stuff and I’m reading
it and I’m like yeah I don’t know what any of this is and he’s like well that’s
the language that they use does the thing I’m like yeah but what does that
mean what is they what do they do well all you have to do is say that and
people know what it is yeah but the person that the reading the at the
studio the agent they’re not gonna know this oh I’m sorry I’m telling you
information you don’t want to hear I can oh so this isn’t feedback you just want
to be you wouldn’t you just want to be told this is good you don’t want to make
it better you just want to so then and then when it was time for mice for my
spring play to be routed he just was like anything he could find and and you
you know I know what good feedback is impede back and that was revenge
feedback what advice would you give to someone else leaving Los Angeles hmm I
wouldn’t give them any advice I guess yeah I kind of sometimes advice is just
someone else’s version of the way they think things should work and and it’s
just it’s just another obstacle it’s just it’s a it’s a your expectation is
being managed by someone else’s experience and their experience isn’t
necessarily what’s going to be your experience so the advice has no value
because they’re well the way I did it well yeah well the way you did it is and
and that was what I think one of my problems was that I was trying to I saw
how other people made it and I was trying to do it the way they did it I
was okay so he do this and he win a contest then you get a manager and then
you go out take script out and then you sell it and there’s a million ways careers happen
and don’t make them mistake I did of sort of telling your story you’re like
well this is gonna happen then I’m gonna do this this and this and this and
that’s the way it’s gonna be and then when it’s not oh I did
something wrong I guess I’m the problem so I got to change the plan
so in irony this this and this and all right that’s not working oh my god it I
I enjoyed less of it I missed out on a lot because I was working so hard to try
to make it what did you miss out on Oh birthdays vacations seeing the outside
world friendships Allah can always sit in one chair at a time what does success look like to you I don’t know anymore actually that is a
good question nothing to do with the entertainment
industry well you’ll still be able to make
stories oh yeah and and now you might have a pool of people that oh sure
aren’t going to be you know there’s gonna be access to talent up there as
well yeah and maybe something new will come from it and it’ll be a new
definition of because I think coming being here
we’re so clouded by not the middle-class version of success oh but this like
astronomical thing that I don’t even know if those people are happy we don’t
know that we don’t know if that’s have met a lot of people who were wealthy and
successful and miserable I remember talking to somebody who has working on a
basic-cable show and a network show at the same time and they were complaining
that the basic cable show didn’t send a driver and then the network show did it
was you know why doesn’t the basic cable show send the driver and I was just like
I’m in the back my mind going you know how many fucking people would like to
have that fucking problem not having the basic cable show send a driver oh you
have to drive yourself to your job that you get poor you it break in my heart
it’s like listen to people who like social media experts who complain about
traveling they’re like oh my god it’s so hard to travel from conference to
conference and miss flights and all the rest of it really get up on a roof and
do some roofing in August and Los Angeles get the smell of tar up in your
nose and then tell me how hard it is again to sit in an airport really is it
really that hard to sit in an airport sorry sorry you have to sit so long
sorry that’s such hard work for you sorry you’re not at the hotel where
you’re supposed to be at the right time again get on a fucking roof and fucking
August with the smell of tar in your nose and tell me again how hard it is
that you work writing is not hard none of this shit is hard none of this shit
is roofing in August in Los Angeles any time you think you’re working hard think
oh you know and I’m not on a roof in 95 degrees with tar up my nose that’s hard
work all the rest of this you know I worked
hard but it didn’t do roofing for the last 22 years you know I was indoors it
was not hard work I’ve seen hard work and then about my hard work I’ve done
hard work none of this is hard work hard work is a bunch of 18-hour days on
set they have to day after day that is hard work hard work gaffers do hard work
electricians to our door Carver distantly actor is less so
directors less so that’s why I never wanted to be a video village director I
never wanted to be the guy sitting looking at fucking monitors and barking
shit from a chair I wanted to be holding a camera and I wanted to be right in
there were the actors because that’s where it is happening and if I didn’t
know how to run a camera then I couldn’t have done that so I learned how to run a
camera so I can do that and I’m a better director because I run camera because
I’m there I’m with the actor the actors looking at me the director who’s
operating the camera that’s pointing at them completely different experience and
the guy over in the corner who’s barking stuff back or gets up walks over says of
them box back I just y’all cut good anything all right
again go I can shoot ten pages in four hours door-to-door in and out done it
every time every episode of play sure which was four hours rehearse the actors
for two hours a week before bring him in we walk into Nic’s at four o’clock we
set up lights we eat dinner we shoot we close it up 9:00 9:30 we’re gone for
five hours oh you don’t need an 18-hour day and you
don’t need a giant crew any thoughts on friendships in LA
partnerships friendships in Los Angeles are sometimes
friendships are based on projects there’s a lot of project friendships
like you’re working on a project and every reason friends and you know each
other forever and the project is to never see each other again that’s pretty
common and then you’re right it’s like co-worker friendships it’s not kind of
thing I think it is harder to have or at least it was
I found it harder to have more meaningful friendships just at the the
pace of everything that was going and everyone’s so worried about their career
and and who’s got what who’s doing what and the next thing that it it didn’t
allow for a lot of deeper friendships I felt but some of that’s means and some
of those la so is it about the work for me it was always about the work I really
you know I really loved and I wish I could have done it more but I didn’t what’s the thing you’re most proud of nothing that’s on screen yeah I don’t
think um I think I’m more proud of what I what I knew that I got through it I guess not any specific work it sort of
e all of it all those classes workshops graders groups meetings wit managers and
contests oh I could have made a lot more money doing something else but
it wasn’t I moved out of here for the money because I was doing you know the
nonprofit art thing in Boston and there’s something about the there’s
something about making art when you know it’s not gonna make you any money that
is different when you know I mean people oh I paint didn’t I put up in the
gallery and people pay me thousands of dollars yeah most painters don’t have
that most painters are they got a lot of paintings and that haven’t sold can I
think when I did an installation that had 27 TVs in it and things were run by
motion detectors and the ravit see ours and slide projectors and took up a giant
room and it took me 50 hours to put it up and I had help and I was in that
gallery for a week and almost slept on the floor one night it was there so long
and I knew I was gonna make a dime from it knew it knew it cost me money to do
it wasn’t gonna make a dime but I had to do it I had to do it I had to make it I
it was the first thing I ever made it was huge
and I showed it once I never showed it in and that thing chain
just everything I didn’t do that thing I wouldn’t be sitting here talking to you
right now because I know the Domino’s that went over because of that one thing
I make so when you make something that is for commerce that is that as the goal
Commerce’s the goal and it doesn’t sell then it’s not a success and and that is
its business that is people don’t get paid if you don’t make money art is you
know I got grants like a you know worked at day jobs to pay for all the stuff so
I could have the time to make the art and all that and the the reward was
seeing people go through it hearing from people afterwards like that was enough
and when I started doing stand-up and performance are dealing with doing a
little bit of touring with us with two different shows that’s one you know I
got a thing’s got to get paid for you know I got to pay for all this stuff so
this has to make at least this much money to pay for this much stuff and if
I’m gonna get and if I’m gonna be a paid it’s got to be above these costs they
when you’re out here in Los Angeles in the entertainment industry you’re not
making anything that has not made for money that is the goal that’s it’s a
business you’re not making art you’re making commerce you’re making product
and yes there’s some creativity in it but if nobody wants it nobody wants and
nobody cares Wow you’ve written a great screenplay but no
one will ever make that no one wants there’s lots of people who know I’ve
done definitely done a couple of those but so the value of it is like
screenplays are not to be read there maps for movies if they’re not made into
movies them they’re not then they don’t exist
they’re nothing they’re not there isn’t screenplays a literature there’s people
sitting around a we write a good screenplay yesterday so good it’s
ridiculous but the I think the thing with the
internet neighbors who have a response to my work is similar to seeing human
beings have a response to my work in a gallery and I started as a photographer
so it was just a picture on a wall or read in front of them or in a newspaper
magazine and then when it was installation I surrounded the viewer
sound light images physical objects a structure that changed the space and
then I started doing performance art because the same thing I could control I
they were sitting there I was sitting here and I could create something that
we could all that could have we could it could happen together and you would
experience it your way and we’re all here together this is what’s happening
and yeah you paid a ticket to get in here but it’s barely gonna cover the
cost of doing this fucking show that is very similar to when I make shorts and I
put them online and I hear from people who who saw it’s the value
the value is the experience that you’re creating for someone else in whatever
media so you know stand-up comedy your job is to make people laugh so that’s
your job if you’re telling somebody a story
it’s a funny story not a funny story it has to keep them amused and engaged and
interested and when it’s art I think you don’t think exactly the same way I think
it’s I think it is a little more of the I’m making art and you’re gonna see it
and the relationships I think different a little bit yeah so yeah just thinking
of like Cindy Sherman yeah you know and and whether it mean I know she got a lot
of criticism for some of the work that she did but I just found her so
fascinating yeah yeah just just especially the time in history that she
was doing her work compared to now when everyone’s taking selfies left and right
right that’s such a weird and also just the reality that people are more
comfortable in front of lenses there’s going to be entire generations now that
have no problem being from another camera or just living for life in front
of the camera not even being able to enjoy an event you’re having to show
having to document it yep selfie museums and that’s all cool that’s great but at
some point you’re not really in reality though right people are going in movies
and they’re texting during the movie why would you pay for a ticket mm-hmm is it
for the air-conditioning and somewhere to sit right and then and and and that’s
what makes going to the movies are attractive to people like it has to be
Marvel it has to be loud and action so everyone’s attention is on the screen
and not on the other screen they have in their pocket and if the movies not good
enough to keep your attention from texting then maybe it’s the movie
or maybe we need more it’s like a drug and so well it’s not enough to just have
good dialogue anymore a great interesting scene between two people
we’d become too desensitized to it I don’t know if all of us have but I think
they’re definitely you know there’s it’s like pop music pop music is inherently
shitty music not all of it but a lot of it except for the song pop music
actually so much so pop music is you know it’s it’s uh it’s short it’s catchy
it’s got some part that you can sing along with or hum along with or whatever
it’s got some little chorus hook thing in it someone’s been jilted yeah exactly
and I think it’s I think it’s the same to some degree with with movies feder
Popular’s that you know it’s just men does this little thing that you’ve seen
it comes and goes and and that’s it it’s very and then there’s other movies that
maybe have a bigger impact I don’t know I really think about the audience
audience is now so many people are watching stuff alone you know with a
laptop or on their phone or you know if you’re on a plane
everyone’s watching a movie on something and that is the more normal behavior now
then to have the sort of communal experience of a theater where you you’re
all laughing at once or you’re all jumping at once and now it’s just you
and I think as a storyteller I’m like now I never think about a theater I
never think about a group of people watching I always think about one person
yeah I never think about a group I used to think about groups of people when I
was writing and now I think about a lone person especially writing the book I
definitely think about one person because that is the only way it works
but even with yeah even with the other stuff I would say that’s true you

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  1. You might not have reached the goal you wanted, but you did what you was meant to do. You can be proud of yourself. You inspire me even if you might not believe that. I know excactly how it feels to sacrifice friensships etc. But our friend is the art and everything we express with it. There is nothing to regret because you could have not done it differently. Anything you have put out in the last two decades has a big meaning even if it wasnt paid big. All the best to you and your family. Thank you for sharing <3

  2. Wow, this guy seems so…defeated. You can feel the disappointment in his voice and in the answers he gives. Very few places can crush a person's soul like Hollywood. It's a sad interview to see, but that's what I like about this channel. It shows the reality of the entertainment business and unfortunately there are waaaaaay more stories like this one than successful ones, but we only ever hear about the people who "made it".

  3. So what should you do to find your career path? When so many options exist, how do you make sure it's able to happen when it's ready to happen?

  4. Live spontaneous performance art is fleeting and beautiful. You can put specific lingo or jargon in a script and make it work, but the dialogue must have been poorly written as well in that script he speaks of. With the ability to shoot 10 pages in 4 hours, he should be able to get a job directing anywhere, but he perks up when talking about his performance art installations, so that seems to be his best choice. He could make experimental films like Matthew Barney or Marco Brambilla make.

  5. "you don't need an 18 hour day and you don't need a big crew"that really stuck with me Mr. Wilson and I'm a guerrilla moviemaker basically and this was a totally honest interview!

  6. As a young creator, this was a POWERFUL interview. Thank you for your honesty and know that this is only the beginning for you! Thank you!!!!!!!

  7. "When I think of a theatre I never think of a group… I just think of one person."

    SO RELATABLE to modern society and cinephiles!

  8. First of all, my heart goes to this man who has tried. When he was wiping his tears I was wiping mine, because I know that this MIGHT be me. I have to accept the fact that I might not make it.  I might not get the money or the opportunity to make my dreams come true. All I can do is HOPE…that’s it. I hope that I get blessed to have an opportunity to tell my stories. I hope that my dreams come true…and I know that the “odds” are against me, I’m a grown man, I’m a man of color. I know that I have to try and I will…

  9. It’s a gift to have a dream and a pleasure to pursue it. Surrender to your passion but at the same time detach from outcome. Everybody has their own path so just let go and enjoy the ride.

  10. This was actually refreshing… it's important to show ALL sides of an industry so writers can truly understand that it's not always greener on the other side. That we should strive to be the best at what we love not at what we want. thank you for sharing.

  11. I am thinking about moving to Los Angeles to get into screenwriting. This is such an amazing channel to hear the stories of some people. Thank you for the great content.

  12. 11:35 so powerful, man. i felt that. thank you so much for this interview. best of luck to you and your future endeavors.

  13. Good Lord, I just wanna give this guy a hug and then a solid job to make ends meet.
    But damn it, he gave this industry an honest try and knows when he hit his limit.
    Walt Disney said, "When we're young, we all need a good kick in the teeth." Meaning, of course, tough times educate and strengthen us. Walt came out alright and I'm sure Joe will too!

  14. Happens to the most of us, if not all of us.
    We all set off, one day, with a dream, an ambition, a goal. A journey to set off to, an obstacle to overcome, a place to reach, a peak to climb.
    Many things happen. Many things don't happen.
    We meet many people. We all become a different kind of person, eventually.
    We celebrate things that went well, and went our way. We celebrate things that didn't go well, if we are made of sterner stuff.
    We wipe away, both tears of happiness, or even a solitary tear.
    And, so, LIFE HAPPENS.

  15. He sounds so defeated, but he’s still living and breathing so he’s got plenty of time to “make it.”
    The way I see it, the difference between those who “make it” and those who don’t are that the ones who are successful don’t let failure and disappointment wear them down.

  16. Film Courage I've been following you for a long time and this has to be the most influential interview to this day. I go to a small school in Hawaii majoring in Cinematic Production with a minor in comm. Im a mil vet as well. Sometimes I feel like my age is a disadvantage in this career path as the kids I go to school with are so much younger but, they also lack drive. I'm just a sophomore working on my second film @sistersofsurffilm on ig while most seniors at my school are just now started to produce content. I get praised a lot by other students most of them fail to see the big picture. They all seem to wait for things to be handed to them. I'm under the impression they believe just because they receive some sort of Bachelors Degree it's going to appear on a silver platter. This mans interview resonated with me but at the same time Im at a lost of words for how spiritually defeated he is. Thank you for this Interview.

  17. what about the day when we can make our movies on the computer for little to no money using a program and then load them to a movie site. Then we do not have to hope some big corporation will green light our stories

  18. the poets regimen ………

    read holy scripture daily
    one of the greeks
    an asiatic

    consider small things
    buttons, leaves, lint balls
    the words of your peers

    find joy in despair
    but do not drink
    till after breakfast

    love your children
    and your wife
    go sledding or identify a flower
    if it is the season

    contemplate a happy recipe
    but do not over eat
    poets tend to pallor
    and to fat

    believe in hope
    even as its practiced
    dont fink or shy at jail

    try not to be afraid
    be wise as your frailty permits
    survive, but not for anything
    feed the poor and love
    and be content with less

    its all you will get

  19. Subbed to this channel just because of this video. Pure melancholy. Addressing how this business can take a toll on one’s self esteem and well being.

  20. This interview was very insightful and I really appreciate him for being open and honest about his experience in Los Angeles. Being an actor myself my goal is to relocate to LA in the next couple of years to work on bigger projects. But it’s a huge reality check when you’re basically broke because you spent so much money between acting classes, workshops, networking events, producing your own projects, anything you can think of. One part that really got to me was 19:29 when he said he could of made a lot more money doing something else… Right now I’m exploring all of my interest to find what I enjoy doing while making a nice living off of it.

    But anyways, best of luck to this gentleman and hope his family is okay.

  21. Happy Sunday Film Courage! I "Affirm" LoveJoyFulfillmentGratitudeSuccessAbundance 2 Joe Wilson n Us All including Our Loved Ones. 2 Answer Your Question Film Courage as Joe Wilson Stated: Adapt, ImproVise and OVerCome⛥♦️♦️🔥🐝🐬💯❤️

  22. Totaly Awesome, I Liked it a lot, See this New Album 'Monish Jasbird – Death Blow', channel link www.youtube.com/channel/UCv_x5rlxirO-WKjLIyk6okQ?sub_confirmation=1 , you might like 🙂

  23. There are 2 types of success; 1) financially and 2) artistically. ONLY the supercharged, hyper-kinetic artist can see and handle the line between those two successes. Hollywood, LA, New York, etc. are filled with those who can't differentiate that difference and this is why we have people who are willing to do anything to be 'rich' or 'famous' and that leads to a demoralizing mentality, hence the Metoo movement. Artists, creators have got to learn to take matters in their own hands. Create your own avenue for your abilities, be business minded, keep your costs down, streamline your creative operations, take notes of the past producers such as four-walling and showcasing your own talent/abilities. Be more than an artist, be an artistically-business minded person. Seek out an unique path – Case in point; Joe mentioned that there's no way an unmade script gets seen, well, I've created a pay download concept called Script-Novelization and it's where my scripts, screenplays are rewritten in a book form and available via a pay download only. The age of mediocrity is upon us and it's growing everyday. Only the hyper-kinetic artist will survive.

  24. "In a couple months i'm leaving forever" those words hit me deep. I was 23 when I Ieft Hollywood for Las Vegas I know i'm happier now then I've ever been but yeah the dream became a nightmare living in LA.

  25. All due respect to this dude, but I refuse to be him.

    Writing and filmmaking requires a LIFETIME dedication.
    On my death bed, I will be writing.
    In my Director's chair, I will quietly pass away, surrounded by technicians of film.

    This is the oath I have sworn to the universe!

  26. Living a life is more important than slaving your days away trying to “break-in” or “make it”. Also, film and TV people are not good people, they’re not your friends.

    Find love, make movies on the side, you’ll be richer for it.

  27. wow this is eye opening, depressing. heart breaking interesting and a whole load of toher things. It's a reminder that making in Hollywood is just really really difficult.

  28. This is basically why I don't want to move to LA. From talking to actors who went out there and came back – it can be brutal. Most people don't make it. Maybe someday I'll head out there – but where I am I can make films a lot cheaper. There's no giant fees on a lot of locations. People are excited to get their little piece of Hollywood and be a part of a project. This really made me not want to go into the Hollywood machine even more. I don't want my filmmaking journey to end with me as frustrated and sad as he is.

  29. All of it. I've been in LA for 23 years. I think he should admit… just like me…that he wanted to come here and make an impact! But like me, most of us are afraid to admit that because they fear being shamed for having that ambition. We just say things like.."I enjoy the work" or "I'm about the work" or "At the end of the day… it's about the work". Here's the good news, I would've regretted not coming to LA and at least going for it. Just my take.

  30. Being a born pessimist I never expect to make it. I get disappointed less often . Loved the part about Hollywood big shots complaining how hard their lives are. Joe's absolutely right, writing and flying to meetings ain't hard, doing roofing in 90 degrees plus, now that's hard.

  31. Thank you Mr Joe Wilson, thank you. I got so much love and respect for you I cannot express. Wishing you well in everything you do.

  32. Man u r the Man. U r a true hero u tried nd its ok to loose nd when u b on ur death bed u won't b having any regrets… Nd please take it easy nd b more patient I know this is hard but I am gonna say it once more plz b patient as we all jv a destiny like obama achieved success in his 50s nd retired in his 60s but Trump found success at 70s so every body has their day. Nd I would love to see ur work so Film courage plz send me any links

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