What Makes Hunter x Hunter Music so Good?

-All anime have different selling points. Some have the quality of their animation,
some the intricate plot, and others… But there’s a selling point that more often than not gets forgotten, and that’s, well I guess you know where I’m going with this, yes the Soundtrack. Hello, I’m Server, and welcome to: Why is Hxh music so good? -First of all, it has some of the greatest
soundtrack created for anime, and that, says a lot. I mean, seriously,
some of the best music has been written for anime The reason behind this one’s greatness, is
the composer Yoshihisa Hirano, who is also the composer
for some of the best anime out there, like Death Note, Hajime no Ippo, and well, Hunter
x Hunter. -Now, quick question: Is it possible to create
an epic scene without a masterpiece of a soundtrack? the answer is yes, you just have to be a genius Having an awesome soundtrack isn’t enough to actually make a scene epic.It takes a creative crew behind the scenes to actually make it work Take this fight scene from the third arc of
the anime, the first few seconds of when Hisoka and Gon, went into a fisting match… I mean when they battled. There’s hardly any soundtrack there. It’s what I, like to call (because I don’t
know the actual term) a breath holding scene. When the crowd cheers and the tension is lifted,
that’s when we take a breath. Immediately afterwards,we
get a subtle soundtrack that just builds up the tension. Nothing else, it’s not epic, it’s not intriguing. It just makes us anxious about the ending. And it keeps building up the tension until
finally the first punch comes. And what happens then? Do we get an epic choir to show us
just how epic this was? No. We don’t need to be shown that this was epic. We realized this is epic in the first arc
and in the beginning of the third. At this point in the anime, you know that
Hisoka is by no means an opponent you just punch.Just touching him
when he meant for you to stay away, is an impossible feat. So we are left with silence for a few seconds,in
order to realize just how epic this was. And then,only then they que in the epic rock
ending by Galneryus to keep you at the edge of your seat
until next week. Or, in most cases, until the page of the next
episode loads. Still, if you didn’t immediately watch the
next episode and just left it for tommorow, you need to rethink your choices. Going to work is for pussies. -So, does that mean Hunter X Hunter takes
the simple way out? Nope.They are seriously not afraid to go
all epic on a scene’s ass when it calls for it Just look at Requiem for Uvo, they are reaching
levels of epicness that shouldn’t even be possible. Look at Meruem vs Netero. This is the shiiiiit! No suspense or clever directional moves here. Why not? Because they built up the tension for the
whole of both their respective arcs! We don’t want any more suspense, we want EPICNESS. And of course the anime delivers in the best way possible That’s when the talent of the composer really
shined. -And it isn’t just for the individual scenes
that I love that soundtrack. There are soundtracks that serve even as character
development. They serve as a tool to outline the characters
and highlight their separate personalities. Look at Gon’s theme. *Itsocute!* You hear it at the very first
scene of the anime and you just know, he is an adventurous,naive-yet clever,kind character. Now look at another one that serves as his
secondary theme, “Boys, be courageous”. (Pay attention to this one, for you will need
it later.) It oozes pure hearted adventure as well. As the story progresses, the themes that are
used for the scenes that he is the central character
of, are getting darker and darker, showing the corruption of his character and its downfall. And then you know what happened. -Now look at Killua. At first, it seems as if his theme is this: But, this is his family’s theme. And just like his family has affected him
and made a large part of him theirs,this is what describes him best
until, killua breaks his shackles from his family (literally) He is seen as a heartless assassin for the
most part. But, at his breaking points, we hear another
soundtrack, that reveals his true nature and goal. It shows that he is a sensitive little boy,
tired of killing, that only wants to be friends with Gon. At least at the beginning… and that he is
divided between these two worlds. The diviation of these worlds are clear as
day in the zoldyck family theme, where the song is divided in two parts
one dark and strong, and one gentle and timid. -Now,one last thing about the soundtrack,
When you heard boys be courageous, did you notice a slight resemblance to the Pirates
of the Carribean main theme? Some would say that it is a rip off, but I
don’t think it’s Hirano ripping off the track from Hans Zimmer, but him fanboying
so much that he was inspired to write it in a similar way. The composer actually does that a lot,
and seemingly, on purpose. It’s not a rip-off, but a homage to great
music. He recreates the feeling a music piece gives
off, and embeds it in the soundtrack he is composing. Zoldyck theme is
Dance of the knights,in the palace is vivaldi’s summer, riot and man of the reversed cross
is Mozart’s Dies Irae, requiem aranea is lacrimosa and there are dozens more hidden not only
in Hunter x Hunter, but in other anime that he worked on as well. He takes his tributes seriously I guess… That and puting the phrase “Kyrie Eleison”
which means “Lord have Mercy” in every soundtrack.I have yet to listen one
of his scores that doesn’t have at least one track with that phrase in it. I know it sounds cool, but you are putting
goths and ravens to shame. What was I talking about? -But yeah, the success of Hunter x Hunter’s
soundtrack is a combination of the efforts of Hirano and the director that handled the
ost for the anime, and it merges so well with the narrative, that if you change a single
thing the whole thing crumbles What do you think? Is the soundtrack important for an anime to reach its full potential, or is it just background noise to keep the fights from being awkward? Is Yoshihisa Hirano a genius fanboy or a charlatan? Leave your thoughts in the comments, I’d love to see your opinions on it, or any part of the video

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