What The Cosby Show Kids Look Like Today

What The Cosby Show Kids Look Like Today

At the height of its popularity, The Cosby
Show was a cultural touchstone — a series with characters so relatable that their likability
was practically universal. While the Cosby kids didn’t all go on to recapture
the glory of their Huxtable days, these stars have enjoyed an impressive measure of success. From talk show gigs to HBO cameos, here’s
what the Cosby kids have been up to lately. Sabrina Le Beauf After playing eldest daughter Sondra on the
show, Sabrina Le Beauf stepped out of the spotlight. Le Beauf has focused her energy instead on
the stage, appearing in productions on and off Broadway, such as Nora and Delia Ephron’s
Love, Loss and What I Wore. But she didn’t entirely extricate herself
from The Cosby Show fanfare. From 2004 to 2005, she voiced Norma Bindlebeep
on Fatherhood, an animated series loosely based on the Cosby fam. Her last credited screen acting role was in
the 2009 thriller The Stalker Within. These days, Le Beauf lives on Maui and documents
her easy, breezy days on the island via Twitter. Geoffrey Owens Actor Geoffrey Owens, who played Sondra’s
husband Elvin, has enjoyed a steady stream of roles on screen and stage since his Cosby
days. In 2012, he starred in David Mamet’s play,
Race. The actor told Gapers Block, “I feel I have a personal connection with
my character Henry.” “He’s African-American — he knows he is
and knows he is recognized as such, but he does not conform to people’s generalizations
— or act like he’s supposed to.” Currently, Owens stars in HBO’s Divorce. His role, as bumbling lawyer Gerry, has created
a bit of renewed buzz for Owens, earning praise from critics for his cheeky portrayal. Lisa Bonet As Denise, Lisa Bonet secured her spot as
the free-spirited, wild child of the family. And she’s still rocking that vibe in real
life. At the tender age of 20, she eloped with rocker
Lenny Kravitz and had daughter Zoe, who currently stars in HBO’s Big Little Lies. The couple later split but remained friends. In 2007, Bonet married fellow actor Jason
Momoa and went on to have two children with him. She has since starred alongside her similarly
free-spirited husband in the 2014 TV series The Red Road and 2014 film Road to Paloma,
as well as earning a recurring role on the hit series Ray Donovan. Malcolm-Jamal Warner As Theo Huxtable, Malcolm-Jamal Warner deeply
endeared himself to audiences, earning himself a Primetime Emmy nod. But even while still playing Theo, Warner
began dabbling in directing. Warner said on The Rich Eisen Show: “I was actually directing Cosby while we were
on…” “How old were you?” “I was 18.” “You were an 18-year-old director?!” “At the time, I was the youngest director
in the DGA.” Today, Warner has ten directing credits under
his belt. He isn’t doing too shabby in the acting department
either, currently enjoying a recurring role on The Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce as Barbara’s
love interest, Darrell. Warner’s co-star Retta, who plays Barbara,
shared with Bravo: “I think anybody who works with Malcolm, the
first thing they go, ‘Holy cow! I’m working with Theo!’ because that was part
of my childhood.” Warner is also starring in Ten Days in the
Valley, as well as Suits, and has a comedy pilot called Olive Forever in the pipeline. Recently, Warner fulfilled a lifelong dream
by performing alongside jazz legend Herbie Hancock to raise money for victims of Hurricane
Harvey in Houston. He also became a doting father in 2017. Tempestt Bledsoe Actress Tempestt Bledsoe played the third
Huxtable daughter, Vanessa: a young girl full of fashion and dramatic flair. That playful personality certainly seems to
carry over into real life, showing through in the roles Bledsoe has accepted since her
time on The Cosby Show. Like, for example, the 2012 animated film
ParaNorman, in which she voiced Sheriff Hooper. That same year also brought a regular role
on NBC’s Guys with Kids. Bledsoe has dabbled in reality TV too, hosting
the organization-oriented reality series Clean House for a year, as well as appearing with
longtime partner Darryl M. Bell on House Husbands of Hollywood. Impressively, Bledsoe managed to squeeze higher
education into her busy schedule, graduating with a degree in finance from NYU’s Stern
School of Business — all while filming The Cosby Show. Keshia Knight Pulliam Actress Keshia Knight Pulliam was the plucky
child star that brought the precocious Rudy to life — arguably so well that fans have
had trouble seeing her as anyone else. Her career was composed mostly of bit parts
and straight-to-video movies, until she scored the role of Miranda Payne in House of Payne
from 2007 until 2012. She continues to act but also devotes a good
portion of her time to outside endeavors such as her podcast, Kandidly Keshia, and her non-profit
group for empowering young girls, Kamp Kizzy. Sadly, Pulliam is still trying to work her
way through a difficult 2016 divorce from former NFL player Ed Hartwell. The couple has one child together, a daughter
named Ella Grace born in January of 2017. Of the messy split, Pulliam told Entertainment
Tonight, “One thing I am not and never will be, is
anyone’s victim.” “This is [my daughter’s] first lesson in womanhood. I want her to look back and always be proud. I need to give her the right lessons now.” Raven-Symone Arguably the most successful of the kids to
come from The Cosby Show, Raven-Symoné (aka little Olivia Kendall) has enjoyed steady
work over the years. Her star continued to rise following the end
of the show, culminating in the eponymous role she’s most known for today: Disney’s
That’s So Raven. In 2012, the entertainer shifted gears, signing
on to co-host The View. But after five years at the table, Raven-Symoné
announced she would be leaving to pursue a That’s So Raven spinoff aptly titled Raven’s
Home. She shared on The View: “I’m still Raven, but I am a mother this time. I’m actually going to be a single mother raising
two kids, and one of them is going to learn that she has visions.” Thanks for watching! Click the List icon to subscribe to our YouTube
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  2. the little white kid who lived across the street. was there for good times but trouble? And he went poof! I lived the whole family but loved this boy's character.

  3. Lisa was every teenage boy's crush in the 80s, me included. Thought she was the most beautiful girl I've ever seen in the whole world and still feel like it today.

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  7. And we are disgusted with Lisa Bonet the best thing that happened to her was when she was on The Cosby Show thank God he gave her a job she might have gotten a job think about it girl and you may not get one again

  8. Geoffrey Owens didn't appear on the show until 1985 for the first time and two years later he was inaugurated into the regular cast. Deon Richmond first appeared in '86. Raven Symone was born in '85 nearly four years before joining the cast. Joseph C. Phillips joined in '89 along with RS and Erika Alexander joined in 1990. Sabrina LeBeauf began recurring appearances in season 1(1984-85) and midway thru that season Clarice Taylor(1917-2011) first appeared. Earle Hyman,who died last November 17 at age 91,first appeared October 25,1984,5 weeks after the series premiere.


  10. I grew up watchn the cosby show it was my favourite comedy on tv my favourite actor was rudy she was funny and cute

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