What To Do With The X-Men Movies

What To Do With The X-Men Movies

We’re living in the peak times of the comic book movie, Era both Marvel and DC Have their own cinematic universes featuring countless interconnected films and characters Marvel’s has been a massive success DC’s Might be getting better, and then there are the x-Men movies Marvel cinematic Universe began in 2008 DC’s in 2013 but the X-Men movies have been around since 2000 and they’re still going Back in March Logan delivered a conclusion to the story of the Franchise’s central character and yet the series will continue with 2019 X-Men Dark Phoenix which will mark 20 years of the same series with the same continuity as someone who likes movies and comics and X-men in General I’ve got a lot of thoughts about this franchises place in 2017 and what it could or should do going forward? So let’s talk about it Okay, by the end of the 90s comic book movies were pretty much dead killed by Joel Schumacher’s universally reviled Batman and Robin blade in 1998 was a hit except that wasn’t a superhero movie and most people didn’t even know was based on a comic and then in 2000 x-men was released Kickstart in the comic book movie craze that were currently in the thick of X-Men took Wolverine cyclops jean Grey professor x and Magneto and put them on the big screen making them a critical and commercial Success it proved superhero movies could still work and that audiences wanted to see them and before you knew it Christopher Nolan had made a trilogy of Batman movies and an iron man movie grossed a billion dollars X-Men kind of changed everything but the atmosphere was a little different back then The general consensus was that audiences wouldn’t go for anything that was too comic book II and X-men can get pretty comic book II like there’s Time-travel and aliens and alternate dimensions and giant robots and mojo who is an actual character and everyone wears these bright colorful costumes Back in the early 2000s. We all thought that wouldn’t work on-screen and that things needed to be more grounded to work So that’s what they did they toned down the craziness everyone wore black leather and visually it looked more like a political thriller but now in 2017 comic book movies look like this Now look this is not meant to be a big disk on the first couple x-men movies that was a different time and I really Loved them when I was in high school But over 15 years or so Superhero movies evolved while this series remained kind of stuck in the same style and continuity of the early 2000s since they’re still working with the small grounded world Bryan singer built so much of what’s cool about x-men in the comics gets left behind Even though the x-Men are part of the marvel universe Their own mythology is so dense and complex that it’s almost its own universe and yet the movies keep sticking with the same characters repeating the same Conflicts Basically the x-Men movies are this big ongoing missed opportunity? And what makes it more annoying is that somehow in less than two decades? X-Men movie continuity makes less sense than x-Men comic continuity which is its own clusterfuck? They’re about to do their second version of the dark Phoenix Saga Moira Mactaggert is the same age in the 60s as she is in 2006 What the hell is the timeline with weapon x the last three movies for each set a decade apart yet? No one ages like quicksilver spends ten whole years in the same basement wearing the same clothes It’s lazy, and it’s dumb and the next one is apparently set in the 90s Why what’s especially frustrating is that recently fox has been nailing it with the fringe x-men stuff? Logan an R-Rated western about Wolverine that was a massive departure from the rest of the series is the best x-men related film anyone has made Legion is bonkers and amazing and wonderful and Deadpool of all things managed to pretty much perfect translation of the style and tone of the comics So why can’t they do the same thing with the main x-Men movies? So now to solve the problem that is the x-Men movies I’ve brought in my friend Connor goldsmith who probably? knows and cares more about x-men than anyone else I know I grew up essentially speaking an x-Men as my first language like I I have a creepily encyclopedic knowledge of like 80s x-men people older than me are always just like why do you know this much about Candy Southern and I’m like well, you know I just do if the next accent movie was cancelled which hidari Phoenix move I love Sansa stark But please don’t do this movie. It doesn’t seem any idea and so continuing from where Where we left off with the continuity we’ve gotten and with fox clearly not wanting to do a hard reboot even though that would be The best move obviously these are what we’ve narrowed down to like the key things that if they implemented all of these They could fix the x-Men series and so the first thing is a Pov character, so the the Claremont X-Men had two of these young girls who were like Fourteen and who? Come to join the x-Men are sort of our point of entry and a kitty pryde is the most prominent one obviously she first comes In in Dark Phoenix Saga actually so it’s not they always had this but I would say the most the stuff people remember most You know kitty pryde comes in and she is sort of the audience’s Viewpoint and then in 88 89 he brought in jubilee And the way that movies did it it’s like they introduced rome as the pov and then she immediately just loved them to wolf exactly like the problem is first of all like you point out almost immediately rogue steps into the background because Wolverine is so charismatic and beautiful and huge acne that They’re not interested anymore, but also they made ro kind of a wet blanket boring character And this isn’t Anna Paquin’s fault because like obviously she’s been very good in other things for a movie Like our sort of Central character that you know like through the whole movie You should really like not be Wolverine right now it should be a young woman who is new to this world and through whose whose eyes weeks period Yes, World I Think we both agree a major aspect of the appeal of the x-men over the past several decades that has been Totally left out of the movies is that it’s basically just a big soap opera the seventies x-men under Clermont primarily began into the 80s became such a big hit because It was about these small sort of beats between characters and their relationships with one another I mean the Jean Grae Scott summers will they well They thing is as soapy as any you know Mulder and scully derivative Relationship on a TV show now Dark, Phoenix is the core example here the reason that Dark Phoenix is So good is that you care about Jean Craig Gene Grant has been the female lead of the x-Men since 1963 you can’t just introduce Sansa stark Jean Grey in X-Men apocalypse where she’s not even really a major character No, not at all and then have the next movie be dark Phoenix We don’t care x-men is all about you know long-term plotting yes and planting seeds that are Chaos later 20 years into the publication history of excellent right the Marvel cinematic universe has to actually figure out a way to Create that sort of soap opera a storytelling feel that the x-Men movies have not absolutely we care about bucky Sebastian Stan is not in very much of that movie But you care enough that by the time winter soldier rolls around Those scenes between them where Steve is so horrified at what has happened to bucky it works. Yeah Because you feel the connection so what we buy the relationships between those characters in a way. Yes Honestly like what character our connections in the x-Men movies? to Beyond Beyond Xavier Magneto is the only one that they’ve ever done well And it’s the osseous and they just keep coming back to it movie after movie because it’s all that works What fans like is when the x-Men are this weird dysfunctional family that? you know has very human problems and fights with each other and fucks each other and does all kinds of human things and It’s an ensemble cast of characters that people like I feel like because the x-men movies began in the early 2000s when There weren’t really other comic movies around they were afraid of going to comic book II and alienated the public and so they really grounded It we gon blame black leather everything like and the x-Men comics are like crazy out there Sci-Fi even the DC movies. I mean what wonder woman crew more than anything else. They said in the scary one It’s that people want it to be fun and the attendees have oh has discarded so much of the cool stuff Absolute on the x-Men the toning down only have rethought their sci-Fi stuff. Yeah, because you know like well, we probably got sentinels They were like ten foot tall so instead of fifty not fifty feet tall sentinels like there’s a master molds building these sentinels There’s no right. There’s no savage. Land with dinosaurs where they go back I feel troy like in x3 when Phoenix does arise the fact that it’s just like jeans alternate Personality and there’s nothing cosmic about it like you can have it be gene who’s tapping into the power cosmic You could do that in Marvel’s doing like the infinity stones on this boring part of the marvel cinematic universe But no, one’s mad when like some celestial power happens like you ready do that They keep going back to the 60s and 70s X-Men stories which are smaller Whereas like the most famous x-men stories are the claremont stories in the 80s that are things like the dark Phoenix for example where they? go to space or the x-men go to asgard which was a huge thing that is very memorable for the new Mutants in particular or Inferno where like New York is Overrun with the armies of hell You know these are things that people remember because they’re huge and I feel like and in Apocalypse when they did try to get a bit bigger It don’t gel you felt really out of place in that world that it It feels like it’s staples on it feels like it’s like well. We know you like Marvel cinematic universe now So here’s a big CGI battle right? But it doesn’t feel emotionally connected to any of the other stuff that’s happening in This the Fox excellent franchise right the fox has been franchise has been so focused on like intimate But weirdly not intimate because you don’t ever get to know anything about the characters But like that kind of small scale thing I would not someone who thinks that we should put the x-men in the Marvel cinematic universe as a big x-men fan I think they work best when they’re cordoned off I’m with um because like when you do things like civil war the comics civil war there is a great scene where Ironman goes to Emma frost and she’s Like we’ve been like genocided a lot like 30 years so I don’t really know what you expect me to Do here, but I think you guys should handle this yourself But the fact they have to have that scene is Because the x-Men are sort of doing their own story and like it Disrupts the x-Men story if the avengers can show up to stop genosha from being destroyed so you can’t do that very few of like The Great X-Men stories involved all mostly not So now there’s the matter of mutants, so in all the movies that we’ve got so far Mutants have been kind of and especially like how humanity views mutants. He’s been always portrayed the same you know menace it’s the threat or menace thing right from the sixties where they’re very underground and No one knows about them yet really right Yeah
They’re just finding out and it’s a big like Moral panic exactly, and I feel like it’s time to move beyond that I would agree and for me like I think especially going to The Grant Morrison, era. Yeah, probably mm. I think that Morrison is maybe the only excellent writer who ever made Mutants feel like a legitimate minority subculture to go way back to the 60s like the original x-Men characters if you look at them are a set of very beautiful white teenagers from the suburbs of New York and that’s because the metaphor in the original 60s x-Men is and he was to Jewish guys writing about race right and Their idea when you’re Jewish which I am partly Jewish to set myself When you are Jewish you know white in a visual sense But you also have this other thing that you know people are racist about that’s like a secret or not a secret But when they find out they treat you differently etcetera so that element came into it But also, it wasn’t he was the 60s. It was an attempt to talk about Black Civil rights and to do it sort of through this acceptable more mainstream lens of having this pretty white kids talk about and that’s Honestly, why the x-Men always works better when it’s about storming can you pry? We’re actually black and Jewish as opposed to that’s why the 80s is so much more powerful a lot of the time but to go back you know, I think that that Is when he when he brought in the more likes it was to say well, okay? But these mutants don’t have a lot at stake like they could just pass if they wanted to and the more likely people who like have horns or scales or whatever and they have to live in the sewer because everyone will kill them if they don’t work whatever and What Morrison did was he had those but he’s like those people wouldn’t live in the sewer They would say fuck you and start their own thing so you have like jumbo Carnation the mutant fashion designer Who’s like making fashion for people with horns when you lean into it? It’s like well now They’re all these human kids who think Mutants are cool And that’s sort of a more modern way to talk about the other and to talk about difference because obviously black culture while being you know degraded by white supremacy as Inferior is also elevated in this sense that people think it’s cool And they want a piece of it and they want to appropriate it So what Morrison did was basically make mutant see sort of iconoclastic and interesting and something that people were like? Intrigued by at the same time they didn’t want it too close to them, right? I don’t really feel it to me you like right now. That’s very much more current. Yeah, like God there They have this this great I mean, obviously you know you have always been like some of some kind of metaphor But it could be a way more potent metaphor right now. I mean they’re doing this new TV. Show gifted Yeah, and I love amy acker She’s one of my favorite TV actresses But like the idea that they’re gonna do another like have you tried not being a mutant like peas and they’re like run because because they’re me right whereas like if you want to tap into the current moment politically and to our generation to like the Millennials like what you want to do is tap into you know the anti-fascist movements that are arising in the in the wake of the most recent election you want to tap into black lives matter you want to tap into gay civil rights and trans civil rights as they are now like those are sort of the liberal movements and progressive movements that are happening at the moment and you know I think that if You want mutants to feel now and not to feel like we’re doing the same thing for 20 years you did this in the first X-Men movie that you need to lean more into the Morison interpretation where it’s like well mutants are here they’re not going anywhere people have accepted that even if they don’t like it and now mutants are building their own culture and Now to get very very surface level Let’s talk about the aesthetics of the x-men when was the last time you saw anyone cause playing a character from the singer Fox Movies I was at San Diego comic-con this year No.10 aratus yeah, yeah, not a single one yeah, no one is into the black leather jumpsuits and even at the end of Apocalypse they tried to finally update it and get a little bit comic book II cyclops finally has a blue and yellow costume, right? But it’s still these like chunky armor pieces that don’t look good jean Grey in a like Green and gold lemay Phoenix costume would look absurd that doesn’t mean that you have to put her in like a black leather cat suit and Not do anything else like this has to be a happy medium there I actually think that the deadpool movie is a good example of them doing it, right And he’s so much about the deadpool movie feels like a sort of a soft reboot course-correction colossus in Deadpool that’s not the colossus from the excellent He’s not all but he’s but he is x uniform and he’s in the he and negasonic teenage warhead are wearing the navy and yellow Classic x-Men look right and and it works. It’s not in that but you get what I’m saying. He’s in a uniform It looks like cost. It’s like black and red and whatever the next thing you and she’s in the very classic This is what they put this the new mutants in when they arrived at the school kind of outfit exactly hey looks exactly the kind Domino also looks exactly the comic I mean, I you know there’s some racist mad they flipped the color scheme But I think she looks incredible look at those movies And they found a way to really accurately looks like the comic book. It does in a world of live-action I think that that’s really the way to go is that deadpool movie And what’s weird is you could feel you can feel The possibility of building an x-men franchise around that movie if you just ignored all the other x-men movies right and it’s like If you can take the deadpool costume and just put it on screen as like I think that it’s like it’s tangible and functional yeah I could make a cyclops cops Absolutely like just do quite honestly do with the marvel cinematic universe does I mean like Captain America’s costume in those movies is Recognizability Captain America’s costume, it doesn’t have the scale male, and it doesn’t have the wings on the side of his head but you put you paint the wings on the side of the head like a hub decal right we get it like for me if I took my glasses off and so it everything’s a little bit blurry it still looks like the same thing apocalypse for all its faults when Olivia munn walks out in In the trailer initially in her like you know gimli thong from the 90s Everyone just went oh my God It’s psylocke like in a way that no one really felt about most of these movies my bus anything else because yeah Because it’s just like oh wow there it is and that shouldn’t be so hard And it’s similarly like when Jean grey is doing psychic stuff It should look awesome one of the best things that Grant Morrison Did when he decided that the retcons about Phoenix were stupid and he was going to say no genius Phoenix? Was when Jean starts using her telepathy? Too much and stuff like her hair kind of starts burning at the ends or like things like the great tiny Visual signifiers that are so fun and the x-men should be about that kind of fun Visual much as their interpretation of the scarlet witch’s powers Don’t really make any sense the marvel movies with like you know Elizabeth olsen like Shootin weird red stuff all over But it’s great like the vision flying or like it looks awesome. Just do make it cool Just make it cool this shouldn’t be hard. Yeah, it’s that simple Okay, and now something that I know you care deeply about You the roster for the x-men so what do you think is key to like a good x memory? Yeah? So I think you need those sort of stick-in-the-mud boy scout which tends to be a summers brother at any given incarnation I think you need a woman who Pushes things morally a little bit, and that’s was pSylocke And now it’s usually I’m a fraud and to counterpoint that because you know if that was the only female character It would be a little bit like sneaky women in the Garden Yeah, you also I mean, I think storm. Okay like I I’m trying to make it in our society But I want to be the storms got to be there um And you should put her in the leadership role because that’s what she’s most popular and she’s the most popular leader the x-Men I’ve ever had and just Do it just do it right and then I think you need Someone who’s like the brains of the operation like beast you need like a couple comic released cartridge Whether that’s like dazzler or jubilee or someone like that right and you need the core? Pov character, who’s a Young person Preferably york Enterprise drive Jubilee Angel Salvadore because at its core it is about a school. I think that the problem that the movies have is that? They picked this Very you know Basic Core cast at the beginning that was in fact a smart cast effect which is cyclops jean Grey Wolverines storm that makes sense, but then when they started trying to fit other people into it like rogue or Iceman or whatever it just never quite fit right right, but what you what the emotional heart has always been the younger It’s almost a yaa and something to me that always felt like another missed opportunity. Is that there’s like a million x-Men character Yes, and so with each movie almost like a if some actor you you know they won’t come back or whatever, right? There’s like you you can rotate in So many people you bring in someone else you can you can introduce you can just like have new team members in Movie as long as you develop them these movies are still centered around Xavier Magneto and Like Jennifer Lawrence mystique All right, so now that we’ve figured out what a new x-Men movie wouldn’t need to be good. There’s the question of How do you even make that happen in this series with the 20 years of continuity that’s been established and that already makes no sense Well days of future past was the best opportunity and they didn’t do it instead They went back in time again And now it’s the 80s But again none of the characters line up with the timeline fed apparently the new ones gonna be set in the 90s It’s they’re all sensors or this is the but this is the thing that like Havoc is now like 50 and is still played by the kid from the new Macgyver Apocalypse left off in the eighties right and so I think they should honestly just instantly afford to like the 90s Just jump like 30 years forward and just radically alter the stuff and Softly buddhist Absolutely jump from apocalypse – now it’s 2017 Recast those young kids with adult yes as scott and jean and storm and just people can like assume stuff happen. Yeah Things happened, I know that they’re happy that they have some of these stars like Sophie Turner is on game of thrones That’s a draw but also at the end of the day It’s x-Men and the names should be able to sell it without the center ring people in yes And like what you do there is it’s like just cast a new like and we all love Patrick Stewart But it was done. Just cast a new British guy in his 60s as xavier. We’ll be okay. Just do it. We’ll be fine He just has to be bald and in a wheelchair we’ll get the memo and so okay I think we figured it out obviously just you know Like it’s like just jump to the present cut and now that the timeline is shifted from days of future past Do whatever you want and and connect it and connect. It’s deadpool. That’s it. It’s so simple I think we did it I think I think I think We fixed the x-Men and at least uh you know honestly like oh, no It’s the odds are very very very low that any of things that we would like to see whatever happened So we’ll probably continue to be disappointed and frustrated for years to come Call us. What call. We could do it real good. We got a lot of ideas a lot of ideas anyway connor Thank you so much for having me for some fun. I will always I’m happy to always like talk about the excellent hours I don’t do it look when x won’t come up. You know there’s only one person I call. Thank you Hey guys, thanks for watching and once again I really want to thank Connor Goldsmith for lending his Expertise to this video if you want to watch an extended version of our conversation because we talked for a while click link right there now this video has brought to you by squarespace if you want to make a website But you’re like me and don’t know anything about web design or coding But you still want it to look really good use your check out squarespace because making a website there is Really really simple they have award-winning designer templates, so it’ll look great picking a domain name is super easy There’s 24-hour customer service nothing to install or update no patches I was using it for years before they were ever sponsoring these videos, so I Genuinely recommend it for 10% off your first purchase go to squarespace comm slash Patrick the Link is in the description now If you have your own thoughts about watch be done to fix the x-men franchise or if you think is totally fine And we’re just wrong let us know in the comments now if want to help us make more of these videos check out the patreon If you want to yell at me about X-Men I and got updates on what we’re working on because we’re working on a lot of stuff follow me on all those social media links and I will see you next Wednesday

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  1. I still think X-Men 1 and 2 the first two Spider-Mans still hold up today if other movies from 100 years ago still can hold up they can too.

  2. The best thing to happen to the Xmen movie franchise was First Class. They had their yellow and blue costume uniforms to begin with, with each having small alterations made to it for their mutant power. They could have easily spun it out to be more like the actual X-men from that point onwards.
    Matthew Vaugn was great for the franchise, and he clearly knows how to direct a good comic book movie, and incorporate the fun stuff we see in comics. Look at the first Kingsmen for instance.

    But then they had to get Bryan Singer back into it for Days of Future Past and fetish it up again with black leather armor costumes.

    They were course correcting with First Class, and then botched it up by getting Singer involved AGAIN.

  3. Look, I don't care what Disney does. In my head cannon the Xverse and the MCU melting together will be the result of David having a breakdown.

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  5. If they reboot the series I want the first roster to be the original angel beast cyclops iceman jean grey. They could bring storm in as well too but definitely those five

  6. The one thing i love about the pre mcu superhero films is how they dont feel like superhero films. They are action/drama movies which happen to have costumed heroes in them. I'd love to see more superhero movies that dont feel like they need to fit in a superhero drama, but exist more on their own. Black Panther almost got there, Spider-Man Homecoming did A GREAT job of being a coming of age story (its my fav in the MCU so far, for a good reason), and of course the original Iron Man didnt realize that its tone would be a blueprint for a whole genre of cinema

  7. I don't think aliens or time travel or the Savage Land are huge parts of what makes X-Men entertaining, hardly a huge loss to not have them in adaptations.

  8. Some of the fan complaints are fair but many fans won't ever be satisfied because they would want a movie to have more X-Men than a film reasonable could include.

  9. stopped @7:29 what's weird is that when I first watched winter soldier I did not get that connection… Even after repeat viewings of Captain America 1, I could not remember who Bucky was. To me he was un-memorable and the "little moments" between the two of them are too little and too spread out for me to latch on to the fact that this might be an important figure.

  10. It's gonna get rebooted now that Disney owns 21st Century Fox. Dark Phoenix will be the LAST X-Men movie in this continuity.

  11. When Connor rolled his eyes at "Jennifer Lawrence Mystique," (24:23) I thought they may roll right out the back of his head. lol

    Great video, and I agree with all your points, except I think a bit more strongly that they really should hard reboot the X-Men, let the old series end with dignity and start over. Also, nice to see a shout out to my personal favorite event, Inferno.

  12. You should do an update version of this, now that the X-Men will be shifting into the MCU. I know neither of you particularly want that (and personally I agree) but how do you want it to play out now that it seems to be happening?

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  14. 1. fantastic idea – Kitty Pryde is more useful than Jubilee.
    2. X- Men to me was always about relationships between people that have only each other. Together in isolation – almost like cliques of young mute people in the real world. They have their own thing, their own way of communication, theyre different , but diffetent together.
    3. agreed. Also … choose the RIGHT enemies. The Morlocks, the Brood, the hellfire club, kroatoa (flashback) in that order. Those were all very hairy situations, as a kid reading this, i felt like they won‘t survive. Magneto is cool, but those weren‘t the very best stories. Magneto shouldnt be the main villain anymore.

    4. Yeah. Make them be hyper protected by social justice warriors, which excludes and isolates them even more from society 😄 that‘d be current!

    5. scrap costumes that look like they exist to hide identities. (Thats old fashioned, there are no hidden identities anymore). Also dispense with the military uniform approach for the first 3 movies or so. Make them civilists , that form a militia becausE noone else will fight their fight. Make it more „punk“ and self expressionistic. Like „we are already different – we embrace it!“

    6. roster should highlight, that these people can‘t just integrate into society and hide who they are . Wherever they go , they might reveal themselves to be mutants. Take your pick:
    Rogue (make her HOT, thats the whole point, hot but untouchable)
    Beast (pls not just a normal dude with weird hands – he must be altogether massive – but NO fur)

    Round it up with
    Prof X. – for guidance
    Kitty – for contrast (as she can go anywhere she wants)
    Dazzler – because she would rule social media

  15. 16:37 Of course anybody who doesn't like an unnecessary change is a racists. The GotG managed to make a black actor green but it's too much to ask for in Deadpool 2.

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    I loved Jennifer Lawrence in First Class but she quickly became among the worst aspects of the films that followed.

    Sophie Turner. I just don’t get her. She was good as a young Sansa but I don’t buy her as Jean Grey. Then again my only real point of reference is Famke Jenssen so those of you with the comic knowledge will have to fill me in.

  17. X-Men: Days of Future Past is easily the best comic book movie ever made. It's like the master of action films, James Cameron himself came on set and showed them how its done. BUT everyone would rather have characters say, "I have famously huge turds" or "Why is Gamora?" than "I don't want your future!" or "We need you to hope again" or for laughs, "Are you on acid?" and "She's 11. I'm fucking 90."

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    – CGI Beast from the Morrison/Quitely era
    – NEW Villains: Mojo, The Breed, Phalanx, Mr. Sinister, Shi'Ar empire
    – Jubilee being an actual core rooster character

  19. I seriously think it needs a hard reboot. And someone who knows and cares about the characters. Modern era timeline can work. Do the Hellfire Club properly. And don't do the "mutants are evil/persecuted' story line.

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    I know X-Men is all about these kind of politics, but I hope it never meets these modern movements from any end of the political spectrum

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  24. I think it's funny because Hugh Jackman IS Wolverine and no one can really think of anybody else in the role. But what about Magneto and Xavier? I mean a proper Magneto and Xavier, being older like Patrick Stewart and Ian Mckellen. While I like James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender, I never really cared for them in those particular roles besides a few moments within those movies.

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  27. i want yellow and blue or green for jean, spandek costumes, like the end of apocalypse movie, or like negasonic teenage warhead's costume in deadpool, with hot bodied teens, like lauren from the gifted tv show, her huge sweaty tits are always almost popping out of her shirt, imagine if it was form fitting yellow spandex

  28. You are kind of ignoring the fact that there have been nine Fox X-Men movies that have been beloved by millions and millions of people.

  29. so i'm gonna disagree here on several levels. first, stop making x men movies it needs to be a big budget tv series that switches around focuses characters, u needs to have character episodes . also personally embrace the absurdity of the costumes. while i can somewhat agree that x-men needs to embrace whats modern they need to stay away from the modern movements. the modern anti-fascist and anti-racist movements are often times incredibly fascist and racist. while that is great for groups in the x men universe, the x men themselves need to keep that Martin Luther king allegory that has traditionally come from Xavier. the idea of nonviolent resistance and also protecting everyone because there are mutants that are legit threat like magneto. really for all the problems it had x men evolution haddled it pretty good once mutants came out. Also it might be a good idea to make some new characters. thoguh i wouldn't mind if now that marvel owns x men again that they told the phoenix and dark phoenix stories correctly. but dear god keep X-Men out of the mcu.

  30. I think that the "mutants are feared, so they are persecuted and ostracized" angle was done to death.

    I would go the other way around and shed some light on all affairs taking place WITHIN the Mutant community.

    I would introduce Genosha and their governance hierarchy. And then I would pull an "Animal Farm" and tell a tale of discrimination among Mutants themselves. Some of them being deemed more special than others.

  31. Even when they first came out, I didn’t care for the X-Men movies, not until First Class. As you point out, they adapted the material as if they were embarrassed of it, and Wolverine took up far too much screen time.

  32. My ideal core X-Men roster:
    Rogue, Wolverine, Cyclops, Jean Grey,
    Nightcrawler, Gambit, Storm, and Jubilee. Incidentally, these are, um, my favorite X-Men characters, lol. And of course, Professor X would be there too.

    So although my line-up is missing the “tech guy”, it has a “strong woman”, rebel, “Boy Scout”, “hidden potential character”, “fun cool guy”, “shady cool guy”, “Girl Scout / powerful person”, and a “young pov” character.

  33. Costume changes are less about what audiences will respond to, and more about executives being ashamed of fun, kiddy colours. When audiences pay to see a superhero movie, they're 100% picturing the colourful costumes from the comics, nobody cares what the heroes are dressed like.

  34. They should briefly establish the already known characters and how they've came to be and jump straight into mutant massacre. Then do one off season shows about the mansion and all the internal stuff.

  35. I just want to applaud this man for addressing the shunning and appropriation of American black culture. My God I swear you're the first white person I honestly believe totally understands the plight of not being white.

  36. “… the anti-fascist movements that sprang up due to this passed election…” my guy should have been more precise with his language, it seemed like he was giving credit to the idea that an entirely liberal capitalist president is in any way far-right

  37. This is probably a tired sentiment by now but Marvel should pay absolutely no attention to the previous timelines and just organically establish the really great mutants into existing Marvel stories. Not every mutant ever conceived, just enough for us to get to know and care about.

  38. Not gonna lie, the worst things superhero movies could do is get upfront about politics, metaphors could pass but if u wanna do the whole outlandish liberal the movies will start to take the same path the comics have been going down, and well its not a good one

  39. Maybe the perfect xmen into into the MCU would be through the next deadpool movie. Deadpool does his usual visit to xavier’s mansion but this time it is filled with properly suited up xmen. Not all key characters are shown but a few to build respect with the fan base.

  40. FOX relied way too much on Logan, Magneto, and Prof. X for the movies. X3, DOFP, Apocalypse, and Dark Phoenix did not need them at all but they were made main characters.

  41. I think it’s a great idea to have a separate x universe within the marvel banner…literally do what they did for the avengers, with everyone get a solo movie, then bring them all together for the final phase 1 of Xverse….literally a total other branch but as important as avengers in scope…..then maybe sometime have a bridge into xmen vs. Avengers 10-15years down the line….that would be SWUUUUUUUEEEEET!

  42. Okay Marvel Studios, now that you have ownership of the X-Men again, please follow these guys' advice and do X-Men right!

  43. I cringe having to say but as much as I acknowledge that the comics do and are their best when they tackle issues of the day….. Comics are a much more long form of media than films are. I'm currently watching Chilling adventures of Sabrina at the moment and love how they're handling the trans character of Suzie. The struggle is prominent in the script but . . . .it isn't the pull of her character. Suzy is a strong Trans character because she is a strongly written character with her/his own fears, strengths and quirks.

    If Captain Marvel and Black Panther showed us anything is Film can't do that as well and when they write on social issues heavily, it kills the story. Like Civil War and Winter Soldier had political commentary, but it didn't feel like a hammer beating ideology into your head as much as those two did.

    If they bring X-men back maybe….just maybe they should do it on the small screen like the defenders . . . or they should have it set up in trilogies.

    In fact if I had the power personally I would probably vouch for both… Do the majority of the storyline in a Disney+ exclusive show with a whole lot of no name or less than A-list actors and when it comes to the main events throw it up on the big screen like the Avengers movies. People miss how well a person can watch the Avengers Movies without seeing the rest of the films, simply because they are that good at explaining/ reiterating information in condensed scene's you don't feel you've just been talked down to or left behind.

    but meh that's just my two bits.

  44. Watching this after Dark Phoenix… you guys were right. But everybody already knew it was a massive mistake to make. Which is why it made no money. I'd like to see an update for prognostication on how Feige can integrate into the MCU.

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