What Went Wrong With Tom Holland’s ‘Unreleasable’ Movie

What Went Wrong With Tom Holland’s ‘Unreleasable’ Movie

Some movies are seemingly cursed, and everything
that could possibly go wrong does go wrong. Take, for example, Chaos Walking. Starring Spider-Man and Rey, aka Tom Holland
and Daisy Ridley, it should be a sure-fire crowd-pleaser. So why has the studio declared it unreleasable? Chaos Walking is based on a trilogy of books
by novelist Patrick Ness. The story takes place on an alien planet called
New World, settled by Puritan-like humans who left what’s presumably Earth more than
20 years before the events of the first book, The Knife of Never Letting Go. On this planet, all living beings can hear
and see one another’s thoughts in the form of an unrelenting cacophony of images, words,
and sounds, which everyone accurately calls “Noise.” In other words, it’s chaos walking. “What if you couldn’t get away? What if you really couldn’t get away? What if there was no escape?” As the plot unfolds, a teenager named Todd
finds a place where there is no Noise. He flees the male-only settlement of Prentisstown
and meets a woman named Viola, which is remarkable, as nobody knew there were any non-males on
New World. Eventually there’s a showdown between human
settlers and the intelligent native race called the Spackle. In 2016, it was reported that Tom Holland
was cast to play Todd and Daisy Ridley was all set to play Viola. Lionsgate grabbed the rights to adapt and
produce a Chaos Walking film way back in 2011. At the time, the studio had carved out a lucrative
niche for itself as the company that made all the major big-screen versions of super-popular
young adult novel franchises. Having already brought Twilight from the bookstore
to the multiplex and with the first Hunger Games movie on the way, Chaos Walking seemed
like the next logical step. Some major players started to surround the
project. Robert Zemeckis, the filmmaker behind Back
to the Future and Forrest Gump, was supposed to direct, but that deal ultimately fell apart,
though he remained on as a producer. It was perhaps a sign of trouble to come that
there was apparently a struggle to find a director to commit to a project with so much
potential. A long five years after announcing the project,
Lionsgate revealed that filming could begin in the fall of 2016, now with Doug Liman in
the director’s chair. With Liman behind the camera, filming on Chaos
Walking finally commenced in August 2017 in Montreal. By that time, the rest of the cast had been
filled out, with such notable names as David Oyelowo, Demian Bichir, Mads Mikkelsen, and
Nick Jonas. The shoot seemingly went well, but the result
of the tireless and expensive efforts of cast and crew didn’t quite meet studio expectations. According to Lionsgate employees close to
the situation, the first cut of Chaos Walking turned out so badly that studio executives
deemed it, quote, “unreleasable.” It had cost a staggering $100 million, but
it was apparently so awful once assembled that it wasn’t fit for public consumption. So Lionsgate canceled the film’s scheduled
March 2019 release and ordered up extensive reshoots that would cost millions and take
three weeks to film. If studios invest a fortune in a major movie
and a rough cut seems lackluster, it makes sense to spend a few more million on reshoots. In recent years, for example, Justice League
and Shazam! have made headlines for re-assembling casts and crews to film extensive new scenes
not long before their scheduled theatrical releases. To generate new script pages for Chaos Walking,
Lionsgate hired Patrick Ness, the novels’ author. While Ness likely had relatively little trouble
pinpointing just what was missing from the adaptation, actually filming those scenes
proved difficult. Reshoot plans were announced in April 2018,
but cameras didn’t start to roll until April 2019. The reason was that in the time after principal
photography wrapped, the careers of stars Tom Holland and Daisy Ridley exploded. Ultimately, there was a gap of about 18 months
between the first and last scenes shot. Holland and Ridley don’t quite look like teenagers
anymore, meaning that they would appear strikingly and distractingly different from scene to
scene. When Lionsgate kicked off pre-production on
Chaos Walking in 2011, sweeping movie series based on bestselling young adult sagas were
all the rage. The four Hunger Games films took in more than
$1.4 billion at the domestic box office, while the likes of The Maze Runner and Divergent
also performed well. But within a couple of years, the dystopian
young adult trend was starting to lose its luster. The third Divergent movie did so poorly at
the box office that a wrap-up finale was canceled, and standalone adaptations like The 5th Wave
bombed hard. By the time production on Chaos Walking began
in earnest in 2016, the writing was on the wall that this was a movie past its sell-by
date. But there are still plans to get it into theaters
at some point! As of summer 2019, it’s tentatively scheduled
for release in 2020. But for now, it remains a film in limbo, as
confusing as the chaos in its title. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Looper videos about your favorite
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  1. Hollywood no longer has a brain, honestly I thought when I put the video on it was gonna say some shit like the reason it's unreleasable right now is because the author doesn't like the script they wrote for the movie, probably due to many big changes from the book, that would've been my reason.

  2. Nothing went wrong, and Tom Holland is perfect!

    Fan moment aside, I'm interested in that movie. And I'm gonna look up that dystopian movie with Chloe Grace Moretz too.

  3. Honestly just release it on demand, cause when studios think something’s bad, it’s usually not as bad as they think it is! XD

  4. Ah yes, I remember when Tom and Daisy aged so drastically over 18 months. Similar to the guy from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

  5. I found the books to be kinda boring to be honest……

    edit: after thinking about it…. I might have been to young to understand it……… maybe I'll try it again someday…..

  6. Everything in this movie can fail and I’ll let it pass… BUT if they dare ruin Mayor Prentiss, I will be annoyed and frustrated

  7. The production company is good, the material is great and the actors are amazing and already established. So what could have possibly gone wrong?? I think the way they interpreted literature into a script is crucial and then directing came in second very close. So unfortunate.. I would have LOVED to watch it. They should hire David Yates for that and let the author make the adaptation and write the script with the director as a co-writer

  8. So we’re just gonna call this Tom Holland’s movie, like Daisy Ridley isn’t standing right there??? Ok😒😒😒

  9. The YA movies started to fail because studios abandoned the stories authors' wrote and focused on gender, race bending characters for 'diversity' and inserting social themes.

  10. They said Tom Holland wouldn’t look like a teenager wtf he played a teenager in Spider-Man stupid he still looks like a teenager lmao

  11. Thought it was the uncharted cancel. Thank god it’s this, daisy ridley as Elena I’d be ok with, maybe, shit now I’m confused

  12. This movie is based off my favorite book series and I am so disappointed and angry with what's happening to it. I'd rather it not be released than completely butchered.

  13. srsly…just write the losses off against profits & let the film scholars of 2069 excavate the footage and make Holland and Ridley squirm with it on Late Night with Bilqis al-Rahman.

  14. Let me just take a wild guess probably because he's a horrible actor and the only thing is actually known for is wearing a mask and having someone else Play The part that he supposedly so incredible. You guys talk about this kid like you've been active the last 30 years. He plays Spider-Man don't take yourself so serious or him

  15. They should be able to CGI them as more youthful, like Robert Downing Jr being made into a teenager. They have the technology

  16. I'm really not a fan of Tom Holland.. his spiderman is ok.. but I don't rank his portrayal as the top, or even top 2 .. sorry.. that's my opinion.

  17. On the issue of the actors looking too different thanks to reshoot gaps, couldn't they use cg to de age them slightly? That tech is getting cheaper and more convincing all the time.

  18. If the story is good, and it's just bad shooting or execution, yes, better not to release it. However, if the story is bad, it will be a miracle to make it. The book is supposed to be good. So, it may be a failure of the director or the crew. We don't know. The way I look at at these rushes, it seems uninspiring.

  19. Although it’s kind of funny how much the studio have wasted making this movie it’s kind of sad to think how many young unnoticed creative directors could’ve finally got there movies made using this money. Out of 100 million dollars, that’s at least over 10 movies

  20. Well, at least they know it will be bad to release the movie and was willing to reshoot. Unlike EA, who will release a broken game and then attempt to "fix" it with its life service/later but we all know it ain't gonna happen (Proof: Mass Effect Andromeda, Source: Anthem)

  21. Okay but the 5th wave bombed because they casted the wrong characters. Ben should have been played by the guy who was playing Evan. Thats what fucked it up.

  22. Tom Holland still plays a convincing 16-17 year old as Peter Parker I fail to see why the fact that he isn’t a teenager is an actual reason why the film is unreleaseable

  23. I preferred Divergent over Twilight. And does anyone else wonder why they never continued with the story behind the movie I Am Number Four? (Kind how I feel about them never making a Treasure Planet 2, even though they had the storyline ready to go for it. Both great films and sadly no continuation.)

  24. This may seem strange, but if they ever made a movie adaptation of the game “Bravely Default”, I’d love to see Tom Holland as Tiz Arrior.

  25. I wonder how the author of the books feels now that they've destroyed the opportunity to make a good movie from those books.

  26. And this my friends is why you should not become an actor, you give up your time for a film or TV show and it never sees the light of day.

  27. Hollywood's greedy stubborn ass's should learn from this and STOP butchering film adaptation style books so shitty onto film.

  28. If this movie doesn't come out… I'mma lose my shit… Also, Tom still looks like a 15 year old at 23… wdym "doesn't look like a teenager anymore"?

  29. Um Discount Spider-Man and Rey.. the two most controversial characters, a good bit of people don’t like him (I’m one of them I not a Tom spider man fan ) and rey…. I can’t imagine why combinations of these actors is a terrible idea.

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