What You See First Will Describe Your Inner State

What You See First Will Describe Your Inner State

So today we have five pictures for you. No, no not five pictures Five pictures there, that’s better So what you see first in them will describe your interstate. Do you want to know more about yourself? We created a quick test that will help you evaluate the signals of your subconscious The test is based on the symbolic meanings of certain things and the feelings they provoke in you Your main task is simple pay attention to the objects that you see first in the pictures below It’s time to get to know yourself better Number five face or fish Let’s start with this picture, what do you see first is it a face or two fish? Eventually you’ll see both images just remember what you saw first, and here’s what it means if you saw a face You are a socially oriented and communicative person and you’re curious about people’s lives for You every person is unique and interesting and you want to figure out their true personality Because of that you have excellent communication skills, which allow you to find common ground with pretty much everyone You usually pay attention to the whole picture instead of just small and sometimes unnecessary details Moreover it’s in your nature to use your intellectual abilities to solve everyday tasks You’re a bright thinker and can easily crack any riddle you enjoy finding new solutions to the problems and pave your way instead of staying on the safe side Now if you saw two fish you’re happy with your life at the moment, and you’ll also believe in luck in all future endeavors Even if something isn’t going according to your plan. You’re sure you’ll manage to cope with any situation you Prefer to think that the glass is always half full for you Details are important as they are the key elements that build and create the whole picture That’s why you pay close attention to them and usually Prefer to improve your life little by little by making small progress in every domain of it You are creative and always full of ideas that you want to make a reality You aren’t afraid of changes and are usually excited to see what the future has in store for you All right number four key halt or crying figure Now look at this picture. What’s the first image you see here, okay? Let’s find out what it says about you if The first thing you saw was a keyhole Then you might be a stalker and you like to peer through them No, not really Actually, it means that you’re curious about your life in general You might even have the feeling that soon. You’ll have to face the unknown and the best thing about it Is that you don’t fear it, you’re excited about it This may also indicate your interest in a certain person either because of his or her Personality or because you feel a bit suspicious about him or her in both situations it’s better to talk to this person you will get to know him or her better and realize whether you want to continue the communication or not In general in this period of your life, you’re all about exploring new ideas Learning new things and getting out of your comfort zone good for you Now if the first image you saw was a crying figure You’re probably not completely aware of your current emotional state For example it could be sadness disappointment Loneliness or even anger this is not a good sign you Need to pay more attention to your own emotions and listen to yourself and your wishes more often Maybe you just need some time to relax and get your mind off all the problems and difficulties you may face now Try to reevaluate your life and see what you can do to make it better Take some time for yourself do something you like or simply make yourself a bubble bath Sounds good to me Right now you need a break to lighten up your mood and return to a happier emotional state number three slightly open door or a musical note Here’s another picture. What was the first image you saw time to see what secrets it reveals about you If you saw a slightly open door You’re ready for changes and you feel you’re moving in the right direction and make good decisions along the way You feel content and determined You’re aware of what’s waiting for you in the future and you’re ready to take a big step into the new chapter in your life You face the future with no fear and with pure excitement to meet new people visit new places Start more adventures and create new memories like BASE jumping Well, maybe not that extreme and your uplifting spirit inspires others to make changes for the best and go for whatever It is they desire Try to keep the state of mind for as long as possible it will bear great fruit for you Now if for you the first image was a musical note. It shows that right now It’s important for you to express yourself through being creative it may be connected with music Acting drawing or any other form of art. It just feel like you’ve got something you want to share with this world go ahead don’t look back and take risks you have a great opportunity to start something exciting if You work hard you’ll use your potential to the fullest Right now you’re looking for something that will inspire you to see new colors of the world Just open your heart to new things and you won’t regret it Number two columns or people This time let’s take a look at this picture, what’s the first thing you saw here, here’s what your variant stands for if You saw columns sometimes it can be quite hard for you to leave your comfort zone and achieve what you want Because you tend to be quite fearful of other people’s view and opinions You should try to look at the world from another perspective and stop setting certain limits for yourself You can do more than you think just give yourself a chance to prove it Columns might also mean that you’re a dreamy and romantic person. Oh my darling You are usually shy and feel more comfortable on your own you’re an introvert who doesn’t let other people in that easily Try to put yourself out there more you deserve to be recognized. Yes you do If you saw people you don’t feel any strong boundaries in life You are confident in sure of yourself you have a vision of what perfect life is for you And you do anything you can to build it for yourself you can achieve many things quite easily When you want to do something you simply do it without overthinking and delaying too long You’re a sensitive and kind person always ready to help others You are sociable and enjoy meeting new people in building new connections. You’re a real joy to be around I’m a real joy because you make other people feel good about themselves and all the happiness you give returns right back to you Wow aren’t you glad you’re not throwing boomerangs and Finally number one man or woman Here’s the last picture, so what do you see is it a man, or a woman this uncovers other sides of your current emotional state? Now if you see a man here is the possible rendering of it if You’re a woman it might mean that you want to be in a romantic relationship or you’re looking for a partner in this point of your life you feel ready to be in unity with someone and be serious about it if You already have one you feel a strong emotional connection with your partner You can be proud of your relationship as you two were able to build a strong base of Understanding and Trust that makes your bond so special now if you’re a man you’re most likely to be worried about some problem that involves another man in my peer friend family member or colleague Still if this issue is bothering you take some time to solve it once and for all Now if you saw a woman the things are a little bit different For women it means that you have a very positive attitude to life and live in harmony with yourself You got that right you strongly feel and own your femininity You know you’re worth fifty million dollars, and you are proud of the person you are today Keep believing in yourself and you’ll achieve anything you put your mind to For men it might mean that you appreciate female beauty and that doesn’t mean that you are a womanizer at all You just respect the woman’s natural grace and their feminine energy yes That’s the ticket it may also say you sympathize with a certain woman and expect her to feel the same if It is the case go for it and don’t be afraid at least give her a little hint. Maybe she’s into you too I can’t believe that any woman would not want to be into me So did these descriptions match your inner? emotional state Tell us in the comments hit the like button and share this video with your friends and loved ones to find out some secrets about them Don’t forget to click subscribe to join us on the bright side haha you can bet I will

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  1. These are the things I saw in this video( because why not? I’m bored 😂)
    Music note
    And they are all quite true! This test was very enjoyable thanks for making this!! 😱😄👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👍🏻👍🏻👌🏻👌🏻

  2. Ok BS, maybe don't say what the images are before you show them…? Just a suggestion…use it, don't use it.

  3. omg thank you now i feep happy that someone hear my prayers
    no one know im good person and im a helping kid because my classmate are little bad because of saying something that might hurt everybody thanks for your help bright side its number #2 people😭😭😭

  4. The thing here is,
    If a human eye go through any both of the words for each picture (lets take for an example, “slightly opened door or musical note”, ) if any human read any one word from both of above, human mind starts searching for that particular image in the picture only so because of that our mind automatically ignore the other picture what we have not read more that what we really found first. So as per my opinion it doesn’t work. If you think this is an incorrect information I suggest you all to try for yourself with different pictures available on internet rather that of those in the video.
    Thank you.

  5. The first question’s first half of the answer was completely correct that I jumped at it accuracy, this is because I tend to try and view things from other peoples perspective

  6. what is it when you see both straight away you might want to find that out because I see both at the same time because you tell me what is coming I see both not just one at a time

  7. In the last picture I saw both a man and woman. The woman’s face was not seen. The person who looked like a man according to the test was just a person to me. Really what I saw was was two humans embracing.

  8. Me: sees face first
    Him:You have excellent communication skills
    Me:Didn’t know the Titanic was found until 2019 because i’m a freaking introvert

  9. Ooooooh My God siwez amini kuwa mnaweza kumjua MTU kiundani kwa picha tu
    Oooooh my God I can't belv that u guys can know inner part of a person U guys a such Genious

  10. LOL, I saw face then fish. I'm probably the most introverted person you'll ever encounter. So now I know at least to take this test with a grain of salt.

  11. Well actually I proved that I really have this weird personality.. but I'm no good in communicating however I find it awesome cause I really do focus being creative.. and I actually have a strong connection towards my crush❣

  12. I saw face and honestly I really don't have social communicational skills,keyhole 🤔 it could be true,musical note 🤔 true,🤔🤔🤔 I saw colums with heads at ones (I don't saw bodies) and yes I'm introverte,and finally I saw man.

  13. I saw a face, a keyhole, the musical note, the people and the man's face first and I can tell u that it's all so accurate!!! Even the man's one was correct, I do am proud of my current relationship ^~^

  14. For the columns, I saw them first and the description was right until he got to “you’re an introvert” that is definitely something I’m NOT 😂

  15. Some of the "traits" you are suppose to have because you see a certain picture first, gets contradicted by that of another picture.

  16. I literally saw both at the same time once you said what they where before. Now I'm more confused than ever ..thanks buzz feed I mean Bright Side lol

  17. In order for this to be more effective you shouldve shown the picture first and then ask what we see. The fact you ask if we see one or the other then show the picture is already influencing our minds making this test less effective.

  18. About the only thing the images told me is that someone seriously needs to get laid and/or a brain transplant (preferably to a functional one) now this isn't directed toward the narrator but to the individual that came up with the meanings

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