Where to Sit In a Movie Theater With Your Service Dog and Why

Where to Sit In a Movie Theater With Your Service Dog and Why

So this is my pathetic little diagram of the average movie theater. As you can see, I have circled a bunch of various seating options. The ones I have circled are the ones I believe to be the best areas for sitting with a service dog. Which one works best for you, is all going to depend on a bunch of things. Your personal preferences, your medical condition, and also your individual dog. Now let’s take a look at each seating position, and talk about which type of SD team it’d be best for. #1: This is typically where the handicapped seating is. Which is going to be best for those who use assistive devices such as wheelchairs, canes, or walkers. And it can also be good for those who have large breed service dogs, and need the extra space. Once the theater is full and you are absolutely sure that no other handicapped people will be needing one of these seats, I suggest using one yourself as they are definitely the most comfortable option for both you and your dog, regardless of whether or not you are physically disabled. This is also a really good place to sit if you need quick and easy access to the exit. #2: This is the row of seating that is farthest back in the theater. If you are physically able to make it to the back row of seats, and do not need quick and easy access to the exit for medical reasons Then this is definitely an ideal spot for you and your dog to sit throughout the movie. It’s also a pretty good location to not have to worry about having to move to let other people in and out of the row. #3: Is sort of a compromise between #1 and #2. You have pretty quick and easy access to the exit. While also sitting closer to the screen so you can actually see the movie while you’re watching it. The only downside to this seating location, is that you will often have to move to let people in and out of your row. #4: Is what I like to call the “sweet spot”. Next to the handicapped seating, this is just about the best place you’re ever going to be able to sit. Quick and easy access to the exits for medical emergencies. An abundance of space if you have a large breed service dog. Close enough that you can still see enjoy the movie, but far enough away that you don’t have to crane your neck just to look at the screen. The only downside to sitting in this position, is that people often see your dog as they’re walking in. #5 & #6: Let’s face it. No one ever wants to sit here! But it’s always good to have backup seating arrangements just in case. And these are two locations where you will never ever have to worry about other people bothering your dog, or even seeing your dog.

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  1. That wasn't a pathetic sketch of a movie theater, it was pretty awesome actually! I'm not a theater person but that seemed to be right on.
    And thanks for the helpful info as always.

  2. I am new to your channel and I hope you don't find this offensive but you've mentioned you have an 'invisible' disability and that you have panic attacks and I was wondering what Bugsie's official job description is.

  3. Great video, and everyone should watch it!

    Thankfully here in Austin, TX we have a iPIC.  It's expensive, but very nice seating. Best part is lots of room around the seats, and upper seats are paired.  Life with Parkinsons,
    so having seprate seats are great (I tend to tremor really bad during exciting/scary movies!).     My brother is blind, and never fails to amuse me with some idiot comments peole make to his service dog.  (His service dog has a job to do, not to be stopped and petted! OK, I vented for the day). Thanks again for PSA and educating people!

  4. We live in a po-dunk town and our local theater doesn't have any of the fancy seating you have mentioned here! I go to a lot of movies with my SD, but luckily not many other people in my area do, so there is usually ample places to sit. If I can, I choose to sit in the one row in the back that has wheelchair spots on either end – they remove a seat so that folks in a wheelchair can be in the theater without being stuck dangerously out in an aisle. I've never encountered a person in a wheelchair there, but that spot is perfect for me to set down a bathmat for my 95 pound SD to relax on while I watch a film. It keeps her tucked out of the way and safe when the lights go off!

  5. My dog is still in training. I have a German Shepherd and she's only 66 pounds but there is so way she's fitting in the tiny rows. She needs a spot to lay down, so lucky me my theatre has those really good comfy seats with big rows. I feel bad about my dog having to listen to the noise of the speakers so Redbox is usually my go to thing.

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