Where Your Favorite Christmas Movies Star Kids Are Today

Where Your Favorite Christmas Movies Star Kids Are Today

here are the stars who make up your favorite holiday movies here’s what they’re up to now in 1990 collie Cole can starred in one of the holiday season’s most popular movies home alone of course he went on to act in the hit sequels but made a few pit stops along the way including my girl Richie Rich and the good son he was friends with the late Michael Jackson and continued his love of music by starting up pizza teamed comedy rock band the pizza underground now he’s focusing his time on bunny ears a pet project lifestyle blog he calls a mix of goobers the onion you might have noticed my bunny ears and thought to yourself hey why are you wearing these money years well that’s an outstanding question and to many fans delight almost 30 years after home alone relief pokken recreated the scenes in an ad for Google assistant mom dad Google wooden weekender want me to clean these sheets later some things never get old Natalie Wood played Suzy in the 1947 original Miracle on 34th Street she had a long career as a movie star in 1961 she was Maria in West Side Story [Music] and starred in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof in 1976 in 1981 buit died in a mysterious drowning accident that’s been the subject of much speculation [Applause] mara Wilson is the cutie who starred in the remake of Miracle on 34th Street in 1994 well I didn’t believe in him laughter and I still got everything I asked my mother for she got her big break just before that image this Doubtfire town movie Stevie Mara has had cameos in broad city and lent her voice to Bojack horseman I’m sorry did I forget to hang up but has taken a step back from acting these days she’s passionate about using her platform to talk about mental health I think that it is incredibly crucial especially for young people to be getting the help that they need Peter Robbins the boys behind Charlie Brown in a Charlie Brown Christmas found success with the cartoon series but his luck eventually ran out after a series of legal troubles Robbins found himself behind bars for allegedly sending threatening letters to a manager and his wife he’s serving a four-year eight month term in a prison in California Carolyn Grimes is best known for her role as Zuzu Bailey and it’s a wonderful life the actress starred in the classic when she was just six years old Carolyn only took a handful of acting roles after the 1946 film now in her 70s she’s a popular guest at It’s a Wonderful Life screenings around the country [Applause] it’s been almost 25 years since Eric Lloyd starred as Charlie Kelvin in Disney’s the Santa Claus trilogy planner just like a poll most of his success on screen was in the 90s Eric now runs a production company in California with a friend he’s probably the most notorious Christmas movie star of all time but Peter Billingsley career has only gone up she starred as Ralphie in A Christmas Story in 1983 Oh No you’ll shoot your eye out in 2003 he shocked audiences when he appeared alongside Will Ferrell in else you just its title goes beyond actor not only was he in the break-up iron man and for Christmases he produced them as well a good friend have been spawned the pair tears on the Chicago Blackhawks from the sidelines while we keep cheering for his and all the rest of these holiday star success [Music] good I’ll shut my eye oh happy holiday movie watching everyone I’m Kelly Newlin for Inside Edition calm

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  1. Oh my God Charlie Brown you ruined my life just kidding you鈥檙e still making a cartoon just please don鈥檛 send any rude comments to any manager

  2. Macaulay was in the all time favourite Christmas move home alone and now looks like a druggie, has pizza music and has a weird YouTube channel called bunny or something…..I鈥檓 speachless

  3. I'm actually really shocked that they didn't mention Matilda when talking about Mara it's literally like her most famous movie

  4. Me: oh look it鈥檚 the guy who voiced Charlie Brown

    Me: 鈥漌oAh wOAh WoAH鈥

  5. Nice to know that my favorite boy Christmas character is in prison and told someone to drop dead in from a heart attack nervous laugh

    im fine

  6. Me: watching a little bit of Charlie Brown


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