Where’s the Best Place to Sit in a Movie Theater?

Where’s the Best Place to Sit in a Movie Theater?

Hi. I’m Holly Frey, and I absolutely
love the moviegoing experience. But I have often experienced
that awkward moment when you walk into the
movies with friends and you all kind of have a quick
discussion that can sometimes get heated about where you want
to sit down to watch the film. Everybody has their preference. Some people like the
sit towards the front, some people towards the back. Like, I like to be a
little closer to the front, because I don’t want to
watch people coming and going when they get up to
go to the bathroom in the middle of the movie. The good news is that
most modern theaters are built in such a way
that almost anywhere you sit you’re going to have
a pretty good experience. And it actually starts
with the seating, because it’s a way more
plush than it used to be. If you go to an older or a
discount theater sometimes, you’ll still feel the
hard seats that fold down, and they’re just not
super comfortable to spend two hours in. But most modern theaters
have really plush seats. The backs are higher. The armrests can
fold down or up. You have all of your
accoutrement arrangements sitting there so you
can put your cup there. Some even have trays
that slide out. Stadium seating has
really changed things. Because theatres used to be
built with a grade of about 15 degrees from the front to the
back to theoretically give you a good view over the
heads of other viewers. But now it’s
actually terraced so that it’s a rise of about
12 to 15 inches per row. So no matter how many fools
are coming in your theater and sitting with giant hats or
big hairdos in front of you, you’re still going to be
able to see pretty well. But aside from comfort,
the really big thing that you want to take into
consideration is the sound. We live in a time
when theater sound has been amped up to
super digital magic. Really the best place is
going to be about two-thirds back from the front
and towards the middle. The sound engineers that
balance out a theater will sit in that position and
they’ll balance out everything from that spot. So that if you’re sitting right
there, it’s completely balanced and you almost get
a neutral sound. But if you shift just a
seat or two left or right, you’re actually going to get
a more dynamic stereo sound. But if you just want to
sit wherever you want, that’s cool, but just
know you might not be getting the best
possible sound experience. So pick your seat. Don’t pick your friend’s seat. And have a great
time at the movies. Feel free to leave a
comment or subscribe just by clicking below
and doing your thing.

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  1. I sat in the exact middle of a vmax theater with dolby atmos sound, it was SEAT SHAKING, I ACTUALLY FELL OFF MY SEAT!

  2. My movie theater has recliners so there are less seats available. People often arrive extremely early just to save a seat. I'm going to the movies today and we are gonna be one on the first groups of people to get there. Even before the previews start lol

  3. Image at 1:40 shows a 14 row theatre. 2/3 of 14 is 9.3. Wouldn't the best seat be the middle two of the ninth or even eighth row??

  4. I’m Arabic and I’ve experienced movie theater or cinema once and it was good but when I watch a video about it I see a lot of comments talking about annoying and disturbing people is it true ? And why don’t you fight or ask security or something I surly won’t take it for a whole two hours even if he’s a big guy

  5. I'm surprised the question didn't arise regarding picture distortion. If I'm sitting closer, then I want to be more toward the middle. If I'm off to the side, I'd prefer to sit further back. Sitting too close and to the side often leaves a very distorted view of the screen, especially in bigger theaters. Then there is the question of whether it's better to be more to the left or the right. I have found that I tend to gravitate more toward the left side of the auditorium because action tends to move from left to right. Again, it doesn't matter so much if I'm further back. Just kind of funny how perception can really effect how a film is perceived.

    As for this video, it seems like the ideal solution is directly in the middle, at least for sound. As for distance, I prefer to see all of the screen from where I am sitting but I don't like to be so far away that the screen feels distant. I've become less picky over the years, but I used to really care where I sat! Now I just find a spot that is easy to see the everything from without feeling extremely close or far away.

  6. Wow ig my theaters modern then we have cup holders and the chairs are recliners u can lay all the way back if u want and u have to choose your seats online or before u get your tickets and anywhere u sit u get a pretty good view ig

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