Which color film should you buy?

Which color film should you buy?

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  1. This is an amazing video. I really liked your black & white video and though I didn't use the spreadsheet when I watched that video, I may go back and do it now. I was happy to see I rated the films pretty consistently, so my opinion didn't change much from one scene to the next on things like contrast and colour, that was validating. So my highest rated film at 81.07% is Ektar, followed by Fujifilm Pro 400H at 69.33%
    The film I hated the most at 44.53% was ColorPlus 200, and second lowest with 45.60% was CineStill 50d. I laughed and laughed. People love that film but it's emo hipster trash, as far as I'm concerned 😛

  2. Can stay with Ektar for the nicer shots. But will change to Fuji c200 from Kodak Gold for budget shooting. Thought Cinestill is a Fuji. Have to update my perception of Fuji. Thanks again for the great work

  3. For budget landscapes/items photography I will choose Fuji C200.
    For budget portrait photography I will choose Kodak Gold 200.
    For cloudy and moody versatile photography (dominated by green colors) I will choose Fuji Pro 400H.
    For cloudy and moody versatile photography (dominated by yellow colors) I will choose Portra 400.
    For sunny and contrast versatile photography I will choose Kodak Ektar 100.

  4. Amazing! Just too bad you didn’t use Portra 400 since it’s the technically best of the Portras and I find 160 kina not exiting.

  5. I love CineStill 800T with a 85 filter in daylight. You have to rate it at 500 in daylight and when using it with an 85 filter I get a practical sensitivity of 200 in daylight which is amazing for shooting at wide apetures.

  6. Ektar 100 is my go to film with my Leica M2, I cant stop looking at the images I get with it, but the Fuji C200 impressed me and at almost a third the price, I might have to check it out.

  7. Too bad I only shoot slide film, predominantly Ektachrome, which you don't.
    "This video is baad!1!1!21!"

  8. Color preference is subjective and a personal preference. I’am not sure why buy I have always preferred colder tones my favorite color is green so I guess I don’t mind slightly green shadows. I definitely do not like overly warm yellowish color rendering . It’s the Same in digital I shoot my instagram out of convenience with my Sony but prefer the color rendition from my canon 5d .

  9. Thanks for putting in the incredible amount of effort and work into this video. I saw my favorites confirmed by the blind test and the consistent results are telling me that Ektar and Portra should remain my go-to films. It would be really cool to see a video on the differences of slide films. Keep up the good work!

  10. interesting. Fuji C200 scored best for me, and it's the cheapest too! In second comes Fujifilm Pro 400h and in third Superia Xtra 400! Guess I should be shooting Fuji… (did this as a beginner to film photography)

  11. Wow, thank you for taking the time to make this video. I personally love UltraMax at 200 but processed at 400 and Ektar at 50, processed for box speed. This is the first video I’ve watched of yours and you’ve got yourself another subscriber! Keep it up!!

  12. Came here to check some alternatives I might have missed, seems like I am sticking to my beloved Ektar. Thanks for the comparison!

  13. I really appreciate your effort making this video. Thank you so much! Super informative for me. Keep it up!

  14. Fantastic video! I returned to film a couple years ago but entirely B/W. I’m just touching the world of colour film for the first time in 20+ years so this was extremely helpful! As a former Kodachrome shooter I have some experience with slide film but given that Kodachrome is gone I am very interested in a comparison of the latest films. Thanks!!

  15. Wow. You really went the extra mile with this video. The lengths you went to to capture identical scenes with the same hardware and different film stocks is truly remarkable. Smart way to do it to avoid shooting images at different times of day / lighting conditions. I especially liked seeing the landscape images included with the portraits. If you haven't made one already, a comparison of Fortia, Provia, Sensia, and Velvia would be great to see (assuming they're even commercially available still). I especially like Velvia 50 images shot outdoors in bright daylight.

  16. yup, staying with my fuji c200, sometimes it doesn't work good with facing back the sun and shadows and under exposing, but yeah, if you shoot in the right conditions it works great. I love that depressive colors ❤

  17. 1) GEF, 2) GIC, 3) A.

    Result? Kodak Porta 160 apparently appeals to me on more than one occasion. The only other brand that was appealing was Fujifilm.

    Have you considered doing a black and white blind film test?

  18. Fantastic video. I'm a Kodak guy, usually i shoot colourplus 200. Thank you for taking your time making it!

  19. I've settled to shooting b&w negative and just color slides. I process and enlarge everything myself. While wet printing slides is VERY hard these days, they give the best rendering of landscapes and animals alike, which is what I do with my big glass.

  20. I don't scan and have no scanner because I think they produce crappy colors. When I desperately need something digital, there is always a Nikon D810, a macro lens and a slide copying adapter. 36MP is more than most scans anyway and the colors are waaaaay better plus you have 14bit RAWs to work with.

  21. I shoot primarily digital, because practice shots are literally free, but I'd also like to get into Medium Format film in the future. A disposable camera would also be fun to use too.

  22. oooh this video was so satisfying to watch!!! this was very very objective method for comparison. And i like how you managed to get as many factors constant as possible! On youtube this is very rarely the case, where such comparisons are kept so objective. Its usually someone comparing one film with a certain camera at some point of the day – with another film on another camera at a different point of the day.
    This isnt OCD, this is how any comparison SHOULD be done. with keeping as many factors same as possible. And yes it can be expensive sometimes, but otherwise it makes little sense to do the comparison in the first place.

  23. Outstanding work, yet again. Ektar looked awful… Kodak Gold looked Impressive, The fujifilms weren't very good. Portra looked ok but not nearly as good as Gold 200. Thanks!!!

  24. Absolutely love it! One thing I'd like to know, if the films from A to I are in the same oder as listed below?

  25. Please do an E6 comparison… Awesome video very informative, especially to a newbie like me… Thank you for making this…

  26. Thanks for this awesome video, i really enjoyed it. Love ektar for portraits and ultramax for street/landscapes. Im gonna give portra a try as my next roll. Keep pushing, great content. Greetings from the Netherlands

  27. Awesome video Thanks for doing it! I love Ektar for the saturated colors. It's the nearest to Velvia 50 in C41. I keep a stock of 8×10 sheets in my freezer. Greetings from Argentina, and I'll wait for the E6 duel!

  28. thank you, this video helped me so so so much. i've been shooting film less than a year but been getting jobs and feeling like I really need to learn as much as I can as quickly as I can. this felt like going back to school! thank you kind sir

  29. This is one of the best videos ever about film. You helped me so much!! I was still having doubts about my film selection and this cleared any doubts I had. Now I'm quite sure I love Fujifil Pro 400H and I have also found out that I really like Kodak Portra 160. Superamazing!! Thank you so much for putting so much work. My third one is Ektar 100 which I have never tried, so now I will.

  30. Only just saw this! Great resource man, I commend your effort in taking all those test shots and putting this together. Haha my favourite color neg has also always been Ektar 😁

  31. What I want to know is… Where did you get that jacket/hoody whatever it's called. Can they be bought in the UK, I gotta have one.

  32. I'd be happy if the test scans included other shots (e.g. the landscape that was shown in the beginning, the photos of the dog or the portraits). I guess there are other people like me who would like to see more examples available for blind comparison.

  33. Wow, I've been looking for this kind of video for a long long time, this is exactly what I needed. Thank you for the work, this gonna help me so much! Brb gonna watch all your videos now

  34. Instructions unclear, so I make a copy of that sheet as shown but still can't edit anything. What am I supposed to do?

  35. This is such a top quality video, it's quite rare on youtube and I absolutely appreciate all the effort you put into it! I am a total newbie and I just bought my first analog camera, and having such a thorough comparison of films is extremely helpful for me. Thank you so much, now I know what to expect from all these film stocks and what should I buy!

  36. Really cool and useful exercise. Turns out I like Ektar and 400H most. I can count my Ektar rolls on one hand and I never shot 400H :). I remember a vid of David's mentioning Ektar as a top film (also for portraits). I had it on a wishlist since then and I guess I'll have to bump it up a bit… Thank you!

  37. This is so funny. Today I was going thru my film stores and needed to decide what color film to purchase. Lol. I started Youtube and up pops this video. My Alexa echo must be reading my mind now 😵

  38. I’m on the hunt for 35 mm film with the same coloring as the A6 VSCO filter as an example. I like the bluer shadows and warmer highlights. Kodak gold looks kinda close…

  39. thank you so much. my results:

    93.06% D – Kodak Ektar 100
    84.17% A – Fujifilm C200
    83.33% C – Fujifilm Pro 400h
    72.50% B – Fujifilm Superia Xtra 400
    71.94% G – Kodak Portra 160
    69.44% E – Kodak GC/UltraMax 400
    64.44% F – Kodak Gold 200
    56.67% I – Kodak ColorPlus 200
    52.78% H – Cinestill 50d

    … and indeed this covers my actual preferences.
    Kodak Portra 400 would have been great in addition for comparing

  40. This is amazing!! Thank you so much. I was looking for a review for darker skin and colour film. This helped tremendously

  41. I have used in the last couple of years all the films you tested except Cini and Fuji pro 400. My favorite is Ektar 100 & Ektachrome. e100. But have had results I liked from all of the films you tested that I used. My biggest issue is that I get big variation in results. It seems like the film I have bought most recently has the best chance of consistent photos.

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