Which Marvel Movies To Watch Before ‘Avengers: Endgame’ – One Shot

Which Marvel Movies To Watch Before ‘Avengers: Endgame’ – One Shot

(lively rhythmic music) – Heading into Avengers: Endgame, there are 21 movies leading
to the massive event, and you don’t have time
to watch all of them, because you have a job, and you have to watch Game of Thrones, and well, unlike me you just have a life. So, BD here from ComicBook.com, doing my duties of letting you know which Marvel movies are
the most important to watch before watching Avengers: Endgame. Before I get into my picks, let’s hear it from the directors of
Avengers: Endgame themselves, Anthony Russo and Joe Russo! – Civil War and Infinity
War without question, right, because I think the events of Civil War directly affected Infinity War, and we would argue that the
reason they lost to Thanos is because of Civil War. And then clearly that
carries over to Endgame. If you’re gonna add one more in there, I’d probably say Winter Soldier. – [Brandon] Okay, so Captain
America: The Winter Soldier, Captain America: Civil War,
and Avengers: Infinity War are on the list. Now let’s rule a couple of films out, like The Incredible Hulk, because they recast the main actor, and we’re not counting on strong ties to Harlem’s destruction. Then, you can scribble Ant-Man and Ant-Man and The Wasp off of your list. Hardcore fans, I hear you
groaning, but the Quantum Realm! Well, guess what, Scott Lang
is the only living character who knows about the Quantum Realm, so you can bet he’s going
to give an explanation to the other heroes in Endgame. – Breathe, focus, keep it simple. – Iron Man 1 from 2008
definitely makes the cut, though, for those of us who
really want to understand one of the two most important
characters in the MCU going into what might be his final outing. Then, the only other early movie you need to watch is The Avengers, because it really explains
where everyone came from, and the Battle of New York
which brought everyone together might end up being a
factor this time around. Phase two, go ahead and add Avengers: Age of Ultron to your list. This movie dropped and got criticized for being kind of a stepping stone, which means it actually is
going to be very important, because if this movies’
weird dream sequences and set ups for other
character and relationships are ever going to pay off, it’s now! If you have time, add Guardians
of the Galaxy to your list, it’s one of Marvel’s best movies, and will really introduce you
to the cosmic side of the MCU, and check out Black Panther too. Although the bigger elements of Wakanda will be established in other
films already on this list. Doctor Strange and Captain Marvel have some cool, universe-expanding, and important
character-development moments in their own movies, but they
don’t seem entirely necessary for a good Endgame experience. In conclusion! To get the most enjoyment
out of Avengers: Endgame, here’s what you need to
watch, all 21 Marvel movies! But if you want to shorten your homework, watch this select few, in this order! Iron Man, The Avengers, Captain
America: The Winter Soldier, Avengers: Age of Ultron,
Captain America: Civil War, and Avengers: Infinity War. If you have some extra time, give Guardians of the
Galaxy, Doctor Strange, Captain Marvel, and Black Panther a watch. – [Spider-Man] Whoa, that’s so cool! – Now, go get started,
and I expect a full report back from your viewing experience on the tweets, @BrandonDavisBD, and stay tuned to ComicBook.com/Marvel as Avengers: Endgame approaches
its April 26 release. (melodic sting)

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  1. What if some one just walked into the movies and not knowing anybody in the movie and says there favorite part of the movie and says the wrong character

  2. How about no…..
    When they hired James Gunn again it proved Disney cares more about money than they do their integrity. After a stalwart lengthy history of pedophilic tweets, pedophile themed parties and hosted conversations and possible sharing as Huston Huddleston was convicted of child pornography charges. I haven't seen a single MCU movie in theaters and haven't watched one for the better part of 2 years, nor am I planning on. I'm done with the MCU.

  3. I think the Russo’s said Winter Soldier bc it was their film. Everything it did was undone by Age of Ultron & Civil War. Pass.

    I’d suggest watching: Iron Man, maybe Thor, maybe Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, Age of Ultron, Civil War, & Infinity War.

  4. We all should watch infinity war and then just the post credit scenes from ant man and the wasp and captain marvel

  5. All of them, because I watch all 22 movies for "Marvel Cinematic Universe"!!!

    And the first 3 phases are called "The Infinity Saga", From the beginning of "Iron Man" to the ending of "Avengers: Endgame"!!

    And these eyes are driving me crazy and even, music to my ears!!!

    Which means………. The Saga Comes to an End for all 22 films over the first 3 phases of Marvel Cinematic Universe's The Infinity Saga!!!

    And they got celebrating the Best and Greatest Marvel Cinematic Universe movies ever for the next 10 years!!!

    Thank you for everything!!!😘 and Good Luck!!!

  6. Pretty simple, Avengers, Winter Soldier, Avengers Age of Ultron, Civil War, Infinity War. That's it. That's what I'm doing, lol.

  7. No way ALL of them! Preparing for "Engame"? Essential viewing before "Endgame"…

    1-"Captain America:First Avenger": Contains the Space Stone. Introduced to the Tesseract.
    2-"Captain Marvel": Standout abilities and powers setting her apart comes from the Tesseract. Nick Fury's last breath paging the Univere's most powerful hero.
    3-"The Avengers": Nick Fury activates "Avengers Initiative" after Captain Marvel's call sign.
    4-"Thor: The Dark World":Contains the Reality Stone.
    5-"GOTG": Orb contains the Power Stone. Learn from the Collector about Infinity Stones and the Mythology. Introduced to Gamora and Nebula.
    "6-"Avengers:Age of Ultron": Contains Mind Stone.
    "7-"Captain America:Civil War": Introduces Tom Holland's Spiderman.
    '8-"Spiderman Homecoming": Shows the mentor relationship between Stark and Parker and why we will cry when Spidey evaporates in Stark's arms.
    9-"Thor: Ragnorok": Time Stone Dr Stange possesses.
    10-"Avengers:Infinity War": Essentially Pt 1 (Vision has Mind Stone).
    11-"Antman and The Wasp": Most takes place before Infinity War. First post-Infinity War Film. Quantum Realm- necessary details in undoing Thanos (post-credit "Snap").
    12-"Endgame": Pt 2.

  8. Solid Video Man! Thanks for the insight! I am a small channel creator and Grateful for Support and Feedback 😁👊💣💥

  9. lmfao who did this shitty list? watch black panther instead of doctor strange? bullshit. dr. strange has a key role in endgame imo. to understand him, you have to watch doctor strange. black panther is just owner of wakanda nothing important. the movie itself is a waste of time.

    easy list: start from ironman 2008 and watch all mcu disney movies, except black panther and captain marvel.

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