Wholesale Home Theater Seats, Recliners Cheap Home Theater Seats to Luxury Cinema Seats

Wholesale Home Theater Seats, Recliners Cheap Home Theater Seats to Luxury Cinema Seats

Wholesale Home Theater Seats,hey what’s going on guys Rob from the
tech rep so I’m here with Roman from front stage I’m excited you guys know
I’m always excited I talked about attractions and distractions we sell
attractions the home theater which I want to call it something else because
it’s a room we go into an escape escape with ravers what I’ve been saying
perception is reality and when you go into these rooms the perception of
what’s going on becomes your reality because you experience it when we talk
about distractions and we say you got a big screen you’ve got a huge nice epic
surround sound you have nice leather seats but you have to eliminate the
distractions inside the room a lot of times when you’re busy at work the first
thing you do is shut the office door the kids are playing around outside you shut
the door eliminate distractions and I said went through the chance with Roman
he eliminated the distractions are sitting in a seat because you know
sometimes you’re sitting the seat and after 45 minutes against I’m comfortable
so Roman I just want to walk through the seats and show these guys at home what
we have going on here front stage sure all right
this is our least expensive very you know affordable chair with a manual
recline it comes in lemon jello with a stainless steel removable cup holders you can clean it back in what you set
the ladies love when they get any icy the thing because it’s always getting
sticky in here right exactly so it’s the cans it’s the kids also chair comes with
a butt kicker ready feature like every other arch here so it’s very easy to a
up the pot kickers to the chair the plate and ice away there’s already
factory pre-installed all the chairs are have rollaway recline meaning that you
only need about six inches behind the chair so literally can put it up against
the wall as you can see here pocket of course brings in a seat there will give
you much better than jvd of the ceiling cushion wouldn’t sag when it happens
with the chairs that only have foam we don’t have form and fibers on top of
there for Comfort and that’s about of this year
then we come we come to this year this year is our entry-level motorized
recliner comes with all the features that that chair has similar pocket of
course Springs wall away design shades also comes with the USB port that’s
built into the switch a little LED light to show you where the switch is when you
wanna just you know you’re reclining position and again the rest of the
features but kick already feature removable stainless steel cup color
inserts etcetera I think it’s important with the USB holder or the USB charger
it’s not only good for your phone it’s good for the kids when they’re gaming
because a lot of theaters you know they turn them into a game room and they have
all their friends over in gaming but again that USB port really comes in
handy so that controller doesn’t lose juice and they still have their friends
on their iPhone or their iPad whatever like that I’m sorry go ahead
this is our very popular narrow footprint recliner not only its popular
because it allows you to put no chairs in smaller rooms which in many cases the
situation with the current homes and the customer ones for chairs where you can
only feed three with the mid sized recliners this one allows today for that
also comes with the storage compartments and aluminum trays that you can as you
can see you can line up on top of the arm and when you’re not using them you
can put it inside of the storage compartment the way also here’s the
built-in USB ports the ports are located over here so you can let’s say you want
to charge your 3d glasses want to make sure that next time you come in to watch
the movie you have them charged you can leave them there with the tray and there
is plenty of space for other stuff as well there this was my favorite chair
before I came down it’s very comfortable as well works very well for people
around six foot tall and again it allows you to get more
chairs in the room and when they’re purchasing and designing a home theater
you never have enough chairs and this is probably one of the benefits of this
chair it is specifically designed for that purpose
Naxos chair is a me I mean it has all the features of the sundance that was
the sundance in addition to those features first of all this chair is
wider so for bigger people also here’s a higher back the sundance has 41 and a
half inch high back this chair has close to 45 inch right back again council
exactly the same features and in addition to them we have adjustable
headrest its menu adjustable headrest so basically you just put a half way and it
stays like that and if you wanna you know bring it back you just pull again
it helps a lot in a situation where you have a screen which is very big and low
mounted very close to the ground when you recline you don’t want to look at
the ceiling you want you have to be in a proper viewing angle so adjustable
headrest is a great feature for that yes awesome comes with the tray again or
trace aluminum not plastic so that means helping feature that this this this is
an accessory this this tray is additional trade has feature that allows
you to handle it in several position also comes with an extender so it’s
actually when you mount it it’s going to be higher like this and it comes with
magnetic shelves when you adjust it in the position you like when you recline
so you can see what’s on your iPad or remote control it has a magnetic shell
that clips you can clip here on the bottom so it will support whatever
you’re planning to put it here I just don’t have it right here right now
the next share is indy that chair does not have adjustable headrest the hair
just already bent in slightly so it gives you a very nice comfortable feel
and good health support in the most common recline position we usually are
this chair comes with motorized two lumbar support so you can adjust your
lower back support to your liking there is a bladder built inside so like in the
luxury cars you can pump it and make it firmer or a little softer also comes
with a cup holder with the controls on the rim of the cup holder and also
controllable right hand side of the cup holder I personally don’t like that
feature unfortunately we have to use this cup holder because the supplier who
provided the bladder only the cup holder to me any lights on the chairs will
cause destruction and a lot of my personally customers I dealt with if
they wished that these features were not there alright now this I saw this online
and it wasn’t in love with it but now that I see it in person and I sat in it
it’s an amazing chair this is my favorite chair as well it’s it has
bucket seat that gives you this fourth car feel almost like a hammock effect
that’s surrounding your bottom effect so it gives you a very comfortable feel
also comes with motorized headrest so you can adjust your viewing angle to
your liking and you can compensate while you recline your chair or change your
reclining position you can always readjust your hand dress to compensate
for that and basically you will have ultimately perfect viewing angle it also
comes with the cup holder with very interesting features also it has all the
controls on the rim of the cup holder and it has a lock button this lock
button serves several purposes first of all when you adjust your position
reclining position and headrest position you can then work the controls out and
that will lock the control and basically you won’t be able
accidentally placing your hand on the holder start jerking the chair around
moving your reclining Man Court address this prevents from there also it turns
all the LEDs that shows where the buttons are because this has sensitive
buttons basically they feel the heat from your finger and that’s how they get
activated they turn them off no LED is no destruction we’re giving the movie
and when you want to readjust the chair you just press the lock button again and
you’ll be able to control the chair and move your reclining make or address as
you can see and the rest of the features again account similarly with the
aluminum tray with the pocket of Coral Springs wall away design but kick
already feature U is B port all these comes with the chair and again this is a
best-selling model because I guess people like this futuristic I don’t
think it’s futuristic I think it’s 2018 all day long right it comes with a cup
cooler not getting distracted by warm cups
I didn’t prep him either and he keeps referring to no distractions you could
tell he’s got some experience in the business and then we have the console we
have the console this console is universal it can be used with any of our
style groups usually when you want to build like a configuration with the
console in between you don’t use these arms and you have chair with the left
arm and here with the right arm and the console in between the great features of
this console is that this piece is reversible you can use it as a as a
place for your elbow there’s an armrest or you can reverse it if you want to see
and use use the tray the aluminum tray is built in again stainless steel cup
holder inserts two cup holders here and he has a storage below
so plenty of stores you can see you can pretty much put all the consoles and
different remote controls it comes with a power station with two USB ports and
two outlets a lot of everything we told you touchable LED lights which are the
lights come with it yes it also has a drawer so all the game controllers
everything there plans over and it’s pretty much double the size of the
regular arm so in many situations your customers may like that one more thing I
wanted to talk with Nitro Nick from a HHA he’s actually doing the video Nick
thank you I hope you doing a good job right now when you lock this out Nick
had a great point of kids playing in the theater alone and that power seat is not
gonna know what’s in it or under it or between it and it’s just gonna crush
those you know small hands and arms so when you lock that button out again it
gives you a second chance that somebody not touching these buttons when adults
are not supervising right so if you guys click below I put a link to the theater
seating on the tech reps comm and you can see all the different features all
the different colors all the different accessories cuz you have the wine glass
holder you have the tray separately you have a light separately the butt-kickers
the amplifiers I mean you you really do the whole thing right if you need for
running the camera today huge thank you for roaming for legacy I’m in here and
check this out front stage seating at the tech reps on any social media
platform WWE Tech reps com2 check out these seats by front stage right hope to
see you guys soon I’m gonna hop in this and take a nap and
Oscar because this is just a great seat the adjustable headrest on this is
amazing because again you could whatever angle you decide to rest that you get
that great shot of the movie to the visual of the screen right think of that
clip and these chairs have been here for
seven years right seven well all the chairs were here between seven to five
years these are demo models a lot of customers
went for these chairs and and you can see that our bonded leather has a little
bit for more of a matte finish with a slight crocodile pattern and the leather
has slight sheen both are durable both again that as I said been here for a
while and a lot of people went through this and they still perform just fine
guys contact me let me know what I can get yours in these seats soon all right
we’ll talk to you soon again Rob from the tech rep as you can see all our
chairs come with a pre bit of pre-installed kinetic rubber Isolators
this is for the butt kicker so they can decouple the chairs from the floor and
damp all the vibrations that come from the buff figures also we provide the
plastic cover that you can clip on it on the isolator this is if you want to
easily glide the chair on a carpet the butt kicker play that will accept that
you see pre-drilled holes it will accept it Reynolds BK for four butt kicker
which can be mounted right here we provide Bolton odds with the chair so
you can easily add that although we do we can do it for you or you can do it
for your customer yourself this is all comes with every single chair that we so
know me and Nick took a quick peek at this before just to see how this is
built and Nick was saying you could take these brackets and then that I mean this
is this is a trophy everything is mounted pretty disconnectable
serviceable and a huge motor all right again Roman thank you so much for
letting us look under the hood hey what’s going on guys I wanted to talk to
you about pricing and how those prices are met it’s because of the inventory
you guys know your businessmen when you buy something you buy smartly and Roman
is definitely buying smartly that’s why the great price is on the seats anything
you buy you should buy smartly I know Logitech is on sale this month you know
the price is gonna go up next month buy it smartly get it now look at this
inventory this eight rows like this and this in this warehouse which either on
the front of this or in the back of this a bumper up with a complete pan of how
many seats I mean it’s just incredible the amount of seats we’re in Jersey
so obviously you could pick them up the same day if you needed to all the colors
are here it’s overwhelming to be in this place in as many seats as he has so
again guys Rob at the tech reps come check us out WWE tag reps calm or at the
tech reps on all social media platforms hope to bring you guys down here to
check out these seats thanks again you

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