Why BATMAN V SUPERMAN May Be The Best Movie Ever! | Film Legends

Why BATMAN V SUPERMAN May Be The Best Movie Ever! | Film Legends

This is Jacob from the Wisecrack channel and welcome to Film legends where the most renowned films of our age Battle to be crowned the greatest of all time We’ll be analyzing an awarding points for every single thing a movie does right Many will compete but in the end only the strongest will have what it takes to become Film legends today’s Challenger Batman V Superman Bruce: There was a time above, a time before, there were perfect things Things fall falling is not only a recurring visual motif in the film But it’s also symbolic of Superman who some view as a fallen angel The night Bruce’s parents died the Waynes saw the Mark of Zorro so that explains Batman’s love for capes, masks and Trademarks ExCalibur, a retelling of the King Arthur myths, mirrors key plot points in the film heroic knight check mythical weapon pulled in stone check ,synchronized impaling oh yeah Holy Watchmen crossover Batman! in addition to Jeffrey Dean Morgan is Thomas Wayne Patrick Wilson and Carla Gugino voiced the president and kryptonian Ship’s computer respectively Instead of starting the film with Fresh ideas we get yet another Retelling of Batman’s origin story. Do we really need to go over all of this again? But if we must it’s nice they took inspiration from the comics Like other Zack Snyder films Batman V superman portrays a world of normies contending with a God in their midst Some revere superman as a christ-like defender of the weak Reporter: we on this planet have been looking for a savior While others particularly those in power fear the idea of a mighty immortal who’s above the law Bruce: what about an alien? if he wanted to he could burn the whole place down and there wouldnt be a damn thing we could do to stop him We see the climactic battle from man of steel from Bruce’s perspective a cool way to tie the universes together Zod’s ships cut through buildings like a hot knife through anything Senator Finch: The world has been so caught up with what superman can do That, no one has asked what he should do Senator Finch echos the famous sentiment that great power comes with great responsibility? Scientist: so we took a sample– per the credits, that’s Emmet Vale who in the comics created a kryptonite powered cyborg named Metallo to kill Superman Lex: The red capes are coming the red capes are coming a reference to Paul Revere’s midnight ride warning of the British invasion Lex: That should be upside down the painting is inspired by classic works that depicts Satan’s fall from Heaven Reflecting Lex’s view of superman as a fallen angel Lex: Devil’s don’t come from hell beneath us. No they come from the sky A nod to the comic book demise of Robin at the hands of the Joker Lex: for Prometheus, he ruined Zeus’s plan to destroy mankind and for that he was given a thunderbolt, CHOOOM! like prometheus who challenged the divinity of zeus on behalf of Mankind Lex wants to Destroy the perception of Superman’s holiness by making him kill Batman Lex: they need to see the fraud you are Clark: Clark Kent, Daily Planet Props to Lex’s decorator! these paintings by Cleon Peterson show shadowy figures slaughtering victims in white underscoring the film’s battle between light and Dark Forces Lex: God vs Man, Day vs Night Barry: You drop this thing! nobody cares about Clark Kent taking on the Batman good one DC. You knew this movie would be a juggernaut? Clark: When the Planet was founded it stood for something, Barry. Barry: So could you if it was 1938 1938 a call-out to Superman’s debut Barry: but it’s not 1938 in his nightmare Batman sees the sigil of one of the greatest comic book villains of all time Darkseid who hails from Planet apocalypse and commands winged Denizens called parademons. I smell a sequel Bruce wakes up and sees the flash and wait Why did he wake up again is my DVD skipping? this vision within a dream is Disorienting and that’s not the only time to film breaks from reality with no explanation Mr. Kent: (?) their horses were drowning. What? Bruce: he has the power to wipe out the entire human race and if we believe there’s even a 1% Chance that he is our enemy we have to take it as an absolute certainty Bruce performs an existential risk calculation when the consequence of an event is global annihilation even a small probability of events happening is unacceptable Bruce: and we have to destroy him anyone know if I can get this on a 92 buick? I’m asking for a friend Man: Not all was developed by private companies. Lois: What company Man: Lex Corp if Lex is so smart Why did you use traceable experimental bullets? this rookie mistake undercuts the perception we’re supposed to have of Lex’s genius Lex: You know the oldest lie in America senator? Lex: That power can be innocent this reflects English politician, Lord Acton’s observation that “power tends to corrupt an absolute power Corrupts absolutely” Batman actually shares the cynical view Bruce: how many good guys are left? Bruce: how many stayed that way the anti Superman protest echoes current tension over immigration issues around the world Similarly the courtroom bombing reminds us of real-world attacks such as the 2016 bombing in the brussels airport Hard to believe this sophisticated ship can be fooled by the old fake fingerprints gags, Computer: welcome, would you like to assume command? Lex: yes I would Comupter: very well TOO EASY Lex: You flew too close to close to the sun A reference to Icarus whose hubris led to his downfall Reporter: we are left to wonder if Superman was aware of the threat and did nothing Reporter: was he then complicit in the Capitol Tragedy? a common dilemma for supers if you don’t act everyone blames you for letting bad things happen But when you do act, you get dinged for collateral damage Batman glowing eyes are straight out of Batman the animated series Lex: Lola in slacks at their best Lex’s references help us believe He’s a genius But when they miss he just seems confused here Lex plays on the opening sentences of Nabokov’s Lolita Lex: Plain Lo, in the morning Lex: Lola in Slacks great book but it has nothing to do with what’s happening, and look around. It’s night time! Lex: God takes sides Lex: no man in the sky intervened when I was a boy to deliver me from Daddy fists and abombinations Lex: I figured out way back, God is all-powerful Lex: He cannot be all good Lex’s miserable childhood caused him to distrust the idea of a benevolent Saviour, another thing he and Batman have in common Batman: my parents taught me different lesson, they taught me the world only makes sense if you force them to. these guys should have been friends! they could have carpooled the therapy Nice of DC to include trailers for the next four franchises the footage of Cyborg’s birth Depicts a Mother Box DC’s version of an infinity stone The graffiti is latin for “who watches the watchmen” a Snyder nod to himself I suppose? Batman’s Excalibur invokes the spear of destiny which was used to pierce Jesus as he hung from the cross Batman: You were never a God Batman: You were never even a man Superman is vulnerable after all Snyder uses the same attack in 300 to challenge the power of the so called God, Zirkses Superman: You’re letting him– –Kill Martha Batman: Martha?! Why did you say that name?! Lois: It’s his mother’s name! so Batman throws away his entire ideology on the grounds that he and Superman both have mothers? Batman: I promise, Martha won’t die tonight This is a recurring issue throughout the film as the needs of the plot constantly take precedence over character Just look at Lex Luthor Superman: You Lost Lex: I Cannot let you win. He spent the last two hours railing against the absolute power of Gods Lex: if man won’t kill God only to create one of his own because well the movie needs a third Act Lex: the devil will do it Wonder Woman’s indestructible Lasso of truth! awesome! Superman’s Connection to Christ deepens when he sacrifices himself to ward off Doomsday Lex’s painting is now flipped showing demons descending from the heavens perhaps a harbinger of Darkseid’s imminent arrival The dirt levitating on Superman’s coffin hints that he will complete his Christ-like journey and return from the grave just in time for Justice league All right Batman V superman let’s see how you did those nods your comic roots and real-world events provide a decent context but just a few too many stumbles along the way to really get going so no bonus for you But at least we got the Sad Affleck meme out of it *Sound of Silece plays*
Hello Darkness my old friend, I’ve come to talk with you again off to the leaderboard Well the V doesn’t stand for victory today in fact you’re in last place for now But I suspect we’ll be seeing these caped competitors again before long That’s all for now, but be sure to tune in for our next challenger. It’ll be a good one. You better not LET IT GO The Batman V Superman didn’t do all that well But what went wrong? click here to watch Wisecracks video on what went wrong with Batman V superman it’s super interesting and you’re not going to want to miss it and if you Haven’t already make sure to click here to watch the other episodes of film legends. We’ll catch you next time

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  1. This just goes to show Zack Snyder did have a LOT of effort put into this movie, despite the focus being so disoriented.

  2. This is pritty dum Batman stopped killing Superman because Martha was going to be killed and Batman didn’t want Superman to feel wat he felt you see

  3. I think the video is really good!!! But I will point a narrative problem that wasn´t shown… Wonder woman… it doesn´t make sense that she didn´t interfere when superman and zod where fighting… come on she was there since WW1… she could help superman!!! but no… if she was introduced at the start of the movie, or at least at the end of the man of steell this shouldn´t be a problem… but it is clearly one…

  4. You have fallen for the same thing as everyone. Batman did not spare Supes because their moms share a name. It was because it humanised Superman in his eyes for the first time.

  5. I was actually really excited to see this title. I was expecting this to be a bad movie because of all the reviews, but I ended up thoroughly enjoying it. The points in this video were spot on!

  6. wow so much bull in this video…are you retarded ??? it was the worst movie of the year lol the only good thing about the movie was the sad affleck mem which came out of it…

  7. This Movie is fuckin awesome.. The greatest Superhero movie of all time!! You just gotta understand every subtle details..

  8. Ok….WTF…..what a title like that, I dont think I will do more than just give a thumbs down and skip it. I'm sure you dont think it even has a chance to be the best…but c'mon. no click bait, please…and that's exactly what this title is.

  9. This movie is going to end up being like watchmen,nobody likes it when it first comes out but Year’s down the road people will see the true genius of bvs

  10. I get why everyone hates the fact that “Martha” is about the dumbest part of that movie. It’s the nail in the coffin of a film that limped to a finish from 10 minutes in. However, if you can say you wouldn’t be rattled by someone you’re about to kill saying your dead mother’s name, which is basically the reason you became fucking Batman, it’s going to have some effect. So as dumb as it is, it’s not dumb for the reasons everyone is so quick to point out.

  11. I like how you added points for the other movie trailers, but they are just forcing the extended universe

  12. It's not they both had same mother's name, but at the face of eminent death, Superman BEG's to save his ADOPTED mother…
    That's humanity today's Generation early has, as they post on FB, Instagram of a horrific Accident, rather than helping the victim.

  13. That part that he wakes up in a dream within a dream is kind of like a reference to Inception

  14. sees video
    Me: "this has gotta be a joke." -_-
    plays video.
    video: "todays challenger, Batman v Superman!"
    clicks off the video and screams into a pillow

  15. I think Batman stop when Superman said Martha is because Martha was about to die while Superman and Batman were fighting and Batman wasn’t going to let Martha die because it was like Batman’s Martha was about to die and he wasn’t going to happen again

  16. sorry, but this movie was a complete failure and everyone who watched the trailer knrew how the movie played out:
    you know WHO is fighting, you know WHY they are fighting, you know HOW LONG they are fighting, you know against WHOM they turn and you know WHO will save their asses
    ~2min trailer to show a whole movie – the trailer should be called out as "spectacular" in terms of being a 100% spoiler. THATS impressive, not that pos move

  17. Needs better source material, mother boxes are not infinity gems at all, and martha is not the reason, its a trigger making batman see that superman is more human than he is

  18. Too bad you totally missed what the "Martha" scene actually means. Batman doesn't give up just because "they both have moms." He gives up because he realizes that Supes is a human that cares for his mom and even facing death he only wants to save her. Them having the same name isn't the point, it just helps snap Batman back to logic and realize what he's doing is wrong. As a great man said in another movie, "You don't have to be a detective to figure that out!" Yet people don't want to us logic when criticizing this movie.

  19. Though u kind off got it wrong lex luthor creates doomsday because he is a monster his main problem with superman is that he is treated like a god but who will treat a monster doomsday like a god nice video btw better than the fuckwit critics.

  20. Why the hell did you title the clip like this ?
    Just title it "Why Batman v Superman failed being the best movie ever"

  21. The "god is not all powerful" line is a reference to the idea of trilemma by the Greek philosopher Epicurus

  22. I first have to confess I didn't watch this video. I won't watch it, won't waste my time. Just read the title. It's either click bait or the stupidest opinion on a pile of stupid opinions that could stretch from earth to mars a million times. Calling this piece of crap the best movie ever isn't even worth trolling the OP. It's not the best action movie, not the best superhero move, not even the best batman movie. This is such a stupid title that I had to comment. The end.

  23. Avengers and winter Soldier were tied for the best super hero movies I've ever seen, until BvS.

    Batman v Superman is without a doubt the best super hero film that has been made to date. Then, they screwed up Justice League….Ugh!

  24. I disagree with the "narrative fail" on the Martha Scene.

    Batman was pushed to a blood rage and was willing to kill Superman and completely ignore his no-kill policy by believing that Superman wasn't a God and wasn't even a Man. But even as he was about to kill Superman, Superman's last words would've been concern for his mother.

    The brief moment when Lois clarifies that Martha is his mom he has to take a step back and re-evaluate himself. The man he believed to be a God was finally humanized and now that he can save his mother he feels some kind of redemption for being unable to save his own mom.

    …Was I seriously the only person who got that while I watched it for the first time??

    Has no one else ever been so mad that you see white only for the simplest of things to immediately calm you down and the world just comes into focus and make sense once more???

  25. Betwwen this trying to show me what is good about this movie and the other things showing why it was bad, I;m gad that I never saw this. The Lex actor seems good though.

  26. Yet another completely moronic take on “Marthagate”. I can’t believe so many people didn’t get the point. It wasn’t about the name, it’s what Martha represents. Dumbasses don’t get it, then go back to crap like Iron Man 3 or Thor The Dark World. Or a colouring book. That’s right up your intelligence level.

  27. Wow This Channel Contradicts itself
    it can understand the Deep meaning Snyder portrays but somehow Fails MIserably to understand the importance of Martha Scene.
    What a douche XDDDD

  28. Batman is not throwing away his ideology just because supermans mom has the same name it’s because knowing superman has people he cares about humanizes him in his eyes, and he decides not to kill superman because of this because he realizes that superman is not the bad guy but that he is.

  29. Not the best movie ever, but probably the most ‘’challenging’’ comic book movie ever made so far and it will pass the test of time, I’ll garanty that!

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  31. Maybe u covered this didn't watch the whole video but the batman origin in the beginning is a key part for the martha scene at the end

  32. Batman didn't stop killing superman because their mothers name's. It's because he realises that he is human . In Justice League batman even says "He was more human than I was".

  33. They don't stop because their mothers have the same name. Batman changes after he sees himself in Superman, being helpless while his mother is about to die. This is the bit that makes him change and he sees what he's doing wrong. At first Batman thought it was a trick and then had that realisation that he's doing something wrong.

  34. Film Theorist, I really like your channel but everything you said was wrong in this, isn't. I know them all and can discuss them with you if you're interested. Reply to this comment if you want to to talk.

  35. Why people hate it. It's the most intense,dark, and the most serious superhero movie ever made. A gem that is created by Zack Snyder. The best background music ever. Both the main lead were awesome at their places. Please don't give so much hate to this movie. Please watch it again. It's a masterpiece.

  36. Maybe we could talk about some actual great movies like The Godfather or Shawshank. Or we could get views by talking about an awful movie!

  37. Yeah I don't know why everyone hates Batman v Superman I thought it was the best movie ever I mean it wasn't better than a bunch of other movies I mean I was the best DC in film no that's actually Shazam it was the best Justice League related 1

  38. Zack Snyder’s DCEU movies are loaded with philosophy, genius character development, and bad reviews from insecure MCU fans

  39. This video was going too well and then it fails to comprehend the Martha moment (as well as to think some thinks aren’t in purpose).

  40. As i always say mavel movies are more enjoyable dc movies are better and more meaninful. However logan was best then man of steel

  41. HOW MANY GOOD GUYS ARE LEFT HOW MANY STAYED THAT WAY? I think that was a reference to harvey dent or jason todd

  42. A lot of people hate this movie but for me this is one of the best Superhero movie ever. It even beats a lot of MCU movies

  43. 7:27 no, in those moments Batman realized the similarities he had with the man who killed his parents. If he kills superman than who js he? A man plead for him to save his mother and yet hes gonna kill him? Especiallg if Batmans whole concept of his crusade is to make sure no one is ever hurt the way he is.

  44. Ffs
    Batman did not kill Supes because Lois said he has a Human Mother

    Humanizing him showing Batman is killing a Man who is trying to save his mother I thought at least you would know that

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