Why Do Jedis Lie? | What Movies Mean: Shorts

Why Do Jedis Lie? | What Movies Mean: Shorts

“How did my father die?” So why do Jedis lie? This has long been a vexing problem
in the Star Wars franchise… How come an, otherwise noble, character like
Obi-Wan Kenobi completely pulled the wool… …over Luke Skywalker’s eyes shortly after
they first met? Why did he lie when Luke asked
what happened to his father? “How did my father die?” “Darth Vader… betrayed and murdered your father!” To make things even worse:
When confronted it with it later on in the series… …our honorable Jedi knight just brushes
it aside! After all, he didn’t lie! He only told a
half-truth! Only true… from a certain point of view “A certain point of view!?” Even wise, old Yoda wasn’t too keen on letting
Luke know the truth. “Is Darth Vader my father?” “Rest I need…” But when assuming that movie characters stand
for aspects of our psyche… …things start to make a little more sense. Luke represents our core Self. That which is called “the Ego” in Freudian terms. So the lie that is being served to Luke is
nothing but a case of denial. In the story, Obi-Wan clearly felt Luke wasn’t
ready to face the truth. In the same way, we are sometimes not ready
to face some of the awful realities… … about ourselves that we buried deep inside. And it is no coincidence that Darth Vader
is a cloaked and masked figure… …that we cannot really see who is. Cloaks and masks are symbolic of what is concealed
from our inner perception. These may be things that lurk in our so-called preconscious… …, bordering the conscious and the unconscious. But we can also be unaware of some of
the positive things inside ourselves. Note that Obi-Wan also starts out as a cloaked figure. Obi-Wan stands for the inner strength and
wisdom that we didn’t realize we had. Tapping into this source of confidence enables
us to face our inner demons. But that same confidence would be shattered
were we to be faced with some ugly truth… … before we were ready for it. And that is how a wise character like that
can both be noble and deceitful… … at the same time. And that is why Jedis sometimes lie.

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  1. I still prefer the honest villain, BUT as an inner dialogue, it makes sense. Well done. I love things that make me think. I appreciate this so much.

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