Why do YOU look better in the mirror than in PHOTOS/PICTURES

Why do YOU look better in the mirror than in PHOTOS/PICTURES

yo this is another video request some of
you guys asked me: “hey Daniel why do I look better in the mirror than I look on
photos?”. You’re not alone, it happens to a lot of people. So that’s what we’re going
to talk about in this video. Let’s not waste any more time let’s get right into
it. Hey if this is
your first time here on my channel welcome! I’m Daniel consider
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any of the next videos. So do you really look better in the
mirror than in photos? Yes and there’s four reasons for it, so let’s start with
the first reason: 1. The mirror is a reflection so it’s not
showing the real you, it’s showing us a kind of reverse. Think about it, you see
yourself every day in the mirror when you brush your teeth, when you’re getting
ready for school or work or for whatever reason. So you get used to how you look like in
the mirror and over time you think that that is normal. But it’s not because it’s
not the real you. So when you look at yourself in a photo you see a flipped
version of yourself and immediately you don’t like it because it’s the opposite of
what you’re used to. So even though you think you look better in the mirror
you’re psychologically inclined to think so because you’re more used to it. That’s
not the only reason… The camera lens also plays a huge part
because you know they say that a photo never lies right? But actually they do.
Because it can never show you the real you. Not a hundred percent because of the lens, the angle and the light. Why do you think so many people out there take so
many selfies from different angles before ah they’re finally happy with it. But the biggest problem is the lens and the angle. Because of the distance and the
position between the camera and your face, the lens can distort certain
features of your face making them look larger or even smaller than they really
are. Alright let’s try (test) the lens. So now it’s far away, right? That’s where you
want it. If it comes close that just creates a lot of ugh (problems) it looks bad. Now it’s far away but I’m just gonna change the angle of the camera look big
forehead…oh my goodness… and then you go normal again the other thing is the light, right? So
right now I’m in Japan and we’re standing in front of the window.
Check it out, hey Japan! So the light is right behind the phone. That’s
where you want it. If it’s not, if it’s the other way around: Look at my face here, it’s cloudy and it’s still a little bit dark but still my face look
kinda okay, right? Now look when I change the angle… terrible just terrible… Now another and one of the biggest reasons why we look so different in
photos than in the mirror is because when we look at ourselves in the mirror
you move, right? You check yourself from different angles and so you keep on
moving. A picture is just a picture. It’s 2D it’s not 3D. We see ourselves in 3D so it looks very different. most experienced models know this and that is why they look good in most photos by just changing their pose a little
to get a better photo. All right we are the last one and the last reason is… YOU. Yes
you. Why? Well you know when you’re alone and you’re watching yourself in a mirror
you are calm, you’re relaxed, you’re chilled. So when you smile it looks very natural.
When you look certain ways and different angles, it looks natural. But then when
you are with other people and they want to take a photo and they say: “hey! Cheese!”
and you look and you see that camera… you’re like: “oh no, it’s a camera! I
already look bad in photos…” and then you don’t feel natural anymore. You don’t feel
confident anymore and it shows in your face and when they take that picture it’s
like …(pulls facial expressions). Or you try to smile like… (Daniel shows uncomfortable smile). You know what I’m talking about… You get that facial expressions… and the photos don’t look good because of you. So what can be done? Are you just stuck? Will you just always
look bad in photos? Well no, there’s a few tips and tricks and I made a whole
dedicated video for you that you can check out right here (Daniel points to the video) . Now if you liked
the video give me a thumbs up subscribe and I’ll see you in the next video the

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  1. Good video, Daniel! When I was a kid I hated getting my picture taken. Once I started learning my angles, the camera lost it’s power over my self confidence. That was a great feeling! Hope you’re continuing to do well!

  2. Hahahaha I thought I was kind of rare for being shy/awkward in photos, but you showed me that it's pretty common, and that anyone can improve that if they put the work. Thank you Daniel!

  3. love the video, I saw while adding Spanish subtitles for your Spanish speaker audience. very informative, I have great issues with my smile on camera hahaha

  4. great video! i have found that if you look at your flipped selfies more, you get used to seeing the real you and it doesn't come off as such a shock

  5. Dear Daniel, thank you for the video! I understand what you are saying because I have the same problem. The only thing is that when you want to show us the mistakes we do and don't get a good picture, you look gorgeous from every angle! I would like to ask Nikita, if she could make a video in the future, to teach us as a photographer about the best angles and light, for faces that are not so balanced and perfect like Daniel's. I am a woman and I am not a model, but I would like to improve my photos. 🙂

  6. @Daniel, video on how to gain weight/ put on lean muscle mass, please? Thank you so much and looking forward to hearing from you!❤

  7. Nice video Daniel!
    I guess the reason n°1 guests me often 😅🙈
    Btw: your nervous and awkward smiles are so hilarious 🤣🤣🤣…but still extremely relatable 😅👍🏿

  8. Very true daniel but its really bad that I'm looking in photos is totally different then a mirror … So I'm still confise that who is the real image of yours in photos or in a mirror..

  9. Mr daniel , i am a big fan , i had a question i have the same genetics as u but i have abit of fat on my face how to remove it ? what cream do u use for skin elasticity and making ur skin look more white and fresh ?

  10. How to play eyebrow to attract girl.please make the video.i hope you will make the video for me☺
    Supporter from Nepal ❤❤❤💝

  11. This is actually very informative. A good amount of research has gone into it and it shows. Every point you said was valid and made sense. Keep making such informative videos. you have earned s subscriber for yourself.

  12. but why u look the same in every video or selfie or even in bad light not like everyone they look different in every mirror or light?

  13. Loved the Last Point. Last time i took a Photo with my class but the camera had Low quality and i couldn't see my eyes and that smile tho….😂 We were 26 people so yep
    Some looked so good and some😂😂😂

  14. beleve me i took 10000 photos none of them looks good evryone told me i look terrible in photos and so fucking good in real life xd i guess 90000 other photos to go 🙂 i'll never lose hope . maybe if it doesn't work out i'll simply spend money and get certifications on this stuff ! i can't even have a good profile pick i tryed evrything . my confidence style game evrything is checked . in other hand photos are simply crashing my heart so much it feels like i'm the men who can't take photos even with full photoshop editting transforming my best picture with someone who is so skilled … it always looks like crap in other hand when i'm in videos it is a hole complete other story ! is it me or is it somepeople arn't created for photos

  15. I’m sitting out her well all the girls be hitting on you step it up step it up say you the hottest boy ive seen 😝😜😍🥰😋😜

  16. Hi .. when somebody look at you.. you watch the picture of mirror or camera or not of them ?

  17. Yes all points are perfectly correct bro… i experience this all… and even i felt i look better in mirror than photos… may be its 2d and 3d diff… or if 3rd person clicking me i always uncomfortable…. u r correct on light and camera lenses… gr8 catch all points thanks….. plz suggests, i wish to get married and looking girls for arrange marriage… but all girls reject me by photos…. but in real life my personality is superb 5.11 feet height slim tream… and funny thing is… whom who watch me in real life they didn't reject me… but i reject them… plz suggests what should i do…. because in india all girls need photo… not real you…

  18. you know what..i just became photogenic..now i look good in picture(mirrored selfy) and ugly af in real life

  19. There's a big chance that Quasimodo-looking creature that stares back at you in your selfies is actually how you really look like

  20. Ok so i cant notice my asymmetricity on mirrors but do in pictures. But the question is, do people notice it irl? Or feel how i feel about myself while i look into mirrors

  21. Wow so I’m basically lying to myself every time I look in the mirror. I think I’m just ugly like there is nothing I can do. 🙄

  22. I have a doubt…assume i am infornt of you…i see you through my eyes ok…now i use a dslr to take a picture of you….did we feel both the images are same…or do you think camera pictures and real image formed on eyes are completely different???

  23. Do you find that you look crooked whilst filming a video? Because I do and it’s driving me insane, can you flip a video?

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