Why Hollywood Won’t Cast David Schwimmer Anymore

Why Hollywood Won’t Cast David Schwimmer Anymore

David Schwimmer became a Hollywood sensation
while starring as the lovably nerdy paleontologist Ross Geller on the iconic sitcom Friends. Not only did the show allow him to stretch
his legs as both an actor and a director, but his newfound fame meant he could probably
have his pick of film and future TV opportunities after the series finale aired. Fast forward a decade and a half from that
fateful final episode, and Schwimmer’s career is but a shadow of what some of his co-stars
have accomplished since the days at Central Perk. “Life without me ah-sucks.” So, why hasn’t he enjoyed the same kind of
fame as some of his peers? Here are some theories as to why David Schwimmer’s
career seems to have sunk. The fame game While most celebrities would be thrilled about
the prospect of being an overnight A-lister, David Schwimmer wasn’t so keen on the limelight. “It made me want to hide under a baseball
cap and not be seen… I was trying to figure out: How do I be an
actor in this new world?” So, instead of pursuing the next step up the
ladder of screen success, Schwimmer opted to stay behind the camera for a while. He’s since directed two feature films called
Run Fatboy Run and Trust, and has directed episodes of Little Britain USA and Joey, Matt
LeBlanc’s failed Friends spin-off. And while he has made some choice small screen
cameos, he was very choosy about signing up for anything long-term. “I’m not totally ruling it out. It’s just, if I’m going to do another series,
it’s gotta be something fresh.” Little seen successes Even for those projects where Schwimmer has
decided to grace the big screen, his work went largely unnoticed. For example, his first post-Friends project,
2005’s Duane Hopwood, was a feature film that earned him decent marks for his grip on drama. But the indie flick saw only a limited release
after premiering at the Sundance Film Festival. His first silver screen success would arrive
with 2005’s Madagascar, and for that film series, he was heard and not seen. Returning to the stage Schwimmer further distanced himself from Hollywood
when he returned to his first love: the theatre. In 2005, he made his West End debut, starring
as a man who’s about to get married in Neil LaBute’s comedy Some Girl(s). He told The Independent: “I’m sure there will be people … saying
it’s just Ross up there. And I’ll take that … really hard actually.” Indeed, some reviewers felt that his performance
was so similar to his sitcom work that the role was pretty pointless. But Schwimmer still continued pursuing stage
work, making his Broadway debut in The Caine Mutiny Court-Martial in 2006, appearing in
Chicago’s Our Town in 2009, and going Off-Broadway with Detroit in 2012. Hit and miss AMC’s Feed the Beast marked Schwimmer’s first
starring role on television since Friends and featured him as Tommy Moran, an alcoholic
widower, father and restaurant owner who suddenly finds himself involved in a Bronx crime ring. And while the series might’ve allowed the
actor to show off his dramatic chops, it failed to warm over enough audiences to earn a second
season. But perhaps that show’s early cancellation
was a blessing in disguise, because his next role would really bring Schwimmer back into
the pop culture fold. In 2016, Schwimmer starred as infamous O.J.
Simpson attorney Robert Kardashian in FX’s star-studded American Crime Story: The People
vs. O.J. Simpson. Not only was his performance chillingly accurate
and entertaining, but he also earned a second Emmy nomination for the role. So, while Schwimmer’s still busy directing
play projects and starring in short films, there’s a good chance we haven’t seen the
last of his small screen magic just yet. Thanks for watching! Click the Nicki Swift icon to subscribe to
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  1. never answered the question on why hollywood wont cast him, seems to me he has been very active and gotten quite a few rolls, you're reaching on this one

  2. He is like the best actor today compared to some undeserving actors…he will always be best for me

  3. David Schwimmer is a theatre guy. Not just London/nyc theatre. He is a founding member of one of most innovative companies around, Looking Glass. He has an excellent career outside the Hollywood fame game.

  4. Ross looks lost.. he got millions so what's the big whoop.. all the friends cast peaked in friends already.. they can never shake friends off

  5. everyone knows that the friends cast are Oscar wood, but they and internet paved the way for actors turning to television

  6. David is such an awesome actor. I really admire him. There was absolutely no need of making this video.

  7. I always thought it was because he’s a douchebag. But now I’m wondering why I always thought that. I can’t remember one incident where he was shown being an asshole, yet I remember that at one time it was a pop culture joke…like douchebag as Ross and irl. I feel bad for just blindly forming an opinion based on fake hype. I do have to admit I was in my early 20’s when I formed that opinion … now I live by the saying “only believe half of what you see and none of what you hear”.

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  9. His role in band of brothers really impressed my own opinion of his acting abilities in a positive way, so much so that i realised that to never trust an officer for their map reading abilities is more than just a joke.

  10. He had a secondary part in HBO miniseries Band of Brothers. Really a strange turn of fortune from A list, to a portraying a martinet and aloof Cpt. Sobel scorned by all. Additionally the Sobel character was generally misrepresented in the TV series.

  11. He can't act………………..end of……he's awful……..but he was the best worst actor in friends….which says a lot about the rest of the cast.

  12. Love him in everything he does… Very talanted… Thank you, David for your intertaiment,,, I can watch u over and over again. 🌷

  13. A video called 'Why Hollywood Won't Cast David Schwimmer Anymore" has two things to fulfil.
    1) That Hollywood won't cast David Schwimmer anymore
    2) Why
    This video achieves neither.

  14. It's because he lied about Maj. Horton ordering him to cut the barbed wire fence and letting the cattle loose

  15. It was the fault of bad scripts he chose after such a successful sitcom the expectations were high
    He got Ross's badluck maybe.

  16. Nicki Swift is usually shady as hell but this is like… "Here's why Hollywood won't case David Schwimmer anymore via a list of Hollywood projects he's been cast in."

  17. Well it doesn’t seem like he’s hard up for work.
    He’s the kind of actor that doesn’t care wether or not he’s a big movie star.
    He just loves acting regardless if it’s the big screen or small screen or on stage.

    Hollywood is a seething cess pool anyway.

  18. He’s really in touch with his feminine side and flounces really well, too. He acts the same in any role he attempts. Ick.

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