Why Hollywood Won’t Cast Jessica Biel Anymore

Why Hollywood Won’t Cast Jessica Biel Anymore

When’s the last time you saw Jessica Biel
in a movie? Or rather when is the last time you saw a movie because Jessica Biel was the
star? Things have been relatively quiet for Mrs. Timberlake over the past few years. What
happened to her starring roles? SHE RELIES TOO MUCH ON JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE FOR
RELEVANCE A top talent agent explained that her choice
of husband is overshadowing her, telling Vulture, “Her claim to fame is marrying Justin Timberlake.”
Maybe if she married a nobody, or even just a B-lister, she’d have had more luck shining
alongside them. Hopefully she can escape JT’s shadow. SHE’S COMPETING WITH OSCAR WINNERS The Daily News’ insider source claims that
Biel missed out on some choice roles, including one in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight
Rises: “Jessica was fuming when she heard she didn’t get the role of Catwoman. She really
thought she was going to get it, but when Christopher Nolan handed the role to Hathaway,
she was devastated.” It wasn’t the only role Biel lost to the actress. Biel also auditioned
for the role of Fantine in Les Miserables, for which Hathaway won the Best Supporting
Actress Oscar. UNDERWHELMING BOX OFFICE NUMBERS None of Biel’s movie franchise attempts broke
$100 million: The A-Team, Total Recall, and Stealth fell short of $80 million. Her starring
role in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre netted $80 million. But Biel’s projects that did
break the $100 million mark, like I Now Pronounce You Chuck And Larry and Valentine’s Day, had
other noteworthy stars like the Kevin James, Adam Sandler, and Julia Roberts doing the
heavy lifting in terms of ticket sales. None of her other movies broke $60 million. Studio
heads probably think Biel can’t open a movie by herself. HER BIG BREAKOUT ROLE WAS BOTCHED In 2008, Biel starred in Nailed, playing a
woman who becomes a nymphomaniac after a clumsy workman gets a nail stuck in her head…and
she can’t afford insurance. The timely film tackled an important issue in an interesting
way, but studio financing problems shelved the project. It finally came out in 2015 as
Accidental Love, and it was put together so sloppily that director David O. Russell changed
the directorial byline on the film to “Stephen Greene.” Critics agree that the film could
have had potential if it wasn’t flatlined by financial problems. TOO…BEAUTIFUL? The New York Daily News quotes an agent, who
warned that Biel “…should get an acting coach and do an independent film or two that
would show off her talent, not her beauty. She may be a gorgeous girl, but her acting
ability just isn’t where it needs to be. She hasn’t proven that she’s a real actor.” If you ask Biel why she can’t get work, she
thinks she’s just too hot. She whined to Allure, “I’m in there with everybody else, fighting
for the good parts. Yes, The Illusionist has made a difference—but a huge, massive difference,
so I can pick and choose what I want? No. I just want an opportunity.” When the mag
asked if her beauty is holding her back, she replied, “It really is a problem. I have to
be blunt.” Weird, it doesn’t seem to be a problem for Jennifer Lawrence or Scarlett
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  1. Well…someone casted her for The Sinner, a hit show with great acting by Biel and that makes this vid 'fake news'!

  2. jennifer Lawrence is not even beautiful imo.. just kinda baby face… beautiful women is more like Jessica biel..with tone muscle but still maintain her feminine.

  3. in "The Sinner" she was really good.. donno what people are talking about her acting deficit – and to me, she is a far brighter person that J.T.

  4. Lets be honest, shes only famous for her body, with that new shit haircut she looks like that fucking thing out the film The Dark Crystal.

  5. Well this video is kinda awkward after she gave one of the most acclaimed performances of the year in The Sinner (which she also executive produced). Guess beauty wasn't holding her back now eh??

  6. and now she's an executive producer of a show she starred in the lead role of which has been incredibly successful and she's been nominated along side people like Jessica Lange And Nicole Kidman for Golden Globes and Critics Choice Awards

  7. She was just average, imo:) not no Sandra Bullock or Jennifer Lopez or Penelope Cruz and now she's riding on Justin's coattails cuz she loves the $$$$

  8. Those lips look too fake, she can't act in serious movies with lips like those… Only cheap comedies, serials… American pie 4 or 5 maybe

  9. I think her performance in The Sinner will prove she can act. Her character in The Sinner is certainly not sold to us on good looks.

  10. the comments that say JB, JL, and SJ are anything less than gorgeous are just ridiculous. I'd like to see a picture of each of the negative commenters so I can LMMFAO!

  11. She's with a dude in real life……the fantasizing is dead.
    IMO, I can't dream over a hot looking actress if I know in real life she's happily married/living with/hardcore heavy petting dating!
    So………..I don't. Sorry…..I'm wired that way.
    Guess that's why I've never cheated on, or with anyone taken, but I have been cheated on………, lots of times. =(
    Love Jessica, miss seeing her, but………nope.
    Anyone else have this thought process?
    Girls, do you still get hot looking at your fav famous dude if you know he's in bed with a new hottie from Hollywood?

  12. If all three of them are considered beautiful, then Hollywood must have quite low standards, because at least 50% of the girls on streets are dozen times prettier then any of these three… even without professional make up, personal trainers, etc.

  13. lol.
    calling jennifer lawrence or scarlett johansson as beautiful as jessica……funny!
    jennifer is last years news and scarlett is the year before that. both are SO over-rated it isnt funny.
    all scarlett can to is her little coquettish smile.
    i like jens stuff but it aint all that.

  14. I'm sure she's not hurting too much being due to her having married Justine Timberlake who' s net worth is in excess of 200 million dollars

  15. "Now I KNOW I DRINK TOO MUCH … I didn't know she was married to Justin Timberlake …hell, … I THOUGHT SHE WAS MARRIED TO …. ME !!!"

  16. Why Hollywood needs to watch the sinner !!!!
    Her claims to fame is TCM her acting was awsome and has showed it since ie total recall and Chuck n Larry she's talented and gorgues and now she's back ! Better than ever 😘👌🏼

  17. She just being honest and it is not weird. Her type of beauty transcends far beyond Jennifer Lawrence's rugged non appealing imo and Scarlett Johansson forced into a Marilyn Monroe wannabe.
    Elizabeth Taylor was turned down for 'Gone With The Wind' because the makers said her beauty would have been to much of a distraction to the part.

  18. These are such bull crap. Jessica Biel stars in The Sinner she's doing very well for herself. I love her mad Crush. Independent films are better than mainstream Hollywood anyway. Or should I say hellywood LMAO! It is run by demonics after all and those who don't see it or sleepy sleepy sleepy so go back to bed 😃

  19. All she has to do is walk around in those panties she used in Chuck and Larry and all the directors and producers will be contacting her

  20. This is shit. JB isnt over shadowing her. And she's a great actor. She would of been a great cat woman. They're tripping

  21. Not a problem for Jennifer Lawrence? I wouldn't even fuck her lol is she supposed to be hot? Why comparing to Jessica Biel?

  22. How do people find jennifer Lawrence beautiful ? Shes overrated. I dont think shes a good actress either. It was hard for me to watch the hunger games.

  23. Okay this is just my thoughts. I love her acting skills and when she was on Texas chainsaw I was hoping she was going to make it just because it's her. Im happy for her and justin but very damn jealous lol! I mean seriously she a is knock out!!!! Perfect in every way from looks and personality!!!! Good lord she's fuckn hottttt!!!!! And summer catch wow!!!! The swimming pool scene wow to the wow!!!! She's rich as it is she doesn't need justin for that. With that being said I say boooooo to Hollywood…. she would be my everything if I was in her life. Everyone has haters I see. I would treat her like the queen that she is💗💗💗

  24. This video is full of shit because she's been making movies since 2001 until 2 years ago. 👎

  25. She seemed so antagonistic to everyone in 7th Heaven and then she finally used the big brother hold in a scene, like an actual piece of white trash. I really don't want my kid watching her or Jerry Springer either.

  26. Well, we're back to watching 7th Heaven. Christians get annoyed a lot I guess, it's true. My ten year old is very happy he can keep watching.

  27. Ah, she’s got the boobs and belly, why they use that in a lot of movies, ah, it’s a matter of luck, I say, give her a dramatic role, have her play a lawyer or something, I think she would make a great female version of, “The Wolf if Wall Street”.

  28. she was never a star and doesn't have a body of work…. can't even believe this video is made about her, she's a d list celebrity like thousands of others

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