Why Hollywood Won’t Give Cable His Own Movie

If you stayed through the end-credits of 2016’s
Deadpool, you probably heard the lead character say this: “The sequel, we’re gonna have Cable.” No, he wasn’t talking about upgrading his
TV package. Cable is actually a longtime member of the
X-Men family of Marvel Comics, not to mention a constant foil for Deadpool. But with all that said, why hasn’t Cable gotten
his own solo film? Here’s a look at why Hollywood won’t give
Cable a movie. Name recognition Never say never, but it’s kind of hard to
imagine many people going out to see a movie about the Cable guy. And there’s some historical precedent to back
this up: “Well maybe I shouldn’t have come at all.,
JERK-OFF!” Outside of comics fans, few people have even
heard of him — and if they have, they probably don’t know much more than his name, which
isn’t really much to go on. Even if you didn’t know who Iron Man and the
Hulk were, you could probably guess who they are and what they do. Cable? That lack of name recognition is a huge hurdle,
especially given the multitude of other issues facing the character. Simple name, complicated origins Cable’s comics backstory sounds like an outtake
from Drunk History. “I wanna be called Snorkie.” Ready to get confused? Strap in: Cable is the son of Cyclops and
a woman named Madelyne Pryor, who is actually a demonic clone of Jean Grey. He suffers from a techno-organic virus, which
slowly replaced his body parts with liquid metal and organic steel, threatening to kill
him. His only hope is a time-traveling being made
of pure energy named Sister Askani, who appeared to Cyclops in a vision and took young Nathan
2,000 years into the future, believing him to be the savior destined to deliver them
from Apocalypse. “Because Apocalypse is behind the techno virus.” “Apocalypse, yeah right. Teamed up with the tooth fairy.” Lots of time-traveling shenanigans ensued,
and eventually he landed in the present day Marvel universe, older than his parents. And that’s just the backstory that led up
to his first appearance in 1990! Meanwhile, Peter Parker was bitten by a spider. Fashion don’t Cable is something of a joke in certain circles,
held up as an example of comic books’ convoluted plots and the excesses of character design
in the 1990s. Famed comic artist Alex Ross broke down everything
that’s unappealing about the character when he once said Cable “looked like they just
threw up everything on the character—the scars, the thing going on with his eye, the
arm, and what’s with all the guns?” Powerfully problematic Let’s talk about Cable’s powers. Like his mother, he’s telekinetic, able to
manipulate matter with his mind, and his cybernetic eye and arm give him enhanced vision and super
strength. Also? He can travel through time, he’s built like
a redwood tree and loves gigantic Nerf-style guns. In other words, he’s way too powerful, and
seems like he was designed by a committee of ten-year-old boys. Which isn’t far from wrong. “You created X-Force?” “Mmhmm” “So what is this drawing of?” “This the Spikeman.” “And what’s this right here?” “This is the camera on top of your head that
will record the wrongdoings of others.” “So Rob, have you had any formal art training?” “No.” Reruns One big question for adapting Cable to the
big screen: what the heck do you do with him? His big thing is time traveling to change
the past, but X-Men covered that already with Days of Future Past. And his archenemy, Apocalypse? Yeah, they did that one already too in 2016,
with X-Men: Apocalypse. If the filmmakers wanted to use Cable, they
had two golden opportunities to include him, but they chose not to, for reasons that are
probably becoming clear. Super sidekick It’s perfect that Cable is set to appear in
the forthcoming Deadpool sequel, because Deadpool’s satirical poke-fun-at-the-genre style is a
match made in heaven for Cable’s convoluted and over-serious backstory. “It’s a big house. It’s funny that I only ever see two of you. It’s almost like the studio couldn’t afford
another X Man.” In fact, there’s a long, rich history in the
comics exploring the comedy gold to be mined from the pairing. But now that he’s set to debut as Deadpool’s
sidekick, it seems pretty unlikely that he’ll actually graduate to his own movie. But hey, stranger things have happened. Major risk, small reward Here’s the bottom line: when a character needs
so much reimagining to be viable on-screen, it’s a major problem. Look no further than fan-favorite Galactus
for proof. In the comics, he’s a purple-suited giant
who eats planets for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. But the filmmakers behind 2007’s Fantastic
Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer opted to portray Galactus as a giant fart cloud in space. Comic fans hated it, and films fans hated
it too, because…really. A cloud? Even Parallax thinks that’s stupid. At least that was a fart cloud with a face. Fox faces the same issue with Cable: if they
remain true to what made the character popular in the comics, film fans will likely just
be confused, and if they don’t, comic fans will be disappointed. It’s a lose-lose scenario, which means that
for now, the big screen will continue to suffer from an ongoing Cable outage. Thanks for watching! Subscribe to our YouTube channel to watch
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