Why the Dosa is Amazing : Kenny Sebastian : Stand Up Comedy

Why the Dosa is Amazing : Kenny Sebastian : Stand Up Comedy

I could cook before
but now I can cook a lot more. Okay. And… Through this process of self-discovery. I found a very fundamental element of life. Which teaches us that the most amazing things
in the world are simple. and not complex. Obviously, I’m talking about the ‘dosa’. How many of you guys like the ‘dosa’? Yeah! Hell, yeah! There’s nobody who doesn’t like a ‘dosa’. If you find someone who doesn’t like a ‘dosa’, please kill them. They might be a future dictator. Okay? ‘Dosas’ are amazing. It’s a peace loving food. It is beautiful. It is pristine. Like, if you see a ‘dosa’ counter, like a free ‘dosa’ counter in a wedding. It’s just like the lowest form
of humanity there. Okay? Like sorry. The lowest form of humanity
is the free ‘chaat’ counter. ‘Coz you don’t even want ‘chaat’
but you’re like, “It’s free!” One ‘paani puri’ and one ‘sev purr’. Just put it in my mouth. You know. But, the ‘dosa’ counter,
you just see everybody patiently waiting. That’s my ‘dosa’. Oh, this is not my ‘dosa’.
Oh, this is your ‘dosa’. Okay, you have your ‘dosa’. I’ll have mine hot. I’ll have mine hot. It’s just peace… it’s peaceful. Have you ever seen a bunch of rowdies
fighting with ‘dosas’ in their hands? No. No. A bunch of rowdies will fight, ‘Hey…’ You suddenly throw ‘dosas’ at them, they’ll be like, ‘Hey, this is nice and crispy.’ Give me the red chutney, bro. I love red chutney. That white one I don’t like so much. It’s a peace… It’s… That’s why it’s… It’s what brought about peace
in south India. It’s the south Indian weed. It is. Yes. I will prove it. All you north Indian guys, you go on a trip somewhere in the north
with your friends. Your one south Indian friend, in four days is going to crack. And one day will be like,
I need to have some ‘dosa’ right now. It’s been four days. Give me ‘dosa’! Scary withdrawal symptoms. Yeah. And a ‘dosa’ is so amazingly simple. It’s so nice. And there’s a food that gets too much credit. Which is the biryani! Okay? How many people like the biryani? Yeah. It’s nice. It’s nice. It’s not a crime to like biryani. But, it’s not that great also. Okay. Oh. Nobody has completed reading
a full recipe of biryani. Yeah. No one. You start at number 1. It’s like… okay, you take the rice
and soak it in water. Hey, I can do this. Step 5. Face the pot to the sun’s galaxy and
Saturn gamma rays will come and cook it. Hey, what is this? Andre biryani.
Please, one family pack. Yeah. No one finishes that recipe. Nobody. Yeah. ‘Dosa’ is so simple. It has two ingredients. ‘Urad dal’ (split black gram) and love. Yeah. You take an ‘urad dal’ packet
and stare at it. With love. It turns into ‘dosa’ batter. How many of you guys can’t cook? Give me a cheer. Yeah. If I give you ‘dosa’ batter
and you dropped it by mistake on a stove, that’s ‘dosa’, bro. That’s ‘dosa’. The universe… puts it’s atmospheric pressure
and makes it flat. The design of the ‘dosa’ is so pristine, that I could put a ‘dosa’
in an Apple commercial and you won’t know the difference. The brand new plain ‘dosa’. Comes in 16GB ‘dosa’, masala ‘dosa’, Mysore ‘dosa’. Something for everybody. I want to eat a ‘dosa’ right now. The ‘dosa’ is the only thing… Like… ‘dosa’s are ironically also made
by the dirtiest people. No offense. No offense. But, if you go outside to a restaurant it’s almost like they’re playing a game. Like the owner of the restaurant… Okay, who hasn’t taken a bath
since two weeks? Okay, you come. No. No.
You don’t need to wear a shirt. It’s fine. There’s this guy in every ‘dosa’ shop
not wearing a shirt, just a ‘mundu’ cloth and he’s like… He puts water. He takes the freaking broom and he wipes the stove. You’re still like,
“I don’t care. I want the ‘dosa’.” That’s my ‘dosa’. Give it to me… in my mouth… I want it! ‘Dosa’ is the only food that you could put the word
‘plain’ in front of it and it’s still appetizing. ‘Plain’ biryani?
No, thank you. Plain ‘dosa’?
Yes, please!

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  1. Only food I like is Idly (and plain DOSA)
    Only food I hate is Biryani.
    I am a North Indian. 4th day I am dying for my idly and Dosa.

  2. Can't even imagine how he so easily made people laugh on dosa! Refreshing, subtle and he is on another level. I am watching this again and again πŸ™‚
    P.S- Don't undermine biryani kenny!

  3. I RELATEEE. I need to eat to eat dosa atleast, atleast once a week, orelse it's a threat to my existence.

  4. South Indian.keralite. Dosha fan 😍I crave. It. Just after 3 or 4 days without it….the aroma is soo yum

  5. I am South Indian but I liked Masala dosa and other extended forms of dosa only. But after watching this, dosa is my favourite.

  6. everytime i watch this video while eating dosa makes dosa even more tasty and desirable and adorable and amazing

  7. Keeeeeennnnnn😍u're simply amazinggggg i'm addicted to ur Videos amd yeah i too LoVe the red chuttney more nd i loveeeeeee Dosaaaaa😍πŸ”₯❀️

  8. I am dosa lover from Delhi…there is a shop in Mukharjee nagar Meeruth wale they make the best onion masala dosa in delhi every dosa lover in delhi just visit there specially in winter its damm tasty

  9. Was looking for a dosa batter recipe and came across this video. Now I am staring at urad dal with love and waiting for it to turn into batter πŸ˜‚

  10. My whole life is lie until I heard that it is pronounced as β€˜ Dosa

    (we North Indians pronounce it as β€˜ DOW sa β€˜ 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣

  11. I am not south indian, but I love Dosa and Idli. Like I have to eat either Idli or dosa atleast once in a day..

  12. "Dosa is what you eat when you don't have the skills to make idli."

    – This comment is brought to you by the Idli gang.

  13. U aint seen nuthing yet pal, untill uve had saravana bhavan dosai……butter..mushroom..pannerr…cauliflower…rava…n list is endless.

  14. No one can make a bad dosa. Recently I was on a trip to western gujarat and I had dosa straight for 4 days both lunch and dinner…. and I am gujju.

  15. Spoken like a typical South Indian … Ok I love dosa but biryani is love… I loved you before seeing this video today…

  16. Hey, u have lost it….

    Biryani is love….. It is amazing….. It's an emotion….. And it can be served plain…… U won't get it….

    U r wrong…. I am offended….. Biryani is LOVE……

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