Wicken (2019) | Horror Short Film (Award-Winning)

Wicken (2019) | Horror Short Film (Award-Winning)

Already watched that one. Okay, what about the new season? Yeah Ayesha. Even the newest season. Okay fine. Honestly I don’t know why I even ask you for
recommendations anymore. Ugh, the baby won’t stop crying. Did you talk to Ethan, by the way? No, I haven’t spoken to Ethan all day. I tried calling him but he didn’t answer. Oh. Is everything okay? No no, he’s just busy. He had this big meeting today. So I’ll just try calling him again in the
morning. Ah speaking of the devil. He’s calling. Can you call me back in ten? Okay sweetie. Okay bye. Hey. Sorry to call you so late. It’s okay I’ve only been waiting for like
four hours. So you missed me then? Huh. Don’t flatter yourself. No, don’t worry about it. I just watched some random Youtube videos
until I got super bored. And then I had Ayesha keeping me company until
you called. Well, that’s what sisters are for right? Uh-huh. How did your meeting go? Um. Yeah. It went well. And how’s the weather in London? Cold. Is there someone in there with you? What? The curtain moved. Um. Must be the wind. Okay. You’re right. I do miss you. Hey. I need to show you something. What? I’m sending it to you right now. Just take a look. What is this? I’m sorry. I’m so sorry Nora. I had no choice. What’s going on? Someone sent it to me. Now I’m sending it to you. You have to pass it on to someone you love. It has to be someone you love. Ethan, you’re scaring me. She was betrayed by her own family. A long time ago. They did something terrible to her. She will hurt you. I’ve always loved you. And I know you’re not gonna forgive me. But all you have to do is pass it on to someone
you love before she hu- Ethan? Hello? Ethan? Damnit. Hey, I just calling to ask you about – Nora, what’s going on? Ayesha. Help me. Please. Baby, what’s wrong? What did you just send me? I’m sorry. Pass it on.

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  1. wooooow, passing that to your sister and her baby, your niece or nephew? that's fucked up. whatever happened to people protecting their loved ones with their lives, if necessary? especially….a baby!! i would die before i passed that along to my sister and niece or nephew. great film!! interesting premise and scary!

  2. Loved it! The art work was amazing too!. Makes me wanna know more about Wicken. I'd definitely watch that film too.

  3. How is it that spirits, ghouls, demons, etc., always know just where to pop-up behind you and into the viewfinder of a camera?! It's so perplexing!!

  4. Hashmic House Films, this was very very good deserves a full-length feature. I just never understood what hiding under the sheets is going to do to protect someone from something trying to harm them.

  5. Oh, in some countries it's easy – just sent "it" to your "Beloved National Leader". "Everybody Loves the Leader / I'm the Leader / So Everybody Love Me" (paraphrasing an old song by Doris Day).

  6. A demon zombie just nearly broke your fingers off, and is after you to kill you, and you're going to run to your bed and jump under the covers? ๐Ÿ‘พ๐Ÿ›Œ๐Ÿ‘พ

  7. The problem is, if you pass it to someone you โ€œlove,โ€ itโ€™s proof positive that you donโ€™t actually love them, which means your doomed anyway according to the logic of the film.

  8. great concept and beautifully shot. soundtrack was epic too – it's a shame she didn't tell her own sister that it had to be passed on to someone she loved… at least her boyfriend had that courtesy!

  9. This had the potential to be so much better. It's such an easy narrative to get creative with. It feels like they started it off and then said, oh, that's good enough…

  10. what if you pass it on to someone you love who is suffering and wants euthanasia, that'll be a dead end for the curse won't it?

  11. Nothing says โ€œI love youโ€ more than sending someone a cursed video. Basically, The Ring all over again – complete with girl in long white nightgown.

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