Will Virtual Reality Movies Supplant the Theatrical Experience? With A.O. Scott

Will Virtual Reality Movies Supplant the Theatrical Experience? With A.O. Scott

The question is kind of how virtual reality
will interact with or supplant or challenge the theatrical experience because that has
proven very durable. The end of movie going is something that’s been predicted since the
first television set rolled off the assembly line pretty much and has accelerated in recent
years. This idea well people are just going to stop going to movies. There is going to
be something at home that’s going to be so great, maybe it will be goggles or maybe it
will be a big TV that no one is ever going to leave the house and going to the movies
again, and yet people do. And I think people still will. And if some enterprising producers
or filmmakers or technology companies can figure out how to integrate the VR experience
into that that could be really interesting. It could also be really strange. I was at
a screening of the virtual reality stuff for the Times Magazine and there were a bunch
of people sitting in rows of chairs and they were all going like this with their little
goggles on. It was really weird. Instead of all looking at the screen they were all kind
of kind of together in a theater but in their own little enclosed bubbles. One thing that’s true about movies or about
motion pictures let’s say is just how constant and how rapid the technological change has
been. I mean the movies have been a different thing every single decade of their existence
and it’s remarkable to look at how fast they moved from the first Edison and Lumiere shorts
to the large scale silent features by Griffith and Chaplin and von Stroheim and the others.
And then there’s sound; then there’s Hollywood; then there’s color; then there’s television;
then there’s wide screen; then there’s 3-D; then there’s digital. I mean it happens really,
really quickly and at any point it’s hard to predict what it’s going to look like. And
I think it’s a matter of the artists figuring out what to do with it. I mean there’s this
new technology and the one thing that I’m sure of is that the early experiments with
it that look kind of so cool and so futuristic now will, a few years from now, look so bizarre
and antiquated and strange.

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  1. Q: How do you make holy water?  1. pour tap water into a pot. 2. BOIL THE HELL OUT OF IT!! LOL 🙂

  2. different perspectives will retain their utility, unless you have a brain that can interpret all perspectives at once but by then you will have transcended into the fourth dimension lol

  3. I wonder if VR would aid in the creation of a "choose your own adventure" genre of film. Where a theater would screen say 4 or 5 different versions of the same film but containing different character choices.

  4. Theaters are still going because they get exclusive content. Once a movie is released and is available in the home at the same time is when then there will be a major decline. Although this is slowly happening now with Netflix produced movies and content. Whenever I go to a movie that isn't on opening night of an expected big block buster the one selling the tickets is also my doorman and concession attendant.

  5. When making a movie, directors usually want the viewers to be focused on specific things, so that they can gain the full emotion of the movie. If you're looking all over the place, then you might not see a tear rolling down the main character's face. This would cause all of the emotion to leave, and you wouldn't feel the story. Although, VR would be amazing for documentaries about science, nature, travel, and other things like this. Imagine not only seeing on a flat screen what's going on in a particle accelerator, but actually being in a particle accelerator. The learning capabilities would be greatly increased.

  6. What happens when you can go to any mountaintop ,any beach , any classroom, any event from your room in your own house. It's going to disrupt far more than the movie industry.

  7. People don't like waiting … if universal release was the norm, cinemas would probably already be dead. The fact is, if you want to see a movie as soon as possible, you still have to go to the cinema – thus cinemas exist.

  8. I think the main reason people are still going to the movies is that studios refuse to make movies available outside theaters on release. You either go to the theater or wait six months and get in on bluray or piratebay (if you want decent quality). So this isn't really a case of the technology or the medium being durable, it's a question of how long until the theater companies and studios allow the new technology a fair chance.

  9. The only reason movie theaters still exist is because they have timed exclusivity. If movies released at the same time as they went on dvd/blueray or Netflix, movie theaters would instantly go out of business.

  10. The death of movies is coming, their are TVs with picture quality beyond your eye to see. So which would you rather a comfy seat in your safe, any food you want, or no weird smells house? Or the Body oder filled stuffy room. I would pick the house. Good VR will just swiften its demise. Theaters make sure movies come to them first, once that is gone they will close up in a decade. The tech is just becoming easy to purchase. On top the fact buying digital movies are dirt cheap compared to the price of tickets, plus you invite your friends over and you pay a few bucks and everyone is watching it. More money left over for food, drinks, or even to save. Also, trims out any weird feelings when you have a friend who simple can't afford to go b/c of life. I love theaters, but like the payphone, I think we will see them go the way of the dinosaur, unless they somehow come out with something more innovative then super(actually just causing future accumulated deafening) surround sound.

  11. Virtual Reality Movies is like playing SAO in another word VRMMORPG in AKA PLAYING GAME so no, it like comparing to playing game vs watching Anime and no our Otaku community like to play game, watch anime, read manga and light novel… so in another work NOPE we do BOTH

  12. This channel is going to hell with this kind of videos where it goes nowhere and the guy talking have no clue.
    2:22 "the one thing im sure is that the early experiments with it would look bizarre and anticuad and strange in a few years after".

    Thanks capitan obvious.

  13. Holodeck
    Seriously can the inventor of the holodeck please read this comment and start research how to make that shit a reality?

  14. The reason people go to the movies is to get out and do something with friends. How many times have you gone to the cineplex just because your friends are going? And you only decide which movie to see when you get there.
    The idea of putting on a helmet to simulate being in a theatre watching a movie is ridiculous. It's a waste of the technology and adds nothing to the experience. A big screen TV would be cheaper. VR movies will never become anything special. They will end up being used for corporate trade shows, promotions, travelogs and extreme sports. The thing that will make VR a phenomenon is interactivity. There I said it.

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