Wizard Show: 3pisod3 Thr33

Wizard Show: 3pisod3 Thr33

Master I’d like to ask you a few questions About being human What are you talking about. You’re also human But I dont look like any human I’ve ever seen. and I dont even pee! Master, how often do you pee? I urinate twice a week. Any more than that and I call a doctor Well, how often do you sleep? Well, if no ones looking at me directly its safe to assume that im sleeping Have you ever gotten a sunburn? THE SUN CAN DO WHAT? Master. What is- (Both): Love? Yeah dont think I wasn’t ready for that one you ham sandwich. Call me when you get a clue. *music*

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  1. how dare you call him,, a ham sandwich?? you have committed a cardinal sin and your punishment is being thrown to the Moth

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