WOLF WARRIOR 2 Trailer (2017) Action Movie

WOLF WARRIOR 2 Trailer (2017) Action Movie

LEGENDA: JC NAZÁRIO PRODUÇÕES Você sabe… Dizem que violência não resolve nada. mas claro que é divertido. Veja isso! Eu adoro essas coisas. Tem alguém em casa? Eu vim aqui resgatar vocês. Eu tenho 18 AK-47. 30 lança-granadas M79. Suficiente para armar um exército. Por que você acha que vai nos resgatar? LOBO GUERREIRO. Isso é um brinquedo de um homem de verdade! Como Os Lobos Guerreiros lutam em uma batalha dessa? Certo! Mexam-se, rapazes! Tem muito lobo na África? Fogo! LOBO GUERREIRO LOBO GUERREIRO 2

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  1. This movie 🎥 brought some good impact on China’s around the world 🌎….seeing Chinese,Africans Americans..we all are one people’s just the color different.

  2. Did this movie miss the last 80 years of history? It could have been written by Mao Zedong – the evil twat responsible for killing more Chinese than the Japanese killed in all of the 1930s and 40s. Absolute shitty Xi Jin Ping Pong nonsense.

  3. And then these primitive animals come to the US, cry for "rights" and then start committing crimes and disrespect the law enforcement!

  4. I was on Google seeing the 100 biggest box office in the history of the cinema and this film with a different name was there (61 * position) and did not appear the distributor of the movie because it is not a Hollywood movie – this is the only non hollywoodian movie who managed to bill just over 870 million at the box office. The only foreign film on the list. I found it interesting.

  5. Its a nice action movie doesn't matter what propaganda, it's just a good change from the usual "Murican" one
    I know Hollywood makes better movies, it's the top of the world industry, still, every movie is loaded with their ideology and propaganda. Difference is they are better at hiding it

  6. Waiting for Wolf Warrior 3, where the brave Chinese troops battle evil unarmed Tibetans and run protesters in Beijing over with tanks. It's gonna be sick, bro

  7. Difference between Amercian and chinese movies: American directors know how to make a good movie. chinese don't. In addition, the world wants to see an american movie but the world does not give a shit about a chinese one. Deny if you want but thats the truth. Chinese movies are made to only please chinese, therefore its just a propaganda. nothing more. If you claim that Captain America is a propaganda, why did you watch it? Because its a fun MOVIE. This chinese piece of shit propaganda is made to only please chinese. That's a propaganda not a movie.

  8. Why are indians getting so butthurt LMFAO, haven't you noticed by now, you don't compete with China on any level. At least people I know here in the West are avid fans of Chinese cinema but who the fuck ever talks about indian cinema? What a fucking joke. Name me one indian international star known in the West? exactly……so stfu. All you movies are just nonsense anyways, you constantly have these indians with really light skin? LMFAO is that a joke??????? ya'll dark as shit.

  9. Look, all countries have feel-good films about themselves. For us Brits, it's films like Zulu and James Bond. In the US, they have a superhero literally called Captain America. But when China does it it's propaganda. Go figure.

  10. This may be propaganda, but it's not much different than other patriotic movies from literally any other country in the world…
    Also, difference between the Chinese film industry and Indian is that they're not afraid to hire black people. Indians are hella dark ourselves, but we won't hire a black person without them being portrayed as evil or a stereotype. Pretty fucked.

  11. If they were really wolf warriors they would allow american films into their cinemas without any filtering and the best films win. That's real wolf warrior mentality. Right now they are just totalitarian coward warriors.

  12. The hero of the film’s iron will and ferocious tenacity was forged in the heart of a sweat-drenched Nike Factory. At the age of 3, he was Nike’s top shoe-string Weaver. By 10, he moonlighted as one of China’s top McDonalds toy makers, earning him the Child of the People awards, the communist party’s top reward for youthful heroes.

  13. https://youtu.be/kFvbSoveOLE

    The full film link is always on YouTube. Please go watch it by yourself before judging it!

  14. Wolf Warrior 2 is #65 of all time at the box office worldwide, beating Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Thor Ragnarok, Wonder Woman, several Spider-mans, etc. It’s the only foreign film in the top 100. So, yes, this is one of the best films based on box office receipts.
    Amazed but not surprised how much bigotry is piled on in the negative comments here, especially from pea-brains who admit they haven’t even seen this movie! It isn't propaganda when a film made by and for Chinese portrays Chinese as the good guys (who also happen to make up the major portion of the human race).
    Sadly, films from Hollywood may portray the Chinese as a minority share of people or not at all, even in "global" or recent sci-fi action blockbusters, and therefore creates bias in Americans who believe the world is supposed to be white, blacks are evil, and Asians are non-existent.

  15. I like it how the American mercenary in the first film is a British actor and the European mercenary in this film is an American actor.

  16. Wolf warrior 2 was filmed in And on the Continent of Africa! China is definitely following in White Hollywood Racism! Good job China for being so racist in your films, genre, politics, securities oppression, and your treatment of Africans in their country and Terrible treatment of Africans in yours! China seems to idolize America's prejudice and racist past and present!

  17. This type of film could never be made in America in the currant political climate. The hero fights and kills many African pirates and revolutionists, something that would be viewed and bigoted and racist on this side of the world.

    This film made a billion, and for good reason. Soon China will be the go to for gritty, hard as nails films that don’t kill two craps about “woke” opinions.

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