Women Empowerment Short Film – Respect Her Expertise (Every GIRL MUST WATCH)

Women Empowerment Short Film – Respect Her Expertise (Every GIRL MUST WATCH)

You, here! I’m joining martial arts. Okay. Got engaged? Or still seeing guys? No, I.. You too were into some Karate thing, right? Is it still on or you quit? You remember! I’m surprised. Ofcourse. Who gives up a CA’s job for such a thing?! And that too, doing all these being a girl.. It’s all about Passion. Good Morning Mam. New Admission. You..! Black Belt and Coach. When someone bows it means Respect. Coach

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  1. Watch episode 2 'Circle of life' Every ‪#‎women‬ wants her daughter to be secured in a healthy environment !
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  2. Expanding the thought about women empowerment in our society within a minute is so tough , i think this video will break tat toughness

  3. Latest Short Film on WOMEN HEALTH – Spoiled Daughter
    Watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xfe6wIWr2t8

  4. real women empowement is in being independent …women should now get rid of house wife stuff..an independent women can solver her problems by herself ….if women are not independent then every time just staying at home and doing cooking all the time makes them.furstrated they throw there furstration on husband..every educated women grows up and get married what about the hardwork u did from childhood till now..are u wasting your parents money…be independent..women should not need and man for help they should know how to.solve a situation..independent women is a better mom also

  5. man are also human beings created by allah..women are also created by allah..be equal with mwn qnd women..dont be scared of man power ..women power is higher then anything else

  6. https://youtu.be/UpbnCAzqxkg
    latest short film on women empowerment.do watch and give your reviews.Dont forget to like,share and subscribe

  7. NYC model Tonya Pittman Sharma interviews inspiring woman making a difference in people lives, check out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xRJLAB7pcDw

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  10. Wonderful! A woman will never be equal to man, and why should she be, a man can never equal her. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/woman-never-equal-man-vineet-kapoor

  11. i m not writing dis becoz i m a girl but becoz its an excellent piece of work… keep on d great work…. v really need quality content like dis coming up to create social awareness whch i thnk is secondary reason bt primarily for self analysis whch cn help create a better wrld…. 🙂 love it….

  12. A budding writer about women's rights, please read it and leave a comment on the blog if you like


  13. A short film "KAVITA"
    link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j-UUaPp2WPw&index=4&list=PLSqDhFdPsq3FHWpIJn3hdK_vVxlF-CIBf

  14. ohh.. there is something in this video,i jst cant but watch it everyday..😘it makes me to beleive in my power..it makes me to feel good about myself..to respect myself..awesome video.already subscribed.😎😊😊😘😘😘

  15. "yesss… she can…"😎😎 "in the sky so high.. i could fly.. i could fly.. like a bird… in the sky…"😘😘😘

  16. kisiko kamjor maat soncho.. ham saab human hai.. ri8? then.. ham saabko wo saab ata hai jo ek human ko ata hai..😎😎😎

  17. "in the sky..🕊so high.. 🕊i could fly.. 🕊i could fly..🕊like a bird.. 🕊in the sky.."🕊 wow i think the music itself is so charming n inspiring..! oww i love it..😘i wanna watch it till the last day of my life..❤♥❤♥❤

  18. in the sky..so high i could fly..like a bird..🕊🕊🕊yess we need freedom to live our life fully.we want to fly on our own rythm! not only woman,we,all the human beings should have our own freedom to live our life fully..n everyone should respect others' independence..😎 then it would b great..😎😎😎

  19. everyone should have his/her own freedom to live his/her life fully… n everyone should respect other's independence.. then it would b great for all of us..😎😊😊😎

  20. Man create environment for women to say women power. If really powerfull then plz go to the border and fight with enemy of our country. Hey how many women soldier die for their country zero plz take equall share in it then say equality.

  21. We always say indian cricket team not male indian cricket team but for women team we say female indian cricket team this is equality. So bullshit nari shakti

  22. I am too a black belt and can definitely relate it with mine life..
    Yeah it'all about passion…
    I just believe in 1 thing..
    If something has to happen it
    will happen today, so nail
    every move.

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  24. My misses is about the only woman among very few who actually respects both gender and gets the fact that what is already being protested about is just something more for attention seeking bitches like you to make a fuss over…

    What in the actual fuck do you think is wrong with society?


    The rest of you retards should realise by now you have rights already and are perfered for all sectors of jobs. Yet you never hear of a man on television, radio, newpapers or filing complaints to charitys nor protesting against women. But you fuckers think its okay to have massive egos?

  25. I am deeply committed to fight for women's erights in Turkey! Help me raise money for this trip!

  26. lol …these insecure inferiorly complexed women trying hard to convince others of their value and get validation n approval, always makes me laugh………..inko khud apni hi bato ka yaqeen ni doosron ko kiya convince karengi….

  27. If most girls did things like beat me in a arm wrestle or a foot race or had more veins than me on their hands and arms or they could over power me then i am less than a man

  28. Gave me goosebumps. Respect girls, they can do anything and everything. But there are poor women in india where she cannot work or even cannot go outside the home. Fuck those bastards who think women should be at home. Bastards even mean some women or mother in laws who thinks ladkiyan ghar pe achi lagti hai.

  29. But Maa Durga, Rani Lakshmi Bai were

    the ladies who didn't needed any help.

    They were self sufficient. Rather

    they were soo.. powerful that even

    other people came to them for their


    I think that's the "Reason why they

    get worshipped".

    Today no doubt many Men are lossing

    their Manhood.
    but the problem is why don't women

    trying to increase their Womanhood as

    did by Maa durga and Raniji?

    If you are saying to respect all women

    as maa durga and Lakshmi bai then I

    will also ask to respect all men as

    Shiva and Vishnu?? is it ok??

    NO! Never! because a human being

    whether he or she firstly should must

    be respected on basis of their

    qualities not just by their birth…


    Durga ji and Lakshmi ji is worshipped

    because of their qualities rather than

    just being a woman isn't?

    A mother is said to be best protector

    of her child in the world that's what

    Durga Maa and Lakshmi ji had shown

    but today how many Mothers and

    upcoming mothers are capable of

    protecting their child when they are

    even not capable of protecting


    Rather doing Makeups and collecting

    fancy dresses (as most women are doing

    these days), Maa Durga,LakshmiJi

    invested time,Money and energy in

    leaning arts of fighting,

    weapons,Martial,Business,Politics etc.
    And This is The reason they are

    WORSHIPPED and will be worshipped.

    What I belive that..
    Women are no doubt exception creature

    and should must respected above all

    but keep in mind rather saying the

    whole world that women are not

    respected in country where maa Durga

    and Lakshmiji are worshipped Try to

    learn from Them and prove it as done

    by Kalpan chawla,Mary kom,Geeta Phogat


    Because at the end only "Lioness gives

    birth to lions". If Lions are stopped

    borning in this country then the

    problem begins with the Lioness".

  30. $$ Can anyone know the answer: 
    Q1:: What is the purpose of life?
    Q2: Why we are created?
    Q3: Where are we going after death?
    Search for the truth1

  31. Of course in real life a gang of them would have punched her out and put her in a van or their uncles minibus and she would have had a busy night ,the bid shown her pulling out a Mac10 and shooting them all in the nuts Asians don't respect women !

  32. This can happen only in short films and movies…but in real never seen any women coaching men in martial arts or men getting trained by a woman

  33. can someone explain to me what the term "strong woman" actually means?  As far as I can tell its nothing more then a mantra or daily affirmation women say for the sake of self image.  Reality however begs the question…strong compared to what? A man?  Because no you aren't!

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