Wonder Woman 1984 – Official Trailer

Wonder Woman 1984 – Official Trailer

My life…hasn’t been what you
probably think it has.
We all have our struggles.Have you ever been in love? A long, long time ago. -You?
-So many times.
Yeah. All the time.♪♪♪Welcome to the future.Life is good.But it can be better.And why shouldn’t it be?All you need is to want it.Think about finally havingeverything you always wanted.I can save today…but you can save the world.Steve… Diana…Now…I take what I want in return.Everyone will see.The world needs you.You know what you need to do.Nothing good is born from lies.And greatness is not
what you think.
It’s all art. Uh, that’s just a trash can. It’s just a trash can.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.

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  1. I’m pretty sure the song playing is the same song that plays whenever Dennis Reynolds is doing something sexual.

  2. The holy stupid thing that people complain about in pop culture trinity:
    1. Arya being a playable character in Fire Emblem Heroes
    2. Mei losing weight in Overwatch
    3. Wonder Woman having shaved armpits

  3. – Marvel has Spider-Man and that character is very popular. Do we have anything like that?
    – I don't think so… Well, Wonder Woman has a rope…
    – Excellent! Let’s make her swing. See? That’s why they pay me the big bucks.

  4. im a bit torn, I'm not sure if I'm happy they aren't over doing it with the 1980's setting…….but at the same time I feel like their not doing enough, Watchmen for all its faults did feel like it took place in the 80's without being in your face about it, I'm hoping this can capture that too.

  5. Pedro Pascal is the most random person in the world:
    When you become a villain of Wonder Woman, you're ready to be friend of Baby Yoda

  6. God that background score! Wowza!! I love this franchise, love Gal Godot as WW! Fits the role perfectly! Can’t wait to see dreamy Chris Pine back as Steve Rogers! Can’t wait to see WW rule the screen next summer!!

  7. In my analysis, this would be a contender for best picture in 2021 Oscars. And her clothes' colors are more vibrant than of the 1st movie. Now the colors are matching the colors of those of Lynda Carter's. Aside from being a sequel to 2017. I hope this might be well considered as a sequel to the series of what's left in 1979.

  8. Did you see that sjw? Is a GOOD and STRONG female character not a good and strong FEMALE character. Do you understand now?

  9. I'm so happy! Wonder Woman is one of my biggest inspirations, she's so strong and fierce. I hope I live long enough to see this movie <3

  10. I almost gave the movie a free pass cause I thought that was Nathan Fillion as the bad guy. Le Sigh. Well, still high hopes for this movie. Just let it be awesome and don't try to force agendas.

  11. hey that song is form 1986, why don't they put the song living on video, that is 83 and goes more in line with the time xddd

  12. Thor ragnarok features heavy 80s vibes so let's do that… stranger things had a cool 80s mall let's also do that… keep sapping trends from other stuff Hollywood… dig yourself that hole

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